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leitaoanyway idea why I am getting "l is not clean, please run 'make mrproper'" when compiling a kernel using the instructions from the Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel wiki?17:26
leitaoduh, it seems that I have an old .config file.17:34
apwleitao, or an empty include/config directory is the other classic17:36
leitaoapw, right. where should I put my .config file that I want to use to build the kernel?17:40
leitaoIf I want to use a custom config file.17:40
apwleitao, one normally adds the changes to config to the appropriate leaf config17:43
leitaoapw, what is leaf config in this case?17:43
apwin debian.<branch>/config/.../config.flavour.<flavour>17:43
apwand then runs fakeroot debian/rules updateconfig17:45
apwif you have an entirely unrelated config you want to use you can drop then en-toto over the same file17:45
apwand do the same thing.17:45
apwfakeroot debian/rules genconfigs will drop as will be used configs into CONFIGS/*17:45
leitaoapw, it works. Thank you!17:59
apwleitao, np18:02
dannfis 4.11 still considered likely for zesty?19:11
Sarvattdannf: nope, it'll be 4.1019:50
dannfSarvatt: ack, thx!20:06

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