ochosihi everyone10:12
ochosido we have a testcase for the thunar crashes written down somewhere?10:13
ochosi(background: a new patch was posted to bugzilla yesterday, i haven't reviewed it but in a quick test i didn't manage to make thunar crash)10:13
flocculantochosi: http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/361/builds/117794/testcases10:14
ochosiok nice10:16
ochosiyeah, so that one doesn't pass either10:16
flocculantnot using it currently though10:16
ochosifilenames don't change10:16
flocculantochosi: yea - that is unfortunately the case - hence my 'do we really have to use thunar' pov :)10:17
ochosithunar in yak seems to pass the testcase for me here though10:19
flocculantochosi: mmm - well just keep trying the testcase - it will fail in the end :)10:21
ochosi"the end"? :)10:21
flocculantthat's half the issue from my pov - it doesn't constantly crash :(10:21
ochosii've been running it for a few minutes now10:21
flocculantif it 'always' crashed then fair play10:22
flocculantit crashed on me about 20 times yesterday 10:22
ochosiwell that's sorta the definition of a race condition...10:23
flocculantmaybe so - didn't know that was the issue ;)10:23
ochosibtw i was revisiting the wording for notifyd settings dialog again yesterday10:24
ochosihow about "show or block notifications" for the applications tab?10:24
ochosithen i could reuse the "block" in the log tab and say "only log blocked applications" or something10:25
flocculantoh yuk :| ubiquity issue found that's not in ubuntu ...10:25
ochosimeh, ubiquity...10:25
flocculantochosi: let me switch brain :)10:25
ochosiyou have more than oneß10:25
ochosi(btw, the testcase for thunar is still running here, it hasn't crashed)10:25
flocculantyea - one that doesn't have ubuntu in it :D10:25
flocculantochosi: :10:26
flocculantochosi: show or block sounds ok to me :)10:26
ochosiso the wording i've evaluated so far was: hide, block, mute, disable10:26
ochosiand for the opposites it would be: display, show, enable10:27
flocculantyea - I really dislike mute for it10:27
ochosiyup, i remember :)10:27
ochosito be fair, in the future there may be sound support10:27
ochosiit's part of the spec at leastt10:27
ochosi(even though i personally hate sound for notifications...)10:28
flocculantI suppose from one pov mute works - eg it mutes the signal10:28
flocculantbut berty up the road just running something is unlikely to think of that10:29
* flocculant should reinstall your notifications10:29
flocculantoh dear - none of the a2 participants have their iso built turned on again :p10:34
* flocculant can't double check this bug ... 10:34
flocculantochosi: is it still at logging_rebased?10:35
ochosihumm, thunar is still running and not crashing...10:35
ochosiit still is that branch10:36
ochosireally wanna push it to msater though...10:36
flocculantta - I think I lost all that when I managed to kill my install fiddling with light/dm/locking10:36
ochosii can also send you some screenhots though10:37
flocculantthat's old :)10:39
flocculantI remember the supermarket delivering :D10:39
ochosithat's the state of the branch plus some changes that i've incorporated10:39
flocculantok - I grabbed it now etc10:39
ochosifwiw the screenshots are not the state of the branch10:39
ochosii'm a little ahead with string changes10:39
ochosie.g. mute vs. block10:40
ochosii'm still very unsure about the subtitle of the window10:40
flocculantnot sure what to say about 'show/hide' if it's going to get sound support in the future10:41
flocculantochosi: tbh I'm not convinced it needs a subtitle10:41
ochosimaybe not, but then that looks odd too10:41
ochosithen you have it in the window frame and in the white title section10:42
flocculantdoes it - or is that because you 'expect' subtitle?10:42
flocculantochosi: or maybe Customise notifications and logging ?10:43
flocculantas it stands 'appear' covers 66.6% of what it does now :)10:43
ochosiyou mean "customize how notifications appear"?10:44
ochosii think yeah, the subtitle is sorta my (visual) expectation10:44
flocculantyup - appear does not work for the log tab10:45
ochosi"customize your notification settings" :p10:45
* ochosi wanders off to cook10:45
flocculantthat works10:45
ochosiflocculant: ok, pushed some of the string improvements12:16
flocculantochosi: that makes more sense to me now - looks good :)12:22
flocculantone thing I wonder about now - on app tab because it says show or block - you could maybe lose the on/off words? 12:23
flocculantor call them show/block instead? 12:24
flocculantlogic - words say show or block - buttons say on and off - is on showing or blocking ...12:25
flocculantbut  I could just be being a bit picky there :)12:25
* flocculant takes his turn wandering off to cook 12:26
ochosiflocculant: yeah, that would indeed make sense. show/blocked maybe instead of just show/block?12:32
ochosicause "block" sorta implies you wanna click if you wanna block...12:32
flocculantochosi: oh - not sure if this is intentional or not - but if I click on an app in app tab it chnages the on/off state?13:01
flocculantalmost like the whole name + button is the button13:02
flocculanthttps://sendvid.com/hkao24te just in case it isn't 13:09
ochosiflocculant: yes, that is intentional. should help people click an app13:29
ochosialso means it's not so problematic to drop the switch13:29
ochosibefore though i have to consider whether i change the internal wording in the code and xfconf because atm it's mute everywhere13:30
flocculantochosi: ack - just wanted to make sure it was intentional :)13:31
flocculantby mute everywhere - do you mean everywhere in xfce that this type of thing is - it is called mute?13:32
flocculantif so then I can understand you ummming and aahing on it :)13:32
flocculantanyway - back later today13:33
ochosino, just in xfce4-notifyd13:38
ochosimuting is older than logging13:38
ochosiinitially i called it that13:38
ochosiaka in the current stable release13:38
ochosianyway, i think i'll push the current state to master13:39
bluesabremorning all13:58
flocculantochosi: ok - well I hope I helped some :)13:59
flocculantmorning bluesabre 13:59
bluesabrehey flocculant 13:59
ochosihey bluesabre 14:04
ochosihow's it going?14:04
bluesabrehey ochosi 14:08
bluesabregoing pretty well14:08
flocculantthat's confusing - all from this installation - all opened slightly different ways14:08
bluesabreReleasing new sgt-launcher right now14:09
ochosibluesabre: i'm prepping a release for taskman and notifyd atm14:10
bluesabreochosi, \o/14:10
ochosiodd that the xfcetitleddialog doesn't seem to be working for flocculant 14:11
flocculantbluesabre: you likely to get to gtk3 settings today? 14:11
bluesabreflocculant, that is the plan14:11
ochosibluesabre: maybe we have to cherry-pick a commit of mine from libxfce4ui14:11
bluesabreochosi, alright14:11
flocculantbluesabre: cool :)14:11
bluesabrenoticed that the new sgt-puzzles package in zesty is using gtk314:25
bluesabreas a result, the menu is always faded because the embedded window is always in a non-active state14:26
flocculantthe 'game' menu I assume you mean14:27
flocculantI didn't take a lot of notice of that I'm afraid14:27
flocculantand what's xfcetitleddialog when it's at home?14:28
flocculantha ha 14:28
bluesabrehttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sgt-launcher/0.2.2-0ubuntu1 uploaded, includes appstream data so it will show in gnome-software :)14:32
flocculantI might install it to see it showing up then :p14:35
flocculantnot sgt ftr :D14:35
flocculantbluesabre: it works as well :p15:55
flocculantknome: re the discussion sometime ago about oem15:56
flocculantI'd have the same discussion about whether we should test lvm/encryption15:56
flocculantakxwi-dave bluesabre ^^15:57
akxwi-davevery good point there flocculant 15:58
flocculantI'd be inclined to think more people are likely to do that than oem15:59
akxwi-daveoh yes, you cannot nelieve the size of the fucisha bush she wanted me to dig out16:02
flocculantsounds like The Great Esacpe then :)16:03
flocculant\o/ os-prober lost all my other installs 16:44
flocculantfor one horrible minute I'd not just deleted the partition I wanted to ;)16:46
flocculantdowngraded it - reran update-grub then updated it again :p16:53
flocculantI much prefer finding issues that aren't xubuntu 16:55
akxwi-davehehe more fun that way16:58
bluesabreflocculant, your non-xubuntu-specific bugs are the best ones, keep those coming17:38
bluesabreflocculant, and yes, we should probably test lvm/encryption, though those will almost never be xubuntu-specific bugs17:39
bluesabre(but they could be)17:39
flocculantyea agree on the specificity there17:40
flocculantbluesabre: I can easily add the tests to our stuff on tracker17:40
bluesabreSounds reasonable to me17:41
flocculantbluesabre: added now17:51
knomeflocculant, yeah, why not18:36
knomeflocculant, though i believe there is less (think: none) xubuntu-specific components involved with that18:37
flocculantwell the only why not for this is the same as the why not for oem :p18:37
flocculantyea - but probably useful to at least test it18:37
knomebecause some components in an OEM installation are xubuntu-specific (those in the config)18:37
flocculantcurrently set it for mandatory - but we can see how it goes and change that18:37
knomebut yes, maybe they could all be once a cycle or so18:37
knomebut i'm open for all kinds of experiments18:38
flocculantwe'll keep that for -offtopic with the gardening I think 18:38
flocculantknome: trouble with 'once a cycle or so' is when and then - bug might land post 'we checked that'18:40
flocculantwe could change it to run-once - add OEM as run-once than 'forget about worrying' till milestones18:41
knomeonce likely being later in the cycle18:51
ochosievening all19:35
flocculanthi ochosi :)19:36
ochosialrighty, i think i'll merge the logging_rebased branch to master of xfce4-notifyd now19:37
ochosithen translators can start their work19:37
ochosiwhich will actually be quite a bit this time around19:37
ochosithanks for testing and input, flocculant 19:38
flocculantochosi: np :)19:38
ochosiwow, even found and fixed another small bug with the log19:52
ochosibluesabre: can you take a peek at whether taskmanager from git master is packageable, i.e. just to see whether i forgot any depends or so in the build process21:34
bluesabrelibxfce4ui 4.13.1 added to xfce4-gtk3 ppa, xfce4-settings uploaded to same and currently building23:51

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