nsnzeromorning guys06:41
nsnzeroanyone program in vala / genie ?06:41
MaN1Imagine those 48% of people all voted for a different third party, then america could finally have an actual democracy ;)08:13
nsnzeroi think my internet is faulty - i get only the fifth message thats posted 08:27
jeritMaN1: that's an interesting concept... I'd have voted 3rd party in this last election if I was American08:54
jeritalthough as we've seen in SA, actual democracy doesn't necessarily mean that anything gets better08:54
jeritsince we have millions of people voting VF, IFF, etc and it costs the opposition votes08:55
MaN1we do n't have actual democracy here either though08:55
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MaNImost people are locked into a 2 party mindset here also08:56
MaNIMost South Africans still believe that voting for smaller parties is "wasting your vote" - I don't believe that any country where this mindset exists is a true democracy. True democracy requires a populace who actually understand democracy, which clearly we are quite some way away from08:58
MaNITake the latest results in iceland for example, now thats a true democracy in action08:59
nsnzero“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of09:01
nsnzero acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum....” -Noam Chomsky, The09:01
nsnzero Common Good09:01
MaNIThe -largest- party had only 29% of the votes, this means that to make a 'ruling alliance' constant compromise is needed, which means parties have to pick their battles and can't get their way all the time. 09:03
MaNISociety/Democracy is forged on compromises so this is good. Without compromises you have one set of people (majority) constantly trampling another set (minorities) - when this happens it's more like an "elective monarchy" than a "democracy" - which is I think what I would class South Africa as currently, an "elective monarchy"09:04
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jeritI got R150.00 off of a R1500.00 camera with Vodacom Play Everyday10:04
jeritwould be awesome if I had 1500 to buy a camera with...10:04
MaNIDoes anyone know of a service like airmule.com that has any uptake/usage at all in South Africa? There seem to be dozens of them, but I can't seem to find any that are used by South Africans, somewhat curious10:12
jeritMaNI: thought about starting such a service?10:50
MaNIhaha, sure, one of many ideas I've toyed with in the past, but following through is a whole different story10:52
jeritso what do you need to follow through?10:54
jeritI'm always on the lookout for new business ideas and partners to help me with them10:55
MaNIMasses of time mostly, and a chunk of funding potentially. Thats what launching a company tends to take, I'm way too over invested time wise in other stuff to launch something new properly.10:59
MaNII mean an idea like this, making the website/apps/system is probably the easy part - the difficult part is going to be figuring out how to handle customs, insurance, marketing, stuff like that.10:59
MaNII do think there is potential there though, but it's strange that the trend hasn't touched South Africa at all, makes me wonder if theres something specific to our country that makes it not viable here perhaps11:00
inetprogood mornings13:07
theblazehenhi inetpro13:08
jerithey inetpro 13:17
jeritGot any updates on Oom Kilos?13:17
inetprolast heard from him on Saturday14:22
jeritwell was he doing okay?14:28
inetprojerit: he was much better on Saturday afternoon after taking oxygen15:16
jeritglad to hear that15:17
jeritnow I'm worried about my dog :( acute pancreatitis and she's not getting better15:17
inetproat the time was talking of getting a Mibi scan on Monday (today) or Tuesday15:17
* inetpro will be back later15:18
smilebye :)19:52
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