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willcookemorning all09:05
seb128hey willcooke, how are you? feeling better?09:06
davmor2Morning all09:06
willcookehi seb128.  A bit, still not right though.  Had real actual flu, man.. it really knocked me down09:07
willcookehey davmor209:07
willcookeThey've closed the local hospital because of a flu out-break there too, so I think it's "going round"09:07
seb128it's the season09:07
seb128real-flu sucks, I'm glad I just got a standard cold09:08
didrockshey willcooke! I read that you were sick last week. Ah, so that was the flu… /me hugs you09:13
didrocksyeah, it seems the flu was quite (at least in France), violent here09:13
willcookeI knew Brexit was a good idea09:14
didrocksbuild a wall!09:14
seb128attente, stop working in the middle of the night on a sunday!09:16
* seb128 just saw a launchpad bug being set to fix committed09:17
willcookeparacetamol time yay!09:27
margaDoes anybody know if there is a reason why the ubuntu-themes package is not in Debian?09:35
margaThe license is CC-BY-SA 3.0, which is accepted by Debian, so that's not it.  Is it just because it's called Ubuntu?09:37
seb128marga, it's probably just that nobody from Debian took interest in it09:39
margaThat's surprising given how nice those themes are, but yeah, I was thinking that could be it.09:39
flexiondotorgMorning desktopers09:39
seb128hey flexiondotorg09:39
flexiondotorgseb128 Morning.09:40
flexiondotorgHave you recovered?09:40
seb128yes, I'm back to normal, thanks09:40
seb128a good w.e relaxing made wonders09:40
flexiondotorgI think I caught what you had via IRC.09:40
seb128oh, get better09:40
seb128I hope you got my version09:40
flexiondotorgI'll live :-)09:41
seb128not willcooke's one09:41
flexiondotorgWas wiped out on Saturday.09:41
flexiondotorgFeeling mostly human today.09:41
didrockshey flexiondotorg!09:43
flexiondotorgMorning didrocks :-)09:43
flexiondotorgHow's the family?09:43
didrocksvery good, thanks! Trying to sleep whenever we can though :p09:44
flexiondotorgYep, that is the best way.09:44
willcookedidrocks, are you back to work full time already?09:44
didrockswillcooke: yes, we only have 3 days off in France. I did add 5 holidays rescued from last year09:46
willcookeThats strange, when you have so many other workers rights that you should get a tiny amount of parental leave09:47
didrocksyep… well, working from home, it's not that much of an issue09:48
hikikohey, bzr question: is there an easy way to remove the changes of a specific revision of a branch only? for example if we have N revisions remove the changes of revno N-3 only and keep N-4 and N-2 to N?10:22
seb128hikiko, hey, there is no vcs-built-in way10:25
seb128hikiko, but you can bzr diff -c <rev> | patch -p0 -R10:26
seb128hikiko, or bzr merge -r n+1...n10:26
hikikoyeah, I think that was what I was looking for! thank you very much seb12810:27
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andyrockhey all12:24
willcookehi andyrock12:24
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hikikohi andyrock12:25
ricotzSweet5hark, hello, do you have a timeframe for a lo source package?13:12
camakoalex-abreu, hi are you the right person to ask about the webbrowser-app under unity8 on the desktop? Mine is refusing to work. Does it require setup?13:22
Sweet5harkricotz: on it13:26
ricotzSweet5hark, great, thanks13:28
alex-abreucamako, hi, oSomon on #ubuntu-touch would be more in tune with the recent changes & statuses13:36
camakoalex-abreu, thx13:38
camakoalex-abreu, I'm not sure about oSoMoN's time zone, perhaps you can help. I was wondering why I'm getting http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23893611/ under unity8 on the desktop.... Does webbrowser-app need any setup? Libertine?13:52
davmor2camako: what gfx stack are you on13:55
camakodavmor2, I have mesa13:56
davmor2camako: on what hardware13:56
camakodavmor2, intel gpu13:56
davmor2camako: right I'll see if I have the issue on intel software too.13:57
camakodavmor2, I just saw your reply on the other channel.13:57
camakodavmor2, it's not something that I use every day, so my setup might be wonky13:58
camakothought I'd ask before digging deeper13:58
davmor2camako: you should be able to checking unity7 if it runs by using snap run webbrowser-app13:58
camakoI logged on to a U8 session and clicked on the icon13:59
camakodavmor2, I'll try that13:59
davmor2camako: failing that it might be down to drivers which would suck :(14:00
camakodavmor2, hmm I am still hoping it's something simple in my env that I'm missing... but yeah, it would14:01
jbichaSweet5hark: do you want liborcus/libixion 0.12 to be synced from Debian experimental now?14:01
Sweet5harkjbicha: that would be awesome14:01
seb128Sweet5hark, how is that dmb application going btw? ;-)14:03
desrthello peeps14:03
ricotzjbicha, thanks14:04
ricotzSweet5hark, jbicha, maybe even hunspell?14:04
seb128hey desrt, had a good w.e?14:04
davmor2camako: so browser app is running here for me in unity7 so might be a unity8 specific issue of which there will likely be more than one :)14:04
davmor2camako: try opening another app in unity8 and seeing if that opens14:05
desrtyes. fairly good indeed.  spent saturday touring my family around the harbour, art galleries, good restaurants, botanical gardens, ice rinks, light shows, etc. of toronto as a 'goodbye' and then sunday went to another gallery, ice skating, and saw toni erdmann in the evening14:05
camakodavmor2, yeah I've tried several and they open fine14:05
desrt(since if i see this film in germany, it will be in german, without subtitles) :p14:05
camakodavmor2, trying on unity7 now14:06
desrtall in all, getting ready to leave soon.14:06
desrtseb128: how was your weekend?14:06
davmor2camako: over to osomon then :(14:06
seb128desrt, you had a pretty busy w.e! mine was way more relaxing, a bit of shopping, nice familly diner, watched the federer/nadal tennis game on sunday14:08
seb128desrt, when do you fly to europe?14:09
desrtseb128: gotta get in my last bits of toronto, while i still can!  ;)  i fly tomorrow evening.14:10
seb128desrt, enjoy toronto!14:10
camakodavmor2, I am trying to install webbrowser-app as a snap but it's not liking the name... I'm using 'sudo snap install webbrowser-app'... Is that the correct way?14:12
desrtdon't get me wrong... i love köln... but somehow being away from a place, tossed back into it for only 1.5 months, then away for a long time again... it helps one to appreciate how great it really is14:12
davmor2camako: if you are on the same system it should already be installed, if not you would need sudo snap install webbrowser-app --devmode --edge14:13
camakodavmor2, yes I'm on the same system14:13
camakodavmor2, but on the unity7 side14:13
davmor2camako: then run snap list if it is listed just run snap run webbrowser-app14:14
camakodavmor2, it's not listed14:14
davmor2camako: so you would need the sudo snap install line from above then14:15
camakodavmor2, yeah ... but I'm getting "error: cannot install "webbrowser-app": snap not found"14:15
camakoah I need to "snap download" it first14:16
davmor2camako: hmmm you should need to do that14:16
seb128desrt, yeah, I know the feeling, though a bit easier for me to go back and forth between places14:16
davmor2camako: sudo snap install webbrowser-app --edge --devmode should of been enough, you'll need ubuntu-app-platform too and the link them but snap run webbrowser app will tell you how to do that14:18
desrtat this point, my "things to buy if i'm rich list" has one item: weekly/biweekly first class transatlantic ticket14:18
camakodavmor2, ok I'm doing that14:18
desrtwould be awesome to go to sleep on a plane on saturday night and be in the next place on sunday14:18
desrt(bonus points if money could also buy a way to convince airport security, once and for all, that i am not a terrorist... and i could just drive up to the plane and get in...)14:20
desrti guess that has a name: "private jet"14:21
* desrt dreams :)14:21
camakodavmor2, I have ubuntu-app-platform, and I installed webbrowser from the edge like you said... It installed ok, but gave me "snap "webbrowser-app" has bad plugs or slots: unity8 (unknown interface)"14:21
davmor2camako: that's fine there is no unity8 socket currently but there will be one so people are future proofing their apps currently14:22
camakodavmor2, ack14:23
camakodavmor2, bingo! It runs under U7 with "snap run webbrowser-app"14:26
camakodavmor2, so I had the icon under U8 but was missing the binaries this whole time?14:26
davmor2camako: yeap in that case something fishy in unity8 then talk to osomon and annoy Saviq too (just cause it is fun ) :D14:27
camakodavmor2, :-) will do thanks14:27
davmor2camako: no mostly talk to osomon but I would imagine this is an issue with mir not browser :(14:27
camako.. or my system14:28
alexarnaudcking: Hey :) ! I reproduce the bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/134974014:50
alexarnaudWhat do you think it is a firmware issue? Firmware from Intel?14:50
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1349740 in linux (Ubuntu) "acpi PNP0A08:00: _OSC failed (AE_ERROR); disabling ASPM" [Medium,Confirmed]14:50
ckingalexarnaud, the _OSC data is inside the ACPI firmware tables, so it's from the BIOS provider for your machine14:52
ckingalexarnaud, run "sudo fwts --dump" and add the acpidump.log to the bug report and I can disassemble the firmware tables and see why the _OSC is doing that14:54
alexarnaudcking: OK, thanks for the advise :), I'll try to do that. I'm at the moment on Debian.14:56
ckingalexarnaud, oh, run sudo acpidump > acpitables.log instead ;-)14:57
alexarnaudcking: could be possible the legacy mode the cause?14:57
ckingalexarnaud, probably not (based on passed experience)14:58
alexarnaudI've replied on the bug report. It's a big mistake for me.15:10
ckingalexarnaud, seems like your firmware is comparing against a specific UUID and it does not match, so it indicates and _OSC invalid UUID so the kernel is forced to ignore the capabilities15:42
ckings/and _OSC/an _OSC/15:43
alexarnaudcking: what I could do for that? I have a Clevo W670RC.15:45
ckingalexarnaud, i've updated the bug, try out my suggested workaround15:46
alexarnaudcking: Ok, thanks :).15:46
seb128have a nice evening desktopers18:17
ricotzyou too! :)18:18
ricotzSweet5hark, any progress yet?18:18
willcookenight seb12818:20
robert_ancellwillcooke, hi20:02
willcookenight all20:34
tedg_desrt: Do you know how GNOME Shell is knowing when to run an app under XWayland ?22:09
tedg_desrt: Is it just doing it for all apps in /usr/share/applications ?22:10
desrttedg_: xwayland is always running22:47
desrttedg_: the future story there is along the lines of "systemd --user" + "XDG_RUNTIME_DIR" + "socket activation"22:48
desrtthere are already patches around to make libX11 talk to a socket in XDG_RUNTIME_DIR instead of /tmp22:48
desrttedg_: basically, it's the usual gnome/systemd line of thinking... activation-on-first-use22:50
tedg_desrt: Okay, are they planning to only have one per session then? I kinda looked and saw that, but I was surprised.23:16
tedg_I don't think we want to go down that route, but it does solve a bunch of problem with figuring out what an app wants.23:17
desrttedg_: systemd can do one-per-connection style of socket activation23:36
desrti wouldn't be surprised if it also has some features to group by the cgroup of the incoming connection23:36
desrti'm not saying they will do it that way, but it's a possibility23:37
tedg_Huh, interesting. I didn't know that. Not sure we'll use it for Xmir, but that'll probably come in handy at some point.23:40
tedg_Thanks desrt !23:40

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