mgedmingetting tired of gnome-shell crashes that leave my session unlocked07:10
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jbichamgedmin: you don't have autologin enabled, right?11:40
mgedminno autologin11:41
mgedminhm, could be that the events go (1) I unplug displayport, causing gnome-shell crash, (2) I close laptop lid, triggering suspend, (3) when I open laptop lid, resume happens, gnome-shell finishes crashing and restarts, but nothing ever actually locked the session11:45
mgedminstill, I haven't seen these problems in 16.04 (crashes yes, but after a shell restart the session would be locked)11:45
jbichamgedmin: are you using Wayland or X?11:51
jbichaok, I don't know then11:52
mgedminI imagine if I used wayland, I'd enjoy a full session death instead of just gnome-shell restarting11:53
mgedmin(but it'd be more secure)11:53
mgedminor maybe I'd be lucky and display hotplugging wouldn't cause crashes11:53
jbichaok, you could try that but save your work frequently! :)11:54
mgedminI'd like to at least get a valid core file11:58
mgedmin"UnreportableReason: Invalid core dump: BFD: Warning: /tmp/apport_core_xsiua6n4 is truncated: expected core file size >= 368381952, found: 18939904."11:58
jbichaI'm not very good with coredumps12:01
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