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groundze1ohello need help..update kernel from 4.8 to 4.10, now my virtualbox does not work00:06
groundze1o"kernel driver not installer (rc=-1908)00:06
guest4814_webHi everyone! I'm wondering how does Canonical count how many users each country has... it's accounted only those who create an account, right? Wouldn't it be possible to count by users actually USING Ubuntu?00:07
groundze1oguest4814_web: probably..they are connecting themselves weekly,daily to get updates00:08
k1lguest4814_web: its not easy to count the users. because users might share installs or have several machines at once. or reinstalling often.00:09
guest4814_webKil, Not possible to count the users that are actually both using Ubuntu and connected to the internet? That sounds quite simple to me...00:10
wedgieguest4814_web: what if i have 300 machines, all using a caching server for updates. then how do you know?00:11
wedgiealso, does that make me 1 user, or 300?00:12
\9guest4814_web: what if my ip address changes daily? do i get to count as multiple users?00:12
guest4814_web@wedgie, that still would be fairly accurate. I mean... how many people use all that anyway?00:12
\9most people have dynamic addresses00:12
wedgieguest4814_web: who knows! and thats kindof the point00:12
guest4814_web<\9> Great point!00:13
\9you don't just count users like that00:13
guest4814_webwedgie, yeah, I think you are correct00:13
elijahdid711Can i get some help00:13
\9and even if you did it like that, you'd still be collecting ip addresses and that's asking a lot from the privacy policy00:14
\9to just.. count useres?00:14
chosigHi, on a laptop (Lenovo Y510P) with a Geforce GT 755M is it possible to "dedicate" GPU0 to the laptop display (DP-0) and my external monitor to GPU1 (HDMI-0)?00:14
elijahdid711Can i get help pleased00:15
\9!ask | elijahdid71100:15
ubottuelijahdid711: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:15
chosigelijahdid711, with?00:15
Bashing-om!ask | elijahdid71100:15
guest4814_web</9> I don't think it's a big deal. In fact, it would be awesome to have a more accurate idea of the distro's popularities.00:15
\9guest4814_web: it would be a very big deal00:15
elijahdid711I installed ubuntu and it says remove usb and press enter00:15
elijahdid711I have and it does nothibg00:15
chosigelijahdid711, I guess the installation is finished. If that is the fact, just remove the USB and reboot the computer - if enter doesn't work.00:16
Bashing-omelijahdid711: And you reset the firmware to boot the hard drive ?00:16
elijahdid711I can't00:16
guest4814_web<\9> care to explain me why?00:16
elijahdid711I hold the power button and nothing00:16
\9guest4814_web: because you're mining ip addresses. that means you're collecting personal information.00:16
\9that's asking a lot just to count users00:17
guest4814_web<\9> Not "me". Just a known company called Canonical.00:17
PrincessBobquestion...  i just installed ubuntu for the first time...  and its my first time using linux...   when i decompress an archived installer... i assume its just one file right??   im gettin nervous cuz of how messy stuff got back when i used dos 6.200:17
\9guest4814_web: i was using a general "you", not you specifically00:18
guest4814_web<\9> I know that. And I simply used your own example.00:18
k1lguest4814_web: there is strong concerns about such a topic. if it would be that easy to count the users all linux distros would do it like that.00:18
elijahdid711Can i get some help00:18
wedgieguest4814_web: the number that matters most to canonical is how many oeople are oaying for support. and that is fairly straitforward to track :)00:19
guest4814_web<\9>  I don't care for my privacy. I'm not a terrorist or something.00:19
\9guest4814_web: of course you care for your privacy. you just don't realise it00:19
elijahdid711I got it off00:19
guest4814_webKil, I don't get why is that so polemic...00:19
wedgieguest4814_web: maybe not. but many people do.00:19
\9guest4814_web: you have bank account details, which means you have information you don't want others to have.00:20
\9guest4814_web: and if someone can trace exactly what you do and when, that means they can easily manipulate you, even rob your house because they know when you're not there00:21
guest4814_web<\9> why should I? Will Canonical ever use my bank account? I don't think so.00:21
jmaderohi all - my timezone is all screwed up: Current default time zone: 'America/Los_Angeles' Local time is now:      Sat Jan 28 08:20:45 PST 2017.00:21
jmaderoit is not that time in LA right now00:21
guest4814_webwedgie Perhaps because people are too paranoid.00:21
\9canonical, probably not. but if you don't look after your information you can wind up in a big mess00:21
wedgieguest4814_web: do you close the stall door when you poop in a public restroom?00:22
\9this is going off-topic00:22
guest4814_web<\9> But my information would be shared only to Canonical, wouldn't it?00:22
Bashing-omjmadero: Dual booting Windows - where Windows controls the hardware clock ?00:23
\9guest4814_web: it'd still be a liability. and everything can be hacked00:23
guest4814_web<\9> off-topic why?00:23
\9and such would add extra pressure on canonical, to keep such data safe00:23
\9because this is ubuntu support00:23
\9not banter about online behavior00:23
rileasus wth core i7 gtx 970m ...use it for 1 year on 16.04 and 16.10 until last 2 kernels upd ..now now and then  frz...only mous its free :)00:24
guest4814_web<\9> privacity is something obviously related to support.00:24
guest4814_web<\9> privacy*00:25
\9guest4814_web: but we're talking about hypothetical matters. while this channel is about solving existing problems in ubuntu00:25
bazhangguest4814_web, chatter elsewhere please00:26
rilemy msk...00:27
guest4814_web<\9> care to show me WHERE is the TOS that says explicitly that the support covers only existing problems?00:28
PrincessBobbest irc client for the latest ubuntu?00:29
\9!ot | guest4814_web00:29
ubottuguest4814_web: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:29
k1lPrincessBob: hexchat is widely used. for "best" its best to test what suits your own workflow best00:29
Bashing-om!best | PrincessBob00:29
\9hexchat comes shipped with ubuntu00:30
PrincessBoboh.. it does?00:30
PrincessBobits my first time using ubuntu/anything linux.. ok lemme look00:30
k1lhexchat is the new xchat.00:30
PrincessBobwhere in the desktop is it?00:31
guest4814_web<\9> <ubottu> "Ubuntu help channel" is the description of this channel. I haven't found nothing stating that the conversation MUST be only about existing problems. ;)00:31
reisioPrincessBob: alt+f2, hexchat00:31
k1lguest4814_web: you are making it even worse now with your offtopic talk about your other offtopic is not offtopic. please keep this channel clear for people who come here to actual solve their technical issues.00:32
PrincessBobmind if i pm you reisio? so i can keep the main open for those with more technical issues?00:33
reisiono I don't, it's a chat network00:33
PrincessBobok ty :)00:33
k1lPrincessBob: you can ask in here if its ubuntu support related.00:33
PrincessBobits not.. its newbie stuff00:33
k1lPrincessBob: that is what this channel is for.00:33
guest4814_web<k1l> Ok, as long as you show me WHERE this channel covers ONLY technical issues.00:34
k1l!guidelines | guest4814_web00:34
ubottuguest4814_web: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines00:34
guest4814_web<k1l> <ubottu> I have already read it, and I haven't found anything saying "technical issues". Care to show me WHERE it says that?00:36
k1lguest4814_web: part: Language and Subject00:37
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filtherWere is the newbie channel?00:39
bazhangthis is for all levels filther00:39
k1lfilther: you can ask in here.00:39
guest4814_web<k1l> Nothing written "technical issues" here too. Next?00:40
k1lguest4814_web: last time now: stop that! you are spoiling this channel for users who seek real support.00:40
bazhangguest4814_web, here is ubuntu support only, please chatter in some other place00:40
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guest4814_web<k1l> are you threatening me? I'm also seeking real support. But you couldn't be able to confirm what you said earlier (that this chat covers EXCLUSIVELY technical issues).00:43
PipeItToDevNullWhat is the issue?00:43
guest4814_web<bazhang> And that's EXACTLY what I'm doing: asking for support.00:43
bazhangguest4814_web, then ask00:44
k1lguest4814_web: stop trolling00:44
guest4414_webi support you00:44
PipeItToDevNullOk, so what is your issue?00:44
guest4814_webI didn't say "i support you".00:45
guest4414_webNo you did not. i did!00:46
bigLankyanyone have suggestions or tips for running mutliple monitors on ubuntu 16.04?00:50
bigLankyi have 2 video cards, both AMD, 1 video card will run my main monitor and other video card will run my 2 other monitors00:51
kk4ewtbigLanky,  do they both take the same monitor ?00:52
kk4ewtopps same driver00:53
bigLankynot 100% sure yet... i am waiting on the second monitor to come in the mail00:53
viat0rnyone help me get my usb airlink 101 working00:54
bigLankyboth are AMD Radeon cards if that helps00:54
viat0ri checked its not soft or hardblocked00:54
viat0rlshw says *network disabled next to it00:56
viat0rits listed as RTL8188CUS under lsusb00:59
viat0ranyone know how to get this wifi adapter working?00:59
JungbinHello guys, I have two questions. Should I install Ubuntu with secure boot enabled? And if not, should I install Ubuntu in EFI or legacy01:00
Bashing-om!EFI | Jungbin01:03
ubottuJungbin: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI01:03
MarcoPhow to set ubuntu to use interface eth001:03
MarcoPor check the settings01:03
MarcoPI'm getting an error when trying to install snort01:03
Ntemis_i need some help every usb i put in i cant write data on it01:15
Ntemis_i can format it ok01:15
Ntemis_mount and umount no errors01:16
Ntemis_but i cant write on it01:16
Ntemis_tested 201:16
Ntemis_its kind an issue with 16.04.1 and i386?01:16
Jharm_also need a littel help trying to recover data from an old windows 7 hardrive that wont boot up anymore. using ubunt boot cd, any suggestions?01:16
compdocJharm_, mount it01:17
Ntemis_i need some help every usb i put in i cant write data on it01:18
Jharm_yes i tried that but i get a messag saying its alrady mounted eventhought i dont have access to it. i also downloaded Boot-Repair and no help.01:20
compdocJharm_, search for disk util, and select the drive, then select the partition, and see if its mounted. you can use disk util to mount it, and also to read the SMART info to see whats wrong with the drive01:22
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goto-I have an Lenovo X201t with Wacom digitizer. Earlier (a year ago) the digitizer was automatically recognized. But today the digitizer was not recognized. Any idea?01:34
goto-Earlier I tried Ubuntu 16.04, currently I'm trying Debian 8 "Jessie", both distributions (with Gnome3) did not recognize the digitizer.01:35
Joralso I finally was able to resolve the broken dependency issue with fglrx but now dkms fails during the module build during install. http://paste.ubuntu.com/23884264/01:37
Bashing-omJoral: " 4.4.0-59-generic  " there is no FGLRX driver anymore . AMD throwing all support to open source .01:44
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goto-ok, it just started working01:45
JoralBashing-om, I installed 14.04 specifically because this channel told me that it was the only way to still install fglrx01:45
goto-I don't no why, but it works01:45
Bashing-omkorA fact  .. but ya running 4.4.0-59-generic as the kernel .. and that is the rub in that the supporting Xserver will not complile . Ya got to have the 3.13 kernel .01:46
JoralBashing-om, so how do I tell apt to use that version of the kernel?01:47
Bashing-omJoral well , one can either fresh install 14.04.1 or downgrade to the trusty kernel . not to tough to downgrade .01:49
JoralBashing-om, no I mean how do i force apt to NEVER upgrade from that kernel?01:49
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Bashing-omJoral: Once we have the trusty kernel installed it will remain updating only thge 3.13 series unless ine delineratly enables HWE .01:51
JoralBashing-om, two questions then, 1) how do I downgrade? and 2) why do I not have the trusty kernel installed when I am running trusty right now?01:52
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Guest93134I need help i can't get into my computer01:52
Bashing-omJoral: Right now you are running the xenial kernel - see ' uname -r ' . we want the trusty kernel .01:53
JoralBashing-om, I understand that, what I'm questioning is how did trusty install the xenial kernel?01:54
Bashing-om!info linix-image-generic trusty | Joral01:54
ubottuJoral: Package linix-image-generic does not exist in trusty01:54
Bashing-om!hwe | Joral01:54
ubottuJoral: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack01:54
Guest93134I need help01:55
glache1Help with what>01:55
Guest93134I can't get into my laptop01:55
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic trusty | Joral01:55
ubottuJoral: linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 2 kB, installed size 30 kB01:55
glache1WHy not?01:55
Guest93134I am in a log in loop01:56
JoralBashing-om, that makes sense, how do I downgrade then?01:56
glache1What do you mean?01:56
Guest93134I can't log into my computer01:56
ToBeCloudStart in recovery mode, use the "password" command in the command line01:56
glache1You try to log in and then it takes you back to the login screen?01:56
Guest93134I am in a login loop01:56
glache1Happened to me once01:57
Guest93134Can i get help01:57
glache1is it Ubuntu?01:57
CodeMouse92__Guest93134: What version of Ubuntu? Also, can you access TTY by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F2 and logging in?01:58
glache1What version?01:58
glache1I suggest trying 16.04.101:58
Guest93134A bit too late now01:58
glache1You can always reinstall, or was it working before?01:59
Guest93134Wait i just got in shoukd i reboot01:59
CodeMouse92__Guest93134: It's an update. you may actually have it already. But...as I mentioned, press Ctrl+Alt+F201:59
CodeMouse92__Guest93134: You managed to log in?01:59
glache1Do as CodeMouse says.01:59
Bashing-omJoral: sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic xserver-xorg-core xserver-xorg xserver-xorg-video-all xserver-xorg-input-all libwayland-egl1-mesa .01:59
CodeMouse92__Guest93134: okay, hmm. So you're logged in on the GUI side, and you can see Ubuntu like normal?01:59
CodeMouse92__Guest93134: When was the last time you ran an update?02:00
glache1I have a weird question regarding Java programming, if anyone is interested.02:00
Guest93134Before the issue started02:00
bazhangglache1, try the java channel02:00
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glache1Thank you bazhang.02:01
aroonihow do i associate all .gp1, .gp2, .. gp6 files to guitar pro which is located in /opt/GuitarPro02:01
CodeMouse92__Guest93134: Do you happen to know what updated before that happened?02:01
JoralBashing-om, should I reboot into 3.13 before installing fglrx?02:01
CodeMouse92__Guest93134: Okay, I want to see what it was, so let's pull up the apt log....02:02
CodeMouse92__Guest93134: In a terminal, run 'less /var/log/apt/history.log'02:02
CodeMouse92__Guest93134: That is in ascending date, so press the down arrow to scroll through it02:03
CodeMouse92__Find the last update, note which packages updated02:03
CodeMouse92__Guest93134: You can also use page down to scroll faster :P02:04
Joralreboot seems like the smart choice so i'm off to see if this helps. thanks Bashing-om02:04
Bashing-omJoral: Yeah ,, I would that would boot the 3.3 kernl and install from repo for FGLRX, be the safer thing to do .02:05
CodeMouse92__Guest93134: Once you find the latest updates, drop this into a paste (paste.ubuntu.com) and drop the link here02:06
CodeMouse92__*drop it into a paste02:06
glache1How can I join the Java channel.  I tried '/join ##Java' but I can't join.  I also can't click to join from the GUI list.  It's been a while since I used IRC.  10+ years to be more precise.02:06
CodeMouse92__Guest93134: Okay, so you *are* on Ubuntu 16.04.1? Good to know. Still need the apt history from the last update (see prior instructions)02:08
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pauljwglache, try /j ##java02:09
glacheno luck02:10
pauljwworks for me02:10
glachewill not work for me02:11
bazhangglache, ask in #freenode for more02:11
glacheNo error or anything02:11
glacheI was able to join #freenode02:12
JoralBashing-om, just logged back in to say that you are a genius. it worked like a charm right out of the box.02:15
Bashing-omJoral: K now you wnt to remove all the HWE pckages as you will not be using them .02:17
JoralBashing-om, how should I go about doing that?02:18
Bashing-omJoral: pastebin ' dpkg -l | grep linix- ' and I craft it up for ya .02:18
Bashing-omtypo *02:19
Bashing-omJoral: ' dpkg -l | grep linux- '02:20
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JoralBashing-om,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/23884448/02:22
Bashing-omJoral: K. be a bit working.02:23
JoralBashing-om, k, I appreciate you taking the time02:23
Bashing-omJoral: Ouch .. this can be dicy -- there will be no back up kernel . not too sure how this will work out . there is no rush here - how bout we wait till there is a kernel update // OR install a aditional older trusty kernel for a fall back ??02:26
JoralBashing-om, doesn't matter to me at all, why don't we just keep the 4.4 as the second kernel for now. can you tell me how to make grub find the 3.13 kernel first?02:27
Bashing-om!grub | Joral02:28
ubottuJoral: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:28
JoralBashing-om, ok, thanks02:28
Bashing-omJoral: ^ make an edit to /etc/default/grub ... counting the menu entries in the file /boot/grub/grub/cfg . - the line GRUB_DEFAULT=0 is the target ,02:30
Bashing-omjonathaN: Mind you - that number is subject to change if and when the 4.4 kernel is updated . until such time as we remove them .02:32
cuddleanyone know how to do autotune02:39
cuddlein ubuntu02:40
cuddleor how to get AT1 to work02:40
cuddleor a similar application02:40
cuddleRunning into errors with AT1 not starting server, would like to get it to work to use autotune feautre. Or if anyone can recommend a different app02:41
avanovoHi, I have an Ubuntu installation on a LVM, but when I try to resize it from a livecd, I can't mount it writeable, only read-only.02:44
cuddlejust gonna use my iphone02:45
LuMinthi! i have a fx5700 graphics card. I tried installing nvidia-173 drivers, the installation seemed successful but after reboot the changes have not taken place and nouveau is still in use. How should I go about installing nvidia-173?02:47
LuMinti haven't blacklisted nouveau manually, though. Just in case: my xorg version is X.Org: 1.15.102:47
Bashing-om!info nvidia-173 xenial02:51
ubottuPackage nvidia-173 does not exist in xenial02:51
Bashing-om!info nvidia-173 trusty02:51
ubottunvidia-173 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-173): NVIDIA legacy binary driver - version 173.14.39. In component restricted, is optional. Version 173.14.39-0ubuntu3 (trusty), package size 6451 kB, installed size 37695 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; lpia)02:51
Bashing-omLuMint: ^^ what release/lernel are you running ?02:52
LuMintBashing-om: Linux work-desktop 3.13.0-107-generic #154-Ubuntu SMP Mon Dec 19 19:20:26 UTC 2016 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux02:53
LuMintBashing-om: 14 0402:53
Bashing-omLuMint: Try ' sudo apt purge nvidia* ; sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' .02:55
bigLankyI am running Radeon HD 6850 video card on 1 monitor no problem... when I plug in the second DVI monitor to it, The screens flicker and I only have 1 screen with a signal03:27
bigLankywhenI go into display, it shows the second screen there and it is enabled, but nothing is sent to the actual monitor03:27
kayaAnyone here?03:33
cfhowlettask your ubuntu questions.03:34
PipeItToDevNullkaya: Hiiiiii03:34
bigLankyis there something I need to do special in order to get dual monitors working on the same video card?03:34
bigLankyi have tried with the same and different monitors03:34
bigLankyno luck03:34
Sean_McGbigLanky: what card?03:35
bigLankyradeon hd 685003:35
Sean_McGhmmm, dunno then... I know the nVidia boards have special instructions for multi-monitor but have not looked into AMD at all03:35
bigLankyso I have a GT 730 that is giving me problems as well03:37
bigLankywhen I have that in there, i get CRT errors and the display just does some weird stuff03:37
bigLanky1 or 2 monitors it doesnt matter03:37
bigLankyright now the nvidia card is out03:37
Bashing-ombigLanky: Just a thought; but, did you purge the nVidia drivers for the ATI install ?03:43
SnowieAfternoon all. How can I take a pixel perfect (.bmp or similar) screenshot on the unity desktop?03:50
bigLankyi did not03:53
bigLankyshould I do that?03:53
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MarkB2Might I ask someone to open a Terminal, look in Preferences, and tell me what the "standard default" font is for a terminal?  I changed mine, didn't record what was, and my eyes hurt.  Please?03:56
MarkB2Is that the actual name of the font?  "Ubuntu" ?03:57
PipeItToDevNullIt is a real font name and doesnt look half bad "Inconsolatas" and "Droid San" look good as well, any Mono font will03:58
cfhowlettthere should be a reset command PipeItToDevNull03:58
wedgieMarkB2: mine says "monospace" but i'm not 100% that i haven't changed it at some point03:58
cfhowlettdeja vu sans mono is my default in xubuntu03:59
Sean_McGit's just referred to as 'Monospace Regular' on my machine04:00
MarkB2I can live with ubunto mono regular.04:00
PipeItToDevNullUbuntu is an amazing font, though I run terminus04:01
MarkB2Good gawd.  My eyes were really beginning to ache.04:01
MarkB2I don't know whose idea it was to have semi-transparent fonts... or fonts with fuzzy edges.04:01
Sean_McGI'm still trying to figure out why text looks so crisp on my nVidia when compared to the Intel onboard graphics even at the same resolution (1440p)04:02
PipeItToDevNullMarkB2: It is how fonts are handled and what they are designed to be used in04:02
Sean_McGthe fuzzy edges thing I believe dates back to Adobe TrueType, doesn't it?04:03
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MarkB2Sean_McG: Part of the fuzzy in my system are VGA cables that are a little too long, I think.  which reminds me..04:04
MarkB2This computer has a NVidia 6200 PCI video interface.  ubuntu 16.04.1 64-bit doesn't support that.. and I went to try loading the NVidia driver.04:05
MarkB2Downloaded the driver.. and it goes to compile..04:05
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MarkB2Then bombs out because the header files used to create the system are different than the header files in /usr/include .04:05
=== Trump is now known as Guest95414
=== Guest95414 is now known as Kirito
MarkB2Which, to me, kind of fails the odor test.04:06
MarkB2Surely someone has compiled the NVidia drivers for ubuntu 64-bit ?04:07
Sean_McGyes, but I have a GTX 1070 :)04:07
Bashing-omMarkB2: "  linux-headers-generic " installed ?04:07
MarkB2Bashing-on: Probably not (all these PACKAGES to install!)  I'll go look.04:08
MarkB2! They're installed.04:09
MarkB2Or at least dpkg -l | grep header   shows linux-headers-generic in place.04:10
=== lethu_ is now known as lethu
MarkB2Hmm.. it did find something.  Argh.  This won't run while running X.  Back in a bit.04:18
FireStrikerHi i have a 2/3 year old Acer laptop I'm looking to Install ubuntu onto. It's specs are: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23884933/plain/ .04:45
FireStrikerWhat would version would it accept?04:46
cfhowlettFireStriker, nope04:46
cfhowlettcan't read your link.04:46
sirvfirestriker ... always install the newest version .. 16.0404:46
FireStriker.... I don't even know how to use the pastebin lol let me post it here.04:47
FireStrikerI'm def going to install 16.0404:47
cfhowlettbut in general, you should be able to install the latest *buntu.  16.04 would be good04:47
sirvwell .. wait .. your specs are really LOW04:48
sirvvery very low04:48
sirvi installed on my very old laptom gentoo linux04:48
sirvit was doing surprisingly good04:48
sirvbut try ubuntu first maybe it will be acceptable04:49
FireStrikerAcer Aspire E 11, Intel Celeron N2830 2.41GHz Intel HD Graphics. 2gb ddr3L04:49
sirv2gb that is very low04:49
cfhowlettFireStriker, 2gb?  that's the issue.  16.04 xubuntu or lubuntu for that machine04:49
FireStrikerIk I would like to upgrade it but you need to take the whole thing apart04:49
sirvyeah try xubuntu or lubuntu04:50
sirvor gentoo :) but that is much harder to install than ubuntu - it compiles all packages and kernel and everything04:50
FireStrikerYes a newish laptop with 2 gb. Bought when all computers were sniping with 4plus04:50
Bashing-omFireStriker: Have you installed 'buntu to this Acer before ? EFI system where setting trust might be an issue ?04:50
FireStrikerOdd but it's ment to be a small net computer or something04:51
FireStrikerI haven't no04:51
sirvupgrade the ram to maximum ... thats like and $50 dollar upgrade and it makes difference ..04:51
FireStrikerIt's just stock win 10 upgrade nothing done to it besides upgrading from win 804:51
sirvdont install ubuntu .. try xubuntu04:52
FireStrikerI need to do something it's not running too good on windows. A lot of backed in blootware which I have gotten most of it but it's still slow esp when useing the internet with 1 tab04:53
sirvyes windows has to run slow on that specs, but linux will not be like 2x faster, maybe 1.5x faster .. but definitely NOT ubuntu , unity is memory hungry04:54
=== luke is now known as Guest87340
xanguaFireStriker: Lubuntu04:54
FireStrikerIk I have seen, it will speed it up a little, enough for it to be used04:54
sirvor Lubuntu is even better, get the AMD64 bit version04:55
cfhowlettFireStriker, lubuntu is optimized for older / lower spec machines.  xubuntu is not optimized but is still quite good.04:55
sirvfireestriker let us know how that worked for u04:56
FireStrikerOk I will04:56
sirvit is always good to have lot of memory, for example just my firefox with 2 pages open uses 1GB ram right now04:57
FireStrikerI hope it doesn't chuck a wobbly when i install it. I tried a dual boot on my HP and some driver was stopping it from booting04:57
FireStrikerWas a AMD graphics driver I know that04:57
MarkB2I would love to build the NVidia driver for this 6200 interface.  Pulled the .run file from NVidia's web site, followed the instructions... and it spits up  "unknown symbol mtrr_del, mtrr_add".04:58
bigLankyanyone have an idea of why when i plug in a second video card only 1 monitor gets a signal, but both monitors show up in my displays05:00
bigLankyI have toggled on/off the display but can't seem to get it on05:00
FireStrikerWhat are the Ubuntu irc channels? It's been a while since I have been in here and forgotten them.05:03
cfhowlettFireStriker, read /msg ubottu alis05:03
FireStrikerOk, I'm just wanting the name of the offtopic irc. I trying joining it but i did some thing wrong can't remember the name05:05
hggdhFireStriker: #ubuntu-offtopic05:05
FireStrikerDash ok I did underscore thanks hggdh05:06
bigLankyshould I use a different video driver? Currently I have selected "Using Processor microde firmware for intel CPUs from intel-microcode (proprietary)"05:10
snowkidindman i just upgraded to ubuntu 16 and apache is broik'd05:12
snowkidindsomething about mod_wsig05:13
snowkidindi believe thats my django link05:13
snowkidindwhic i am not using anymore05:13
snowkidinda2disconf wsgi05:13
snowkidindERROR: Conf wsgi does not exist!05:13
kang00Cd dvd usb bluray each has different. Efi file?05:14
snowkidindyet its still in the mods-enabled dir05:14
viat0rcan anyone help me get my usb RTL8188CUS wifi working?05:14
cfhowlett!details > kang00, question makes no sense.05:14
kang00Why cfhowlett05:15
kang00What additional info is must?05:15
kang00viat0r what's that chip05:15
cfhowlettkang00, please see page 7 https://inkscape.org/media/cms_page_media/56/ask-smart-questions.pdf05:16
viat0rits my wifi usb the onbaord on the old latop desnt work so i use that05:17
viat0rit was showing in lshw but not now05:19
viat0rlsub shows it though05:19
snowkidindso basically i got into a window that I could not escape out of in the ubuntu upgrade05:19
snowkidindhow do i make sure the upgade completed?05:19
cfhowlettsnowkidind, you mean a system update or a complete OS upgrade?05:19
snowkidind14 - 1605:20
cfhowlettsnowkidind, 1.  assume the OS upgrade worked.  2.  fully upgrade the new OS: sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade05:21
cfhowlettyes, that means using the terminal   :)05:21
snowkidindlol easy boy05:21
snowkidinddid all of that at least twice05:22
snowkidindim just getting a syntax error in apache05:22
snowkidindits driving me nuts05:22
snowkidindand i got banned from #httpd for no reason whatsoever05:22
cfhowlettsnowkidind, ah. well then: purge it and reinstal05:22
cfhowlettsudo apt remove --purge apache05:22
cfhowlettsudo apt install apache05:23
snowkidinddoes that kill my config?05:23
cfhowlettpossibly.  back up the config first05:23
snowkidindI have a couple ruby pages and a django install on there along with php05:23
snowkidindwill that domp all the a2en mods?05:24
snowkidindsorry too many questions05:24
cfhowlett...... and you have now officially gone over my narrow area of expertise.  sorry, but know nothing of .a2en05:24
snowkidindthats cool05:25
snowkidindi probably need to do that anyways05:25
snowkidindi was bumming when it started trying to reconfigure phpmyadmin05:25
cfhowlettpersonally, I do clean install each LTS .1 release05:25
snowkidindIm thinking of just dumping my local dev box and using a vm on aws05:26
snowkidindi have it already05:26
amicrawlercan any body help me with this isssue im having05:26
amicrawlerwith a sound card05:26
cfhowlettmight find better answers in #ubuntu-server snowkidind05:27
snowkidindi think im fried and will attempt to resuscitate tomorrow05:27
amicrawler Multimedia audio controller: C-Media Electronics Inc CMI8788 [Oxygen HD Audio]05:27
amicrawlerthats what i have05:27
amicrawlerno sound05:27
amicrawlerubunut 14.0505:28
CarlFKI am getting lots of "Temporary failure in name resolution"   - retry and it works. which makes me think I have an extra dns server sometimes being used.    how do I tell what dnsmasq is using ?05:29
sirvamicrawler - why do u need sound anyways ?05:30
sirvand what states your /var/log/syslog ?05:31
sirvanything there ?05:32
bigLankyhow much different is 16.04 from 14.0405:45
jamie_1hey is there a way to remove all the non default programs and packages?05:48
cfhowlettbig read the release notes please05:48
Bashing-ombigLanky: The user experience is the same . a lot of change under the hood with the advent of systemd .05:48
cfhowlettjamie_1, non-default meaning the packages *you* installed?05:49
bigLankyand 14 uses init.d?05:49
jamie_1cfhowlett: yes05:49
cfhowlettjamie_1, of course.  just remove them05:49
sirvamicrawler hmmmm05:49
cfhowlettvia software center or the terminal05:49
jamie_1cfhowlett: i made a mistake and wrote up a script to add a shit ton of programs for a specific set of uses... now no longer have the script and a shit ton of packages i dont need that are now causing issues with deps on other stuff05:50
cfhowlettjamie_1,  what *buntu are you on?05:50
jamie_1no... .1005:50
amicrawlersirv: not sure what to do05:51
amicrawlermy sb work fine05:51
cfhowlettjamie_1, so you have ppas I take it?05:51
amicrawlerbut not this new card i got today05:51
jamie_1cfhowlett: no i set it up so it removed them after install as to not update...05:51
sirvamicrawler > i would google for this issie and loof in /var/log for information05:51
cfhowlettjamie_1, if you have recently installed, your activity will be in your logs.  wait 105:52
jyo_if I use dpkg --add-architecture i386, will it cause update probles with apt?05:53
jamie_1cfhowlett: it was awhile ago05:53
cfhowlettjamie_1, more /var/log/apt/history.log05:54
cfhowlett"awhile"? this month?05:54
jamie_1cfhowlett: no like 5-605:54
amicrawlermy sound blaster usb card works fine05:54
sirvwhy did u get a new soundcard anyway ?05:54
amicrawlerbecuse the onborad audio not very good05:55
sirvsometimes it is better to stick to old card if it works05:55
cfhowlettjamie_1, ah.  well, I'd say a clean install is in order.  download th 16.04.2 .iso, make an install USB, reboot to USB and install the OS to your current partitions.  be careful NOT to format your /home05:55
jyo_having been added by dpkg and not apt or apt-get? Is this perhaps working on something older than the packages them selves and thus not problematic?05:55
amicrawlerits analog05:55
amicrawlersound horable05:55
amicrawlerill enable again in biso05:56
jamie_1cfhowlett: i know all that fun stuff... was just hoping there might be a way to do it without loosing all my suff05:56
cfhowlettjamie_1, "take off and nuke it from orbit.  It's the only way to be sure.05:57
jamie_1cfhowlett: lol i know... ive dont that way to many times05:57
cfhowlettjamie_1, or ... go through the history.log and kill anything that is out of place.  actually it will be history.log.log IIRC05:59
sirvcf, just reinstall from live CD06:00
sirvi mean jamie06:01
sirvi always just reinstall if there are issues06:01
cfhowlettsirv, he's trying to avoid a reinstall ... I already advised it06:01
jamie_1sirv: trying not to loose my local trees06:01
amicrawlerok your right06:02
amicrawlersound is just as good06:02
jamie_1but its looking like im doing it anyways06:02
amicrawlerwith onborad06:02
sirvami > if it works, dont change it :)06:02
amicrawlerits intel audio card06:02
amicrawlersounds ok06:03
amicrawlerill return the other card06:03
sirvami > but the onboard is not anolog nowadays .. it is all digital i think06:03
sirvif you dont have any noises from electronic interference, there should not be any quality difference in those cards06:03
sirvbut i'am no expert06:04
amicrawlerIntel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset High Definition Audio (rev 05)06:04
sirvsounds legit06:04
amicrawlerwhat about soundblster06:04
amicrawlerits good as well  ?06:04
sirvi do not think there is difference in sound quality ...06:05
sirvmaybe in features06:05
wwwiubuntu gui froze06:05
amicrawlerwwwi memory ?06:05
wwwimouse and keyboard don't respond06:05
amicrawlerunplug and replug06:05
amicrawleri did that my mouse does not show up06:05
wwwiamicrawler: memory?06:05
amicrawlerbut unplug and back and it works06:06
amicrawlerram ?06:06
wwwiamicrawler: unplug what?06:06
amicrawlerthe mouse and keyborad06:06
sirvtry ctrl+alt+backspace ? it restarts X server .. at least in the old version it worked06:06
amicrawlerthats is whats not working right ?06:06
amicrawlerwhat ver of ubuntut are you using ?06:06
wwwiamicrawler: i think its 1506:07
amicrawlerand mouse will not move?06:07
cfhowlettwwwi, dead and unsupported.  install a supported version06:07
amicrawlerim on 14.0506:08
amicrawlerwent back from 16.0406:08
wwwimouse doesn't move, caps lock doesnt work06:08
amicrawlerdoes it work on liveboot06:08
wwwichromium has lots of tabs open06:08
amicrawlerfrom boot usb stick or cdrom -dvd?06:08
wwwiliveboot? i dint try that06:09
sirvsudo service lightdm restart06:09
amicrawlerhow much does ram does the computer have ?06:09
wwwiamicrawler: 806:09
amicrawleror 8MB06:10
wwwi8 gb06:10
amicrawlerand video card ?06:10
amicrawlerati nvidia06:10
wwwino video card, it's the one in i506:10
amicrawlerso more then likely intel06:10
amicrawlerso shared memory06:11
amicrawlerwith swap06:11
sirv8gb is enough06:11
sirvjust do not open so many tabs06:11
amicrawlerthat what i have06:11
sirvin browser06:11
sirvand u have swap enabled ?06:11
wwwisirv i don't know if swap is enabled06:12
sirvbut if u have slow harddrive it will be slow anyways .. type 'free' in console06:12
amicrawlermine does not use swap06:13
amicrawlerbut it is there if needed06:13
wwwisirv: how do i go to the console? i tried control alt f1, but nothing happened06:13
amicrawlerctrl+alt+f7 to go back to gui06:14
wwwiamicrawler: ok, i just tried it, but it didn't work06:15
sirvalt+f2 ... type 'term'06:15
sirvclick on the icon 'terminal' or 'term' or waht ever shows up06:15
sirvthere type 'free'06:15
amicrawlerhave you reboot the computer ?06:15
sirvit will show u how much memory u have, how much free, and also the same about swap space if enabled06:16
wwwisirv: alt f2 and then will i see anything on the screen and type term or will it be invinsible?06:16
sirvalt+f2 ... a textbox will appear06:16
wwwiamicrawler: i havent rebooted, will i lose data if i do?06:17
amicrawlerdo you have any thing running that is needed ?06:17
amicrawleror can you redo it06:17
wwwiamicrawler: well, i have a couple of files, open but saved in a usb stick, but they are open, will they corrupt?06:18
amicrawlernot sure06:18
sirvjust kill the chrome06:18
sirvor firefox or wahtever06:18
amicrawleryep that works to06:18
wwwisirv: i cant reach the terminal, it doesnt open06:19
amicrawlerkill the pid06:19
wwwithe gui is frozen for good06:19
ubottuIn an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing slowly, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key06:19
wwwicfhowlett: with reisub, i wont lose dat?06:20
cfhowlettwwwi, probably you will.  then again, your system is locked.  choose your options06:21
sirvi had to test it .. it works .. the stuff with prnscr06:22
wwwicfhowlett: i mean, with reisub, i will probably lose data?06:22
cfhowlettyes you will probably lose any data you have not already seaved06:22
wwwicfhowlett: but will it corrupt my files?06:23
cfhowlettcorrect me if I'm wrong, wwwi: your system is locked?06:23
wwwicfhowlett: gui is frozen06:23
sirvpress CTRL+ALT+F1 .. but wait .. it will switch u to console .... to go back to desktop press then alt+f706:24
sirvso when u in console .. login .. type free and let us know what is there06:24
sirvi think your browser used too much memory06:24
wwwisirv: i pressed, but nothing happens06:24
amicrawlerare u using a vrbox06:25
amicrawleror wubi06:25
cfhowlettwwwi, you have 2 options: hard reboot via holding the power button or reiusb reboot.  either way, any data you have not already backed up is going to vanish06:25
amicrawlerunder windows06:25
sirvcf if he can get into console maybe he can recover somehow06:25
cfhowlettamicrawler, wubi is dead, unsupported and hopelessly broken.  please do not encourage its use06:26
cfhowlettsirv, agreed06:26
amicrawleri was not06:26
wwwiamicrawler: vrbox? virtualbox under windows? no. keyboard and mouse are connected with a kvm though, to linux pc06:26
amicrawlerwas just asking06:26
sirvwww and now u are using the computer we are talking about ?06:26
sirvif guy is frozen how u irciing ?06:27
amicrawlerjust asking06:27
wwwicfhowlett: any unbackuped data is going to vanish? if files are saved, they are not going to vanish, right?06:27
amicrawlerif you were using a virtualbox06:28
wwwisirv: from other pc06:28
amicrawleror a kvm06:28
cfhowlettwwwi, unless you did something to actually BREAK the OS, not just freeze it, your data should be safe06:28
sirvwhat data we are talking about ?06:29
wwwiamicrawler: i am not using a virtual box, just this hardware,mthat allows you to use a keyboar and a mouse with two pcs06:29
sirvwell try to connect keyboard directly to test06:29
amicrawlerhave you unplug the kvm on the linux side and replug in ?06:29
wwwicfhowlett: ok, so reisub won't corrupt my saved, but open files in my usb stick?06:29
amicrawleror are you using  a vr kvm ?06:30
wwwiamicrawler: no, should i do that?06:30
cfhowlettwwwi, wait ...06:30
sirvi think reisub will also not work for u :)06:30
cfhowlettwwwi, are you booted to a natively installed ubuntu or did you boot an ubuntu USB?06:30
Snert__is it true that Ubuntu now has ads in it?06:30
sirvyour bproblem is between the keyboard and the chair06:30
wwwicfhowlett: natively installed ubuntu06:31
cfhowlettwwwi, so unplug the usb06:31
wwwicfhowlett: why?06:31
cfhowlettyou asked about USB data.  Unplug USB.06:32
amicrawlerunless it is booting off the usb as alive boot06:32
sirvcan u ssh or telnet to the machine ?06:32
wwwicfhowlett: if i unplug the usb, what happens?06:32
cfhowlettwwwi, to the computer?  nothing06:33
wwwicfhowlett: if i unplug the usb, the data is safer?06:33
cfhowlettwwwi, the data already written to usb is safe.  data NOT written is a lost cause06:33
wwwicfhowlett: ok, but then why should i unplug the usb?06:35
sirvso u have data safe in your hand06:35
amicrawlerare you trying to save the chrome info ?06:36
wwwiamicrawler: no, i just want the data in the usb stick06:36
amicrawlerwere you saving something in the middle of the gui locking up on you06:37
sirvffs, just unplug the usb and reboot and let us know if any data was saved06:37
wwwiamicrawler: i dont think so06:37
sirvwhat were u doing when the gui locked up ?06:38
wwwisirv: why i need to unplug the usb stick, before i reboot?06:38
sirvwwwi > to have data save in hand ...like to be sure ... better to have usb stick in hand then plugged in06:38
sirvin that way nothing will affect it06:39
ThePotato456i have installed ubuntu on my toshiba laptop but when i start i get "No UMS in module radeo."06:39
wwwisirv: i see06:39
amicrawler465 did you upgrade?06:40
ThePotato456is there ati drivers?06:40
amicrawlerand you have a ati card ?06:41
Lennon^_^I have sd chip question, when my turn.06:41
ThePotato456remaking an install disk06:41
ThePotato456ill come back when installed06:41
Ubuntu117im looking for some information and also answering questions if need06:42
FireStrikerHi all I was here earlier. I have a Acer Aspire E11 laptop I'm looking to instal ubuntu onto. It has a Celeron N2830 2.14GHz and 2GB of ram.06:42
Ubuntu117Fire sTiker06:42
Ubuntu117lol sry06:42
=== lu is now known as Guest56452
Ubuntu117have you tried this without success06:43
amicrawlerubuntu 1606:43
Ubuntu117or is this your first time06:43
xanguaFireStriker: same answer, Lubuntu06:43
amicrawler456 did you upgrade to ubunut 1606:43
FireStrikerI know ubuntu is out of the question I'm just wonder about the CPU what's the best ver for it.06:44
Ubuntu117ubuntu 16 is very unstable be careful06:44
amicrawlermy ati card loads06:44
Ubuntu117can you see my text?06:44
amicrawlerbut went back to 1406:44
FireStrikerNot my first time installing Ubuntu but I havnt started to install it yet Ubuntu11706:44
FireStrikerI have a old Toshiba laptop with lubuntu06:44
wwwiso, if the files are open from the usb stick, but saved, removing the usb stick wont corrupt them?06:45
xXEoflaOEXxI have created Lubuntu 16.10 USB bootable drive in Rufus on Windows, version 1.12, but it finished without errors, but when I boot to USB, it goes straight to HDD boot.06:45
Ubuntu117okay. i was just wondering .-. i just sometimes think people dont see mytext bc im using irssi06:45
Ubuntu117its a terminal based irc06:45
Ubuntu117NAME STEALER06:46
Ubuntu117kill him06:46
cfhowlettxXEoflaOEXx, assuming the USB is good, you need to set your machine to boot from the USB.  read your manual or check the website06:46
FireStrikerThe mini Acer I'm looking to install it on I havnt touched with yet06:46
Ubuntu117if theres anything i can do let me know aswell.06:46
amicrawlerwhat is the cpu and ram ?06:47
FireStrikerIt's all good ubuntu, I was just typing something else while you were saying stuff06:47
Ubuntu117all these people join and then say noting or leave .-.06:47
Ubuntu117lol see06:47
wwwiif the files are open from the usb stick, but saved, removing the usb stick wont corrupt them?06:48
sirvwwwi ... welll06:48
cfhowlett   ? Ubuntu117 read /msg ubottu quietirc06:48
sirvwwwi ... it is the same as shutting down the PC06:48
FireStrikerThe CPU is a Celeron N2830 2.41GHz amicrawler06:48
Ubuntu117? wait do you mean while on live boot06:49
amicrawlerfirestriker: ram >?06:49
FireStrikerRam is 2gb atm I can upgrade it to 4 and need to lookup the max06:49
wwwisirv: they can still corrupt?06:49
sirvwwwi .... what kind of file is it ?06:49
amicrawlerceleron will work not as fast06:49
wwwisirv text and a libre office spreadsheet06:49
amicrawlerram will help06:50
amicrawlerbut will still be slow06:50
FireStrikerWhat version do you recommend06:50
Ubuntu117im just waiting my turn .-. untill i get to help or be helped but at the same time also furiosly masterbating06:50
sirvwwwi > is there any way you can acces the console on that PC or GUI ? if no, then i do not see any difference if you remove the usb or not before reboot ... but I would remove it06:51
amicrawleryou may want to goto mint06:51
FireStrikerIk I'm just hoping for it to go from painfully slow to useable slow or better06:51
cfhowlettUbuntu117, time for you to read the and follow the guidelines06:51
xXEoflaOEXxcfhowlett, I went to Boot Menu, in my BIOS, and it appeared the USB RMD-FDD, and my USB next to it, so I assume BIOS recognized my USB drive. so I selected it, It failed and booted to HDD instead. I do not want to change the boot order.06:51
amicrawlermy friend went to mint06:51
xXEoflaOEXxDo I have to unplug all other USB?06:51
wwwisirv so, removing the usb stick before rebooting, or not can corrupt the files? what if i connect another keyboard on the pc? maybe i ill be able access the console?06:52
cfhowlettxXEoflaOEXx, 2 possibilities: 1.  bad USB.  2.  you did NOT tell your machine to boot from USB.06:52
jmaderoFireStriker: I run Bodhi (derivative of Ubuntu) on several old computers and it runs smooth as silk06:53
amicrawlerfirestriker : https://www.linux.com/answers/which-distribution-linux-would-fit-best-celeron-23ghz-and-1gb-ram06:53
sirvwwwi  YES try to connect another keyboard06:53
sirvwwwi .. but now i think about the reisub ... maybe it is better to leave the stick in while doing the reisub06:53
xXEoflaOEXxcfhowlett, but my USB is fine, and I know that I did not change the boot order. I will change them in my BIOS.06:53
sirvyeah leave it in .. because the reisub does some unmounting ..06:54
wwwisirv ok06:54
amicrawlerend chat /06:55
Lennon^_^I created a bootable ubantu lts 16.4 installation sd chip on 2 gig chip, When I turn computer on, it goes into installation mode, and asks, Install Ubuntu? when i boot with disk out it boots to windows 10.  What worries me is it will format and overwrite my primary windows disk C.  I have 8 drives in system, and prepared one clean one 250 gig for ubuntu, however due to uncertainty of the sequence06:55
Lennon^_^of the install routine, much talk of partitioning, but havent seen multiple disk examples thus far.  Is it likely i might wipe my primary windows?  And if so how do I avoid it.  I know some of you snarky ones would say wipe it! wipe it!  But I need it for work. standard water cooled pc type system.  windows disk is in legacy mode, sd card eefi (sp).  I have no idea how bios knows which hard06:55
Lennon^_^drive to boot from.06:55
FireStrikerWhat is the difference with mint and *ubuntu?06:56
jmaderothe DE06:56
jmaderomint uses Cinnamon06:56
jmaderowhich has a ton of Gnome stuff06:56
Ubuntu117ive had your problem LENON06:56
sirvlennon ... during installation you will be asked on which harddrive to install06:56
Ubuntu117i wiped my windows 7 with Manjaro06:56
Ubuntu117what i would do and ive always done this is disconnect all your other hard drives06:57
jmaderoLennon^_^: you can relatively easily figure out which partition it is by opening up file browser and checking your drives, you'll find one with all your windows crap06:57
jmaderojust don't choose that during install ;)06:57
FireStrikerCan you set up a dual boot with mint and win10?06:57
sirvlennon > during installation you will have multiple choises in one window ... which will offer u where to install ... just chhoose the 'expert' or 'i will choose' or 'custom' ... or what ever it is called ...06:57
jmaderoyou can dual boot any Linux distro with Windows06:57
Ubuntu117Jmadero that didnt work for me06:57
jmaderoI have multiple HDs and that's how I do it06:57
jmaderoyou can also use gparted to get a graphical idea of which drive is empty06:58
Ubuntu117i selected a 160 gig foe manjaro and it wiped a different hard drive there is a risk06:58
Ubuntu117yes what you said works06:58
jmaderono there's not06:58
jmaderoyou chose the wrong one06:58
xXEoflaOEXxcfhowlett, I went to Boot sequency, and I changed the first boot device from Floppy to USB RMD-FDD:General UDisk. I saved and exit. It restarted my PC, and it did the same thing.06:58
jmaderothere is zero risk of choosing the right drive and wiping a different one06:58
Ubuntu117? yeah becasue you were there06:58
Ubuntu117im just giving a good no flaw solution06:58
jmaderoyeah - because I know user error when I see it06:58
Ubuntu117if thats his worry thats my solution06:59
jmaderoalso having a backup is always recommended of course - because real problems can happen06:59
Ubuntu117im not saying youre wrong but06:59
Ubuntu117jmdero i can confirm that i selected a 160 because the two drives had different sizes06:59
Ubuntu117so eat a dick07:00
cfhowlett!ops | Ubuntu117 profanity, insults07:00
ubottuUbuntu117 profanity, insults: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu07:00
Ubuntu117but what i said does help that concern although ive only had it happen once07:00
Ubuntu117fuck you ubottu07:00
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chuUbuntu117: Please don't.07:01
Ubuntu117i have no filter im here to help07:01
jmaderofor the life of me I can't get my time to read right07:01
Lennon^_^Thank all of you for so many good ideas, I believe disconnecting the important drive(s) during the install is the way I am going to go.  At least that way I get some exercise and wake the husband up, he deserve it for having me do this.07:01
Ubuntu117sure my solution wasnt practical07:01
noimnotninevoltat the risk of coming across as pedantic and raising the ire of ops, i'd like to point out that it's vulgarity, not profanity.07:02
cfhowlettUbuntu117, if you really want to help (not troll) READ and follow the guidelines that apply to everyone is this channel.07:02
Ubuntu117not during07:02
Ubuntu117lol and while the pc is off07:02
Ubuntu117sorry i like had a stroke07:02
Ubuntu117im not a troll i came here with a question myself07:03
Ubuntu117but i saw those who needed help and if i could i woulds07:03
noimnotninevoltthat being said, this channel isn't tolerant of vulgarity. if you can't filter yourself, this isn't the right forum for you.07:03
Ubuntu117k i heard the first 3 million people07:03
sirvwwwi > so how is your data ?07:04
Ubuntu117and ive answere ubuntu forums questions i help people, not a troll07:04
Ubuntu117so like lennon didnt disconnect his drives during install right ;-;07:05
Ubuntu117bc that would be bad07:05
noimnotninevolthave you considered running windows in a vm (perhaps with gpu passthrough) instead of dual booting?07:05
Lennon^_^Yes I installed VM oracle, and elected against it.07:06
Ubuntu117if you have the suffeicient power and your use of windows isnt performace instensive windows in a vm is great07:06
Ubuntu117i just install xp in a vm today07:06
noimnotninevolti run a win10 vm for gaming. performance impact is on the order of 3% framerate.07:06
Ubuntu117btw i have a question ;-; i forgot about07:06
Ubuntu117whos farmiliar with cain and abel?07:07
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wwwisirv i will be back in a bit, i havent done anything yet07:08
Ubuntu117can anyone refer me to a program that can show the connections of a target device on a lan network07:09
sirvwwwi > if your files are so important why dont u have backup07:09
Lennon^_^My other half needs to learn linux and is too impatient to read manuals, and not a people person.07:09
noimnotninevoltpeople often dismiss the idea of running windows in a vm for performance reasons, but if your hardware supports vt-d, it's a viable option.07:09
Lennon^_^I have the computer backed up.07:10
unkUbuntu117 ntopng07:10
Ubuntu117like ntopng thsnkyou unk07:10
Ubuntu117i really appreciate it07:10
unki use it on pfsense07:10
unkworks decent07:10
Ubuntu117i dont know alot about ntetworking past the OSI model used for teaching07:12
Ubuntu117so im pretty dumb ;=; but im always trying to learn but dont have alot of good sources07:12
sirv117 it is not bad to be dumb ... enjoy it07:12
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sirvactually iit is much easier to be dumb .. dumb ppl have much less problems07:14
Ubuntu117im not sheeple dumb07:14
Lennon^_^I agree sirv, my husband is quite happy.07:14
Ubuntu117compared to the average person im smart. compared to a computer expert dum as hell07:14
Lennon^_^not to suggest i am not also dumb.07:15
sirvlennon > how do u know ? u notice it when he visits u in kitchen ?07:15
Ubuntu117lol lennon what gpu do you have07:15
* noimnotninevolt sighs07:15
Lennon^_^it has 8 cores, amd and flames out without the water cooler.07:16
sirvthere should be a version of ubuntu special for women07:17
noimnotninevoltgpu, cpu, same thing.07:17
sirvwith recipes preinstalled, automatically launching firefox07:17
sirvi'am going to do that .. will be called wUbuntu07:18
noimnotninevoltmany people would find this more offensive than liberal use of vulgarity.07:18
Lennon^_^Oh the dusty thing, that works okay after some air gun blowing for about 6 months to year.07:18
noimnotninevolti'm just sayin.07:18
Lennon^_^I know guys are better at computers, except mine.07:18
neo_dchello all, please its been a little while i got my hands dirty on linux, and i'm playing with OpenKM... just run into issues on both debian 7/8 and ubuntu relating to IPv6 preventing apt-get from connecting to the internet07:19
neo_dctried a few things I found on the internet, as in disabling IPv6, changing repo source to de instead of us sites07:20
neo_dcbut, still no joy07:20
Ubuntu117i lost my ciggerettes life is over07:20
noimnotninevoltdoes your isp support ipv6?07:20
neo_dcI can ping the repos but apt-get cannot connect to download stuff...07:21
neo_dcnoimnotninevolt> does your isp support ipv6?   (lemme check)07:21
wwwii connected another keyboard, control alt f1 doesnt bring me to the console07:21
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noimnotninevoltthough, if it doesn't, and your ipv4 stack is working, that should 'just work' too...07:21
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wwwicaps lock doesnt work on new keyboard neither, light doesnt light07:21
Lennon^_^I think that was a silly question noimnotninevolt, but not sure.07:22
sirvwwwi do the reisub stuff /.. but wait after typing each letter07:22
noimnotninevoltLennon^_^: i was asking neo_dc. my apologies for the confusion07:22
wwwisirv reisub wont corrupt my data?07:23
neo_dcnoimnotninevolt> -- mmm i use vmware workstation on a windows host, i had turned off ipv6 on the NICs from the get go, I'll turn it back on, restart network on ,y linux VMs and see07:23
sirvwwwi u should have thought about it before .. doing backup07:23
noimnotninevoltneo_dc: you shouldn't need ipv6 connectivity, so that's probably not the most reasonable course of action.07:23
noimnotninevoltcan you try running `cat /etc/sysctl.conf | grep disable_ipv6` and see if you get any output?07:26
neo_dc@noimnotninevolt your suggestion led me to look at my physical and virtual NICs. gimme a few minutes let me see what gives .. hardware NIC had v6 off, however virtual bridge NICs had v6 turned on..07:26
Lennon^_^noi, I simply was under impression ipv6 was supported universally now by isps, but i could so easily be wrong.  Sorry to interupt noimnotninevoit07:26
noimnotninevoltyou shouldn't need ipv6, that's my point :P07:26
noimnotninevoltLennon^_^: in this case, the ipv6 issue seems to be between the ubuntu vm and the isp, but again, we shouldn't need ipv6 for apt to work.07:27
neo_dcno output from "cat /etc/sysctl.conf | grep disable_ipv6"07:27
noimnotninevoltwhat version of ubuntu?07:27
neo_dcI'm on the debian now, 7.6 64 bit07:27
noimnotninevoltbut anyway :P07:28
sirvthere is already ubuntu-women07:28
noimnotninevolttry http://askubuntu.com/questions/440649/how-to-disable-ipv6-in-ubuntu-14-0407:28
noimnotninevoltstill weird that it would insist on ipv6 though07:28
Lennon^_^Noi, all I know of ipv6 vs 4 is it seems more a hardware thing.07:29
neo_dc@noimnotninevolt .. I will disable v607:29
noimnotninevolti've never seen that happen, even in virtualized environments with broken/disabled ipv607:29
neo_dcthis is my experience: http://askubuntu.com/questions/574569/apt-get-stuck-at-0-connecting-to-us-archive-ubuntu-com07:29
ducassenoimnotninevolt: try putting 'Acquire::ForceIPv4 "true";' in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/99force-ipv4 and see if apt behaves then.07:30
wwwiwhat about alt print r and then control alt f1?07:30
neo_dcI am turnuing on the ubuntu one, and I'll show you my command history07:30
ducasseneo_dc: try putting 'Acquire::ForceIPv4 "true";' in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/99force-ipv4 and see if apt behaves then.07:30
sirvwwwi what is that supposed to do ?07:30
noimnotninevoltneo_dc: what ducasse  said :P07:30
ducassenoimnotninevolt: sorry, bad tab expand - still waking up :)07:30
noimnotninevoltfull disclosure: i'm drunk07:31
noimnotninevoltrule of thumb: when in doubt, disable ipv6. any networking people will want to stab me for saying that though.07:31
wwwi sirv this article i am reading says, you take control of keyboard from gui server, then you can type what you want, so, then i can access the virtual console and kill the offending process07:32
sirvwwwi ... try it ... but i see only solution now to just reboot07:32
sirvwwwi u r too much worrying about the data .. there is like less than 1% chance they will corrupt07:33
sirvand if it happes they it already happened07:33
Lennon^_^Surgical suite 2:  We are trying to get a visual on the heart picture machine, what do we do?07:34
noimnotninevoltmission accomplished. apt is working.07:35
noimnotninevoltand on that note, i'm passing out. good luck everyone else.07:36
Ubuntu117i have deja ... something i backed up my Cyborg hawk linux files how would i access them on my other hard drive if i destroy this distro like i normally do07:36
lord4163Ugh, let apt install a new sudoers file, now I'm locked out :/07:37
Lennon^_^117 isnt there perhaps a way to chmod, one of few commands i know to protect files?07:38
wwwicontrol alt backspace may work?07:38
Ubuntu117could you reword the question im a bit slow comprehemding anything07:38
wwwito restart the x server?07:38
sirvwwwi > nope, u r f*cked07:38
Ubuntu117i reread a sentence 10 times yesterday and dont get it still07:39
Lennon^_^flaps down time.07:39
wwwisirv can i connect to my linux pc from another pc and restart the xserver remotely?07:40
sirvwwwi > u have sshd running ?07:40
wwwisirv the ssh server? i dont know07:40
Ubuntu117lennon i still dont understand the question ive tried rereading it.07:40
sirvtry just the first step prnscr + R07:40
Ubuntu117i have dyslaxie07:41
sirvthey try again keyboard shortcuts if they work07:41
Ubuntu117that was me typing to fat07:41
Lennon^_^117, you said you were writing some files, I asked simply if you might not be able to write protect them with the chmod command before writting.07:41
wwwisirv i tried alt, printscreen and r, didnt work, is it just printsreecn and r?07:42
ducassewwwi: if you're trying to use the 'magic sysrq key' while x is running, you need to press ctrl+alt+printsc and then r,e,i,s,u,b07:42
Ubuntu117oh. i was asking about restoring a backup i07:42
sirvnow try ctrl+alt+F107:43
Ubuntu117unless your question protains to you07:43
Ubuntu117in which im lost bc i was out07:43
wwwiducasse: i havent tried that yet, i am trying to see if there is something else i can try before i get there07:43
Ubuntu117im alsi being attacked for doritioes by a dog thats on my desk rn brb07:44
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Lennon^_^Dog on a desk, doubles iq of computer operator. laughs at my own joke.07:45
Ubuntu117i just got that joke but i have to go before bella eats my room07:46
Ubuntu117she was asleep untill now.07:47
Ubuntu117if anyone has animals keep them in boxes and mel nurished so they arent happy and energetic enough to need attentipm07:48
Lennon^_^I played a good computer joke on my husband in 1980, he retells it still to his friends.07:48
ducassewwwi: there's only virtual consoles, ssh (if installed, it's not by default on 16.04+ desktop installs), ctrl+alt+backspace (if enabled, it's not by default). if none of those work, sysrq+reisub is actually your safest bet.07:49
wwwiducasse: ok07:50
wwwiducasse: what about telnet?07:50
FraggleeeleeeHello, is it possible for me to get the very first distrobution of Ubuntu?07:50
ducassewwwi: that hasn't been enabled for like two decades07:50
Fraggleeeleeewhen i search for ubuntu 1,0 i get the newer one.07:51
wwwiducasse: a k07:51
FlannelFraggleeeleee: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/warty/07:51
cfhowlettFraggleeeleee, there is and never was an ubuntu 1.007:51
Fraggleeeleeewhy does it start at 4.10?07:52
wafflejockFraggleeeleee, the version numbers are based on the year and month of release 16.04 is 2016 April (04)07:52
FlannelFraggleeeleee: Ubuntu releases are year.month.  October of 2004 was the first release.07:52
Fraggleeeleeeoh okay thats cool. thankyou07:52
Fraggleeeleeethats really neat.07:52
Lennon^_^kinda like wordpress free templates are named for the year. Learned something new.07:53
Fraggleeeleeethankyou im trying to get VMs of old linux Distrobutions to present to a class07:54
FraggleeeleeeGoo bye07:54
Lennon^_^Nobody wants to know joke I played on husband who purchased a computer and hid it in trunk in closet because we couldnt afford it? at time.07:54
Lennon^_^waves at frag07:54
cfhowlettLennon^_^, completely off topic here.  perhaps #ubuntu-offtopic07:54
sirvlennon > hopefully he chained u in kitchen for that stunt07:56
Lennon^_^cfhowlett visited, silent, shrug.  I will be silent too.  But y all did help me.07:56
SinkingShip9hello you probably get ask this a lot, will there be a next release after 17.04 and if so what will be its name?07:58
SinkingShip9get asked*07:58
sirvlennon why u not in #ubuntu-women ?07:58
cfhowlettof course there will be a release.  we will find out the name when it is announced just like always07:58
Lennon^_^didnt know there was one. I will if you arent teasing me.07:58
SinkingShip9when is the name usually announced?07:59
wafflejockSinkingShip9, every 6 months until plans change (if they do) there is a new "release" new LTS every 2 years07:59
Lennon^_^Waves to the guys, ty.08:00
SinkingShip9well given that Z is the last letter of the English alphabet..i can't wait to see what will the name be heh08:01
wafflejockevery april and october there's a release seems like they just pick names once the next version starts but not sure the process aside from the general rules, I assume they'll wrap around with the letters back to AA but not sure08:01
SinkingShip9who's they? who decides the name? i would think there would be a voting contest or something08:02
SinkingShip9on a second thought we don't need ubuntu mcubuntuface name08:02
cfhowlettmark shuttleworth decides the name - no contest08:03
wafflejockCanonical https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DevelopmentCodeNames08:03
wafflejockthey have a suggestions section there dunno details though just found the page08:03
SinkingShip9hey unicorns and Werewolfs aren't animals :/08:06
SinkingShip9well real animals anyway08:06
zhalla /LIST >5008:08
drekiI am having an issue with firefox. It seems that web pages load but don't display. I can go to google.com or reddit.com and the page stays blank. But I can tell the page is loaded because I can click on the page and new pages will load as if i had clicked on a link on the page.08:23
drekiI cleared cache and stuff but nothing seems to help.08:23
wafflejockdreki, sounds like some sort of rendering problem have you tried right clicking and inspecting the page to see if pulling up the console/inspector view makes it draw the page?08:24
wafflejockdreki, also is it a new issue or been this way from the start?08:24
drekiwafflejock: no it just started when I ran apt upgrade08:25
wafflejockdreki, F12 should also pull up the dev tools I'm pretty sure08:25
wafflejockin the browser I mean08:25
drekiI can see the html for the page in the dev tools but still cant see the page08:26
wafflejockdreki, hmm maybe you can see if there is some hardware acceleration that got turned on during the upgrade or something like that could be messing it up08:26
wafflejockwithin firefox settings I mean, I know I've manually enabled that for some webgl stuff08:26
wafflejockshould be in options->advanced "User hardware acceleration when available"08:27
drekiI think I've always had that on. I tried turning it off and restarting firefox just now and it didn't help08:28
adymitrukHow can I get colour emojis in the terminal?08:28
wafflejockhrm yeah in that case dunno maybe try launching firefox from a terminal and see if there's any output with errors in the terminal that might lead to something08:28
wafflejockdreki, ^^08:29
drekiwafflejock: thanks I'll try that08:29
ducassedreki: there is a known bug about this problem, you can find it on launchpad if you search.08:29
drekiCan anyone recommend an alternate browser? to use in the mean time? perhaps a firefox alternative. something  in the ubuntu standard repos?08:32
drekia firefox variant I mean08:32
cfhowlettdreki, please read /msg ubottu browser08:34
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cuddlewhat android emulator works on ubuntu09:00
wwwisirv isnt some way to kill the browser, its the browser that is monopolizing the cpu09:01
sirvwwwi how do u know ?09:04
wwwiso, basically chromium frozed the gui and control alt f1 doesnt pop up the virtual console09:04
wwwii can only try reisub?09:04
sirvis there HDD activity ?09:04
dupondjedreki: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/165992209:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1659922 in firefox (Ubuntu) "Firefox 51.0.1 после обновления в Ubuntu 16.04 x32 не отображает содержимое сайтов" [Critical,Triaged]09:06
dupondjeknown bug09:06
wwwisirv how do i figure out that? chromium would make the pc unresponsive before, but mouse would work in slow motion, because of many tabs open, but chromium would eventually unload tabs on its own and pc would become responsive or i would manage to close a tab and pc would become responsive again09:07
wwwisirv how do i find out if there hdd activity? its a ssd, so i cant hear anything09:09
wwwisirv the ethernet port has 2 lights next to it, an orange one and a green one, the green one does blink occassionanyl, does that mean there is hdd activity?09:14
drekidupondje: Thanks.09:14
dupondjedreki: np :) easy to fix also09:14
SITMwhat is the most RAM that ubuntu 16.04 LTS will support?09:17
sirvwwwi alt+prnscr+reisub09:17
cfhowlettSITM, no upper limit - usually the inverse question is asked09:18
SITMwell sure there is an upper limit09:18
SITMI was just wondering what it was09:18
cisstrdubuntu 16.10 can't install steam http://dpaste.com/2AEA90S.txt - install is a few days old, did not much tweaking, just tried to install steam via apt-get, help & tips appreciated09:18
baizonSITM: http://askubuntu.com/questions/142043/whats-the-maximum-amount-of-ram-i-can-use-on-an-specific-hardware09:18
cisstrdI should clarify: I got it installed, it just doesn't run09:19
SITMthanks baizon09:19
SITMso 12TB won't be a problem09:19
cfhowlettcisstrd, best to ask the steam channel  /msg ubottu steam09:19
cfhowlettthanks baizon: news to me.  sorry for the misinformed response SITM09:20
cisstrdcfhowlett: awesome ty, sorry, didn't know about that one09:20
sirvwhy u need 12TB memory ? that is bullsh1t09:21
wwwisirv would be useful to try to unplug the keyboard or mouse, to see if control alt f1 works then, i already plugged another keyboard and mouse and those dont respond and the try reisub?09:23
wwwi*and then09:23
wwwiany ideas?09:29
sirvwwwi > yeah try it, but then alt+prnscr+reisub09:30
sirvor let the machine sit for some days maybe it will recover09:31
wwwisirv, but if i unplug the keyboard, and again plug it, maybe the reisub wont work?09:32
wwwialso about the reisub, is it possible that a later command will run before a previous command has a chance to run?09:36
kernellohello everyone, does ubuntu one still exist? I thought it was closed a few years back09:37
bluekinganyone been into zone based firewall ?09:37
sirvwwwi > unpluging keyboard wont affect reisub09:37
kernelloit seems to exist as I'm asked to login there to install some programs in software center09:38
sirvwwwi therefore u need to make pause after each letter, like 30 seconds09:38
wwwisirv but will the frozen os will be able to recognise the keyboard after it is removed?09:39
cfhowlettkernello, the cloud storage has been killed.  the single sign on and other pieces remain09:41
kernellocfhowlett, ah, thank you :)09:44
cfhowletthappy2help! kernello09:44
kernelloand they're called "snaps'..why that? aren't they like any other program in the repository?09:47
kernelloor is there a 'cult of snap'? :))09:47
wwwisirv but will the frozen os may not be able to recognise the keyboard after it is removed?09:48
wwwiand replugged?09:48
sirvwwwi > i dont know ... it it is a ps2 they yes09:49
sirvif usb then maybe09:49
wwwiits usb09:50
iamrohit7i got bored of the xfce desktop. any cool alternatives?09:52
iamrohit7i used unity before.09:53
wowoohello. I'm trying to install linux but can't partition my disk09:53
wwwisirv ok, thanks09:53
wwwithanks all09:53
wowooWhen I try to add a new partition it says "It is not possible to create more than 4 primary partitions"09:54
sirvwwwi :) so did it go09:55
wwwisirv i havent tried it yet. i thought to drink a coffee first. sirv since it froze, how will it be able to process the reisub commands?09:58
sirvlet us know how much data u managed to save09:59
wwwisirv but isnt highly unlikely that i will lose data?09:59
sirvwwwi no, just let us know how did it go10:02
sirvdont worry10:02
wwwisirv highly unlikely, right?10:02
sirvdid u learn something from this situation ?10:03
wwwisirv so, if reisub fails, i then remove the usb stick and turn off, on the pc? i can't see a reset button10:03
sirvwwwi exactly10:03
wwwisirv yes, i'll backup10:03
sirvwwwi i also lost a lot of data because of a failed harddrive, i lost all my photos, very sad ... hard lesson10:04
sirvburn everything on dvd since10:04
wwwisirv sorry about that10:04
wwwi sirv if my pc doesnt have any cpu cycles available, how is it going to process the reisub commands? or what if it process a little bit here and there, but doesnt complete the commands properly, could that be worst than just turning the pc off from the button?10:17
\9wowoo: you need to create logical partitions to get around that10:18
user__any there to chat10:24
user__hi chennakeshava10:24
cfhowlettuser__, chitchat in #ubuntu-offtopic           support only in this channel10:24
bazhanguser__, ubuntu support question?10:26
wwwiany ideas? maybe i should just remove my usb stick with my data and then power off my pc? instead of trying reisub first? its frozen, will it be able to process the reisub commands properly or things will get messed up?10:27
cfhowlettuser__, ask you ubuntu question10:27
sirvwwwi > then let the machine sit for 2 weeks10:30
sirvit will recover alone10:30
wwwisirv other times, chromium would kill on its own tabs and pc would become responsive, mouse still worked but dragged, it would kill tabs in like an hour, but now mouse is frozen and pc is frozen since more than 12 hours ago, you think pc can recover?10:35
sirvwwwi > everything is possible10:36
anddamI'm ubuntu desktop graphical install, I choosed 'custom' settings since I had to tweak partitions10:40
wwwisirv so, you think it can recover?10:40
anddambut i see the "device for boot loader installation" dropdown menu doesn't have a "don't install", will it mess my existing grub-efi setup?10:40
sirvwwwi yes10:41
sirvweeks, maybe months10:41
bazhangsirv, thats not helpful at all10:41
sirvit depends10:42
bazhangsirv, no it does not10:42
sirvwhy not ?10:42
bazhangsirv, better to say nothing than give out false advice10:42
sirvlol false advice, ok i;am quiet now10:43
wwwibazhang: what would be a better advice?10:46
bazhangwwwi first what version of ubuntu is this, has this install ever worked10:47
wwwibazhang: 15, it worked, but chromium has lots of tabs open, and with more tabs, tends to freeze gui for a while, untill chromium unloads tabs, this time froze and its frozen since more than 12 hours ago, usually, it unfrozes in an hour or so, never thought chromium could really freeze my pc, this time its frozen for a long time10:49
popeywwwi: i went with tab suspender in chrome to reduce the load10:50
bazhangwww1 15.04/15.10?10:50
popeywwwi: it should work in chromium too. i have 16gb ram and an i7 and my pc bogs down with lots of tabs10:50
wwwibazhang: i think its 15.110:50
bazhangwww1 that's end of life, upgrade to a supported version10:51
wwwibazhang: yes, i will do that10:52
bazhangwwwi once you have done that then why not try popey 's suggestion10:52
wwwibazhang: yes, ok10:56
wwwiso, is it realistic to wait longer in case chromium kills tabs and pc unfrozes?10:56
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades wwwi10:56
wwwibazhang: thanks10:57
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wwwibut will it work to wait longer in case chromium kills tabs and pc unfrozes or will i have to wait forever? days or more?11:02
wwwiits an i5 cpu11:03
wwwior waiting could actually corrupt my files in the usb stick?11:03
BluesKajHiya folks11:06
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wwwiany ideas?11:10
BluesKajwwwi, I was too late for your question11:13
MonkeyDustwwwi  hit the up arrow to repeat your question11:13
\9MonkeyDust: there's been hours of discussion11:14
\9i'm also at loss as what's the problem11:14
cs_Hi there! I really'd like to upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04. I made backups, so now it's time to do it, but I'm afraid a bit. Is there anyone who could help me in private to deal with this thing?11:17
wwwiyes, chromium froze pc, other times chromium briefly makes pc unresponsive, but mouse still works a little and after a while chromium unloads tabs and pc becomes responsive again, this time it's been like that since more than 12 hours and mouse doesnt responds11:17
\9and you don't want to forcibly reboot because the usb is plugged in?11:17
wwwicontrol alt f doesnt work, no virtual console appears11:17
cfhowlettcs_, sudo do-release-upgrade should do it quite nicely11:18
wwwiwill it work to wait longer in case chromium kills tabs and pc unfrozes or will i have to wait forever? days or more?11:18
wwwicould the waiting corrupt my files in my usb stick?11:18
\9it's not going to recover on its own11:18
noc_wwwi, can you ping the pc from another one from the local network? That would tell you if the system is busy as opposed to frozen11:18
wwwinoc, yes, i will try that11:18
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cs_@cfhowlett: Yep, but im not sure about what to do when popup windows pops up. :)11:19
cfhowlettcs let's go to private11:19
noc_by the way, unplugging the usb equates to a crash, which can bork the data if formatted with fat, not if formatted with ext4 or btrfs (because they have journaling which is designed, for that) and I dont know about ntfs11:20
Dave114installed Ubuntu 16 LTS from a USB key, but now system won't boot.  I'd had to edit the USB key's grub config to add a nomodeset option, but even if I do this for the new install that doesn't work.  Any ideas?11:24
Dave114note that I'd selected full-disk encryption ... just wondering if for some reason a prompt for a password to boot the system isn't being displayed properly and that might be the root of the problem?  Where should I encounter that prompt?11:25
\9noc_: my understanding is that it only borks the data if the stick is currently being used11:28
\9if it's chrome that froze then this seems unlikely to me11:28
wwwinoc, i pinged the pc, i got replies, usb stick was never formatted by me, it is as it was from factory, so, what filesystem it has?11:30
=== manfred is now known as Guest69909
wwwii just accessed my apache test page of the frozen pc from another pc11:38
wwwiso, basically pc is not frozen, just too busy?11:38
tyro_21I'm looking for a good tutorial on how to build a chatbot using python. Do you guys have any suggestions?11:38
cfhowletttyro_21, ask the #python channel11:38
tyro_21cfhowlett I'm in university and can't use a regstered nickname, which means I can't access the #python channel.11:39
cfhowlettthen google is your friend tyro_2111:40
tyro_21cfhowlett: I don't have any friends11:40
wwwiany ideas? Apache was still works in pc, but its gui is frozen11:40
wwwiso, the gui may recover?11:41
tyro_21wwwi try the "killall" command11:41
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest90777
\9wwwi: i don't suppose you have a ssh server installed11:42
wwwityro_21: frozen pc doesn't accept keyboard commands11:42
wwwi\9 i dont have it installed11:43
Guest90777wwwi reisub ?11:44
wwwiGuest90777: i am not sure if that will work better, than a power off, will the pc manage to run the commands properly, or it will mess things ups?11:45
\9it gives your pc a chance to prepare for an emergency reboot11:46
\9https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key#Uses you can see here that the command contains instructions to detach all devices11:47
wwwi\9 what if a latter command runs before a previous one finishes?11:49
\9i got the idea that you're supposed to type it in slowly so that the computer has time to finish each instruction11:50
ubottuIn an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing slowly, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key11:50
backboxAnyone here running Backbox?11:51
cfhowlettwe've gone full circle this was suggested to wwwi - with these same links - some 6 hours ago ...11:52
MonkeyDustbackbox  it's not supported here11:52
cfhowlettbackbox, wrongchannel.  backbox has their own support. go there please11:52
MonkeyDustthe channel has 2 active users11:52
backboxWasnt looking for support, was just curious :)11:53
ubuntu__some1 should kick this wwwi guy, he always comes here and trolls ppl asking for help for not real problems ... he is here since 10 hours asking how to reset a frozen GUI11:56
ubuntu__then he comes back with another fake problem asking for help11:57
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
ubuntu__typical troll11:57
ubuntu__his question already answered 50 times to him11:57
noc_\9 no, my reply was under the assumption that the usb is not unmounted before extracting12:03
ubuntu__he is trolling u12:04
ubuntu__wwwi is a trolling snake12:05
cfhowlettubuntu__, relax.  leave it to the mods and stop the insults.12:05
ubuntu__cf i'am personally involved because i tried to help him numerous times12:06
noc_iirc there is an ops factoid if you need it?12:06
cfhowlettnoc_, there is. not warranted in this situation - emergencies only.12:07
wwwii am not a troll12:12
wwwiubuntu__: that's just your opinion12:12
cfhowlettwwwi, you have been given multiple solutions.  I suggest you try them and report the outcome.12:12
kernellohello everyone, I have a list of installed packages as output of 'aptitude search '~i!~M''. is there a way to install all packages together using this output?12:15
kernelloI mean on a reinstall12:15
\9kernello: you could use some text processing magic to extract the names of the packages and then provide them all to apt12:16
\9apt install package1 package2 package3 etc12:16
\9kernello: iirc there's also a complete solution for automatising this but the name escapes me12:17
kernello\9, can I directly paste the output of the command that I mentioned into apt-install?12:18
ubuntu__wwwi > u always come here under different nicknames and ask fake problems all day12:18
kernelloI presume the output contains the original package names, so it should be possible12:19
\9the output also contains other data and apt will treat each as a package name12:19
\9worse yet, as a regular expression so if there's an asterisk it will expand to a lot of packages12:19
\9so just piping the text as-is is a bad idea12:19
\9extract the package names first12:19
\9you can use the `cut` program or regular expressions for that12:20
kernellobut I think the output lists the package names, no?12:20
\9it prints a detailed table, didn't you try it yourself?12:21
wwwiubuntu__: cant you stop these things?12:21
MonkeyDustkernello  you can also use the 'apt-clone' command ... apt-clone clone --with-dpkg-repack [backup folder] ... repack also copies the names of packages not in the repos; provided you have the .deb files12:21
ubuntu__wwwi > i have to warn other helpfull users from wasting their energy on u12:22
\9ah, apt-clone it was indeed12:23
wwwiubuntu__: that's because you think something is what you think it is, it doesnt seem it is. i wont respond anymore to these things you are saying12:23
FManTropyxwhy must we have drama on a Sunday?12:25
FManTropyxlet's be one big happy Ubuntu-family12:25
\9wwwi: either way you have your options laid before you: you can 1) wait it out, probably for a very long time, potentially forever, 2) use reisub to tell the computer to reboot or 3) unplug the usb and hope for the best12:26
\9to me 2) seems like the best option12:26
wwwi\9 ok, thanks12:27
kernelloMonkeyDust, learning on apt-clone, thank you very much!12:28
NoMiddle_Hello, how can I find openfortivpn tool for ubuntu?12:30
hellraiser2 HexChat: 2.10.2 ** OS: Linux 4.4.0-59-generic x86_64 ** Distro: Ubuntu "xenial" 16.04 ** CPU: 4 x AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 630 Processor (AuthenticAMD) @ 800MHz ** RAM: Physical: 5.8GiB, 58.2% free ** Disk: Total: 913.2GiB, 45.7% free ** VGA: NVIDIA Corporation G96 [GeForce 9500 GT] ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA ATI SB1: USB-Audio - HD Pro Webcam C920 ** Ethernet: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. CIe Gigabit12:31
hellraiser2Ethernet ** Uptime: 6h 6m 40s **12:31
\9NoMiddle_: https://github.com/adrienverge/openfortivpn google finds it in github12:34
\9looks like it's not packaged for ubuntu (yet)12:34
NoMiddle_\9: thanks, I think is ti easy with tutorial on github page.12:36
NoMiddle_It is12:36
zavorra03have a nice Sunday12:42
anddamhow do I call back the "Keyboard shortcut" dialog I got on first login?12:48
masoudmahmoudihow to use rkhunter ?12:50
lhyxHow do you restart pulse audio on 16.04 ?12:50
bloufhi, ubuntu 16.10 + file sharing, nautilus hangs strangely seaching for networks - even if smb.conf is okay12:51
wwwiif keyboard doesnt work, why reisub will work? control alt f1 didnt work, then i tried alt print r to tell the os to remove the focus of the keyboard from the gui and i tried again control alt f1, but nothing happened, so, isnt correct to assume that reisub wont work either?12:51
masoudmahmoudifor restart pulseaudio service :12:52
masoudmahmoudisudo systemctl restart pulseaudio12:52
alias_neotatertots: I rudely forgot to thank you for your time and help with the FC/HBA STUFF on Friday so; thank you, it is appreciated12:52
lhyxmasoudmahmoudi, doesn't work. service not found. pulseaudio -k doesn't work either.12:53
bloufit's ok, just resolved - gvfs12:53
masoudmahmoudi    /usr/bin/lwp-request                                     [ Warning ]12:55
masoudmahmoudiwhy ?12:55
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avieksanddam: just push your super key and it will show12:59
avieksyou have to be at desktop also12:59
avieksno sorry. just keep it pressed for ~2s =)13:01
tatertotscotin: how goes it?13:05
anddamavieks: thanks13:07
anddambtw i just installed, then upgraded available software and I noticed something installed adobe-flashplugin13:08
anddamnow that I definitely don't want, how do I check what pulled it as dependency?13:08
tomreynanddam: this lists packages which depend on adobe-flashplugin: apt-cache rdepends adobe-flashplugin13:10
tomreynthis doesn't mean those are installed, however, you'd need to check their state using: dpkg -l package1 package2 ...13:11
sruliin lubuntu how do i disable the "suspend" button in shutdown menu?13:12
anddamtomreyn: mmm I don't have an actual adobe-flashplugin but I have some flashplugin-* package listed, only flashplugin-installer installed13:13
anddamI figure it's the stub asking for install of flash when needed13:14
anddambut in the log of Software Update I read actually "adobe-flashplugin"13:14
anddamthat I cannot see in the packages known to dpkg, checked '*adobe*' and '*flash*'13:14
halcyphornphonehello how to run live cd in text mode13:16
anddamcan I purge nano from the system?13:16
kk4ewthalcyphornphone,  control-alt f313:19
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
MonkeyDustanddam  what's wrong with nano? it's the most basic text editor13:19
halcyphornphonei cant nothing work i only see linux logo and nothing work i need know how to do thiis in grub section13:20
tatertotshe's working his way to his next reinstall lol13:20
anddamMonkeyDust: I hate the guts of it, and whenever it pops up as default editor I try to quit with vim's shotcuts and I end up doing a mess13:23
anddamI already updated alternatives for vim13:23
anddambut I'd like to purge it from system, have its executable written on a CD-R and then tied to a pole and physically burned13:24
anddamunless ubuntu relies on it as system component13:24
smeerthey guys13:24
smeertdoes it matter if i make swap first and then / ?13:24
anddamsmeert: no13:24
MonkeyDustanddam  try to rename /bin/nano to something else ... see if causes problems13:25
anddamsmeert: wait, did you mean chronologically or block-wise on the disk?13:25
smeertanddam: wondering, because its much easier to make xxxMb swap and then the rest for root13:25
anddamI have a "ETPS/2 Elantech Touchpad" as reported by geis-tools, "device touches" is 5 but when I touch lightly the pad with a finger and try to scroll with other two the mouse won't move13:29
anddamis this a software setting of the pad driver?13:29
anddamif instead of a light touch I click the pad and keep it pressed (so there's definitely contact) I can actually scroll13:30
tomreynanddam: if dpkg states that "adobe-flashplugin" is not installed, then it is not installed.13:32
tomreynwhich is "the log of Software Update"?13:33
ioriatomreyn, you mean /var/log/apt/history.log ?13:35
azizLIGHThow doi tell where a package came from13:39
azizLIGHTinstalled from repo? ppa? compiled from source?13:39
azizLIGHThow to tell13:39
tomreynhalcyphornphone: at the first screen with two icons on the bottom, press and hold the left shift key. then press F6, press escape, then edit that line of test so that you remove "quiet" and "splash" and add "text" (and if this doesn't help, in later attempts, add "nomodeset" or "vga=791")13:40
ioriaazizLIGHT, apt-cache policy pkg13:40
tomreynioria: maybe anddam means this, file, i don't know, that's what i was asking13:40
tomreyn* "this file"13:40
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ioriatomreyn, oh, missed the context13:41
tomreynit's been a while ;)13:41
ioriai see13:42
tomreynazizLIGHT: you could review the logs at /var/log/apt/term.log to find out where it was downloaded from. or you can make a good guess by running "apt-cache policy packagename"13:45
tomreyn(replace packagename by the name of the package you're wondering about)13:45
lucas-argdid any one won the battle of tearing with nvidia on laptops??13:55
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=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
halcyphornphonewhat problem with nvidia i lost battle with uefi and all drvwers13:59
lucas-argsome servers like ubuntu.unc.edu.ar are down14:04
lucas-argactually the only two servers from argentina are down14:04
lucas-argcould some one please confirm?14:05
noc_lucas-arg, that domain returns 404 from italy (so it's working but missing the repository)14:10
noc_when visited from italy*14:11
noc_lucas-arg, #ubuntu-mirrors14:12
lucas-argnoc_, same here thanks14:12
gustavo_how are you14:21
gustavo_how are you14:23
wakeuphow can I switch on compozitor?14:23
wakeupthanks I'm fine14:23
emojikingNot much gusta14:23
gustavo_ubuntu software14:23
xanguawakeup: what compositor?14:23
gustavo_why emoji14:23
wakeupyes, ubuntu 64bit14:23
emojikingI like to buy mini CNC machine14:24
gustavo_my interrogation not show14:24
emojikingBut don't know which one14:24
gustavo_you want help14:25
emojikingYes guta14:25
wakeupcompositor is a vga function14:25
gustavo_gusta guga gu gustavo rss14:25
wakeupneed it for the docky14:26
gustavo_emoji how i can help14:26
emojikingAny channel for CNC14:26
zeshy2Hi all. Not sure where to start troubleshooting this: emacs (built from source + installed with a created .deb) is uninstalled on reboots. Actually, not on every reboot. Seems it will stay put for a couple days first14:29
Tahr-Poopwakeup, which compositor do you want to use?14:29
zeshy2I've checked to see if the package is marked for anything, and it's not. However, I did in the past mark it to not be upgraded (to prevent Ubuntu 'updating' to emacs24)14:30
wakeupmaybe this14:30
noc_zeshy2, check /var/log/dpkg.log and /var/log/apt/history.log14:31
noc_zeshy2, search for apt pinning14:32
zeshy2Alright, thanks. Doing it now14:33
lolwahelp! why i am getting target package notification after command "sudo apt-get update" https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23887249/14:33
lolwahow to remove it?14:33
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k1l_lolwa: you have the partner repo listed in the orgiginal sources.list and the seperate sources.list.d folder. remove the sperate one14:34
warrshrikehow can i update grub params?14:35
xXEoflaOEXxIt seems that Lubuntu 16.10's ISO have newer SYSLINUX than Rufus provides. From now on, I will download Lubuntu
lolwak1l_ how?14:35
warrshrikeask the kernel to ignore bios_limit using a kernel parameter via grub namely processor.ignore_ppc=1ask the kernel to ignore bios_limit using a kernel parameter via grub namely processor.ignore_ppc=114:35
k1l_lolwa: sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/xenial-partner.list14:35
warrshrikehow can i put this param into grub on ubuntu 16.1014:35
k1l_!nomodeset  | warrshrike14:36
ubottuwarrshrike: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter14:36
k1l_warrshrike: use this how to but dont put nomodeset into the config but your own parameter.14:36
Tahr-Poopwarrshrike, in /etc/default/grub14:36
lolwak1l_ : thank u. its gone.14:36
warrshrikek1l_: like this GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash processor.ignore_ppc=1"?14:38
k1l_warrshrike: yes14:39
lucas-argi have tearing after removing nvidia-367 driver and nvidia-prime with intel gpu14:39
akikxXEoflaOEXx: can't you use the dd mode in rufus?14:39
xXEoflaOEXxakik, I do not want to use dd.14:42
akikxXEoflaOEXx: why?14:42
xXEoflaOEXxMaybe it creates the partition of iso9660. isn't it?14:43
akikxXEoflaOEXx: dd mode in rufus doesn't try to modify the written image. it just writes the iso image onto the usb stick14:43
xXEoflaOEXxakik, Will this mode formats the USB as ISO9660 partition?14:44
akikxXEoflaOEXx: it takes the iso image you provide to rufus and writes it onto the usb stick14:45
lucas-argafter removing nvidia driver i have tearing with intel gpu no idea whats going wrong?14:46
xXEoflaOEXxakik, OK.14:46
akikxXEoflaOEXx: you mentioned syslinux so this dd mode doesn't care about what is inside of the iso image14:47
kk4ewtxXEoflaOEXx, think dd as direct copy14:47
akiklucas-arg: two places which could help with that, /etc/drirc and creating a xorg config snippet in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf14:48
xXEoflaOEXxakik, Yes, I mentioned SYSLINUX. I notice one thing that if I put Lubuntu 16.10 ISO and click on Start, it asks me for new SYSLINUX version that I must download it from their website. and does DD mode in Rufus makes the USB bootable in order to install Lubuntu?14:49
Dave114 identify cheese14:49
akikxXEoflaOEXx: yes it makes it bootable14:49
xXEoflaOEXxakik, OK. Thanks for your help!14:50
akiklucas-arg: the settings are described here under "Tear-free video" https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/intel_graphics14:51
lucas-argakik, thanks, i used snapper to create a snapshot of my btrfs just in case i had any problem with installing nvidia driver, and it didnt work either so.........!!!...!14:51
xXEoflaOEXxakik, but I have one more question, Is DD mode slower than normal mode in Rufus?14:54
akikxXEoflaOEXx: no14:54
xXEoflaOEXxakik, OK. Thanks!14:54
lucas-argakik, that didnt help, so... chau ubuntu14:56
lucas-argwill go back to opensuse14:57
anddamgeistest(1) references gesturetest(1) that is nowhere to be found on packages.ubuntu.com14:57
akikoh well that was quick14:58
akikit actually helps14:58
kang0How much space vbr and mbr occupies?15:06
kang0Is it part of hard disk?15:06
akikkang0: mbr is 446 bytes15:07
kang0In any system?15:07
akikkang0: well on x86 at least15:07
kang0Hard disk or cd or usb or dvd?15:08
akikkang0: i don't know if it's called mbr when talking about cd/dv15:08
kang0How many bootloaders can reside at mbr?15:08
stephans_Hi all, I cannot get snap to work on Ubuntu 16.10. I get the error: - Setup snap "core" (888) security profiles (no state entry for key)15:11
stephans_I have no idea why..15:11
stephans_I followed the instruction15:11
stephans_just apt install snapd15:11
stephans_nothing wierd on my sys.15:11
stephans_Anyone have any idea how to make snap actually work?15:13
evensomebody kicked me off the network I am using (Hotel), but I managed to get back on changing my MAC adress. Now I tried an Nmap towards his specific IP, but it just takes forever. Any ideas?15:14
PreventionBeyondI'm having problems with USB file transfers.15:14
B1nnyHi folks, I'm playing around a bit with LXD/LXC on Ubuntu Server 16.04.1 LTS, and after creating a container I noticed my config file is located here: /var/log/lxd/cute-leopard/lxc.conf15:17
B1nnywould anyone mind explaining to me why it's located in /var/log? :)15:17
masoswell, I think it depends on the slightest wish of the LXD/LXC devs15:18
B1nnymasos: but, wouldn't /var/lib/lxd/containers/<containername>/lxc.conf or something make more sense?15:19
B1nnyI'd only expect log files in /var/log tbh15:19
masosask the LXD/LXC devs15:19
masosmaybe it's configurable, then change it to anything you desire15:20
B1nnyok :) thanks!15:20
masosI mean, configurable path to the config (sounds quite recursively)15:20
masosIs it possible to resize partition with /boot directory to the left without breaking the boot?15:21
masosI have just run into a problem, I only have empty space to the left of my partition, and it:15:21
masos1. Doesn't allow my to resize to the left on-line without rebooting to LiveUSB15:21
masos2. Warns that it may break boot when trying to resize from LiveUSB15:21
lakeinhow can i delete a specific line number range? e.g: from 5 to 10015:22
mustmodifybrainfart. What's the new 'nslookup' ?15:22
lakeinim trying "sed -e '102533d;105847d' 55.audpl' but it doesn' work15:22
Tahr-Poopmasos, use boot-repair to fix boot after resizing15:23
lakeincan someone help?15:23
mustmodifyoh, dig. That's right.15:23
mustmodifynm, thanks. :)15:23
anddamlakein: can you be clearer?15:23
masosTahr-Poop: will it fix it automatically with default settings?15:23
lakeinanddam: of a certain file, i'd like to get rid of the lines 5 to 10015:24
lakeinsed -e isn't working for me15:24
anddamlakein: you should suppress patterns for that, also you'd need to print 1-4, 100-end15:24
anddam-e is just the expression to be executed15:25
Tahr-Poopmasos, you can define in boot-repair how you want to repair boot15:26
anddamlakein: I stand corrected, the delete approach is fine15:26
Tahr-Poopmasos, masos, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair15:26
anddamlakein: when I said "clearer" I meant you didn't explain what are you getting from your command15:27
masosTahr-Poop: I just don't want to break anything15:27
lakeinanddam: will "sed -i.bak -e '102533d;127584d' file.txt" get rid of the lines 102533 to 12758d within file.txt, with rest of the other lines remaining intact?15:27
=== jstein is now known as Guest91175
anddamlakein: no15:29
anddamlakein: it will get rid of lines 102533 and 12758415:29
lakeini don't want to extract the lines to some other file15:29
lakeinanddam: ah15:29
anddamyou want to do an in-place sed replace, that isn't recommended (or it used to be)15:30
anddambut should be fine15:30
anddamthat's what the -i flag does15:30
lakeinhow can i get rid of the lines 102533 to 127584?15:30
anddamthe SO answer you linked works15:30
lakeininstead of just deleting these two, i want to delete all that which is in between15:31
=== jstein__ is now known as jstein
lakeinanddam: but that gets rid of only two lines as you now told me, i want to delete lines of a specific range15:31
anddamlakein: how does the SO answer delete lines 5 through 10?15:31
iorialakein,  sed '102533,127584d' filename.txt   not working ?15:31
lakeiniora: without the -e?15:32
iorialakein,  -e is default15:32
anddamioria: since he linked the solution himself I was trying to make him actually read it15:32
Mr_OwnerI got a quick question for everyone: I am planning to use UbuntuStudio as my flavor of choice (I do system admin work professionally, so the stuff I add on top of any flavor is pretty standard), but I do music as a hobby. My main concern is that I know not so much about XFCE (what UbuntuStudio uses as a desktop), and I want to be sure that if I use UbuntuStudio (and thus by proxy, XFCE) I am not going to be subject to any of the Unity Search poison nonse15:33
Mr_Ownerthat RMS talks about. Is XFCE some kinda of derivitive of Unity or its completely seperate and has no such issue???15:33
ioriaMr_Owner, xfce is ok15:33
Mr_Ownerthank you! I appreciate greatly the direct and exact answer!15:34
kang0What's gpt and  partition boot record15:34
lakeinioria: no15:34
lakeinit doesn't work15:35
iorialakein,  weird15:35
lakeinit merely prints out the lines, not delete them15:35
iorialakein,  sure, it's a test15:35
anddamkang0: gpt is GPT, a kind of disk partitioning that uses GUID, but any search engine would tell you that15:35
Mr_Owneras it works works out ioria, I do not care for the interface of Unity either, but I could live with it, just I want the ‘preconfigured-ness’ of Studio for jackd and all that, and its easier for me to add openssh and git and stuff to it than the other way (though I use Ubuntu GNOME right now and do like it), I can live with XFCE no problem if it means a preconfigured studio environment15:35
needhelp123Hi there! I'm using Ubuntu Gnome, and trying to set a keyboard shortcut "Shift + Caps Lock" for switching keyboard layouts - which is what I've used for years in Cinnamon on Linux Mint, but when I try to assign that, nothing happens (the "New accelerator" label doesn't change). My Caps Lock and Shift keys work as expected otherwise. Any ideas?15:36
iorialakein,  you need -i to modify the file ... make a copy of that file and try it15:36
kang0anddam I can't search15:36
anddamlakein: or use the backup options as suggested by the SO answer15:36
kang0What's guid15:36
anddamkang0: it's an identifier, a number15:37
Mr_Ownerthank you all, I shall be back later (and thank you ioria too, especially)15:37
ioriaMr_Owner, ok15:38
anddamioria: seems you a new friend15:38
anddamyou got*15:38
noc_Mr_Owner, xfce is a separate project, it mainly handles theming and standard desktop stuff being light on resources, everything else should work with any DE. You might be interested in checking out #xfce or #ubuntustudio for future reference15:38
needhelp123Ahhh found it - "Modifiers-only switch to next source" - it was kinda confusing what "modifiers-only" means.15:39
noc_e.g. the dev and audio tools are basically independent of the DE15:39
anddamnoc_: also, he had left the channel already15:39
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rmasadI have install Ubuntu by BIOS aside of a Windows installed by UEFI. How can select what OS use don't changing my bios conf?15:42
needhelp123Also I just wanna say that Ubuntu Gnome is the only distribution that works (for me at least) with a 4K laptop display out of the box (I've tried Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and Ubuntu Mate and none of them worked nicely). So if anyone finds that info useful, there you go.15:42
anddamrmasad: how's the system booting?15:49
rmasad@anddam when is legacy actived boot direct Ubuntu. When UEFI actived boot direct Windows15:51
wwwithe pc uncovered on its own15:52
wwwii didnt have to do reisub or power off the pc afteralll15:53
wwwiit was a nice surprise, i really didnt believe that the pc would recover15:53
wwwithanks all for the help15:53
FManTropyxso, choose BIOS to boot Ubuntu and UEFI to boot Windows :)15:54
anddamrmasad: it doesn't seem a wise setup, install grub-efi and keep ueFI15:55
anddamis python 3.5 the latest available in ubuntu?15:55
anddamwwwi: when they are ill they go hide in a corner alone until they heal15:56
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wwwianddam :)15:58
qtqtI have a problem with qt applications where you open files. you know  how you get a windows to browse your folders and select the file you need?. as you know these feature bookmarks to the left, but in my case it is loading the bookmark from my old user(which no longer exists) instead of loading the new bookmarks from current user. I have failed to locate whatever file stores this information so it can actually update15:59
grapsHi all16:04
grapsI know how to purge, then reinstall Libre Office, but is there an easier way to update Libre Office on an Ubuntu desktop install ? Or, any other program/app, to update ?16:04
=== Fsociety is now known as Guest55076
EriC^^graps: you don't need to purge the program to update it, just run sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get install <program> and it will update it if there's a newer version16:05
xanguagraps: the LibreOffice PPA, PPAs are not supported here16:05
grapsEriC^^: Thanks !16:05
EriC^^graps: no problem16:06
grapsxangua: Okay16:06
snowkidindกนำห ฟืันืำ ้ฟอำ ฟืั ำปยำพรำืแำ ีหรืเ ยฟรก ยพนปรำหฦ16:11
snowkidinddang. guilty of not looking at screen16:12
snowkidinddoes anyone have any experience using paid proxies?16:12
snowkidindIm leaving the country and want to stream pianobar(pandora) outside of the us16:12
snowkidindor perhaps i can set up my vpn as a proxy?16:14
KanovWhen I add a directory onto audacious, certain files don't open but they open when I add those files manually. I am getting this error: http://i.imgur.com/4TM2LFB.png16:17
qtqtso anyone know what's in charge of qt applications file dialog?16:17
Kanovwhy is it saying there is no such file?16:18
Kanovi don't get this error when i add that particular file alone16:18
Kanovthis error only pops up when im mass-adding files16:18
Tahr-Poopsnowkidind, you should ask this question to your vpn provider afterall you're paying for it16:22
KanovTahr-Poop, can you help me16:22
snowkidindi haven't chosen one16:24
Tahr-Poopqtqt, normally filemanager does that, are on using kde?16:24
snowkidind1) Not sure who to use 2) not sure if It is easy enough to spool up one on my aws instance16:24
Tahr-Poopsnowkidind, google > route vpn through proxy linux OR use tor+Vidalia16:25
qtqtim using ubuntu vanilla. the file dialog that comes up depends on what application calls it, if it is gtk or gtk compatible then it brings a gtk dialog if it is a qt applicaiton then it brings a qt dialog, i need to reset the settings for qt dialog16:25
snowkidindthx Tahr-Poop16:26
noc_qtqt, no idea, but for gtk it's .config/gtk-3.0/bookmarks so I'd expect it to be something under .config or .local16:29
noc_for qt as well16:29
masos_I'm back. (the guy who asked about how to expand ubuntu partition to the left)16:34
masos_for some reason, it actually worked without repairing; booted okay16:35
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anddamI have a 13" 1080p display so default fonts are a bit tiny, I enabled System Settings > Universal Access > Seeing > Large text option and this made UI and terminal font very readable, firefox wasn't affected tho'16:44
anddamis this firefox's "fault" for not using system's font settings'16:45
qtqtdarn, I've yet to find something relevant16:45
anddamqtqt: your question wasn't very clear, i figure that's why you didn't get answer16:46
anddambasically you're seeing "wrong" bookmarks in Qt's file dialog16:46
anddambut it's unlikely that Qt is able to read info from a deleted user, you did something in the middle (like copying prefs files for instance) but didn't say so16:46
qtqtwell, I meant in general. I've been looking. I just want to delete whatever has the bookmarks so it actually rechecks what i have16:46
anddamdo you have any ~/.qt*  dir?16:47
anddamif not and qt is a good citizen maybe it's in ~/.config or ~/.local/share16:47
qtqtthe problem is it has to be loading the configuration that was created at the time the user existed, and it keeps loading that after it doesn't exist(though to be fair it only has 2 bookmarks, "computer" and "user")16:48
qtqtthere's no such only .qt folder is called .qttest. when in the dialog i can manually remove and then add my bookmarks, but those changes aren't stored16:49
qtqtso when I open the application again it goes back to "computer" "user"16:49
anddamI don't use Qt apps16:49
anddamcan't really help you16:49
noc_qtqt, .config/QtProject.conf change the field "shortcuts". tested with vlc16:50
Toni0hi all16:51
qtqtyes, I found it, I have it, thanks, noc_. Ihad seen the qtproject folder and completely missed to notice the existance of that file at the root of config16:52
soniaawww.icq-net.eu chat for all people !!!16:59
tomreynyeay spam16:59
hayhello... I have xenial installed and would like to install a package from vivid... what is the best method to do it? thanks17:02
=== asdas is now known as ayha78686
EriC^^hay: download the deb file, and try to install it17:03
hayEriC^^, I see... thanks!17:05
EriC^^hay: no problem17:05
GLaDOSDanHey there. I'm currently expericing the following bug where the oom-killer decides to start killing my processes when I have more than 16GB of available memory. Is there any way I can temporarily disable the OOM killer until the bug is fixed? Running 16.04 LTS17:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1655842 in linux (Ubuntu Xenial) ""Out of memory" errors after upgrade to 4.4.0-59" [High,In progress]17:07
l_What's up?17:09
geirhayou can boot the previous kernel, at least17:09
l_What's here?17:09
GLaDOSDangeirha: I was thinking that as another possibility. Is there any way I can see other available kernels before I reboot?17:10
GLaDOSDanah got it17:11
l_What is kernel good for? I upgraded it to 4.917:11
l_Tell meeee17:13
geirhathe kernel really ties the system together17:14
anddamGLaDOSDan: checked http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/articles/servers-storage-dev/oom-killer-1911807.html '17:15
anddamgeirha: he left already17:15
adalbertHey, what dyndns client can i use on xubuntu, i'm using no-ip.com17:16
Hudsonkem hello, i installed onboard on kde plasma but it shows french keyboard layout, how can i change it?17:18
anddamI installed python3.6 from 16.10 universe, now I stays there with python3.5 that is the actual python317:19
Tahr-Poopadalbert, ddclient17:19
anddamhow's python/python3 selection managed, given it's not via the alternatives system?17:19
SchrodingersScatadalbert: 2nding ddclient, I have it working with my namecheap account and it's pretty snazzy.17:21
SchrodingersScatanddam: they also seem to recommend inadyn17:22
Hudsonkem hello, i installed onboard{virtual keyboard }on kde plasma but it shows french keyboard layout, how can i change it?17:23
SchrodingersScatoops, sorry anddam17:23
anddamSchrodingersScat: np, I figured it was adalbert's17:23
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adalbertoke thnx, trying ddclient17:27
GLaDOSDananddam: Cheers for that. I figured just booting into 4.4.0-57 for the time being was an easier option though :) all good now hopefully17:29
jayjomy installation went bust. I have a live usb, but I need to copy over my data. Once I put the live USB in I alreayd don't have that option. Any ideas?17:31
jayjoHow do I copy this dat over ?17:31
jayjoI have several hard drives, so I could install this installaiton on a separate one and recover later. Is that the best idea?17:31
enoch85hey guys, I've been told that dc3dd is better than dd when zeroing out drives to relcaim unused space. What I want to acchive is that dc3dd stops when there is about 5% space left on the device. Now, how do I do that?17:32
anddamenoch85: you can estimate the amount of dd'ing you need to do using df17:32
anddamand bc17:32
akikjayjo: boot the live usb, then mount your disk and copy the data over17:32
anddamor some shell math17:32
freakyyhi all. i have ubuntu installed, and ubuntu-budgie-remix and i want to upgrade to the latest alpha2 of 17.04 on my laptop for testing ... how can i do that? if i was previously using ubuntu budgie-remix?17:33
jayjoakik: so this would be "Something else" on the installation type? Or this is before that and I should've "tried ubuntu without installing". Very cautious here, the data is valuable17:33
freakyyi was using budgie-remix-ubuntu-ppa-yakkety.list17:34
enoch85anddam, but if I want to script this action? Then I can't  tell how much is left... I'm running VMware with Ubuntu guests as thin provisioned and this is starting to become an issue as thin drives doesn't shrink when you delete files17:34
akikjayjo: yes, select try ubuntu without installing. it doesn't modify your pre-existing installation17:34
anddamenoch85: use a nice combination of little programs and get your number in advance17:34
anddamcan I have python 3.6 as default python3 in place of python 3.5 in 16.10?17:35
anddamI already installed the package from universe17:35
enoch85anddam, any suggestion? have you done this before?17:35
anddamsimple math in shell? yes17:35
jayjoOK without installing I can mount the drives and see everything there. On the linux filesystem, should i just copy everything under / ? Will this allow me to install and then copy this data over and maintain the system as it was?17:36
jayjoOr is that just not going to happen. Do I need to only copy vitals?17:37
BluesKajfreakyy, budgie desktop on 17.04 alpha 2 would be quite "edgy" IMO ..needs some research17:37
anddamjayjo: I'd rather only keep data and config17:37
akikjayjo: make a copy of your valuable files on some other disk so that when you reinstall, your files won't be lost17:37
freakyyno im running ubuntu 16.10 with budgie remix. what i now wanna do is upgrade this to ubuntu budgie 17.04 alpha2 ... how can i do it? :)17:38
xangua!17.04 | freakyy17:39
ubottufreakyy: Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) will be the 26th release of Ubuntu.  It is due to be released in April 2017. Discussion in #ubuntu+117:39
jayjoso really just my /home/user directory?17:39
akikjayjo: we can not know where you store your files17:39
jayjoSure, but I'm asking more if I can actually have the machine maintain my configuration when I reinstall the OS. If that's not a thing I can do, then I would really only be able to copy over my home directory, right?17:40
yukkihola? :u17:41
akikjayjo: i didn't really understand but you can copy everything from your installation when you're in the live usb17:42
jayjobut I won't jsut be copying everything from / , right? including /bin, /boot, /dev, /etc, and then just replacing on the new installation, right?17:42
jayjoAlright this is still much better than I was expecting. I'll just take the home dir and move on from there17:43
noc_enoch85, "thin drives doesn't shrink when you delete files" make sure the filesystem is mounted with the discard mount option (or use fstrim to do it in a one-time shot) and that the block devices through the stack support trim/discard, which dm-thin does IIRC17:45
noc_including TRIM support at the vmware level for the virtual disk image17:46
noc_or if on an ext4 fs, look into zerofree17:47
enoch85noc_, thanks! how do I know if it's mounted with a discard mount option?17:47
enoch85noc_, it's LVM17:47
noc_I have no idea about the LVM and the vmware support for discard. You have to make sure it's supported at all layers of the block device stack17:48
noc_The mount option should appear in /proc/mounts, if not then a mount -oremount,discard should do the job17:48
enoch85noc_, so add discard in fstab?17:49
noc_files deleted AFTER enabling discard are free'd. To free space deleted BEFORE the discard you have to use fstrim17:49
preciseHey yall, so I checked in Gnome Disk Utility the other day, and it said my HDD was healthy, but had 8 bad sectors. / is mounted on my m.2 SSD, but the /home is on my HDD. I do have extensive backups so no need to worry about that. Now to the point: I didn't get any sort of notification that my disk was not in tip-top shape, is there anyway to set that up to see if my disk gets worse? I was thinking a Cron17:50
preciseto read SMART value on login, but I feel like I would be reinventing the wheel there. Any thoughts?17:50
enoch85noc_, ok, so I ran fstrim -a /dev/sdb1 with no sucess17:50
noc_fstrim wants the mountpoint17:51
enoch85where sdb1 is the drive I want to trim17:51
jayjoI am struggling to copy this directory though - there is no space on the LIVE USB to save it to the desktop and upload to dropbox or something, and the connected drives are all read-only17:51
enoch85ok, so how do I find that for a drive noc_17:51
noc_mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt    then do the fstrim on /mnt17:51
enoch85and then unmount it?17:52
akikjayjo: you can change permissions on the other disks so that you can write to them17:52
enoch85ok, thanks! will try17:53
akikjayjo: so if you see your other disk in /media/username/disk, you can then run "sudo mkdir /media/username/disk/backup; sudo chown $USER /media/username/disk/backup"17:54
enoch85can I do this on a running live system without anything is affected?17:54
noc_ymmv, I've done it on my laptop, never on a production server17:55
enoch85noc_, I get this fstrim: /mnt: the discard operation is not supported17:55
vijayanandHi, I'm new to Ubuntu. I've been using 14.04 for 5 months without updating. Since using this computer (came with Ubuntu installed), every time I tried to update the software, something went wrong and the comp crashed. My software center stopped working recently so I am attempting to update my software again, but I am worried that my computer will crash again.17:56
enoch85and I have HDDs noc_17:56
enoch85not SSDs noc_17:56
noc_ok, then you have to fallback to zeroing the device and hoping LVM/VMware/etc support shrinking the disk images on zeroed space17:57
noc_the former can be done with zerofree for ext4 or dd'ing /dev/zero into a temporaey file until you run out of space on the ext4, that you then delete afterwards17:58
vijayanandI've been updating for the past few minutes and it just said something failed17:59
noc_on the latter, I don't know17:59
vijayanandand this: This likely means that your installation is broken.17:59
vijayanandTry running the command17:59
vijayanand  gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders > /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders.cache17:59
vijayanandto make things work again for the time being.17:59
enoch85noc_, thanks!17:59
enoch85noc_, so zerofree /dev/sdb1 ?17:59
enoch85aah it's mounted rw, can only be done on r mounted drives it seems18:00
noc_I don't remember the syntax, last time I used it was ages ago in combo with virtualbox18:00
enoch85noc_, you think I can mount the drive as ro and then run zerofree on the ro mount and then unmount it?18:01
noc_try it and see18:01
akikjayjo: the default for the hard disk mounts is read/write, it's just the permissions that might make things difficult18:01
vijayanandWhile updating Ubuntu, this notice comes A new version of configuration file /etc/default/grub is available, but   │18:05
vijayanand │ the version installed currently has been locally modified.  Should I keep the local version or install the package maintainers version?18:05
jeffreylevesqueI'm writing some security hardening stigs, right now tfor ubuntu 14.0418:05
jeffreylevesqueif anyone is willing to help out, that would be cool - https://github.com/jeff1evesque/cis-benchmark18:05
akikjeffreylevesque: uk government agency had that kind of document18:06
jeffreylevesquei'm writing puppet scripts18:06
VitriolicHello, everyone.18:06
VitriolicI have a few minor issues in Hexchat, I'm sort of new to Ubuntu. If anyone could help me, maybe in private, that would be awesome. Thank you.18:07
jeffreylevesqueeach puppet environment will have default scripts preloaded18:07
noc_enoch85, gotta go, good luck18:08
jeffreylevesquehowever, they can be overriden by a corresponding hiera file, if they are named by the certname of the host18:08
noc_vijayanand, if you edited that file manually then you want to keep the local version18:08
jeffreylevesquetrusty64.yaml, will contain baseline scripts18:08
noc_otherwise pastebin them and let the chan see the difference18:09
akikjeffreylevesque: well if you want to take a look: https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/guidance/eud-security-guidance-ubuntu-1604-lts18:09
jeffreylevesquebut, if you have a host with a certname by blah.blah.org, you can create blah.blah.org.yaml18:09
jeffreylevesqueand that will override the trusty64.yaml18:09
jeffreylevesqueakik: that doesn't look like puppet scripts18:10
akikjeffreylevesque: no, it talks about ubuntu and security18:10
jeffreylevesqueoh ok18:11
jeffreylevesquei'm currently using https://github.com/jeff1evesque/machine-learning/files/629747/CIS_Ubuntu_Linux_14.04_LTS_Benchmark_v2.0.0.pdf18:11
jeffreylevesqueas a benchmark18:11
jeffreylevesqueits like 283 pages of explanation18:12
jeffreylevesquebut, i just skip to the remediation portion really18:12
jeffreylevesqueanyways, i'm going to be writing puppet scripts to harden ubuntu 14.0418:13
jeffreylevesqueif anyone has free time, would be cool to get this done faster18:13
odigemhow to disable grouping windows?18:20
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rajivmarsi have just install ubuntu 16.04.1. i can't the plymouthe screen during the boot? how do i recover my plymouth screen back?18:31
rajivmars i have just install ubuntu 16.04.1. i can't see the plymouthe screen during the boot? how do i recover my plymouth screen back?18:31
Apachezis it possible to load filesystem.squashfs from the ubuntu 16.10 livecd into a ramdisk through pxeboot (and by that avoid the use of nfs)?18:32
Bashing-omApachez: Maybe this ? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot <-Ubuntu ISOs are designed to allow booting directly from the hard drive using GRUB 2 and eliminates the need for burning a CD/DVD.18:34
deadmundAnybody have a link to official ubuntu documentation about how to install a custom shutdown / reboot script?  I have the script, but I don't know how to insert it into /etc/rc.d anymore :(18:37
ApachezBashing-om: sort of, but I involve pxe booting18:38
Apachezrunning ubuntu 16.10 livecd through pxeboot with nfs works18:38
Apachezhowever I want to avoid the use of nfs and load the filesystem.squashfs into some ramdisk or such18:38
Apachezbut I dunno about the syntax of the pxelinux.cfg/default file to do so18:38
Apachezand if this even is possible18:38
Apachezsome sources claims there might be a "fetch=" kernel parameter but first attempt failed18:39
Bashing-omApachez: Out of my experience range also . But it is 'buntu ; all things are possible .18:39
Apachezhence why I ask in #ubuntu :)18:40
deadmundAnybody have a link to official ubuntu documentation about how to install a custom shutdown / reboot script? I have the script, but I don't know how to insert it into /etc/rc.d anymore :(18:42
* eelstrebor doesn't understand why some people can send e-mail to his account and others can't - running postfix on ubuntu 16.04 - syslog doesn't even see any incoming e-mail from these organizations so the problem can't be with my setup18:43
fresheyeballhey folks18:44
fresheyeballso I managed to badly mess up my laptop18:44
ioriadeadmund, it's /etc/rc6.d i guess18:45
fresheyeballI have ubuntu 16.04 installed on a macbook pro18:45
deadmundlord4163_: Yeah, I guess.  Can I just link it there?  Do need it to be in /etc/init.d/  do I need to use update-rc.d  ?18:45
fresheyeballand made the mistake of trying to install video drivers18:45
fresheyeballnow I get a black screen when I start the computer18:45
ioriadeadmund, nope, you have to give it max priority iirc18:46
fresheyeballI get the ubuntu loader, and then it goes to black right when the login screen should be there18:46
deadmundioria: You mean naming it K01  ?18:46
ioriadeadmund, yup18:46
fresheyeballif I smash ctrl+alt+f1 I can get to tty before the black screen18:46
fresheyeballand from there I can run `sudo restart lightdm`18:46
fresheyeballand I get a gui!18:46
deadmundthat is, K01scriptname18:46
deadmundioria: thanks!18:46
fresheyeballbut the windows are surrounded by giant black boxes18:46
fresheyeballno decoration18:46
ioriadeadmund, good luck18:47
fresheyeballI've apt-get purged nvidia everything18:47
fresheyeballand done my best to reverse the commands I ran18:47
fresheyeballbut it makes no change18:47
fresheyeballI'm on the verge of re-installing the OS and starting over18:47
fresheyeballanyone have any ideas?18:47
Bashing-omfresheyeball: What method did you use to initially install the proprietary driver ?18:53
fresheyeballBashing-om: apt-get18:54
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Bashing-omfresheyeball: Show us in a pastebin ' sudo lshw -C display ' ; so we know the hardware and if a driver is presently installed .18:55
FManTropyxit seems that my Ubuntu does not have an ssh daemon18:56
FManTropyxSub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1) but I shall proceed to ignore it like before18:58
FManTropyxI am finally starting to get used to installing a package automatically starting it to run18:59
fresheyeballBashing-om: http://fresheyeball.com/16111556_10154941069675365_757701978_n.jpg18:59
fresheyeballI can't copy paste18:59
fresheyeballso I took a picture18:59
Bashing-omfresheyeball: Intel chip set. sorry out of my experience range . No experience with Intel .19:02
ioriafresheyeball, could be easier for you (if you get to the login screen)  install fluxbox, so you'll have a gui19:02
rajivmarshow to install xapian in ubutnu 16.0419:03
Bashing-om!info xapian xenial19:04
ubottuPackage xapian does not exist in xenial19:04
rajivmarsthen how do i get it19:04
fresheyeballBashing-om: its a macbook pro19:06
fresheyeballioria: I can get to the login screen and get a gui19:06
fresheyeballits just broken19:06
freakyyhey all. how can i remove this bottom bar from ubuntu budgie?19:06
ioriafresheyeball, a working one, i meant19:07
Bashing-om!info xapian-tools xenial19:07
ubottuxapian-tools (source: xapian-core): Basic tools for Xapian search engine library. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.22-2 (xenial), package size 88 kB, installed size 704 kB19:07
thahirwhich is the best html editor tool for ubuntu19:07
ioriathalin, you can try bluefish19:08
k1l_!info xapian-tools19:09
ubottuxapian-tools (source: xapian-core): Basic tools for Xapian search engine library. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.23-1build1 (yakkety), package size 87 kB, installed size 700 kB19:09
k1l_but he is gone anyway...19:09
Bashing-omraj: k1l_ Seems lately we have a rash of impatience ... always wanting instant gratification :(19:11
k1l_Bashing-om: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯19:12
soee_is there some list of packages updates that will come with 16.04.2 ?19:13
k1l_soee_: its not new features (besides new kernel and xorg) but just all packages are uptodate with the security and bugfix updates. its like a servicepack on windows.19:14
soee_yes, and that is what im most interested with, kernel, mesa etc.19:15
k1l_soee_: its the 16.10 backports19:16
Bashing-omsoee_: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/l/linux/ ??19:16
Guy1524where can I get an ubuntu iso with the most up to date version of unity to test it in a vm19:26
k1l_Guy1524: use 17.04 alpha 219:27
k1l_Guy1524: but that is still alpha, so expect issues19:27
k1l_Guy1524: else, try 16.1019:28
SaltyKawaiiNekowell i'm a newbie so sorry for my stupid questions19:28
SaltyKawaiiNekohere i go19:28
SaltyKawaiiNekoi installed irssi (I'm using it now) but I have the version 0.1519:28
Guy1524ok, thx19:28
k1l_SaltyKawaiiNeko: which ubuntu do you use?19:28
SaltyKawaiiNekoi wanted the version 0.18 to use the SASL login19:28
SaltyKawaiiNekoi tried sudo apt-get update and upgrade but it says i have the newer version...19:29
SaltyKawaiiNekoother packages doesn't seem to be updating too...19:29
SaltyKawaiiNekoit looks like i can't update packages in general19:30
hggdhSaltyKawaiiNeko: again, what is your Ubuntu version?19:30
SaltyKawaiiNekoi'm not sure...19:31
Bashing-om!info irssi trusty | SaltyKawaiiNeko19:32
ubottuSaltyKawaiiNeko: irssi (source: irssi): terminal based IRC client. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.15-5ubuntu3 (trusty), package size 852 kB, installed size 2388 kB19:32
k1l_SaltyKawaiiNeko: "lsb_release -sd" in terminal will show you19:32
michal__Hello :)19:35
SaltyKawaiiNeko14.04.5 LTS19:35
k1l_SaltyKawaiiNeko: trusty (14.04) will always ship only 0.8.15 in the repos. it will have security and bugfixes backported but it will not increase the version19:36
k1l_!cz | N4zguL19:36
ubottuN4zguL: České uživatele žádáme, aby mluvili v kanále #ubuntu anglicky. Česky je možno se domluvit v #ubuntu-cz. Děkujeme.19:36
SaltyKawaiiNekoso i can't get the last version of irssi, right?19:37
k1l_SaltyKawaiiNeko: you can, but not from the official ubuntu repos19:37
N4zguLCześć like's mean Hi in Polish language :)19:37
SaltyKawaiiNekowell that's sad19:37
SaltyKawaiiNekoi can't upgrade the distro in this computer...19:37
Bashing-omSaltyKawaiiNeko: Well, there are ways .. talk to the good folks in the #irssi channel - not supported in this channel !. OR install 16.04 .19:38
k1l_!ppa | SaltyKawaiiNeko19:38
ubottuSaltyKawaiiNeko: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge19:38
k1l_SaltyKawaiiNeko: look if one ppa in here ships the version you want: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas?name_filter=irssi19:39
ioriahttps://launchpad.net/~bnrubin/+archive/ubuntu/irssi   is 8.2019:40
SaltyKawaiiNekook now i have to figure out how to add the PPA and update from there19:40
Bashing-omSaltyKawaiiNeko: ^^ " sysop@x1604:~$ irssi --version >> irssi 0.8.19 (20160323 0008) " .19:40
michal__you do it like so sudo add-apt-repository ppa:<ppa_name>19:41
k1l_SaltyKawaiiNeko: well, ubuntu got a stable release system. that is not a secret. and you are on the ubuntu from 2014. and that is the matching irssi version. if you want newer packages upgrade to 16.04 or use PPAs or other repos.19:42
michal__also i found for you nice gui way http://askubuntu.com/questions/4983/what-are-ppas-and-how-do-i-use-them19:42
SaltyKawaiiNekoi can't copy the link you provided to add the PPA19:45
Guest49687hello please help19:45
SaltyKawaiiNekoyeah no mouse, i forgot19:45
Guest49687i am try to run sudo but when i type in my password it doesnt show up?!?!19:45
wedgieGuest49687: passwords are purposely hidden19:45
SaltyKawaiiNekothat is normal, just type your password and press ENTER19:46
Guest49687wedgie: what do you mean?19:46
k1l_Guest49687: it will never show the password. just type in blind19:46
wedgieGuest49687: just type it and press enter. You won't see it on the screen but it'll work anyway19:46
Guest49687k1l_: i type in 'blind' and it says wrong password19:46
k1l_Guest49687: then its the wrong passwort19:46
SaltyKawaiiNekothen you are typing it wrong, I'm afraid :P19:46
k1l_Guest49687: use the same password you use to login on that machine19:47
SaltyKawaiiNekoi know that i could add the PPA and update irssi, but...19:47
Guest49687can i delete sudo - is very annoying?19:47
b0bby__How do I run a start up script(python3)19:47
SaltyKawaiiNekoshould i?19:47
wedgieGuest49687: you could... but i wouldn't recommend it.19:47
k1l_Guest49687: ubuntu is build to use sudo.19:47
SaltyKawaiiNekoi mean, if i can't update it with the main repositories is because a good reason, i suppose19:47
ioriaSaltyKawaiiNeko, you can use mouse in console with gpm19:47
koffeinfriedhofGuest49687: You could...but then you've got some strange behaviours. Keep a live-usb next to you :)19:48
k1l_SaltyKawaiiNeko: is there something that doesnt work on that irssi version?19:48
SaltyKawaiiNekoyes the SASL login19:48
Guest49687can i install jraphical interface in terminal?19:48
Guest49687i dont like it19:48
Bashing-omSaltyKawaiiNeko: Several means to upgrade irssi . talk to the people in #irssi to explore your options .19:48
pippasam1how do earth rotate?19:48
koffeinfriedhofGuest49687: What Ubuntu do you use?19:49
SaltyKawaiiNekoi don't want to break anything so i don't know if trying to update it adding a PPA is a good idea. this computer is not mine, technically... so i shoulnd't break anything19:49
Guest49687koffeinfriedhof: red hat ubuntu19:49
koffeinfriedhofred hat ubuntu?19:49
wedgiemy favorite version.19:49
ioriaSaltyKawaiiNeko, install a virtual machine19:49
k1l_Guest49687: stop trolling19:50
Guest49687oh well - it was fun while it lasted19:50
Guest49687how you guys doing in here?19:50
SaltyKawaiiNekothat's a nice idea, actually19:50
pippasam1help my red hat ubuntu is broken19:50
SaltyKawaiiNekothank you, ioria19:50
hggdhGuest49687: please be aware this is not a chat channel, and trolling is not acceptable here19:50
koffeinfriedhofGuest49687: RHUbuntu? Well, theres no graphical interface at all, sorry.19:50
ioriaSaltyKawaiiNeko, you'rewelcm19:51
Guest49687hggdh: id certainly think that 'trolling' is not acceptable anywhere19:51
hggdhGuest49687: soplease stop.19:51
Guest49687i have stopped19:51
b0bby__Can I get some Help?19:53
MonkeyDust_b0bby__  start with a question19:53
b0bby__How do I run a start up script(python3)19:53
b0bby__MonkeyDust: any ideas?19:55
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
SaltyKawaiiNekowell i learned a lot today, thank you very much for your time. i love ubuntu, it is very user friendly, more than i thought <319:57
koffeinfriedhofb0bby__: python3 /path/to/script.py19:57
MonkeyDust_b0bby__  if you don't get an answer here, ask in #python19:58
b0bby__koffeinfriedhof: Its a startup script(so thats a ubuntu question)19:58
ioriab0bby__, taken from where ?19:59
koffeinfriedhofb0bby__: /usr/bin/python3 /path/to/script.py in cron, .profile, autostart of your desktop environment...19:59
ioriab0bby__, oh, you mean Autostart ?19:59
b0bby__koffeinfriedhof: I would prefer if it was a service script that can start as root during boot20:00
koffeinfriedhofb0bby__: then use a systemd-service-unit if you are under 16.04 or 16.1020:00
OerHeksif the writer of that script does not give information how to run during boot, are you sure it can properly?20:05
waterdropHi, I'm running free -m on a Ubuntu system and the available column does not show up for some reason20:06
wedgiewaterdrop: pastebin the output?20:06
waterdropwedgie: http://pastebin.com/7NtAgjzN20:07
waterdrophtop shows 8.2 GB of memory used while top shows 35.7 GB of memory used..20:07
wedgiewaterdrop: also, fwiw, the columns i get match yours20:08
OerHekssecond line under free should be 'available'20:09
k1l_waterdrop: what ubuntu is that exactly?20:09
OerHeksenlarge your terminal perhaps?20:09
waterdropOerHeks: Oh I see20:09
waterdropOerHeks: No, enlarging the terminal still does not show the available column20:10
k1l_<k1l_> waterdrop: what ubuntu is that exactly?20:10
waterdropk1l_: Oh, sorry. It's Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS20:10
waterdropAn amazon EC2 instance if that matters20:11
k1l_yeah, the output you want to have is on newer versions. not 14.0420:11
waterdropIt looks like the second column under free does agree with the amount of memory htop says I'm using20:11
k1l_on that version you need to calculate yourself.20:11
waterdropk1l_: What number should I use to calculate myself?20:11
waterdropk1l_: Do you know if the second number under free is the right amount of available memory?20:12
k1l_waterdrop: the "available" collumn is on the newer versions.20:12
k1l_waterdrop: yes it is20:12
waterdropOh okay20:12
ioriawaterdrop, there is no 'available' column' on trusty desktop20:12
k1l_linuxatemyram.com explains very good what is what20:12
ioriawaterdrop, grep MemTotal: /proc/meminfo20:13
waterdropk1l_: Ok. So in the pastebin I posted, I have 56.9 GB of available RAM?20:13
waterdropAnd the "available" number is the number that matters right (when determining whether my applications have enough RAM)20:13
ioriawaterdrop, or sudo dmidecode --type 1720:14
waterdropioria: grep MemTotal: /proc/meminfo returns 65 GB20:14
k1l_waterdrop: on that vservers/cloud the amount the system sees and the system can use can be 2 pair of shoes. i guess the hoster can tell you exact specifics there20:14
waterdropI see20:15
waterdropHmm, any idea whether top or htop would be a more accurate indicator of how much memory my applications have available? Or are both unreliable?20:15
k1l_waterdrop: but yes, on that paste i would say its  64/65GB and 56/57Gb free as in available20:15
ioriawaterdrop,  sudo dmidecode --type 17 | grep Size   to confirm20:15
k1l_*64/65 in total20:16
waterdropk1l_: Okay got it. And the available amount is the amount available to my applications, right? Sorry if that's a silly question.20:16
waterdropioria: sudo dmidecode —type 17 | grep Size returns about 16 GB20:16
waterdropwhich is different from the available amount according to free -m20:16
ioriawaterdrop,  you need to sum the lines ...20:18
k1l_waterdrop: linuxatemyram.com explains very good what caches and buffers and free means on that table.20:18
ioriawaterdrop,  it outputs just one line ?20:18
waterdropioria: Oh, but then that's just my total RAM, not the amount available20:18
ioriawaterdrop,  sure20:19
waterdropioria: Ya I know my total RAM, just trying to confirm the amount available20:19
ioriawaterdrop,  grep MemAvailable: /proc/meminfo20:19
waterdropthat line doesn't print any output20:20
cybex_hi all, Unable to locate package lm_sensors. What  do you guys think of this? running Xenial (Gnome 16.04) amd6420:21
waterdropioria: grep MemAvailable: /proc/meminfo doesn't print any output to the terminal for me20:21
k1l_cybex_: universe enabled?20:21
ioriawaterdrop,  cat /proc/meminfo   and check the first 3 lines20:21
waterdropMemTotal: 65 GB, MemFree: 16 GB, Buffers: some small number, Cached: 40 GB20:22
waterdropioria: Available would be MemFree + Cached, right?20:23
ioriawaterdrop,  weird, i have MemAvailable ...20:23
wedgieioria: you're probably not on 14.0420:23
ioriawedgie, i'am20:24
wedgieweird. I am too and I do not have MemAvailable20:24
ioriawedgie, Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS \n \l20:24
wedgieditto... what kernel?20:25
surfr1any opinions of what the best irc client is for ubuntu and why?20:25
ioriawedgie, hwe 4.4.0-59-generic20:25
Guy1524how to I get a nightly build of ubuntu 17.0420:25
wedgieah, i've got the older 3.13. Guess i should update that at some point. But I guess that could account for the difference20:25
ioriawedgie, i see20:26
=== mohammad is now known as sysadmin
wedgiewaterdrop: update your hardware enablement stack and you'll probably get MemAvailable :P20:26
k1l_surfr1: the best is the one you can work with best :) so test the regular ones yourself or ask in #ubuntu-offtopic for what people use and why20:26
pavlosGuy1524, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/20:27
waterdropwedgie: Yeah I can't do that haha20:27
k1l_Guy1524: from the topic of #ubuntu+1 Daily builds: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/20:27
Bashing-omsurfr1: Purely a personal thing . Me I prefer irssi . Terminal based - fast - light - and configurable and great addon support base .20:27
cybex_hi all, apologies if I missed a response for me, had a ... kernel panic. regarding the ' Unable to locate package "lm_sensors" ' for Xenial X amd64? any thoughts on this?20:27
waterdropBut I think available should be free + cached? That's what http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ says "available memory (or free + buffers/cache..)20:27
waterdropSo I'm assuming it's accurate for my system too20:28
k1l_<k1l_> cybex_: universe enabled?20:28
cybex_let me have a look, it should be20:28
Bashing-om!info lm-sensors xenial20:29
ubottulm-sensors (source: lm-sensors): utilities to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:3.4.0-2 (xenial), package size 83 kB, installed size 367 kB20:29
k1l_!info lm-sensors xenial20:29
ioriawaterdrop,  yes20:29
cybex_k1l_ yes, universe is enabled20:29
=== maxxe_ is now known as maxxe
k1l_cybex_: and use a - not a _20:29
ioriawaterdrop,  plus au moins20:29
=== krs is now known as krs_
cybex_I feel like an idiot, thanks for that20:30
cybex_It really looked like _ xD20:30
k1l_no problem :)20:30
waterdropioria: okay, great. thanks.20:30
ioriawaterdrop,  no prob20:30
Guy1524is it possible to try out unity 8 on the live usb20:30
cybex_also, on the subject of sensors, etc. How do you guys feel about conky as a "system monitor", I prefer gnome ext : system-monitor. which is...beter?20:31
xanguaGuy1524: 16.10 comes with a unity 8 preview session20:31
cybex_I know conky does not  actually monitor the system, but the use of it20:31
Guy1524i just want to test thru v20:32
xanguacybex_: depends what desktop you use, but conky doesn't really depends on any desktop20:32
k1l_cybex_: i prefer an indicator in the panel. i dont have any desktop clear to let conky showing on there.20:32
SebthreeBQM10HDGuy1524, ok go to http://omgubuntu.co.uk they have a blog post about the 17.04  alpha  2.  with a download link for flavours to I think,  there isn't much to test right now anyway,  it will mostlly look and work like 16.10 for everything20:33
cybex_k1l_ as a fellow developer (hope I didn't assume incorrectly), I feel you on this. That is why I prefer the panel "version"20:33
cybex_but thanks for the feedback20:33
Guy1524SebthreeBQM10HD: I downloaded the 17.04 daily build, but on the live session I cant log out and boot into unity 820:34
SebthreeBQM10HDGuy1524, ubuntu isn't even in 17.04 alpha 2.  ther ewon't be an ubuntu untill beta 2.  also your whole question would be more suitable in #ubuntu+1  since its to do with the upcoming currently in development release, slo yes off topic here20:34
Guy1524nvm figured it out20:34
SebthreeBQM10HDGuy1524, Unity  8 won't do much by default on the desktlop as well, but there are ways to add in snaps et20:35
Guy1524anyone know the username and password of the live session user?20:35
Guy1524found it20:35
SebthreeBQM10HDubuntu ?20:35
SebthreeBQM10HDlive ?20:35
ioriaGuy1524, Ubuntu and no passwd20:36
Guy1524k, thx20:36
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Guy1524Im in unity 8 now, but there is this weird scopes window20:38
Guy1524I thought they had a side panel now20:38
xanguaGuy1524: you have been told several times to take this to #ubuntu+120:38
Guy1524oh, ok20:39
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TheNH813The Ubuntu installer crashes at trying to install grub. Is it because /dev/sda throuch /dev/sdc can't have a bootloader installed (It's a MDADM array)?21:01
TheNH813Because / is on /dev/sdd421:02
TheNH813Nevermind, I'l just pull the power on those drives and try again.21:05
TheNH813Will the installer mess up if you hotswap drives before installing?21:05
crzyp3ckdoes ubuntu have true i686 image?21:06
OerHeksNot many hardware supports hotswap iirc21:06
TheNH813My motherboard and drives support hotswap.21:07
TheNH813crzyp3ck Yes.21:08
crzyp3ckTheNH813: What?the file name says i386 not i68621:09
OerHeks i386 is compatible with i486, i586 and i68621:10
OerHeksThere is no native iso AFAIK21:10
TheNH813It will detect the extensions the CPU supports.21:12
k1l_TheNH813: do you have an issue there?21:12
k1l_TheNH813: what cpu is it?21:13
TheNH813I don't have any cpu issues21:13
crzyp3ckk1l_: intel i85621:13
TheNH813Hat was a repl for someone else21:13
k1l_TheNH813: sorry, i got confused with the nicks :)21:13
k1l_crzyp3ck: that is not a cpu its a mainboard chip21:14
=== kai_ is now known as emi
TheNH813I do have issues with the installer though. It tried to put put grub on my raid array, and crashed the installer. I'l just unplug those drives anf try again later.21:15
TheNH813When I get home.21:15
k1l_TheNH813: you cant put grub on a raid.21:15
TheNH813I know.21:16
TheNH813I explicitly told it toput grub on /dev/sdd, it ignored me and attempted to put it on sda.21:16
frostschutzTheNH813, parted -l? is it uefi or bios21:17
TheNH813Both are enabled. But I'm using BIOS/MR21:17
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TheNH813Like I mentioned earlier, I'l just unplug /dev/sda /dev/sdb and /dev/sdc before installing.21:19
TheNH813That shoo21:19
frostschutzsdabc are unpartitioned?21:19
TheNH813Is the partition type21:20
SPeedYhey guys, am scractching my head trying to figure this one out and can't, please help21:21
TheNH813What is it?21:21
SPeedYHyper-v VM fresh install ubuntu 16.04 - after adding a second network card I get "Failed to start Raised Network interface"21:21
mcoxhi - am i right in thinking that 16.04  desktop will get kernel 4.8.x soon (by just normal updates)21:22
SPeedYif i try ifup eth1 i get "RTNETLINK answers: File exists "21:22
TheNH813Hyper-V? VirtualBox with Hyper-V, or VMWare?21:22
SPeedYso i try flushing it out with: "ip addr flush dev eth1" and then I am able to restart networking fine, but if I reboot the system it stops working21:23
SPeedYWindows server 2012 r2 Hyper-v21:23
TheNH813What virtual machine software? VirtualBox or VMWare?21:24
mcoxor is it only for new 16.04.2 installs (kernel 4.8)21:24
k1l_mcox: not by normal updates. if you already installed 16.04 then you need to install a metapackage. the release is on february 2nd21:24
TheNH813It sounds like a permissions issue or it's already in use. Restarting networking must clear it up.21:25
mcoxk1l_: cheers, so on feb2 will it happen then or never on my install unless I installl the meta packag e?21:25
SPeedYTheNH813 i try that not sure how many times21:25
k1l_mcox: not if you dont install that additional metapackge.21:26
mcoxok cheers21:26
k1l_!hwe | mcox21:26
ubottumcox: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack21:26
mcoxthanks again21:27
SPeedYTheNH813 any other hint?21:28
TheNH813SPeedY: Sorry I'm not exactly what's causing that issue. Hopefully someone else can help. I use KVM myself, not Hyper-V. I'v also never used Windows Server as a guest OS.21:29
TheNH813Or Windows Server in general.21:29
SPeedYok, thanks21:29
OerHekseth1 is the old interface naming, perhaps that is your issue21:30
SPeedYwhat would be the appropiate name?21:31
OerHeksSPeedY, see what you have now: ifconfig21:32
OerHeksi have enp2s0 described, so 2nd would be enp2s1 i guess21:33
mcoxSPeedY: use ifconfig -a21:33
mcoxto show all21:34
OerHeksYou can disable this new behaviour, but i would get used to it.21:34
SPeedYbut being a fresh install, shouldn't it had named eth0 ens160 or so?21:35
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SPeedYwhere can I modify the interface naming?21:36
bekksWhy would you want to do that?21:37
OerHeksIn grub, or read this list with answers http://askubuntu.com/questions/785848/ubuntu-16-04-complicated-interface-names21:37
SPeedYby the way when i check /etc/udev/rules.d its empty21:38
akikSPeedY: /etc/udev/rules.d is correct. it will be used if you create a rules file there21:39
SPeedYas for the new naming interface enp0s** where can I find which is mine21:40
SPeedYifconfig -a only list eth0 and eth1 and lo21:40
OerHeksThen you are back to the begin, hyperv issue perhaps?21:42
OerHekscan one make a virtual network adapter from ubuntu?21:43
SPeedYif is hyper be, then why flush the address and restart networking it works?21:44
bekksSPeedY: So you have two interfaces, eth0 and eth1 and you can see their MAC addresses.21:44
akikSPeedY: what do you have in /etc/network/interfaces ?21:44
SPeedYthis is what I have http://pastebin.com/kAHYXkdK21:48
OS2_ID384Dgot to dinner - bye21:49
akikSPeedY: do "sudo ifdown eth1" and "sudo ifup eth1" work without problems?21:56
intxapt-get install rsyslogd gets stuck on the postinst script, how do I find out what is causing it?22:04
intxor rather, what specific part of postinst is causing it?22:05
bekksTake a look at that script, maybe.22:05
intxI did, but I don't see anything in that should be causing it22:05
bekksSo what happens when ou execute it with set -xv being set?22:06
intxhaven't tried that22:06
k1l_intx: usually the apt shows what is happening22:07
intxnot in my case, it just shows22:07
intxSetting up rsyslog (8.12.0-1ubuntu2) ...22:07
intxThe user `syslog' is already a member of `adm'.22:07
intx-- and then it hangs here22:07
groundze1ohello..i open sudo nethogs..and it always shows me "? root unknown TCP"...even if i don't have any apps running..is this normal?22:07
groundze1oor am i being spied on?22:07
FManTropyxuser 0 opens a session hourly for root22:08
k1l_intx: what ubuntu is that?22:08
groundze1ohow can i make sure that nobody spies on me? (i have a vpn already)22:08
SPeedYakik: I get RTNETLINK answer: File Exists - Failed to bring up eth122:08
intxbekks: -xv helped, it seems to hang on systemd-tmpfiles --create /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/xconsole.conf /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/00rsyslog.conf22:08
tonyti have 1 ssd with windows 10 and another ssd with ubuntu on it. is there a took i can put on a usb stick to make both duel boot? trying not to have to reinstall either OS22:08
k1l_intx: well, that is outdated and no one will fix stuff there22:08
akikSPeedY: so did ifdown work?22:09
FManTropyxdo I recall correctly that root logins are not allowed with any method?22:09
reisioFManTropyx: only by default22:09
tonyttool that is22:09
reisioyou can configure root login, if you like22:09
FManTropyxshould I do something special after installing the OpenSSH daemon on my desktop-Ubuntu?22:10
reisioFManTropyx: so root can ssh in?22:10
FManTropyxnah, that won't be necessary22:10
reisioI'm asking you want you're trying to do, not what would be necessary22:10
FManTropyxrather, so that preferrably random people cannot :)22:10
bekksFManTropyx: All you need to do is starting the ssh server, after installing it :)22:10
reisioshould start itself, IIRC22:11
intxk1l_: would upgrade if I had the choice, it is on a paid vpn and I have to choose from one of their existing images22:12
intxbekks: thanks, figured it out :) appreciate the help22:12
k1l_intx: if you pay for it i would suggest you tell them to not ship insecure releases.22:12
bekksintx: Which doesnt make it being supported. :P22:12
\9FManTropyx: "user 0 opens a session hourly for root" sounds like cron at work22:13
bekksintx: If they dont have a current, supported release, I'd instantly change the hoster.22:13
intxi'm happy with the speed and price I pay :)22:14
bekksintx: Are you happy with no support and insecurity, too?22:14
intxno, but you get what you pay for :D22:15
bekksSo maybe you should pay for security and support instead.22:15
\9FManTropyx: as for preventing random people in, you can install sshguard to make too many failed logins result in being firewalled. it can help keep those annoying chinese login attempts at bay22:17
groundze1owireshark shows me that my pc makes connnection to "googlecast_....".. why? I have no open apps or connections22:17
\9FManTropyx: you can also harden your configuration, use only newer ciphers. and i'd recommend using a port other than 22 if possible22:17
reisiousing another port won't help with anything but confusing yourself22:18
virancan you explain this: http://pastebin.com/VBatHxhv ? The user ubuntu is in the docker group, the file has rw permission for that group.. yet I cant access it22:18
k1l_groundze1o: webbrowsers running?22:19
\9FManTropyx: if you want to go even further, iirc newer ssh versions allow you to require a key pair as well as password to log in. so you get two-factor authentication out of the box.22:19
reisioviran: 'groups' says you're in the group?22:19
FManTropyxyeah, keys are too complicated22:19
\9keys, too complicated?22:19
reisiokeys won't help security, they're merely a convenience if you hate typing things22:19
viranreisio: no... what am I missing?22:19
k1l_FManTropyx: ssh root login is disabled on ubuntu per default.22:20
reisioviran: it's just your old session; su - sameuser22:20
\9reisio: keys keep the attacker from just brute force guessing the password22:20
reisioviran: or log out & back in22:20
FManTropyxI don't think I have a firewall22:20
reisio\9: nope22:20
\9FManTropyx: linux has a built-in firewall22:20
k1l_FManTropyx: and "keys are too complicated" is just an excuse. like locking your door is too complicated to carry a key with you.22:20
\9you can access it with the iptables command22:20
reisiohi glache22:21
glacheHow do I login after registering and exiting and then coming back?22:21
k1l_viran: relogin already done?22:21
reisioglache: on freenode? /msg nickserv help identify22:21
reisioglache: or (better) this: https://freenode.net/kb/answer/hexchat22:21
groundze1ok1l_: no browser opened..everything closed..even irc chat client was closed22:23
Apachezhow do one file features requests towards ubuntu/canonical?22:30
cfhowlettApachez, please read /msg ubottu contribute22:30
Apachezdoesnt seem to fit my description22:36
Apachezor maybe Im blind22:36
Apachezfail to locate how and where to file feature requests (patch provided)22:36
k1l_Apachez: use launchpad.net22:37
FManTropyxusing a keypair to authenticate is like magic and isn't the key generation process almost 30 steps long?22:44
k1l_FManTropyx: no. dont search for excuses not to use keyauth22:45
FManTropyxnow I have to click a link too?22:46
k1l_ok, i will stop responding to you. good luck with your issues.22:47
reisioyou don't have to do anything22:47
reisiokeys will substitute expending effort to authenticate when you connect to your remote with the already-expended effort of authenticating for your local OS22:47
reisiothat is all they do22:47
FManTropyxgood, I am busy with something else :) I don't really have issues22:47
D-ChanHi all. I'm a newbie asking for help. Am I in the right place?22:50
k1l_D-Chan: yes22:50
D-ChanThank you. Here's my problem: I installed Windows 7 over Ubuntu in a computer with UEFI. Then I used boot-repair to recover grub. But now grub does not display Windows 7 at all! I tried to recover Win7 boot by installation DVD but it didn't work (it's a modded version of Windows, and it recognized itself as incompatible with repair tool!). What should I do?22:53
D-ChanNote that in this PC Ubuntu and Windows were already installed, but I installed Ubuntu over Windows months ago. Now I needed Windows reinstalling and that's the origin of this mess ^__^22:54
D-ChanI was looking for a guide to edit /etc/grub.d/40_commons, but I only find very specific suggestions and I don't know how to adapt it to my windows installation22:55
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kanines"After years of research of alternative world history, human origin, hidden knowledge etc.. I think I am too far down the rabbit hole. This is so shocking." "I am trying not to be overwhelmed. When I started asking questions, not even related to this, down the rabbit hole I fell. I can't believe it lead to this. What is true? Everything I have ever been taught is lies upon lies, its so frustrating." https://youtu.be/ssCkc8t9sho23:09
muddActually, this Killing Science vid is pretty damned good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szpt2cldlII23:12
yusufarkadaşlaryardımcı olabilicek varmı23:15
tomreyn!tr | yusuf23:15
ubottuyusuf: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.23:15
tomreynmudd: it doesn't belong here, though, this channel is about ubuntu support only.23:16
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muddWe have a jew-orchestrated regression to the non-White mean? "That's exactly what is taking place for all of us to see." "Jews are the antithesis of science, the killers of science, for they create an environment which makes it impossible for science to flourish."23:22
muddlink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szpt2cldlII23:22
mudd"They are creating deliberately with the most malicious intent an environment where science simply cannot flourish."23:23
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu23:23
muddJew-orchestrated wars cutting short the lives of so many of our best scientists, he says. And the hundreds of millions of the best of the Gentiles slaughtered wholesale in these jewish harvests.23:24
mudd"Killing Science" by Scott Roberts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szpt2cldlII23:25
phunyguymudd: do you have a support question?23:25
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