pleia2added a kubuntu article from the planet to the doc01:17
* pleia2 checks mailing list for stragglers01:18
pleia2wow, I have no focus tonight04:01
josepleia2: gotcha!05:32
pleia2jose: settling in at home ok?05:34
josemostly, yep! jet lag was hitting me for the past couple days, but apart from that it's all good05:34
* pleia2 nods05:36
pleia2PaulW2U, jose - I've sent you the UWN quiz google doc that I prepared with bored2sleep, can you have a look over it? Once I get thumbs up, I'll put it up on the fridge and we can include it in issue 497 (originally aimed at 498, but might as well do it sooner)06:02
josetaking a look now!06:04
joselooks good to me!06:05
joseactually, there is a 'points' feature on gforms06:06
pleia2what do they do?06:06
pleia2is that the "turn this into a quiz" thing?06:06
josewell, it's a 'quiz' feature06:06
joseso it grades it after they're done06:06
joseand they know how many points they got06:06
pleia2there are too many free-form things06:06
joseah, np then06:07
josebut looks good06:07
pleia2thanks for taking a look06:07
joseit's just crazy that uwn has been going for almost 10 years06:08
pleia2over 10 years!06:09
pleia2Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter - Issue #1 for the week of May 28 2006 - June 3 200606:09
joseoh! right, some of the issues are double/triple weeks!06:09
pleia2and we went on hiatus for about 6 months when akgraner stepped down06:09
joseit's a lot of time06:10
pleia2nhandler and I came in after that, he cleaned up a ton of scripts and we got release time down from 2+ hours to about 30 minutes06:11
pleia2also took out some of the sections that were time-consuming and less valuable06:11
josewhen I came in, releasing was just simple and smooth06:12
* pleia2 nods06:13
pleia2editors before me had a lot to do, it's really no wonder they didn't last years like I have06:13
pleia2...but I do still have some work to do06:14
* pleia2 preps for editors now06:14
nhandlerYeah, UWN took a TON of time back in the day. We had people assigned to individual sections because each section was quite time consuming and very much a manual process.06:15
pleia2o/ nhandler06:16
Unit193"But we replaced those people with a few scripts, and done" :>06:17
pleia2^ true story06:17
josewe only brought you in because you're a bot06:17
pleia2link checkers are important06:17
nhandlerYes they are. It is quite embarrassing sending out a big email with broken links06:19
joseno comments on that one06:19
joseyes, we do need link checkers06:19
josein the meanwhile, my 8.5GB download which was at around 2.5GB just cancelled itself06:20
Unit193nhandler: Could be worse, I saw a bad story about that in #irssi, involving someone not paying attention to what link he pasted. :306:20
joseand it got stuck on mailing list archives!06:21
pleia2Unit193: link check? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue49607:18
pleia2and I've sent it off to the editors07:18
Unit193No detected broken link.07:20
pleia2thank you, sir07:22
Unit193You are truly welcome, madam.07:25
PaulW2Upleia2: re quiz, two points to raise, will do so by email11:01
PaulW2Uwill do review after 2100 UTC11:01
pleia2PaulW2U: great, thanks for having a look :)18:18
PaulW2Ueditorial review done21:53

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