WW36Tried to install Lubuntu a couple times. Keeps stating an error that dev/sda could not be installed. Any suggestions?01:31
xanguaAnd that happens when?01:43
budderi can't find lubuntu 15.0402:25
ubottuUbuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) was the 22nd release of Ubuntu. Support ended on February 4, 2016. See !eol, !eolupgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/vivid02:26
budderi mean i can't find the DL link02:29
krytarikWell, you shouldn't download it anymore.02:30
budderwhy is that?02:31
krytarikBecause, like I had the bot tell you, it's EOL for a year now.02:32
buddermy CPU is affected by a bug and I can't use Kernel 4.x02:34
LuMintbudder: go for 14.0402:35
LuMintlike I do02:35
budderso i am resorting to an older release02:35
LuMintit's supported as opposed to 15.04 which is totally deprecated02:35
LuMintbudder: what's the cpu?02:36
budderLuMint: i believe the LTS enablement stack makes it so taht 14.04 still have the updated kernel02:36
LuMintonly if you want it to02:36
budderLuMint: celeron n2940.02:37
LuMintyou have a choice, 3.13, 3,16, 4,{4,5 - not sure}02:37
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 109051 in intel_idle "intel_idle.max_cstate=1 required on baytrail to prevent crashes" [Blocking,Needinfo]02:37
budderLuMint: wut02:37
budderdo you mean I can still have 14.04 but retain the 3.x kernel?02:38
budderidk what this enablement stack is. i'm very new to linux in general02:38
LuMintbudder: didn't I told you that?02:38
LuMintuname-a: Linux office-desktop 3.13.0-107-generic #154-Ubuntu SMP Mon Dec 19 19:20:26 UTC 2016 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux02:39
budderLuMint: wait a second, so it is OPTIONAL to use the newer kernel? can you please link me to some more information on this? and how about going to do this?02:40
LuMintyes. google/duck it. install 14.0402:41
krytarikbudder: Just get the 14.04.1 release, it has the initial kernel still.02:42
budderduck it>02:44
budderLuMint: duck it?02:44
budderkrytarik: ok02:44
budderthanks both of you02:45
budderwait LuMint are you also affected by the same bug?02:45
LuMintno I'm affected by a different bug, which is not really a bug but a dropped support for my GPU drivers.02:46
LuMintso I can't use anything newer than 3.7 and still have nvidia-173 proprietary drivers02:46
LuMintwell actually, I can if I used arch or if I somehow ported the patches from aur to enable it.02:47
LuMintbut that's technicalities.02:47
LuMintwhy bother if 3.13 is still supported02:47
buddergot it... mostly02:48
budderthnx again02:49
LuMint14.04 is supported for at least two more years.02:50
Vialas_hello everyone05:35
Vialas_hope you are all well05:35
Vialas_first time in here... i installed Lubuntu for the first time today ... wohooo05:35
Vialas_i already have a question.. if i may05:35
Vialas_Q is : how do i update the kernal on my raspberry pi ?05:35
Vialas_sudo apt-get install --reinstall raspberrypi-bootloader05:35
Vialas_is that the correct command i should use? i would use this on say my normal ubuntu box... unsure about how it works on lubuntu for RasPi05:36
wxlVialas_: are you trying to reinstall your kernel or update it? because that command doesn't update anything. just reinstalls it. it also doesn't refer to the kernel, but the bootloader.05:37
Vialas_rofl ok so i have no idea what im doing rofl05:38
Vialas_i want to update my kernal05:38
wxlso just run updates like normal and it will take care of it05:38
wxlsudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade05:38
Vialas_according to a podcast i head there was a security issue with the Raspi Krnal05:38
Vialas_oh not apt-get?05:39
wxlwhat security issue?05:39
wxlapt is a nicer version of apt-get05:39
Vialas_oh i never used apt before hehe05:40
Vialas_i am not sure of the specifics - was on a podcast let me check...05:40
wxlfound it https://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-3170-2/05:42
Vialas_how you find it so fast :O05:43
wxlall the security issues in ubuntu are listed under ubuntu.com/usn05:43
wxlanyways if your isp doesn't support ipv6, i wouldn't even worry about it05:43
Vialas_oh cool cool05:43
wxlstill, it's good to fix it05:43
Vialas_and you know what05:43
wxlwhat kernel you have now? uname -a05:44
Vialas_i did the dist-upgrade05:44
Vialas_i do that quite religiously05:44
wxlthen yeah, no need to sweat05:44
Vialas_oh haha sweet :)05:44
wxlsecurity updates are always the highest priority05:44
Vialas_i am running 4.1.19-v7+05:44
lynorianyes if you dist-upgrade everyday you probably are much better patched than most companies05:44
Vialas_woot woot05:44
wxloh so you're a bit behind05:44
wxlyou're on xenial?05:45
Vialas_ive thought about doing sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade -Y on a crhon job :P05:45
wxlcuz THAT issue only affects yakkety05:45
Vialas_raspberry pi05:45
wxllsb_release -a05:45
wxlwhat version of lubuntu05:45
Vialas_i thought i was on the msot up to date version :(05:45
Vialas_ubuntu 16.0405:46
wxlyep xenial05:46
wxlso there's no issues for you anyways :)05:46
Vialas_woot woot05:46
Vialas_why am i behind then :(05:46
wxlyeah i'm a little shocked as to why you're behind05:46
Vialas_i just installed it today05:47
wxltry dpkg -l | grep -E 'linux-image-.*-[0-9]+'05:48
wxlthat'll list all the kernels you have installed05:48
wxloh bother remove the -.*05:48
wxlthat'll just show up the extra package which is irrelevant05:48
wxlyou might still be running the original kernel even though you updated to the new noe05:49
Vialas_one sec05:51
Vialas_dpkg -l05:54
Vialas_is that a L or a pipe?05:54
LuMintu should install a normal font05:55
Vialas_im on a mac :(05:55
Vialas_there is NO normal05:55
LuMintVialas_: besides, there couldn't be TWO pipes in a row05:55
Vialas_oh lol05:55
LuMintand a pipe preceded by dash will presumably not work05:56
LuMintwell, it does.05:56
LuMintVialas_: but that dash can potentially cause all kinda weird thigns so you don't use | with - before it :)05:56
LuMintwxl: forgive my curiousity, but what does + sign do?05:58
wxlLuMint: regex for "one or more" of the previous character05:59
wxlcould have used * for zero or more but that'd be weird :)06:01
Vialas_dpkg -l | grep -E 'linux-image-[0-9]+'06:02
Vialas_didnt give any output06:02
LuMintthat's weird06:04
LuMinttry dpkg -l | grep linux-image06:04
LuMintwxl: thanks, didn't know one can mix it with * ? [] and {}, that is bash stuff06:05
wxltry grepping just for just linux06:05
LuMintdpkg -l | grep linux06:05
wxlLuMint: [0-9] is actually NOT bash stuff. that's regex. the fact that the regex is contained within single quotes indicates that bash will not attempt to expand it06:05
wxle.g. `echo '$SHELL'` won't show you your shell06:06
Vialas_we have output :)06:06
LuMintwxl: ty06:06
wxl!pastebin | Vialas_06:07
ubottuVialas_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:07
Vialas_hey i have to duck out real quick... do you mind if i come back and continue06:08
Vialas_or are you going to leave soon?06:08
Vialas_sorry for being anoying :$06:08
wxli'm about out06:08
wxlbut still very confused06:08
Vialas_im very confused myself :(06:08
Vialas_maybey we can continue tomorrow :D06:08
LuMintwouldn't think arm stuff would be so complicated06:09
wxli'm about to ragequit mode anyways (not your fault)06:09
* wxl smells sarcasm on LuMint's breath06:09
Vialas_dont ragequit06:09
Vialas_you seem too nice to rage!!!06:09
wxloh i'm having issues with an image not behaving properly on a virtual machine06:10
Vialas_oh golly06:10
wxlit's a figure of speech of course Vialas_ :)06:10
Vialas_story of my life06:10
Vialas_thats good wxl :)06:10
LuMintyeah, don't, you are by far one of the most helpful and nice people here06:10
Vialas_i gave up using debian06:10
Vialas_hence why im now using lubuntu06:10
wxlwell welcome to ubuntu :)06:10
LuMintVialas_: what was wrong with your debian?06:10
Vialas_thanks wxl06:10
LuMintVialas_: problems with something proprietary/firmware?06:11
Vialas_well it is a pain to install, when i do install it the graphcis drivers dont work06:11
Vialas_yes exactaly LuMint06:11
Vialas_i use ubuntu and it just works06:11
LuMintyou should just add the nonfree repo06:11
Vialas_i tried LuMint ... didnt seem to work06:11
Vialas_i like Lubuntu im just woried about the conical stuff in it :S06:11
Vialas_very weird06:11
wxlthe only stuff canonical owns is the trademarks06:12
wxllike "lubuntu"06:12
wxlas far as actual code, not really06:12
Vialas_and no amazon crapware on lubuntu06:12
Vialas_or that stupid unity06:12
* Vialas_ vomits06:12
Vialas_sorry everyone... ill clean it up06:12
wxli mean they have their pet projects like um06:13
wxlman i can't think of the name of the darn thing now hahaha06:13
wxli keep wanting to say upstream06:13
wxlthat's it06:13
LuMintVialas_: what are you going to do with your raspberry?06:13
Vialas_hmm ok06:13
LuMintwxl: not anymore :(06:13
Vialas_well i have heaps of pis06:13
wxlbut those are things they push upstream as well, so it's not really proprietary06:13
Vialas_i am an adict06:13
Vialas_1 is a VPN server06:13
wxlLuMint: yeah yeah06:13
Vialas_another is a every day linux box06:13
LuMintupstart is almost deprecated by now06:13
xanguaLubuntu does use the "indicators"06:13
LuMintwill probably only be supported until 19'06:13
Vialas_another i use as an intranet webserver06:13
xanguaThat's a canonical stuff06:13
Vialas_xangua whatis an "indicators"06:14
LuMintVialas_: do you ssh into it?06:14
Vialas_SSH all the way06:14
LuMintI see06:14
Vialas_love ssh!06:14
wxlxangua: if you're referring to some aspect of unity, even that's open sourced06:14
LuMintVialas_: btw you can do that with a vmware VM06:14
LuMintand forward X, too06:14
Vialas_what u mean LuMint ?06:14
lynorianWell you can run lubuntu in lubuntu with virt manager06:14
xanguaVialas_: indicators are like notification icons/area but "better"06:15
wxlyes but can you run lubuntu in lubuntu in lubuntu?06:15
Vialas_xangua right...06:15
LuMintVialas_: i mean you don't need a dedicated linux box to be able to use it from windows.06:15
wxlgood use of quotes, xangua06:15
Vialas_yea LuMint but i like to have a linux box06:15
Vialas_mac is propiatary and leeeks tooooo much info06:15
Vialas_i like linux06:15
LuMintVialas_: well block he hell out of it with a firewall on the router06:16
Vialas_ok time for dinner06:16
Vialas_hope i get to talk to you all soon06:16
Vialas_block it?06:16
Vialas_how so LuMint ?06:16
LuMintyeah, unwanted ips/servers06:16
Vialas_mmm true06:16
Vialas_oh these servers06:16
Vialas_they are at my house06:16
Vialas_i own them06:16
Vialas_so behind my router06:16
Vialas_safe :D06:16
wxlor better yet set up a freebsd box with pf on it and block everything!06:16
LuMintopenbsd would be a more secure choice, I guess06:17
LuMintsince a router doesn't really need anything GUI06:17
LuMintor pretty much any user software06:17
Vialas_yay... ok lesson learnt dont talk to fast and hit enter.... Drone` will not be happy wiht you06:19
Vialas_ok got to run06:19
Vialas_hope to talk to you all very soon. thanks wxl and LuMint and otehrs :)06:19
LuMintsee you06:20
LuMintwxl: incidentally, do you happen to know if it's possible to apply a patch from aur so I could use nvidia-173 with a kernel newer than 3.7 (3.13 in fact)?06:20
LuMintthe arch guys somehow managed to get it working with new kernels06:20
wxlLuMint: never tried, but i'm sure it will need some massaging06:20
wxlok that's it06:21
* wxl kicks the virtual machine to the curb and goes to bed06:21
LuMintgood night06:22
=== edk is now known as e
dmincahi guys13:20
dmincais the `dbus-launch` command supposed to fork multiple pids of `dbus-daemon` ?13:20
dmincabecause I'm having 914 dbus-daemon pids13:21
dmincaand I don't want to killall as I'll fuck up systemd13:21
dmincawhat's the best approach in this case? How can I launch a process via `dbus-launch` without making it to fork so many `dbus-daemon` pids13:22
GochyHi, I need some help with a problem while upgrading from 14.04 LT to 16.04 LTS16:25
RainMan28Hi, I am trying to run a command via a Lubuntu LiveUSB and when I do it with sudo it tells me: 'dd: failed to open '/dev/sda': Permission denied'. Any idea what I am doing wrong?20:00
RainMan28I am logged in as the lubuntu user20:00
RainMan28My command is: sudo xzcat file.img.xz | dd of=/dev/sda bs=1M20:01
krytarikRainMan28: Move the 'sudo' after the pipe, to the 'dd' - then it should work.20:02
RainMan28oh i see, thank you20:03
RainMan28that is working, krytarik, thanks!20:03

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