cp5repost from #ubuntu:  hi, can someone help me figure out why i can't connect two machines together via a cross over on ubuntu 16.04 server04:01
JanCnot sure why you need a crossover (almost every hardware that's not over 15 years old should do auto-sensing?)04:40
JanCanyway: most likely they are configured to be in different networks or something like that04:41
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Stryhi, what could be causing mysqld to stop working intermittently due to AppArmor - http://paste.ubuntu.com/23893144/11:17
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Strychanged mysqld to complain mode in apparmor11:30
rbasakStry: that's odd.11:45
rbasakStry: I wonder if that started from the most recent security update. Any chance you could check please?11:45
rbasakStry: it may be a regression due to some upstream change which requires a widening of the AppArmor profile.11:46
rbasakStry: also, what does your MySQL error log say when it fails please, so I can keep an eye out for that in bug reports?11:46
SandeepBHello all. I am trying to build deb packages for openstack components. Can someone point me to the process on how Ubuntu builds deb packages for openstack ? For example how a deb package for Openstack-Swift is built ?12:14
SandeepBIf anyone can point me to the ubuntu openstack builds documentation would be great help.12:16
Stryrbasak: gimme a few to review the mysql logs12:24
metachr0nhello ... i am dealing with a previously setup LDAP implementation ... and there be duplicates for groups in the create home directory thing ... anyone know how to deal with home directory group mappings?13:01
metachr0nbasically what they've done here is to set low numbers for the GIDs and now there are collisions13:49
metachr0nshould have started somewhere like 500013:49
metachr0nso now i have to clean up their mess13:49
zulcoreycb: just have trove left and then ill start uploading what in universe14:10
coreycbzul, ok thanks14:10
coreycbzul, moving static assets for openstack-dashboard to /var/lib/openstack-dashboard/static should make the other project dashboards compatible14:17
zulcoreycb: coolio14:17
coreycbzul, so i'm working on that.  problem i'm hitting now is upgrades no likey so trying to figure that out.14:18
zulcoreycb: gotcha...im just trying to pump out uploads and then we can fix stuff if they are broken14:18
coreycbzul, sounds good14:19
anonymous_mxGood morning14:34
anonymous_mxdoes anyone can help about interpretation of comand result netstat -n -p|grep SYN_REC ?14:36
anonymous_mxtcp        0      0 <my IP server>:22     SYN_RECV    -14:36
anonymous_mxI have my server in linode and IP is from China14:37
anonymous_mxin my file /var/log/auth.log    Jan 30 08:37:54 localhost sshd[29031]: refused connect from (
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tomreynanonymous_mx: you have one connection from in state SYN_RECV16:09
tomreynis this sufficient interpretation, yet? if not, what is unclear?16:09
patdk-wkshouldn't a packages .orig.tar.xxx file be the actual version from the software itself? not modified?16:15
joeliopatdk-wk: on the whole it will be an upstream tarball, yes (assuming you talk of packaging(16:18
patdk-wkgpg: Signature made Mon 23 Jan 2017 12:54:16 PM EST using RSA key ID C1A4AEA616:19
patdk-wkgpg: BAD signature from "Quagga Release Signing Key"16:19
patdk-wkfor quagga_1.1.1.orig.tar.gz16:19
patdk-wkverifing this cause I can't upload my package cause of this16:20
patdk-wkFile quagga_1.1.1.orig.tar.gz already exists in Primary Archive for Ubuntu, but uploaded version has different contents.16:20
patdk-wkwhere mine matches http://download.savannah.gnu.org/releases/quagga/quagga-1.1.1.tar.gz.asc16:20
patdk-wkdiff shows a lot of changes16:20
zulcoreycb: can we add a column uca reports for ubuntu-proposed please?16:26
anonymous_mxtomreyn: You are right, maybe my doubt is how that IP was connect in my server if in hosts.deny ALL:ALL and hosts.allow only my IP, how they could to connect in my server16:30
joeliothat's only for accepting sessions, not TCP16:31
joelioyou need to firewall for that16:31
coreycbzul, yeah i have a todo to do that.  not sure how soon i'll get it done though.16:34
SandeepBHello all. I am trying to build deb packages for openstack components. Can someone point me to the process on how Ubuntu builds deb packages for openstack ? For example how a deb package for Openstack-Swift is built ?16:40
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jayjoI recieved a notification that a certain ip address is requesting too many connections form a server. How can I go about finding something out about this IP address?17:06
jayjoTrying to just get some broad details17:07
sarnoldjayjo: netstat or ss on the server in question should give you a good starting point17:17
Tahvokkrb5-user : Depends: libkrb5-3 (= 1.12+dfsg-2ubuntu4) but 1.12+dfsg-2ubuntu4.2 is to be installed18:05
TahvokHow can I know what is the other package that is trying to install the wrong libkrb5-3 ?18:06
smosersoren, could you approve hallyn's request to be member of vmbuilder ?18:09
sarnoldTahvok: have you run apt-get update recently?18:10
Tahvoksarnold: yes18:10
smoserand while you're at it, isupposed make me a admin if you're not opposed to that18:10
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Tahvoksarnold: it's a very old system, I'm just trying to understand how to find that 'other' package18:10
sarnoldTahvok: is your mirror recently updated? 1.12+dfsg-2ubuntu4.2 is way out of date18:10
Tahvoksarnold: as I said, it's a very old system. I'm just working with what I have. The main repo is actually a local mirror from 201418:11
sarnoldTahvok: it feels like the sort of thing that would be fixed by resyncing your local repository.18:12
TahvokThat's what fixed in on 2 servers that I fixed a similar error on them already. But doesn't fix it on the other 2 I'm working right now18:13
TahvokAnyway, it appears that for some reason apt doesn't pick up the newer (and available) ubuntu4.2 package from the local repo..18:14
sarnoldso I -think- the approach then is to start from the dists/trusty-{updates,security}/InRelease and *Release* files and make sure that the signatures validate, make sure that the hashes validate the main/binary-amd64/Packages* files, and make sure the Packages* files have the newer -2ubuntu4.2 packages (or better yet, the 1.12+dfsg-2ubuntu5.3 packages), and all -those- hashes validate..18:17
sarnoldnormally you can trust apt to report errors on these things18:17
sarnoldbut it's odd that different binary packages built from the same source package appear to be available18:18
hallynsmoser: thx :)18:18
sarnoldand because it feels like something is out of sync you might as well cover all the bases manually by hand to track it down :(18:19
TahvokSo, found the problem and fixed it. I was wrong regarding the package in the repo. It was *not* present there. Perhaps I missread some other package. Anyway, I copied the package from a cache from one of the other 2 server that are working, and install it with dpkg -i, then fixed dependencies with apt-get install -f18:27
Tahvoksarnold: thanks for your help anyway18:28
sarnoldTahvok: man :/ sounds like a frustrating expierience. good luck bringing these machines up to date, kicking and screaming one package at a time :)18:30
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zulcoreycb: neutron is going to need a  new dep in rc120:06
coreycbzul, alright20:07
coreycbzul, why not, it's rc1 after all :)20:07
jgrimmnacc, thanks, will mark that done21:53
naccjgrimm: np, sorry for the delay, hard to context swtich from iscsi to anything else21:54
jgrimmno worries at all21:54
naccjgrimm: i'll try and get nspr done too21:54
jgrimmnacc, cool21:54
naccjgrimm: fyi, you can see (after `git fetch lpusip`) that your at merge has been integrated into the history for ubuntu/devel22:12
jgrimmnacc, cool22:15

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