smilehi! :)10:20
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jeritso I was gonna try to chmod some stuff on my server but because my business partner hasn't been able to pay Amazon for AWS, the AWS account is inaccessible so I can't go in and update the firewall to gain entry via ssh14:23
jeritentry = access14:23
LangjanHi inetpro 16:40
LangjanAny news from kilos? Please convey my best wishes and those of thatgraemeguy to him if you chat to him16:42
Langjanfor a speedy and complete recovery16:43
pavlushkaHello inetpro :)17:20
pavlushkainetpro: tell Kilos that I pray for for him (though I am not regular in my prayers)17:21
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nlsthznlightweight IRC client is light20:00
nlsthznlight on features >.<20:01
jeritanyone living in or close to Meyerton?21:07
superflyjerit: I'm afraid I'm a little far from there... ;-) 21:42
jeritI might be moving there21:42
kulelu88yo superfly . hows life in trumpland?21:55
superflykulelu88: all good. 21:58
superflyJust seeing how one-sided news in the world is... 21:58
superflyNews always has a bias 21:59
kulelu88you should be okay though :P he only dislikes brown people 21:59
superflyActually, Trump holds the record for the most non-white support for a republican. 22:07
superflyAnd the list of countries in his most recent executive order was from the Obama administration 22:09
jeritall good?22:13
jerittwitter is full of people who can't shut up about how awful it is22:13
kulelu88are you actually justifying his actions? superfly 0.o22:15
superflyNope, just pointing out the truth, which the media doesn't seem to be interested in 22:16
superflyAnyway, I need to go. 22:16
kulelu88yeah but people are aware those countries were on a "suspicious" list. he went and made them non-entry22:16
jeritI just keep telling everybody that if they don't like the way he's doing things, then they should go whine to the 46.8% of registered voters who had better things to do on Election Day22:16
kulelu88jerit: we have the same problem in SA with people moaning but voter turnout is low22:17
jeritI've never missed an election since I was 18 so I have the right to moan22:18

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