josemhall119: ping17:25
mhall119jose: pong17:43
jose@mhall119 hey, would you mind giving me a hand with the brief before we send off to design? not even sure if we're supposed to fill that out17:44
meetingologyjose: Error: "mhall119" is not a valid command.17:44
mhall119heh, too much slack for jose17:44
mhall119jose: do you have a design brief document?17:44
joselol yes, crisis in a slack I'm in right now, been using the @ too much lately17:44
joseI do, but needs to be filled out. Kristine sent it out over email17:45
josenot sure if you were in the thread?17:45
wxlfriendly reminder: we're behind on community donations reports17:46
mhall119jose: yup, I see it now, if you're happy with what's in our google doc I'll populate the design brief17:47
joselemme check again17:47
mhall119wxl: ack, I know, it's been on my todo list17:47
josemhall119: just need to figure out which logos we're gonna put in there17:50
joseand do we wanna pass it by someone at marketing?17:51
mhall119jose: I'll loop thibaut into it, yes, he can help pick the logos to incude17:52
joseok, let me create a copy of the brief and share it with you/popey so we can fill it out17:53
josethat's the template17:53
mhall119thanks jose17:55
mhall119jose: I've also shared with you the brief from the previous set of cards we had printed (that I showed in the Hague)17:56
joseoh amazing, thank you17:57
wxlmhall119: glad to hear it :) someone was complaining about the lack of transparency with the funding and i had the report page to show off :)17:58
mhall119wxl: I think I'm only 1 report behind right now, but I'll get to it as soon as I have a couple spare hours17:59
czajkowskimhall119: see pm18:18
wxl 21:09
popeywxl: people complain? no wai!21:11
wxli kno..21:11

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