daftykinsonly thing about that SK Hynix news piece is it's TLC they're referring to, usually the one i try to avoid00:01
penguin42nod, I did hear a theory that the 3d RAMs tended to have bigger cells on each layer so they weren't quite as bad as the 2D cells where they'd tried to cram them in, but still yes00:04
daftykinsi think that was because they kept to higher process sizes (32nm+) in the early days of 3D, now it seems the race to cheap cost has them combining them all00:10
daftykinsnn folks \o01:38
penguin42hmm other than a plymouth animation going awol and a rather slow startup it seems OK02:52
BilzI have a new laptop with intel hd 620 graphics using Ubuntu 16.04. In kernel 4.4, lshw -C display shows that the intel card is UNCLAIMED. In kernel 4.8.17, it does not say UNCLAIMED anymore. presumably the drivers are more up to date in the newer kernel. is it possibe to take the driver from the newer kernel and use it in the older kernel.  (I should mention I've never had to update the kernel like this before, so I don't know much09:57
Bilzabout them)09:57
SuperMattIt would indeed be possible if you rebuilt the kernel/driver modules, but my question is why not just use ubuntu 16.10?09:59
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:12
daftykinsSuperEngineer: correct answer would've been to suggest an HWE stack :)15:40
daftykinsthough unclaimed isn't exactly confirmation of anything i'd wager15:55

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