diploMorning all08:50
davmor2Morning all09:07
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:08
SuperMattToday feels like a good day for an uprising09:09
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* popey rises up09:11
SuperMattI have a feeling that's just you getting out of bed09:12
* zmoylan-1i hits the snooze button and waits for the next revolution...09:17
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popeySuperMatt: nah, been up since 8 ish :)09:20
davmor2SuperMatt: you would be wrong that would be him off foraging for Coffee to stop him going back to bed :D09:20
davmor2SuperMatt: that or his bedcover has been printed to look like his office and he has bee deceiving us for years......come to think of it that cat hasn't moved in a while ;)09:21
SuperMattmy cat sits in the same place on my bed all the time, so the cat might not be printed09:23
SuperMattI'm sure if food wasn't so important to him, the cat would sleep on my side of the bed 24/709:23
zmoylan-piand the litter box...09:24
SuperMattwell, you remove the problem of food, and you remove the litter box requirement09:24
zmoylan-pibut you have a starved unhappy cat who looks at you like you're a roast chicken for some reason...09:25
foobarryno uprisings until james tait tell us its uprising day09:25
zmoylan-pijan 1st. we all have great plans for that day09:25
foobarryok google, when is uprising day09:25
zmoylan-pi'google has reported you to the proper authorities, please remain were you are till they come and collect you'09:28
SuperMattPlease, JamesTait, tell us it is uprising day09:36
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Monday, and happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day! 😃09:37
SuperMattAll right, I'll go with that. I'll wrap myself in bubble wrap, rather than deal with our adminitrations lack of action against trump09:38
JamesTaitSuperMatt, I was thinking we could actually wrap Trump in bubble wrap. Lots of it. Seal it. Lock him in a bunker for the next four years.09:39
foobarryguess what09:48
foobarryi'm not reading or watching the news or twitters09:48
foobarryi have no idea what trump is doing.09:48
foobarrymy wife wanted to tell me and got very annoyed when i said i didn't want to know09:49
foobarryi'll find out later during the year if whatever it is happens09:49
popeyit already happend.09:55
zmoylan-piwe've moved a smidge beyond 'give him a chance' to 'out the door, to the left, one pitchfork each'10:01
foobarryi dunno. whatever it is , i'm sure my elected representatives are on the case. no need for me to join the collective worry club10:07
foobarryhowever something interesting i noticed10:08
zmoylan-piyeah... about that... your elected officals seem to be tripping over themselves to suck up to the eejit10:09
foobarryi logged out of fb app on my phone. not logged via browser either. after 2 weeks i started getting "foobarry you have 15 new notifications" notifcations on the phone10:09
foobarrytrying to open the app gives a login/password prompt10:09
foobarryso the app stays logged in, even though it presetns a logged out impression to you10:09
foobarryi didn't clear data/cache , but will try that next time10:09
zmoylan-piwell... facebook... were privacy goes to die...10:10
foobarryyeah, but this is well shady10:11
zmoylan-piso... normal facebook behaviour then :-P10:12
foobarryoh and mobile notifications are turned off10:13
zmoylan-piyeah, android notifications are a bit broken... i have a lenovo tablet which sent me a notification for a paid upgrade to touchplus x, some tat shovelled on by lenovo with no way to remove or even block notifications from and an app i've never used10:15
foobarryi'm running cuanogen, no bundled guff10:15
zmoylan-pii'm going to have to look at alternative roms to  remove the tat10:15
foobarrylineage is released for my phone now10:16
* diplo googles lineage11:20
diploI'm guessing cyageon rename but unsure11:20
zmoylan-picyanogen imploded and lineage is the phoenix11:21
diploI really need to wipe my phone and my dads at some point11:21
diploMight as well do it with lineage I guess11:21
davmor2diplo: I'd make sure there is a rom first ;)11:24
davmor2diplo: numbers are low still currently11:25
diploAh I guess they're having to rebrand them all11:28
diploSeems to be..11:30
zmoylan-pii think they have to recompile them all as the cyanogen roms are not their property11:34
davmor2JamesTait: just remember you did this to yourself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bv3dRgXX_dM11:37
reinosoHi. I'm trying to install Lubuntu in a laptop that had windows before. It is an AIRIS N920, very old. "WARNING: PAE disabled. Use parameter 'forcepae' to enable at your own risk! This kernel requires the following features not present on the CPU: pae. Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU11:52
matt11235reinoso: I don't think that 32 bit cpus without PAE are supported anymore, what version of Lubuntu are you trying?11:54
reinosohmm the one i am using on 'this' computer actually ...11:55
reinosolast one i believe11:55
reinosoi only downloaded it in to an ISO then on a pen drive 2 weeks ago11:56
matt11235can you try lubuntu 12.04 instead?11:56
reinosoi guess, if that is the only option ...11:57
reinosobut 12.04 sounds like a very old version?11:57
reinosois it because this laptop where i am trying to install it is too old?11:57
matt11235yes it's old but I think it's still supported, and yes.11:58
reinososupported .. but it will not work unless i try 12.04 instead of the latest version?12:01
matt11235I can't find any information on your laptop online so the best thing to do is to just try it and see if it works12:02
zmoylan-pirun as live distro rather than installing you mean12:03
reinosoi get the same result when trying to run as a live distro ...12:06
reinosobut thanks matt11235 and zmoylan-pi12:06
reinososeems I will need to download a whole lubuntu again,  this time 5 years old... weird12:06
matt11235it's an LTS release so I think it'll still get updates for the next few months.12:07
matt11235zmoylan-pi: i think that only works with Pentium M cpus12:08
* brobostigon is back.17:28
daftykinsaww yes i'm being refunded £500 for my delayed flights back in September \o/20:25
daftykinsreached my final destination over 6hrs later, so now i get £500 back from the initial ~£750 odd flights, pretty good i'd say!20:25
zmoylan-pibut isn't it worth less now that 500 quid? :-P20:26
zmoylan-pithink of all the extra weetabix you could have bought in september... almost a full box... :-P20:26
daftykinstechnically the reimbursal is 600 euros ;) as it's an EU refund law20:27
zmoylan-pithere'll be none of that post brexit20:27
daftykinsnot in the EU here chief20:27
daftykinsoh i see, no... probably not20:28
zmoylan-piyou'll have to go cap in hand to your betters and remember to tug your forelock before begging justice20:28
diddledanzmoylan-pi: you forgot to push up your bra21:36
* zmoylan-pi belts diddledan with handbag...22:13
daftykinssilly diddledan, he burnt that22:13
diddledanhandbags at dawn?22:27
* diddledan plays the spaghetti western musics22:27
zmoylan-pifair enough, removes brick and reaches for the box of lead scraps to fill it...22:27
* diddledan puts spaghetti in his22:27
diddledancan't have a spaghetti western duel without spaghetti!22:28
daftykinsmom's spaghetti22:29
* zmoylan-pi removes lead and in honour of spaghetti western ideal replaces with pasta dinosaur shapes22:34

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