bazhangdoesnt fedora use wayland these days01:12
k1l_afaik they changed to full wayland gnome on some release. but i dont know if that is released already01:13
bazhanghe's a fedora user01:13
hggdhyes, fedora is using wayland as of the current release01:57
bazhangclu3> #join mongodb02:36
bazhang* PipeItToDevNull02:36
bazhangthats a sign of the apocalypse02:36
bazhangyuuiubuntu> I want add package to official ubuntu repository.How can I do it?09:12
bazhanghe wants upload rights for everything ubuntu kernel related09:22
bazhangsirv again with the remove windows completely, for dual boot issues 'support ' advice09:29
bazhang<sirv> xz maybe try other distro ?09:43
bazhangsirv wants to know why google it is not good advice10:32
SpeirosI'm unsure whether a link I was whispered is risky or not, as I won't open it, but wanted to highlight who was sending it.11:17
SpeirosI've not said anything yet to them, in case their details are needed while they are still online.11:18
SpeirosWell, not said anything that I'm not looking at the link, I mean.11:18
SpeirosThe person's username is Zeljko, in #ubuntu11:18
ikoniawhat was the link ?11:25
SpeirosIt seems he is genuine, and probably didn't want to share info with the room.  It was the link to a github page.11:26
SpeirosSorry, ikonia, addressed to you that.11:26
ikoniaso he just blindly pm'd you a link to a github project ?11:26
ikonia(or am I missing context)11:26
SpeirosI didn't look at the script, but after he pm'd me, I pretended I was a bot, and he posted in the room.  Apparently, it's a spambot.11:27
ikoniaright, ok, I see him asking about it in the main channel now11:27
ikonialets see what happens with it, thanks for the heads up11:27
ikoniayes, it a crappy bot spam thing by the looks of it11:28
ikoniathanks for the info11:28
Speirosnp.  I won't open a pm link, unless I trust the person, or their issue has been explained in the room already.11:29
=== bazhang__ is now known as bazhang

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