mupBug #1660211 changed: MAAS fails to properly configure two NICs with different subnets <MAAS:Invalid> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1660211>01:13
mupBug #1633663 changed: [2.1] Unlink interfaces creates a new link <MAAS:Expired> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1633663>04:19
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BlackDexoke, i can't seem to find the correct place for the changelog09:16
BlackDexwhere can i find the changelog for 2.1.3, and also for the dev versions?09:16
thiagolibHi someone problem with maas-region-controller trying to reinstall10:58
pmatulisthiagolib, this seems to come up often. dunno. roaksoax? ^^^11:05
thiagolibpmatulis: So I'm just trying to install the mass-region-controller without losing its dbconfig files.11:09
jlec__when deploying CentOS7 images I see "tar... mkdir: no space left on device"11:52
jlec__doing the same deploy using CentOS6 or ubuntu image works fine11:52
jlec__Any idea?11:52
jlec__roaksoax: please ping me when ever you have time.12:42
BlackDexHello there, i have a custom ubuntu image loaded into maas. And it worked perfectly until a few weeks ago. Now it doesn't configure the network config to be DHCP or static or any thing.13:00
BlackDexHow can i force maas or curtain to put the network to dhcp in /etc/network/interface?13:00
jlec__What is the current way to create custom images for Maas-2?15:09
BlackDexjlec__: you can do that several ways. What i did i just used kvm as a client, and extracted/tarred out all the data from that image, and uploaded that image to maas :)15:19
BlackDexdon't forget to install cloud-init if  you want key's and network etc.. to be correct15:19
jlec__BlackDex: so the whole magic is stage 3 tarball plus cloud-init?15:20
* jlec__ likes that15:20
vogelcjlec__: Also make sure to include curtin.15:22
jlec__vogelc: does curtin come from pip?15:23
jlec__mmh no15:23
vogelcjlec__: I extracted it from / of build using the centos provided by MAAS.15:30
jlec__That's also possible15:31
vogelcHas any successfully implemented LVM for use on Centos?15:32
vogelcDuring build curtin keeps trying to install grub on /dev/dm-0 and it complains it is an LVM device.15:33
jlec__vogelc: curtin is distutils installable. so easy thing15:33
jlec__vogelc: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~curtin-dev/curtin/trunk/view/head:/doc/topics/storage.rst seems to be some support for LVM in curtin15:35
vogelcjlec__:  thats exactly what I follow.  Let me do a build and show the output.15:38
jlec__vogelc: I am also fighting with CentOS and MAAS15:38
vogelcjlec__:  here is a link to my storage config.  http://chopapp.com/#n7d4c4w115:43
jlec__so you are really chunking it up?15:43
jlec__Might be my problem too.15:44
vogelcIf I use standard partitions no LVM it works.15:44
vogelcHere is the error: grub2-install: warning: File system `ext2' doesn't support embedding. grub2-install: error: embedding is not possible, but this is required for RAID and LVM install.15:47
vogelcThis is what is being run: ['chroot', '/tmp/tmpt0crqezh/target', 'grub2-install', '--recheck', '/dev/dm-0']15:48
mupBug #1660370 opened: [UX Improvement] Surface the filter selection better on the UI <ui> <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1660370>16:03
roaksoaxjlec: pong17:17
g3went to commission my nodes17:35
g3and now I see this17:35
g3[error] ceph-mon1: Unable to set any default storage layout because it has no writable disks.17:35
g3It was working, but we had to reset everything17:36
g3now it isn't finding any of the disks?17:36
g3also what username / password does MAAS create on the machine? I can't phyiscally login at the host!17:58
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g3went to recommission a node18:33
g3[error] ceph-mon1: Unable to set any default storage layout because it has no writable18:33
g3            disks.18:33
g3[error] ceph-mon1: Unable to set any default storage layout because it has no writable disks18:33
mupBug #1660418 opened: Uploading a new custom image does not remove the old image <MAAS:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1660418>18:48
vogelcis anyone aware of an update to knife for MAAS so it will work with api/2.0?18:59
roaksoaxg3: commission your nodes with an HWE kernel19:00
roaksoaxg3: the stock kernel probabaly doesnt; have the drivers19:00
roaksoaxg3: and we use SSH to access a deployed system19:00
jlecroaksoax: is there some up2date guide around custom images?19:22
jlecroaksoax: I need ubuntu LTS including python, and I would like to create CentOS 7.3 images19:23
jlecroaksoax: secondly, I am trying to deploy CentOS. 6.6 works, but 7.0 with the same settings has problems with filesystem and network19:24
roaksoaxjlec: what are your issues with centos7 ? the images that maas provides are the latest centos available as per their released cloud-images19:55
jlecroaksoax: interesting. They are still labelled 7.0 in Maas. As I cannot deploy them I neever could check what they really are.19:58
jlecroaksoax: How can I debug a failed deploy if the network setup fails?19:58
jlecroaksoax: Is there anything special I need ot do to the FS? I just set the whole disk to be / with xfs. Any suggestions?19:59
roaksoaxjlec: yeah there's a bug for that20:04
roaksoaxjlec: maas provides an installation log (you can see it in the WebUI or get it with: "maas admin node-results read system_id=4tbcnh result_type=1 | grep data | cut -d"\"" -f4 | base64 --decode"20:05
roaksoaxmaas <admin> node-results read system_id=<system_id_of_machine> result_type=1 | grep data | cut -d"\"" -f4 | base64 --decode20:06
roaksoaxjlec: do that on a failed deployment machine20:06
roaksoaxjlec: or you ncan get rsyslog form /var/log/maas/rsyslog/<machine-=name>20:06
jlecroaksoax: thanks. I will look into that tomorrow. Perhaps I can figure out what it is.20:07
roaksoaxjlec: yeah, let me know./ We know there are some deployment failures with centos when deploying with UEFI20:08
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roaksoaxwhich we are working on fixing20:08
jlecroaksoax: this is with a old IBM blade setup20:09
jlecroaksoax: only BIOS and manual power cycle20:11
vogelcroaksoax: have you run into an error where curtin trys to install grub2 on /dev/dm-0 when using LVM on CentOS?  This does not happen when using flat storage.20:12
roaksoaxjlec: strange!20:15
roaksoaxvogelc: maas doesn't support lvm+centos20:15
g3roaksoax, how do you specify which kernel to use when commissioning? I've only seen that option via deploy20:18
roaksoaxg3: in the settings page you can select which kernel you want to use.20:19
g3Oh interesting20:20
g3I'm curious as to why it was working before?20:20
vogelcroaksoax: Is lvm and centos support on the roadmap?20:21
mupBug #1660439 opened: MAAS should automatically "vacuum" the database to remove deleted images. <MAAS:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1660439>20:42
mupBug #1660440 opened: MAAS should notify users when boot image storage space is low <MAAS:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1660440>20:42
roaksoaxvogelc: it is but not in the next 6 months, we are prioritizing other work atm20:51
netmonkhello does it works with something different than ubuntu ?22:27
netmonktoo nice to be good22:28
netmonkwhat if i want to deploy centos or arch ?22:28
netmonkim stuck to deploy only ubuntu ?22:29
g3roaksoax, unfortunately that didn't work..22:56
roaksoaxnetmonk: you can deploy centos23:34
roaksoaxnetmonk: maas provides centos images23:34
g3Are you chatting with me?23:35
roaksoaxg3: what didn't work? maas discovering storage on a HWE kernel ?23:35
g3Yes you are correct23:35
g3From the commissioning output of lshw it sees all of the drives23:35
roaksoaxg3: what types of drives are these ?23:36
g3but according to the logs in /var/log/maas it states that it is Unable to set any default storage layout because it has no writable disks.23:36
g3it was working23:36
g3but I swizzled some subnet things then started over23:36
g3they are sata ssd's23:36
g3and a pcie ssd23:36
g3and on the OSD machines there are 12 sata spinners, 2 sata ssd's and 2 pcie ssd's23:36
g3All 5 machines are reporting the same error of the disks are not writable23:37
roaksoaxg3: uhmm strange... did you by anychance manually delete those disks and commissioning wont recognize them again ?23:37
g3I didn't23:37
g3I deleted the machines23:37
g3and started over23:37
roaksoaxg3: can you pleas efell a bug with details on what errors it is showing you and attaching logs so we can look into that ?23:37
g3I can23:37
g3bug comming but also a forumn post23:38
g3well basically there is a bug already23:38
roaksoaxg3: are you using MAAS 1.9 ?23:48
g3no I jsut realized that23:49
roaksoaxg3: please do file a bug and attach to it the cloud-init logs which you can get from /var/log/maas/rsyslog/<machine-name>23:50
mupBug #1660495 opened: Can't commission node because it has no writable disks <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1660495>23:54
g3done done and done23:58

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