matirandom question but just testing out ubuntu mate on virtualbox and im wondering how to go about getting rid of software that is already installed i have looked in the software boutique00:40
NormanCleggyou mean like apt-get remove firefox?03:34
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galbronBuenos dias07:54
galbrondesde España07:55
galbronAtención pregunta, he instalado virtualbox desde consola con el comando sudo apt-get install virtualbox, pero no lo encuentro en el menú, he hecho algo mal?07:56
galbrontengo Ubuntu 16.04-0107:56
SuperEngineergalbron: #ubuntu-es ?08:11
galbronYes thanks08:13
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luigibuongiorno come si fa l' overclock direttamente da ubuntu mate08:59
henghaohi,i come from China,09:50
henghaoHappy Chinese New Year!09:50
SuperEngineer& happy <henghao> hi10:05
SuperEngineer<henghao> jljlj10:05
SuperEngineer<henghao> fhj10:05
SuperEngineer<henghao> fj10:05
SuperEngineer<henghao> fj10:05
SuperEngineer<henghao> f10:05
SuperEngineer<henghao> jg10:05
SuperEngineer<henghao> jg10:06
SuperEngineer<henghao> jj  to you too10:06
bortguys, is there a way to disable the pop-up message while hovering over menu entries??14:44
SuperEngineererrrmmm... don't hover over them?14:50
bertolohello, is there a way to delete themes from the appearence menu that have been removed from the system? like when i install and remove arc-theme, it is still there in the menu. appreciate any help here :)15:39
elzrois anyone on this channel that can help me with what is most likely a simple problem21:07
elzroI seem to be running out of disk space, and I believe it is due to constant updates to the OS while the old updates are being retained21:09
elzrohow do I clear all the old updates?21:09
elzrowould someone competent with linux ubuntu mate be willing to help me solve an issue with my computer?21:13
adam__wag1 bitches21:16

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