elachechenzoueidi: https://twitter.com/eon01/status/82575392777378201608:44
nzoueidiInteresting a tunisian one?08:46
elachecheYeah! Eon01.. A FOSS guy too, was involved in #opentunisia08:47
elachecheHave very cool and interesting blog posts..08:47
nzoueidiWhy I don't know him :(08:48
elachecheI don't know x)08:48
nzoueidihaha :D08:49
elachecheHe coded a docker monitoring plugin for Monit x)08:49
nzoueidiAwesome, I am checking his github account, he seems a good skilled guy08:50
praisethemoonGood day.08:51
elachecheMornign praisethemoon :) that tweet can be interesting for you as well ;)08:52
nzoueidipraisethemoon: \o/08:52
praisethemoony no ssl on website? :O08:55
elachecheIt's a static one.. Good idea x) Fire an issue on Github, or I'll do it :p ;)08:57
nzoueidia Let's encrypt one would be cool :D08:58
elachecheYeah! You fire an issue or I'll do later :p I already asked for a PR and it was merged yesterday.. eon01 is very reactive08:59
praisethemoonwell, you fire it09:06
praisethemooni hate to set things on fire xD09:06
pavlushkau-la-la: entertain praisethemoon10:18
* u-la-la pours coffee on praisethemoon and runs for his life10:18
praisethemoonahahahahahahaha xDDD10:19
praisethemoonthe big pavlushka strikes again XD10:19
praisethemoonu-la-la, entertain pavlushka10:19
* u-la-la pours coffee on pavlushka and runs for his life10:19
pavlushkaHow are you praisethemoon ?10:19
praisethemoonI'm good my friend, how are you?10:19
pavlushkaI am good with a bit sour throat :)10:20
elachecheLooL x) https://twitter.com/dgfip_officiel/status/82601178878535680010:51
elachecheRead the story from the 1st tweet of videolan x)10:51
praisethemoonelacheche, what is all that about?11:03
nzoueidielacheche: DGFIP is one of our clients, they have good sysadmins btw :D14:55
* elacheche just used slack IRC GW for the 1st time.. and like it :)14:58
elacheche#facepalm https://redd.it/5r0z6l16:20

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