zzarrwill Meizu MX4 move to 16.04 in the future?08:44
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mardymorphis: hi! I was checking oxide code; is it fine if hybris_camera_initialize() is called more than once?10:02
morphismardy: it shouldn't hurt10:02
mardymorphis: ok, thanks10:03
morphismardy: have some improvement in the pipe I will push somewhere soon10:04
morphismardy: I guess you only need this in xenial, right?10:04
mardymorphis: excellent!10:04
mardymorphis: well, I'd say xenial and later releases10:05
zzarrwill xenial come to current phones?10:47
zzarr(like my MX4?)10:47
davmor2zzarr: I don't think the kernel supports the newer features of xenial which is what prevented the move much earlier iirc11:02
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brunch875that's it, I'm getting a fairphone next12:26
zzarrdavmor2, it's the android drivers that are built for and older kernel?12:39
zzarr(which prevents using a newer kernel?)12:39
davmor2zzarr: not sure on the why's just know there was a reason that prevented it already and from memory was to do with the android stack and kernels12:41
zzarrokey, what would be needed i order to run a newer kernel? (new drivers?)12:43
davmor2yeap so the chip manufacturer, then the android kernel, then the board manufacturer and then the phone manufacturer and then filter all that down to us12:48
zzarrdoes not sound promising, what will happen when there's a phone with a newer kernel/xenial with the phone I have?12:51
zzarrwill all work be discontinued?12:52
zzarror is there a plan to let kernel 4.4 piggyback on 3.10 or 3.14 (or something like that?)12:53
zzarrI'm thinking something like a vm12:54
camakooSoMoN, hi I'm trying to test unity8 on the desktop with the new Mir. My webbrowser-app doesn't seem to be working. Is there any setup required?13:39
davmor2camako: known issues are it doesn't like nvidia gfx and snapcraft lastest shortened the link for running the app meaning it doesn't start because the app doesn't exist fixes for the last is in progress the first is still being looked at I believe13:52
zzarrdavmor2, if this side is http://forum.flymeos.com/thread-7697-1-1.html correct that the MX4 supports Android 7 which according to this site http://android.stackexchange.com/questions/51651/which-android-runs-which-linux-kernel runs kernel 4.4.1 it should be possible to run xenial on the MX414:00
zzarrbut I don't know if it's correct14:00
davmor2zzarr: on arm64?14:02
dobeyzzarr: note that a lot of devices have newer android system, but still use old kernels too14:02
dobeydavmor2: arm64 isn't a requirement for making xenial/snaps work.14:02
dobeyand arale isn't arm64 anyway14:03
zzarrnope, the MX4 have a 32bit SoC14:05
oSoMoNcamako, is this with the unity8 snap, or with unity8 installed from deb?14:44
camakooSoMoN, unity8 installed from a deb14:45
camakoIt still complains about EGL/GL14:46
oSoMoNcamako, does this look like bug #1590561 ?14:46
ubot5bug 1590561 in Oxide "webbrowser-app crashes on startup on fresh zesty Unity8: No suitable EGL configs found" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159056114:46
camakooSoMon, indeed it does14:46
camakosorry can't look in the bug... on the U8 side atm with no browser :-)14:47
* camako switches back to U714:47
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