anokhahello world01:35
flexiondotorgCome and vote please - https://www.slant.co/topics/4345/~linux-desktop-environments-for-developers11:59
citizen_How to take out home folder?15:22
alkisgcitizen_: where do you want to take it?15:23
citizen_I just want to remove it from the desktop cause its pretty annyoing15:23
citizen_I have been doing research on how to remove the Home Folder from the Desktop but never really found anything useful. Can you link me to a page where it can help me?15:26
alkisgTry googling for "ubuntu mate desktop hide home"15:27
alkisgThere should be a caja gsetting for that...15:27
citizen_Ok thanks man. Ill let you know if I get anything.15:27
alkisgFirst google hit...15:28
citizen_Oh I fixed it already15:29
citizen_Thanks for the link man.15:29
citizen_I didn't have to do anything complicated Just when to control center and searched mate tweak and crossed it out.15:30
citizen_Sorry for the trouble. I recently switched to Ubuntu Mate, I was on Windows 7 before, I hated the viruses there.15:33
l0ser__BIG COCK16:20
l0ser__BIG DICK16:20
l0ser__ULTRA COCK16:20
l0ser__ULTRA DICK16:20
l0ser__fuck you16:28
l0ser__you can't ban me16:28
erasmus_I had to reinstall U-Mate16:47
erasmus_How do I get rid of the Anchor Icon in the dock16:47
erasmus_I did it before months ago but i dont remember how i did it16:47
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Guest79730Can't install Steam from Software Boutique18:30
Guest79730Error is "E:The repository 'http://ppa.launchpad.net/docky-core/ppa/ubuntu yakkety Release' does not have a Release file."18:30
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gopperHey there, I just noticed that on the Ubuntu-MATE's website under Community the huperlink to Freenode is missing an "o", so the user actually ends up on *freende* net19:17
gopperAnyway, I installed Ubuntu-MATE 16.04 two days ago and I've been trying to get the classic Human theme from the 2007-2008 Ubuntu era to work, but for some reason the titlebar for all windows doesn't seem to accept the orange colors and shows up white-grayish instead. In the Theme tab of the Appearance Preferences it looks fine, but I guess it's just a preview. I can't seem to find any answers on the net, so I decided to come here. Any tips would be19:20
gopperhighly appreciated!19:20
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HoppingMadManI have a question dose anyone know why I need to start vnc4server before I can connect to the client using the RDP protocol20:31
Dekkardi just used the softward updater on 16.04..it never prompted me for password.. is that normal???20:46
HoppingMadManNo that isn't but do you have auto login setup?20:47
Dekkardno i do not20:47
Dekkardi have to login with a password20:47
Dekkardkinda freekin me out...20:47
HoppingMadManHmm, that is weird did you put your password in as root any time before that like 5 mins before?20:48
Dekkardno.. i usually use apt to update, but i didnt this time. just went to system etc20:48
HoppingMadManOk, maybe it has to do with permissions20:49
HoppingMadManJust let me take a quick look20:49
Dekkardwonder if it has to do with me loggin in and quickly going to the updater, is that possible??20:49
HoppingMadManYeah that to, maybe it is a weird bug that might have had a follow on effect20:50
Dekkardwould that be a problem with chron?20:50
Dekkardim no ninja... b i dunno20:52
HoppingMadManYeah, maybe file a bug and see if you can recreate it and see if it is20:52
Dekkardthat would be a not too good local bug...20:53
Dekkardill see if i can do it again later after a reboot20:53
HoppingMadManBecause I am no expert myself I am the kind person that knows how to break stuff exploit it and when it comes to fixing it... Not that good20:53
Dekkardi am joe sixpack.. i use this because.. because its goooood20:54
Dekkardanyway thanks20:55
HoppingMadManDon't worry about it, That is where I was at then I start sporting it and pen testing with it so I got a deeper understand but not that levels of others20:56
Dekkardyou work in i.t.?20:58
HoppingMadManYeah I do21:00
HoppingMadManMy field is CNC design at the moment we retro fit old machinery and make it CNC and we use Linux to make it all possible21:02
HoppingMadManYeah its really not degree and I would do anything to get my wife and I out of Mexico21:04
Dekkardgot a ladder?21:04
HoppingMadManI am orignally from Australia but my wife is Mexican and, the Australia government really are assholes when it comes to giving Mexicans visa for Australia21:05
Dekkardyou think your guys are assholes???21:05
HoppingMadManYeah, dude that wall... Don't get me started on that BS that has created21:05
HoppingMadManI was told by the department that someone people are not wanted in Australia and your wife is one of them21:06
Dekkardwell.. looks like we dont have th market cornered when it comes to big crocks of sh*te21:07
Dekkardso even being married.. they wont let her in??21:07
Dekkardyou got ninos??21:08
HoppingMadManIts just our policy is starting to match the USA and well.. Yeah21:09
Dekkardlets not forget that little island thing and all that..21:09
Dekkardyou want to see some crazy stuff about blue hat red hat?21:10
HoppingMadManYeah go on21:11
Dekkardcheck out cobaltstrike21:11
Dekkardthe guy lays out just how crazy adn intricate a modern hack really is21:11
Dekkardlike what people go through to p0wn a corporate network21:12
Dekkardhes ex military21:12
HoppingMadManYeah I find it easier to use metasploit by the command line got uses to it that way21:13
HoppingMadManBut it is nice to have a tool like that21:15
Dekkardespecially if you are doing multiple c&C servers21:15
HoppingMadManYeah that is true, but in Mexico and Australia network security is a last thought and not a ongoing cost that people want to test21:16
HoppingMadManThat is just from my experiences21:16
DekkardAS far as i see...very very few people take it seriously21:17
Dekkardcept maybe the russians and chinese21:17
HoppingMadManYeah the worst are the banks21:17
HoppingMadManAnd the banks in Mexico are the worst21:17
HoppingMadManNobody will do anything21:18
HoppingMadMan$400 Laptop and kail linux will kill you21:18
Dekkardgood to know.. if i ever need a billion pesos.. lol21:19
HoppingMadManAnd then uses another Mexican bank to wash it for you...21:19
Dekkardaint that the truth?21:19
HoppingMadManYeah, they are trying to clean it up now but the fact new banks pop up that are gang controlled clean the money then go21:20
HoppingMadManThe laws for being a bank here are as clear as mud so people can do shit like that21:21
Dekkardprolly more about who you know than rules...a little money here... a favor there21:22
HoppingMadManYeah, it is the truth that is why I think the wall is more a shoot at the Mexican government more than the population21:23
HoppingMadManBecause the government make more money off sneaking these people into the USA than the gangs21:24
DekkardSee.. it has to be something, but that logic gives PresT way too much credit21:26
Dekkardi work in food21:26
Dekkard10 years ago..the hombres were everywhere..21:27
Dekkardadn they were good21:27
Dekkardworked hard..21:27
Dekkarddidnt do drugs21:27
Dekkardwent to church.. if they could21:27
Dekkardnow.. they are gone21:27
Dekkardonbly time i see them is when fruit is in season21:28
Dekkardand they are gone in two weeks21:28
HoppingMadManYeah look I think the idea of borders is dumb21:28
Dekkardyou cant fix stupid mate21:28
HoppingMadManPeople should be able to move and live where they want as long as they are open about any crimes and they follow the laws21:29
* Dekkard does thumbs up21:29
HoppingMadManI just think that this whole system has been made to make people feel they only have one option to stay in the hole and don't question anything out of the hole and if you want more not to leave the hole21:30
Dekkardwell.. work to do..catch ya21:37
HoppingMadManYeah catch ya later21:37
saturn__I recently installed a LAN messenger but I cannot find it anywhere on my computer. Could anyone please help me find it?22:50

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