absurdisti hope ubuntu moves to LLVM for their binary distro00:00
norberthi, can someone check on Ubuntu - I'm on Mint myself - what Ubuntu says in response to: $ export|grep XDG_CONFIG_HOME00:01
niquenothing norbert...00:03
norberthm, ok, thanks00:03
bigLankyI have 2 NVIDIA cards in my system and Im running 16.0400:10
bigLankyI am able to see the second monitor in my NVIDIA X Server settings, but in System->Display the monitor isn't listed there00:10
bigLankydo I need to install some other drivers for the 2 video cards to both work?00:11
kk4ewtbigLanky,  do they both use the same driver00:11
kk4ewtthen good luck00:12
kk4ewtone driver or the other is going to work00:12
bigLankythat is what I am noticing00:12
bigLankyI have another card that is the same as my main, if I throw that in there then it would work OK?00:12
kk4ewtso  my advise is get 2 of the same card00:13
bigLankyok, will do that00:13
bigLankyanything I should look out for there or should that be pretty straight forward?00:13
kk4ewtif they both use the same driver you shouldnt have any issues00:15
bigLankyok sounds good00:15
bigLankywill let you know00:15
backboxhi there00:27
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Guest70234Trying to install Ubuntu onto an external harddrive. Doing so to see if my friend's bluescreens is a virus or a hardware problem. Anything I should know about it or is it simply 'plug and play'?00:46
Guest70234Nevermind, found a guide on the Ubuntu page.00:52
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amitutrying to install libinput-gestures in ubuntu 14.04 but first it requires me to add my user to the 'input' group which doesn't seem to exist /etc/group01:00
amitushould i just create the group?01:00
amituusing groupadd?01:00
k1l_if it doesnt exist already then create it with groupadd01:01
amituok did that but /dev/input/* is still owned by root:root. i guess i need to reboot, and maybe the existence of input group will cause it to add permissions to that01:04
daniel331hi all. my SO is having a problem with her ubuntu desktop where the system refuses to start up. it hangs after the startup menu with the recurring messages "created user slice", "started session", "removed user slice", over and over again. could this be related to a recent system update or the new wayland desktop? please help i've not seen this before and troubleshooting it has gone a bit beyond my ken...01:10
k1l_daniel331: ubuntu or any of the flavors dont use wayland yet. what system is that exactly?01:11
daniel331 its ubuntu gnome. I wasn't sure about wayland since I am actually a fedora user. google seemed to think it might be something to do with wayland, glad we can rule that out... :-)01:13
k1l_do you see the login screen? or when does the boot stop?01:15
daniel331no, no login screen. it freezes before X loads...01:15
k1l_can you change to tty1 and start the gdm service from there? sudo service gdm start /restart01:16
daniel331no, no access to TTYs. we have access to root shell via recovery mode tho !01:16
daniel331we're not sure what preceeded the problem. i suspect an update..01:18
k1l_can you look at the logs from recovery? because that output seems to be gnome related and not very specific01:19
k1l_maybe worth a shot is to make sure "WaylandEnable=false" is set /not commented on /etc/gdm/custom.conf or similar.01:20
daniel331aye, we just did that. i'll try to bring up the logs. which ones in particular are worth paying attention to? x.org.log?01:21
k1l_yes, xorg and syslog01:22
daniel331will do01:22
grantwuDoes anyone know what these logs might mean? http://lpaste.net/860087475417120768001:23
k1l_grantwu: its a log of those programs telling apparmor to not be bothered by it.01:27
grantwuk1l_: Any idea why it might appear?  The server is only running a weechat instance, which segfaulted around that time.  I doubt weechat is touching apparmor and the server isn't doing anything else01:27
k1l_grantwu: that should not be related. but that might show that there was some network issue/change when dhcp clients get activated01:29
grantwuI see01:29
daniel331hmm both syslog and xorg.log seem to have stuff related to the succesful boots to recovery mode. is there anything in particular I should / be grepping for?01:37
hoverflowHi, quick question guys. Shouldn't I get prompted for passphrase when sshing to a server if my private key is stored encryped? It used to prompt me for the passphrase to decrypt my private key when sshing but not it stopped and I can't ssh to my server.01:40
hoverflowCan this be the problem?01:40
Bashing-omdaniel331: A thought then, can you log into a guest account or a different DE ?01:49
MuffinMedicHello. I restarted my server and now I have no "int" address in ifconfig - here is the output from systemctl when i try to restart the networking service - http://pastebin.com/q0caJnwi01:50
MuffinMedicand this is /etc/network/interfaces http://pastebin.com/Qz7ViHf601:51
camthesaxmanHow do I set the default version of GCC? I have 4.6 and 5.1 installed, and I want it to use 5.1 when I type gcc. This has to work in scripts, so alias won't work.01:51
ejathttp://paste.ubuntu.com/23891178/ <-- is it safe to proceed ?01:51
OerHeksejat, sure, and run 'sudo apt autoremove' for those orphan packages01:53
Bashing-omejat: ^^ looks too like what is the be removed is to be replaced with upgraded packages .01:55
ejatnew libreoffice includes the font ?01:55
ejattried to look the 5.3 changlelog01:56
ejatdoesnt mention about the font n etc01:56
xangua"the font"? ejat01:58
daniel331@Bashing-om I'm afraid not. The error appears before, or actually right at the start, of the gdm startup process. so i cant log into a different user thru the login screen...01:58
ejatfonts-stix <--01:58
daniel331... i could install a different DE but that seems like a bad idea, from when i did that to my own systems in the past :-(01:58
Bashing-omMuffinMedic: The stsctl command indicates systemd as the initiate system . as uch in systemd the inteerface naming conventions are changed . no longer 'eth0' . what shows ' ifconfig ' for the interface name ?02:00
budderi'm having trouble understanding something. Can somebody please tell me which kernel version lubuntu 14.04 has? because it appears that later releases have older kernels, so i'm confused02:00
MuffinMedicBashing-om: still eth002:01
MuffinMedicone sec, i will post it02:01
wedgiebudder: 3.13 if you haven't updeated the hardware enablement stack, and i believe 4.4 if you have02:01
budderwedgie: so what is the hardware enablement stack? I want the latest version of lubuntu withOUT the 4.x kernel02:02
Bashing-omdaniel331: Concur on not adding a DE / what release is this again ? .. maybe boot to terminal, can try and start the GUI - see then what errors ?02:02
Tahr-Poopcamthesaxman, man update-alternatives02:03
Bashing-omMuffinMedic: Humm that says you have no problem .. running ipv6 // can not say about ipv4, however .02:05
MuffinMedicyea Bashing-om , it's strange.02:05
Bashing-om!hwe | budder02:06
ubottubudder: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack02:06
depidns gmh02:07
budderBashing-om: thank you02:07
Bashing-omMuffinMedic: Sorry but I do not know how to split out the ipv4 networking .02:09
posis there a jre installed with ubuntu-gnome-desktop?02:10
posthere is libreoffice, so I had assumed there was a jre, but I can't find it02:11
camthesaxmanOh man, how I really hate the Debian alternatives system!02:11
OerHeks!info openjdk-8-jre02:11
ubottuopenjdk-8-jre (source: openjdk-8): OpenJDK Java runtime, using Hotspot JIT. In component main, is optional. Version 8u121-b13-0ubuntu1.16.10.2 (yakkety), package size 69 kB, installed size 251 kB02:11
budderthanks all for the help02:15
MuffinMedicthanks Bashing-om02:16
Bashing-omMuffinMedic: Not yet . Hang in here see what better brains advise . I can learn here also .02:18
FireStrikerhi Bashing-om02:26
MuffinMedici hope so Bashing-om , this is really bugging me02:26
Bashing-omFireStriker: Uh Huh ?02:26
FireStrikeri have a scer la]to] that has a celeron N2830 2.41GHz and 2gb ram that im looking to u]grade. what linux do you think i should use. i have been recomaned mint, lubntu, xubuntu.02:28
Bashing-omFireStriker: All are good . try and see what you like :)02:29
FireStrikerwill cinnamon work nicely02:30
FireStrikeralso wht is the difence between star ubuntu and mint02:30
Bashing-omFireStriker: Can not comment on what I have not run . try and see for yourself what "you" like .02:32
FireStrikeri might download cinnamon and install a ubuntu base. does difenet de change the bot s]lash02:34
clu3#join mongodb02:36
coffeeguyhi what would i use in ubuntu to compile an app?02:47
rmandevk1l_: I went off some blogposts and activety of github commits/stars, choose weechat, in case you are curious. Last time I used IRC was 10 years ago when I used mIRC to connect to gamesurge to find Counter-Strike scrims or ring for a team fun stuff ;p02:50
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rmandevk1l_: I was surfr1 before btw02:50
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cfhowlettrmandev, welcome.  please ask your ubuntu question02:51
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kk4ewtcoffeeguy what app and are you sure its not already in the repos02:54
coffeeguylatest version of filezilla but you're right i don't need to use the source02:55
coffeeguyit's a standalone app02:56
coffeeguyThanks for responding kk4ewt :D02:56
morinohello guys03:23
PipeItToDevNullmorino: hi03:30
morinowhats on her @PipeItToDevNull03:31
PipeItToDevNullNot much, bored mostly03:31
morinonothing much. New here. You?03:32
cfhowlettcan we keep the chitchat/socializing to #ubuntu-offtopic please?  thank you.03:32
sirvcannot join offtopic 04:33 [477 (ErrorNoChannelModes) #ubuntu-offtopic] Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services03:34
Bashing-om!register | sirv03:36
ubottusirv: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.03:36
morinoplease who knows of any platforms for developers or programmers03:36
rmandevI currently have a bug with 16.04 desktop LTS  where the docker outline and  main view outline remains. This is a first and I have not tried to re-create the bug yet because that would involve a restart :\. Has anyone encountered the ghost docker outline bug before? http://imgur.com/a/loIej03:36
rmandevbetter view of it while using chrome: http://imgur.com/a/28f1h03:39
morinooh guys please help03:43
Bashing-om!alis | morino03:45
ubottumorino: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"03:45
PianoSkullshow do i disable the send to trash confirm dialogue? Xubuntu03:46
mman@PianoSkulls http://askubuntu.com/questions/465880/how-to-send-files-to-the-trash-can-without-the-confirmation-dialog03:49
sirvmorino what is ur problem ?03:51
PianoSkullsmman I don't have that option in Xubuntu file manager, thats why i'm asking03:51
sirvmorino > u can choose any platform03:52
sirvmorino > my friend develops php+mysql applications on ubuntu03:52
mmanPianoSkulls, I always press shift + del and it doesn't even go to the trash :)03:53
morinoI just need help with any programming group @sirv03:53
PianoSkullsmman I'm deleting pictures and I need them to go to trash quickly so that I can sift through them quickly. And recover them if i accidently delete one i like03:54
mmanPianoSkulls, what if you send them first to another folder and then delete the complete folder once you are sure they should go?03:55
priporghi, how to check if i have printer driver installed?03:55
sirvmorino > did u try suse ?03:56
PianoSkullsmman thats fine03:56
PianoSkullsmman how?03:56
GuestABC123Hello just checking to see if you can remove the IP addresses from the screen?03:56
GuestABC123Just checking I saw everyone's IP address on here and was not sure03:57
PrincessBobunless you get a vpn03:57
mmanPianoSkulls, I would just open two windows. 1) with the pictures you want to delete 2)with a new folder for the "temporary trash".. then I would place them next to each other and just drag and drop them from 1) to 2)03:57
PrincessBobirc is older than the modern internet.... so its rather un privacy friendly03:58
bigLankyI have x2 Nvidia GTX 1050 ti cards in my computer... I have the updated drivers installed on 16.0403:58
GuestABC123Does that matter? Asking because I thought anyone with no so good intentions can use you IP? Thats all03:58
bigLankyhowever, when I go into Display, I only see the main monitor from video card 103:58
GuestABC123Wow I can't type sorry.03:58
bigLankythe other 2 monitors connected to the second card dont show03:58
bigLankyis there a trick to get both cards to work?03:58
morinoi dont have that @sirv03:58
sirvmorino and currently u have what >03:59
PrincessBobi answered you Guest4154004:00
PrincessBobermm GuestABC12304:00
cp5hi, can someone help me figure out why i can't connect two machines together via a cross over on ubuntu 16.04 server04:00
cfhowlettcp5, consider asking #ubuntu-server?04:00
cp5k, thx04:01
pavloscp5, could you just create 2 static ip's?04:01
sisyphusbigLanky: Does the nVidia proprietary configurator GUI program show both the cards?04:02
sirvcp5 > crossover cable ?04:02
sisyphusthe program is called nvidia-settings04:02
sirvcp5 > u need to manually configure networking, static ips04:03
bigLankyI have Nvidia X Server Settings04:03
morinoi have kali, Backbox. All re installed in VM04:03
cp5sirv > yea did that, but the boxes have two network cards on them.  one to the internet on dhcp, second one internally crossed over to each other04:03
sisyphusbigLanky: yeah, that's the pne - does it show two cards and the respective monitors?04:03
cp5sirv > got the ips all set but just can't ping across the second interface04:04
bigLankyyes - https://s28.postimg.org/to54spq0t/nvidia1.png04:04
bigLankythe other 2 monitors were set to disabled, and I have an option to set configuration to 'X Screen 1' or create a new X screen04:05
sisyphusbigLanky: Yes - I see it. You probably need to enable Xinerama? - see the checkbox04:05
bigLankyok let me check04:05
sirvroute add internalIP1 internalInterface1 .... or something similiar .. on both machines04:05
sisyphusbigLanky: Add to the same screen04:05
sirvroute add -host netmask gw dev eth104:06
bigLankyvid card 1 is set to X Screen 0, then the other card monitors I can set to X Screen 104:06
rmandevin case anyone is curious running "compiz --replace" fixed my issue and it was probably caused by some silly hacky stuff i did that affected compiz.04:06
bigLankydo I need to enable Xinerama on all 3?04:06
sirvand on the second machine change 1.2 to 1.1 and 1.1. to 1.204:06
bigLankynevermind, it applies to all04:06
sisyphusbigLanky: Xinerama is a setting that merges the different monitor areas into one large 'virtual screen'. So I guess you should join all 3 with Xinerama assuming that is the behavior you want04:07
bigLankyyeah that is what i am trying to accomplish04:07
sisyphusbigLanky: so, click Xinerama, check and if OK accept new settings and save new xorg.conf file04:08
cp5sirv: yea had that previously04:09
sirvdid u try traceroute04:09
sirvshow us your route list04:10
cp5192.168.1.0/24 dev eno1  proto kernel  scope link  src
cp5192.168.100.0/24 dev ens1f0  proto kernel  scope link  src
cp5192.168.100.30 via dev ens1f004:10
cp5PING ( from ens1f0: 56(84) bytes of data.04:11
cp5From icmp_seq=1 Destination Host Unreachable04:11
cp5wouldn traceroute just go straight to the ip?  ie single hop?04:12
cp5sirv:  netstat -rn04:13
cp5Kernel IP routing table04:13
cp5Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags   MSS Window  irtt Iface04:13
cp50.0.0.0         UG        0 0          0 eno104:13
cp5192.168.1.0   U         0 0          0 eno104:13
cp5192.168.100.0   U         0 0          0 ens1f004:13
sirvcp5 yes it should go in one hop wia crossover04:16
cp5sirv: yea but basically did all that, ip route also shows that the links are connected04:18
cp5sirv:  but just can't ping the nic on the other computer04:18
sirvinterfaces on both machines are 100mbit  ?04:18
cp5sirv: gigabite but yes04:19
sirvcp5 how does ip route show they are connected ?04:19
cp5192.168.100.40 via dev ens1f0 on box 1, and via dev ens1f0 on box two04:19
sirvwhat is 100.1 ?04:20
cp5shall i set the gate way to the other box's ip?04:20
sirvgateway needs to be the interface itself .. also on the 100.40 machine the gateway is 100.4004:20
sirvthere is no 100.1 machine/interface in your network as i understand correctly04:21
cp5yea thats' right04:21
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sirvtry that04:22
cp5sirv: you sir, are awesome04:23
cp5sirv: cant say anything except duh.  kinda obvious now i'm staring at it04:24
sirvi have cisco04:24
cp5sirv:  I have two young ones making sur ei dont get enough sleep =)04:24
sirvthat was good invested money04:24
cp5haha good call04:25
sirvi have also to little ones .... cats04:25
buddercan anyone here help with me debian?04:26
cp5sirv: heh, cats would have been simpler.  man ... i literally had what you said in my interfaces file.  i think what happened was i forgot to flush it before bringing it up.04:27
sirvcp5 yes there were inconsistencies in what u pasted04:29
sirvcp5 women should take care of kids04:30
Bashing-ombudder: debian has their own channel for help . This channel is devoted to ubuntu support .04:31
cp5sirv: they were throwing baseballs at the server earlier ;-)04:31
sirvcp5 they know exactly what they do .. they are little prats04:31
sirvcp5 if i would have children i would beat them04:32
cp5sirv: maybe if this channel wasn't logged!04:32
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bigLankyanyone have experience running x2 NVIDIA cards?04:36
phionaWhen i run phatch it seems to only display the logo and nothing more. why? im on Lubuntu 16.04.05:00
sirvphiona > are there any log files ?05:02
sirvphiona > i read that it is a known BUG, so probably there is nothing u can do right now05:04
phionasirv: i dont know. where do we find log files?05:05
sirvok but the bug was fixed i read05:05
sirvtry to update the phatch package to newest version05:05
phionasirv: it is already the newest version.05:06
sirvare u sure ? do here u can read about th problem https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/phatch/+bug/156782705:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1567827 in phatch (Ubuntu) "on ubuntu 16.04, phatch freezes at startup" [Undecided,Fix released]05:07
phionasirv: tried to install patch and terminal says phatch is already the newest version (
sirvphiona ok ,... u need the version  .. it specifically fixes your bug05:13
sirvok .. are u in console ?05:15
sirvthere are 3 links at the bottom of the page : https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/phatch/
sirvu download the 3 dep files05:16
sirvlike "wget https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/phatch/"05:16
sirvand then install them 'sudo dpkg -i packagename.deb"05:17
sirvu have that in 1 minute05:17
phionasirv:  i have downloaded the three files. should i install them one by one with gdebi??05:22
sirvphiona ... yes try that05:22
sirvmaybe just maybe you have to remove the existing packages before , but if it works without removeing then fine05:23
NoobishHello, I'm attempting to boot Ubuntu from an ext hard drive. The install went off without a hitch but when I attempt to boot from the hard drive it gives me this error: Error: File '/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod' not found. Then it prompts me with a "grub rescue>" command prompt. Any ideas on what to do now?05:26
amitywe can see that type05:26
xXEoflaOEXxNoobish, Do you have your second computer?05:27
NoobishNo, it is at my friend's house. I'm booting it all up from this computer I'm on.05:28
xXEoflaOEXxNoobish, It seems that GRUB is not installed properly. Boot to Live CD then check your external hard drive with fdisk -l. What output does it give you?05:29
NoobishWhat do you mean "Boot to Live CD"? xXEoflaOEXx05:30
sirvu need to connect that external harddrive to a working linux installation a reinstall grub on the external harddrive05:31
sirvis that an USB or ESATA or what kind05:31
sirv*working linux machine05:31
xXEoflaOEXxNoobish, It means insert your Ubuntu Live CD into your CD-ROM drive then go to BIOS boot menu and select CD-ROM, then select Try Ubuntu without installing, it should give you a desktop, then open the terminal and check the external disk with fdisk -l.05:32
NoobishIt's a USB fat23 external hard drive, sirv.05:32
NoobishxXEoflaOEXx: I will get back to you in a few moments with the answer.05:32
NoobishLet me switch to my phone.05:33
sirvphiona did it work for u ?05:33
NoobishRemind me the command please.05:35
xXEoflaOEXxnoobish, fdisk -l05:36
xXEoflaOEXxNoobish, and paste the output to pastebin.05:36
phionasirv: yes thanks. it took long because i didnt know we have to install the files in order. thanks.05:37
sirvphiona i did not know that also05:38
phionasirv: well now u know.05:39
sirvphiona > when i have problems with my linux installation, i usually just do a complete reinstall with the latest distribution05:39
phionasirv: gdebi give us errors about dependencies.05:40
sirvphiona > i'am surprised that Ubuntu did not release a patch for this application for your 16.04 version05:41
sirvsirv > it should have automatically updated .. very strange why they did not do it05:41
sirvin 16.10 it is fixed05:41
sirv16.10 has latest version in the repository05:42
Noobish2Ubuntu version 16.04.1 - Prossibly relevant.05:42
sirvnoobish > i was talking to phiona ;)05:43
Noobish2sirv: I know, it just reminded me I never put in the version number.05:43
_0x7f_@Noobish2 sudo su -05:43
phionasirv: probably bcoz im still on 16.0405:44
sirvphiona > but it is not good behaviour from Canonical they did not update repository for 16.04 ... 16.04 is long term support for years .. and your application did not even start how can that be ...05:44
sirvphiona > the bug is there for months, from the beginning05:45
Noobish2http://pastebin.com/U4fBuXbc xXEoflaOEXx _0x7f_05:45
phionasirv: maybe they forgot. haha.05:46
sirvphiona > maybe not enough users use that phatch application . never heard of it before05:48
sirvnoobish so the external usb drive is 1TB right ?05:49
lotuspsychjephiona: try to follow-up your own bug, more change that it will get solved05:49
Noobish2Live CD is 8 gigs. 2 other drives - 500gigs and 100gigs.05:49
Mr_CyclopsHow good/bad is the idea of having a RAID-1 using two external USB Hard Drives?05:50
sirvnoobish so now u can follow these instructions, it is just like 10 commands u need to run http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-repair-restore-reinstall-grub-2-with-a-ubuntu-live-cd05:50
phionalotuspsychje: it is already solved.05:50
sirvnoobish > the external usb drive is /dev/sdc105:50
Noobish2Thanks sirv!05:51
lotuspsychjeMr_Cyclops: usb hard drives are a bottleneck for speed over usb05:51
sirvwhy do u install it on external drive anyway ? .. it is best to install to internal05:52
lotuspsychjeMr_Cyclops: perhaps the ##hardware guys can more help you on this?05:52
Noobish2sirv - I'm making a temporary computer for my friend while his real computer is being repaired.05:52
Mr_Cyclopslotuspsychje, true, what if the speed isn't an issue (I don't have much to backup regularly), but just that I have enough external HDDs, so .... a random thought?05:52
sirvcyclops > very bad to use usb drives for system or for raid .... u will get data corruption or loss soon .... my personal experience05:53
Mr_Cyclopssirv, Ouch .....05:53
sirvcyclops > also for backups ... i dont trust USB .. they sometime put low quality drives in USB enclosures05:53
Mr_CyclopsI heard even the NAS solutions like Synology etc. use Linux MDM in the backend?05:53
Mr_Cyclopssirv, what would be your personal suggestion on that end?05:54
Noobish2Sirv - I did the first command and nothing happened. Was nothing supposed to happen?05:54
lotuspsychjeMr_Cyclops: lets stick to ubuntu issues in this channel only05:54
sirvnoobish > it is ok .. but u ised /dev/sdc1 right ?05:55
Noobish2Yes sirv05:55
sirvcyclops > i dont really know ... but i'am just very cautios with usb drives .. i had big data loss because i trusted usb backup05:56
sirvcyclop > the WD usb drive failed compeletely on me ,,, without any warning signs05:56
sirvcyclops > but there is OS for NAS systems .. u can build your own nas05:57
Mr_CyclopsI see, sirv thanks for sharing your experience. Looks like having 2 sets of backup is important (provided what kind of data you got)05:57
Mr_Cyclopsfail-safe for a fail-safe05:57
sirvcyclops > and i would go or ZFS filesystem05:58
Mr_CyclopsZFS .... good recovery option(s) ?05:58
Noobish2sirv - when I do grub-install /dev/sdX do I put sdc1 or just sdc?05:58
sirvjust sdc05:59
sirvcyclops ... hmm .. a drive can fail, or more drives , depending on configuration ... and the system can recover06:00
sirvcyclops > but u can add drives anytime with ZFS .. u just throw in aniother drive without any rebuilding of the system06:01
sirvcyclops > anything is better than having an USB RAID solution06:03
Noobish2Okay I messed up somewhere and now I can't restart. sudo mount /dev/dsc1 returns with mount: can't find /dev/dsc1 in /etc/fstab06:03
sirvnot dsc106:03
Noobish2.... Right.06:03
_0x7f_@Noobish2 sudo mkdir /mnt/usb ; sudo mount /dev/dsc1 /mnt/usb06:04
_0x7f_is it /dev/dsc1 !!!!06:04
_0x7f_is should /dev/sdc1 or /dev/sdb106:05
sirvsdc1 is the drive he installed ubuntu on06:05
Noobish2Special device /devsdc1 does not exist.06:06
_0x7f_run that cmmand !06:06
_0x7f_sudo fdisk -l06:06
Noobish2fdisk -lsusb?06:06
sirvnoobish u are doing the --bind commands ? there u do not use the drive .. there u use already the mounter folder /mnt/...06:07
chandanHi all, Even after invoking "apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade", i still have a 4.4 kernel on my ubuntu 16.04.1 machine06:07
chandanHow can i upgrade to a 4.8 kernel?06:07
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack06:07
xanguachandan: see above06:08
_0x7f_@chandan uname -a ????06:08
Noobish2http://pastebin.com/qxEHNE4r sirv06:09
_0x7f_@chandan pest the output , uname -a ; uname -; arch; cat /etc/issue06:10
chandan_0x7f_: It is a ppc64le machine. I am not sure if i am allowed to paste the output of 'uname -a' ... but here is 'uname -r' ...06:11
chandanroot@Ubuntu-16:~# uname -r06:11
chandanxangua: I will read up that wiki page06:11
Noobish2chandan - when in doubt, use pastebin.06:11
chandanNoobish2: I think you misunderstood my prev statement. I don't think i am allowed to share the output of 'uname -a'. Hence i shared the output of 'uname -r'06:12
Noobish2Oh okay.06:13
koen_what is system specific cron06:14
koen_what is the cron that resides in /var/spool/cron06:14
koen_and what is the difference between that and /etc/crontab06:15
Noobish2I accidentally knocked off my ext hard drive, will that do anything?06:16
chandanxangua: "apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-xenial" gives me a newer 4.4 kernel and not the 4.8 kernel06:18
_0x7f_@koen_ do not use /etc/crontab , it's used by system most of time. and the system will rewrite your configuration, if you write somthing /etc/crontab06:18
xanguachandan: try with yakketty06:18
ubottuUbuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://www.ubuntu.com/download - Read the release notes at https://ubottu.com/y/yakkety06:19
koen__0x7f_: so whenever i create cron,i use this command crontab -e.. does this write in /etc/crontab or from /var/spool/cron06:19
xangua"yakkety" I mean chandan06:19
sirvnoobish ... if u cannot install Ubuntu on internal drive, maybe it is better for your friend just to use the LIVE version06:20
sirvnoobish > when u boot the live version u can do a suspend and the again wake the computer, or he can boot the live cd everyday06:20
sirvleave him with the CD in the drive06:20
Noobish2Can he save thigns on the live CD?06:21
_0x7f_@ Kone_ /var/spool/cron it's cron default pool location06:21
sirvto the external harddrive for example yes06:21
Noobish2Alright, thanks for your help sirv!06:22
Xzhi there, question about Ubuntu live system06:23
XzI want to build persistent version - does it use squashfs, or some .iso image?06:24
_0x7f_@Xz .ISO06:25
Xz_0x7f_: can I force to use another partition on USB stick instead of ISO?06:25
Xz_0x7f_: I'm assuming I would have to modify initrd.lz06:26
_0x7f_it's not work like that06:26
Xz_0x7f_: well, initrd.lz mounts that iso and then chroots into it, right?06:26
_0x7f_dd you iso06:26
_0x7f_dd if=kali-linux-2016.2-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=64M06:28
_0x7f_read start _ < <(du -bcm kali-linux-2016.2-amd64.iso | tail -1); echo $start06:29
_0x7f_parted /dev/sdb mkpart primary $start $end06:29
Xz_0x7f_: well, I want to use live distro06:29
Xz_0x7f_: with small modification of having rootfs as a partition instead of iso06:29
tyro_1I'm a complete newbie to Ubuntu. What are some of the coolest commands I should know?06:30
Xztyro_1: poweroff06:30
_0x7f_@Xz need more info.....06:30
Xz_0x7f_: what do you mean?06:30
noobish_I figured out what was wrong. The sd number changed from sdc to sde06:30
_0x7f_@Xz what you trying to do.......06:31
Xz_0x7f_: I have very specific setup that boots in UEFI secure mode and I need to install Ubuntu on USB stick06:32
Xz_0x7f_: I already tried installing regular Ubuntu (not live version) on that stick, but UEFI doesn't boot that06:32
Xz_0x7f_: I can only get USB-live distro to boot on my machine06:32
Xz_0x7f_: so I want to customize USB-live distro to have permanent partition with rootfs on it instead of using squashfs/iso06:33
_0x7f_okayyyy...@Xz it's look i need to work on that.......06:34
Xz_0x7f_: well, it shouldn't be too dificult, right?06:34
noobish_sirv - I got it!06:35
noobish_Gonna try restarting to see if it worked.06:35
Xz_0x7f_: I could first create USB-live permanent stick, then dd the ISO that it created onto another partition and then modify initrd.lz to a) not mount that iso, b) mount another partition instead, c) chroot into that06:35
NoobishHmm... Still getting the grub rescue06:37
NoobishIt's behaving like grub didnt intsall at all06:41
bigLankyanyone run x2 NVIDIA cards on Ubuntu 16.04?06:42
_0x7f_@Noobish your MBR is gone !!!!!!!06:46
samsaraanyone here07:31
samsaraI am new07:32
=== samsara is now known as Guest68104
sisyphussamsara: what do you need?07:32
Guest68104just trying this07:32
Guest68104what is this irc for07:32
=== p is now known as Guest29142
sirvchatting about various stuff07:33
sisyphusThis IRC is to discuss Ubuntu Linux operating system07:33
Guest68104do you guys talk about Kali apps?07:33
sirvnope, just ubuntu07:34
sirvand recipes07:34
Guest68104is there a way in ubuntu to use itunes?  wine doesnt do it for m,e07:34
=== Darcy is now known as Spydar007
sisyphusGuest68104: Don't know. Probably not.07:35
Genuinedo you know the page that shows all ubuntu distros?07:36
Guest68104probably not...07:37
Guest68104I am pretty new07:37
Genuineit'll take me sometime to completely move to linux07:38
Guest68104same for me07:38
unkUse virtual box07:39
unkor some other container07:39
Guest68104how do you change the irc name? lol07:39
Guest68104guest doesnt do it for me07:39
Genuinefound the page07:39
Genuineall of these ubuntu flavours support the same hardware?07:39
Guest68104yes, I got ubuntu studio07:40
Guest68104it is awesome07:40
Guest68104got feed up by microsofts fees07:40
GenuineGuest68104, you change ur name before you enter other ways idk how xD07:40
Guest68104and updates07:40
Guest68104so now love this07:40
Genuineyeah i liked ubuntu studio too.07:40
Guest68104Thanks Genuine07:40
Genuinethere should be ubuntu gaming :P07:41
GenuineFedora is doing that07:41
Guest68104what made you switch to ubuntu?07:41
Genuineno privacy on on microsoft and android07:42
Guest92221/msg nickserv help07:42
Genuineapple is too expensive07:42
Guest68104I agree07:42
Guest68104so true07:42
Genuinei still have windows 10 on my main pc but im starting the move with this pc07:43
Guest68104haveyou tried ricochet IM?07:43
Guest68104I went cold turky with my switch07:43
Guest68104it has been interesting07:43
Guest68104happy so far07:43
Genuinelol nice07:44
Genuinei cant do that since there are games i still want to play07:44
Guest68104what do you play?07:44
Genuineastroneer, kf2, CoD and other games07:44
Guest68104I was playing call of duty today\07:45
Genuinenot the last edition i hope. that was just bad.07:45
Guest68104so you come to IRC often?07:45
Genuineno but i might because i have questions..07:46
Genuineonce im here i forget my questions tho..07:46
Guest68104good idea07:46
Genuinehow about u?07:46
Guest68104I am playing to visit07:47
Guest68104seem scool07:47
Guest68104you are cool07:48
Guest68104next time I would pick a better name...not too cool to be guest07:48
ducassethis channel is not for chatting, but ubuntu support only. if you want to chat, please register and do so in #ubuntu-offtopic07:48
Guest68104ok good to know07:48
hateball!register | Guest6810407:49
ubottuGuest68104: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.07:49
Genuinei will pm you guest07:49
Genuinedo all ubuntu flavours support the same hardware?07:52
Genuineif possible can someone direct me to which cpu architecture is supported by which ubuntu flavour?07:55
hateballGenuine: The same kernel is used in all flavors07:56
Genuinethank you very much. are ARM 32/64 architectures supported?07:57
hateballGenuine: But you have the option of using alternative kernels, like lowlatency for audio work etc07:57
ubottuARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.07:57
hateballhmmm, that is quite old07:58
Xzhi there, I just installed ubuntu full installation on USB stick; installer made UEFI partition (fat32) with stuff on it. However, my USB stick doesn't show up on UEFI boot menu. I have secure boot on. How do I debug this?07:58
Genuinewhat would you say the lightest ubuntu distro is?07:58
Xzalso, funny observation is that LIVE Ubuntu boots fine on the same system. And LIVE Ubuntu has different UEFI partition07:59
hateballGenuine: Lubuntu or Xubuntu08:00
hateballGenuine: You can just pick DE at login time, there's no need for reinstalls or such08:00
hateballIt's just a matter of what comes installed by default08:00
Genuinesweet, i was thinking of buying a celeron based laptop then install a light ubuntu distro in this case xubuntu or lubuntu..08:01
Genuinei've had a problem with this in the past though.08:01
Delphinhey guys, I have a problem with OpenVPN on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, for some reason when I go to the top "VPN Connections" and select one, it does not even try to connect, and disconnect is not highlightable either :/08:01
hateballGenuine: Google $model + ubuntu and you'll quickly see if people have had issues. With laptops it's usually crappy wifi drivers or things like backlight control, but in general you'll probably be fine with whatever08:03
Genuineseems like a problem with the newer kernels08:05
Genuinei will look into older ubuntu distros with older kernels.. is there a specific date for a new ubuntu release? not supported for nine months but for four years or around that.08:07
ducasseGenuine: lts support is 5 years08:07
hateballGenuine: the next LTS is 18.0408:08
hateballSo you'll be waiting a while08:08
ducasseGenuine: also, version numbers are year.month, so 14.04 was released in april 201408:08
Xzis there anybody here who understands secure boot?08:10
XzI'm struggling with Ubuntu install08:10
XzI'm booting fine USB-LIVE, but I cannot boot USB-FULL install08:10
Genuineoh thats alright, but thanks a lot :)08:10
Genuinei'll stick with 16.04 for now08:10
Genuinewhat's the difference between alternate installer and desktop edition? like 16.04.1 and 16.0408:12
sharpiXz, error messages?08:12
nukeu666i added some enc variables as a new sh file in profile.d, do i need to relogin for it to be read?08:12
ducasseGenuine: the alternate installer is text-based, based on the debian installer. more options etc.08:13
Genuinegot it, thanks.08:15
geirhanukeu666: yes08:35
khfeng_Xz: IIRC USB UEFI boot requires MBR instead of GPT, probably the installer make the USB GPT08:37
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Xzkhfeng_: well, let me check that08:42
CIclopsHi, I have two HDDs on my 14.04.5 system, one now has 9 bad sectors so it should be taken offline. The bad disk has the system mounted and the active swap. I moved swap to the good disk with Disks ok. Is it possible to move the system onto the good disk?08:42
ikevinCIclops, from a live session you can use dd to copy from the bad disk to the good one08:44
ikevinjust need to create an identical partition08:44
CIclopsikevin, sounds good, does dd do all that?08:45
ikevinCIclops, it do a blocks copy08:45
CIclopsis there an easier program to use08:47
noc_if there are bad sectors on the partition, won't dd fail with IO error at some point?08:47
alkisgThere's ddrescue which retries bad blocks a few times only, and continues on errors08:48
ikevinnoc_, it depend if IO come from FS error or hw error08:48
ikevinCIclops, you can use rsync too08:49
alkisgi don't think dd reads file systems, it reads blocks...08:49
ikevinalkisg, that why fs errors are not a problem for dd :)08:49
sirvbut that is not enough, the new disk needs MBR also08:50
ikevinsirv, it depend if dd is used to copy full disk or only one parition08:51
CIclopsthe new disk has an MBR08:51
ikevinCIclops, does the new disk contain any data partition?08:52
CIclopsi wanted to install the system on the new disk but somehow it ended up on the old one08:52
CIclopsikevin, yes one big partition and a swap08:53
sirvclops u say u have 14.04 .. why not just do a fresh 16.10 install ? u have any important data or configuration on the old system08:53
anddamis it possible to have python3 in 16.10 to be 3.6?08:53
ikevinCIclops, dd if=/dev/old_disk of=/dev/new_disk will copy the entire disk (partition table and mbr are included), so this will drop existing partition/datas08:53
anddamI mean in a "legit" way08:53
CIclopssirv yes i was thinking about that08:54
anddamI see python3-minimal is just relying on python3.5-minimal and there's no alternatives for it08:54
alkisgCIclops: before you do that though, make sure to disable swap in use, e.g. swapoff -a08:55
CIclopssirv, config data yes ... everything else is backed up08:55
sirvi just like to install newest version always ... if any problem occurs i install newest version08:56
sirvi do not like old versions08:56
sirvi like newest versions08:56
noc_anddam, why would you want that08:57
CIclopssirv, so i boot 16 from USB and install on new disk  ... take old disk offline in BIOS?08:57
=== jackNemrod_ is now known as jackNemrod
sirvclops > it could work like that, yes . you could leave old disk enabled also, and in bios select new disk as boot source08:59
anddamnoc_: why not?08:59
aaranHi, trying to run lightdm-gtk-greeter but I am getting the error ** (lightdm-gtk-greeter:31556): WARNING **: Unable to determine socket to daemon08:59
sirvclops > and you could install from CD08:59
geirhaanddam: The downside of a stable release cycle is that package versions are frozen, so you won't get the newest stable version of every package. The upside of a stable release cycle is that all package versions are frozen, avoiding surprises by new features introduced in newer packages08:59
anddamnoc_: there are new formatted string literals, new type hinting annotation and async generators08:59
sirvclops > or use 16.04 it has some long term support if u do not like to reinstall often09:00
anddamgeirha: I reckon that, so if the new apackage doesn't introduce new bugs it "could just work" but it's not tested or endorsed by the system09:01
anddamgeirha: btw I can install the package so I can call python3.6 and I'm already there, just wondering if there was a proper way to do that09:01
anddamI hve to say, as much as I don't like systemd, the user experience with this 16.04 I installed onto a fresh new laptop has been *amazing*09:02
sirvanddam the boot speed ?09:03
anddamseamlessy working of *everything* I could think of, so far09:03
geirhaanddam: Ah, I assumed python3.6 wasn't included in 16.10, but I see that it is. Then the typical way of making it the default python3 would be with update-alternatives(1)09:03
anddamsirv: I dont' care much about that, it's maybe 5 seconds or less to the DM login prompt09:03
anddambut I come from an habit of never shutting the computer down on macbookpro09:04
anddamgeirha: python is not managed by alternatives, I checked that and that's why I came asking09:04
sirvanddam when first came in contact with systemd i was surprised by the boot speed .. before it was like 30 seconds, now like 7 seconds09:04
anddamalso python3-minimal explicitly depends on python3.5-minimal so python3.6-minimal would not satisfy that09:05
neopsychehi all, i have an issue with hard drive space.. in home folder there are around 77 gigs shown used.. but when checking the system for that folder.. the user home folder.. it only shows about 4 gigs used in baobab?09:05
anddamsirv: I cannot get the hang of unit files structure, it seems overly complex for my needs09:05
alkisgneopsyche: it's possible that you don't have access to some of those, try with sudo baobab dir09:05
anddamis this "everything just works" an effect of Ubuntu's work or GNOME?09:05
neopsycheyes i tried with sudo also09:05
neopsychelet me try again09:06
geirhaanddam: Hm. I see. Then I'm as unsure as you :)09:06
alkisgneopsyche: what's the output of sudo du -sh /home/* ?09:06
CIclopssirv, new disk is bootable but the system is on the old (bad) drive09:06
anddamgeirha: I'll leave as it is09:06
anddamI don't *need* python3 -> python3.6, I can type the two extra chars09:06
neopsychealkisg: 73G/home/myusername09:07
tech-guywould need some support too, but don't want to bother ppl in the main channel09:07
alkisgneopsyche: and sudo baobab /home/myusername, reports only 4?09:07
sirvclclops > then maybe disable old disk in bios, u can enable it later after the installation09:07
alkisgtech-guy: ask in the channel, generally in irc people don't like private messages09:07
sirvclops . if u need to get some data from the old system09:08
Xzkhfeng_: ok, so my SSD that's internal to laptop has GPT partition table and it boots fine (win10). Next my Ubuntu-LIVE USB has partition table called 'mac' in gparted. It boots fine as well. Last one, USB with fully installed Ubuntu on it has partition table called 'msdos' in gparted - that one doesn't boot09:09
geirhaneopsyche: sudo du -haxd1 "$HOME" | sort -h09:09
ikevinneopsyche, do you include hidden files/dir when checking space?09:09
CIclopssirv, i checked BIOS new disk is the boot disk but system is on old disk09:09
Xzkhfeng_: should I do partitions ahead (e.g. GPT) and then just install ubuntu on it without partitioning anymore?09:09
tech-guyok thanks. I have 16.04 installed on my x220. Dual screens via adapter are detected, but only show black screen. i was thinking about installing the intel graphics drivers updater, but 01.org shows me the 403 error09:10
sirvclops > so what u want to do ? do a fresh 16.04 installation on new disk right ?09:10
yuuiubuntuI want add package to official ubuntu repository.How can I do it?09:11
alkisgtech-guy: did you try to lower the resolution? because some times adapters make the system mis-read the monitor information data, edid...09:12
sirvyuu what package ?09:12
alkisgXz: it sounds like your laptop only allows uefi boots, not bios/csm boots - you can configure that in the system setup, or you can install ubuntu to usb in uefi mode09:13
Xzalkisg: that's what I did09:14
akikyuuiubuntu: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Upstream09:14
yuuiubuntuIt's about linux kernel.09:14
CIclopssirv, booted 14.01.1 which has the system on the good disk :)09:14
Xzalkisg: it's weird, because I can get USB-LIVE to boot in secure mode09:14
Xzalkisg: and my full install (USB-full) doesn't boot09:14
Xzalkisg: to be honest EFI partitions look different between the two09:14
alkisgXz: what's the output of `sudo parted -l`, wrt the usb disk?09:14
alkisgXz: the normal partition table for uefi systems is gpt, not mbr09:15
aaranHi, trying to run lightdm-gtk-greeter but I am getting the error ** (lightdm-gtk-greeter:31556): WARNING **: Unable to determine socket to daemon09:15
alkisgXz: is it a usb disk or a usb stick?09:15
neopsychealksig: no in baobab GUI it shows 70+ gig or so .. but.. the subdirectories only show around 4 gigs  of files.. where are the other gigs?09:15
Xzalkisg: all USB sticks09:15
bazhangyuuiubuntu, what about the linux kernel, give us exact info09:15
sirvaaran why u try to run that ?09:15
yuuiubuntuI want to add package to official ubutu repository09:15
geirhaneopsyche: hidden files, probably09:16
neopsycheok checking09:16
alkisgneopsyche: possibly in hidden subdirectories that start with "."09:16
aaranI want to use webkit greeter and test it before I logout to make sure that its not gonna lock me out09:16
yuuiubuntuall package of linux kernel.09:16
alkisgXz: ok, the output of parted -l?09:16
geirhaneopsyche: the command I suggested should show them09:16
ducasseyuuiubuntu: the best approach would be to get it added to debian, so it can get synced in the next ubuntu release and all debian derivatives get access to it.09:16
bazhangyuuiubuntu, you want to add your own custom kernels to ubuntu official repos?09:16
Xzalkisg: http://pastebin.com/hwW62bM809:17
aarantrying to get this working https://github.com/FallingSnow/lightdm-webkit2-material209:17
neopsycheOH HOLY #**# thanks people..  its .xsesson-errors.old!09:17
Xzalkisg: that's on the USB stick with full Ubuntu installation - the one that doesn't boot09:17
neopsyche68.4GB backup file!!?!? WHY!?09:17
geirhaneopsyche: I guess you had A LOT of errors at some point09:17
Xzalkisg: wait, it's not, sorry09:17
neopsychebut i still dont know why lol.. someone call skully and mulder.09:17
anddamthe only big drawback so far with being on linux is actually a Google's fault, they don't offer linux versino of their desktop clients09:17
Xzalkisg: the one you have is from internal SSD09:18
geirhatail .xsession-errors.old09:18
anddamfor instance Drive09:18
alkisgXz: yup, waiting for the correct one...09:18
bazhangyuuiubuntu, why would you want to do that09:18
aaranany advice?09:18
neopsychethis thing is only using an 128GB SSD.. so that really freaked me out for a couple of days now.09:18
Xzalkisg: http://pastebin.com/xKFmFURS09:18
sirvaaran how did u install it ? apt ?09:19
Delphinhey guys, I have a problem with OpenVPN on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, for some reason when I go to the top "VPN Connections" and select one, it does not even try to connect, and disconnect is not highlightable either :/09:19
neopsychethanks very much all.. sometimes a person only needs others to speak to, to get a clear perspective. ;-)09:19
anddampip3 asks to be upgraded via pip3, if I do that will APT remove the file at later stage?09:19
yuuiubuntubefore answer that,I want to ask you what compiler is using to compiling the kernel?09:19
sirvneopsyche question is why so many errors in that file09:19
aarandid a git clone09:19
alkisgxz, didn't you say that it has msdos partition table? that one has gpt too...09:19
anddami.e. does APT checksums installed files or once it registered /usr/bin/pip3 with a package it will remove on unisntall even if the file changed?09:19
neopsycheDelphin.. did you install openvpn gui option I think there might be some fixes for that09:19
neopsycheDelphin.. or its a config issue.09:19
Xzalkisg: did I?09:19
Xzalkisg: that's the USB-Live that boots fine: http://pastebin.com/Bp8nWqWa09:20
neopsychesirv: yes! I know.. i did install the new intel driver update recently09:20
neopsychesirv: intel hd300009:20
alkisgXz, "Last one, USB with fully installed Ubuntu on it has partition table called 'msdos' in gparted - that one doesn't boot"09:20
bazhangyuuiubuntu, you cannot get any sort of upload rights like that, not until you become a motu09:20
yuuiubuntuwhat's motu?09:20
sirvaaran dont worry u will not get locked out .. u have always the console accessible09:20
tech-guyalkisg turning resultion down doesn't work. monitors seem like they're not even reacting to the hdmi at all09:20
akikneopsyche: here's a command which looks for files greater than 1000 megs in your current dir "find . -size +1000M"09:20
bazhang!motu | yuuiubuntu09:20
ubottuyuuiubuntu: motu is short for Masters of the Universe. The brave souls who maintain the packages in the Universe section of Ubuntu. See  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU09:20
neopsychewell. anyhow.. haha good news is that my drive is now using 16.x gigs :-D09:20
Xzalkisg: sorry, I tried installing on 2 USB sticks09:21
Xzalkisg: the other one has msdos09:21
aaranI assume if it fails with that command it would also fail at the real login screen ?09:21
Delphinneopsyche: yeah I got network-manager-openvpn-gnome installed09:21
Xzalkisg: the one you see is 64GB SanDisk with GPT09:21
alkisgXz: and which one has a problem that you need to solve?09:21
yuuiubuntuOK.Thank you.09:21
Xzalkisg: another one is 16GB SanDisk with msdos09:21
Xzalkisg: none of them boots09:21
Xzalkisg: they are both USB-FUll Ubuntu installation09:21
neopsychethanks alkisg09:21
Delphinneopsyche: but looks like I didnt have gadmin-openvpn-client installed09:21
neopsychethere ya go Delphin09:21
alkisgneopsyche: you're welcome09:21
sirvaaran i think it wil work09:22
Xzalkisg: I also have 3rd USB stick with USB-live Ubuntu install - and that one boots fine in secure mode09:22
PureVidoes anyone has a good book info for linux to start ?09:22
aaranjust a black screen09:22
Xzalkisg: I just want to install Ubuntu on USB stick and boot it in secure mode09:22
bazhangPureVi, for ubuntu yes09:22
neopsychealkisg:  issue future reference https://askubuntu.com/questions/314723/why-is-the-xsession-errors-old-file-so-big09:22
bazhangPureVi, for general try ##linux09:22
sirvaaran why u need that anyway ?09:22
bazhang!manual | PureVi09:22
ubottuPureVi: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/09:22
aaranwanted an animated login screen09:22
alkisgXz: did you install the signed kernels, or the unsigned ones?09:22
bazhang!rute | PureVi and this09:22
ubottuPureVi and this: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - https://www.andrew.cmu.edu/course/95-799/rute.pdf09:22
Xzalkisg: I used default 16.04LTS live image to install09:23
Xzalkisg: it never asked, but it asked where to put EFI bootloader09:23
Xzalkisg: so I'm assuming it's all signed09:23
yuuiubuntuHow to be a MOTU?09:23
PureVivery friendly09:23
Xzalkisg: anywa - it should bring me to grub either way, right?09:23
alkisgXz: does it boot if you disable secure boot?09:23
bazhangyuuiubuntu, read tht link I just gave you09:23
Xzalkisg: didn't try that09:23
Xzalkisg: but what's the point? if I want secure boot long term ?09:24
CIclopshow to set an old ubuntu version as the default system to boot in grub?09:24
alkisgXz: it will allow you to pinpoint the issue09:24
alkisgXz: now you don't even know if it's secure-boot related or not09:24
bazhangliu did you have an ubuntu support issue09:24
Xzalkisg: true09:25
yuuiubuntuI clicked a link, It's jumped to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers09:25
Xzalkisg: well, it looks like it's UEFI related09:25
Xzalkisg: because UEFI doesn't kick off GRUB09:25
sirvaaran i leave everything at default setting if possible09:25
Xzalkisg: if secure boot was wrong - I would get to grub and then it would say 'not booting, signature incorrect'09:26
bazhangyuuiubuntu, becoming a MOTU is a long term effort, not something done in a short time at all09:26
=== Evan is now known as Guest34414
Xzalkisg: also, I can actually boot it right after installation09:26
Xzalkisg: I can boot it multiple times until I boot win10 that sits on internal SSD09:26
Xzafter that, I think win10 overwrites some UEFI variables09:26
yuuiubuntuOh,I don't know that at all!09:27
Xzalkisg: and after that I cannot boot my Ubuntu anymore09:27
liuwhere are you09:27
bazhangliu hi09:27
sirvxz > that suxx big time09:27
bazhangliu did you have any ubuntu support questions09:27
alkisgXz: you could check the output of `efibootmgr` before and after you boot win1009:27
Xzsirv: oh yes, and funny thing is that I can always boot USB-LIVE version09:27
bazhangliu this is ubuntu support09:28
Xzalkisg: is efibootmgr efi-shell app?09:28
bazhangliu if you want to chat, then please find another channel for that09:28
sirvxz maybe it is time to remove windows and never boot it again09:28
Xzsirv: it's corporate laptop with corporate build09:28
alkisgXz: it's there in the live cd of ubuntu, but I think you should be able to check the boot sequence in efi shell too...09:28
Xzsirv: if I nix that I have nothing to do at work09:28
Xzalkisg: my UEFI doesn't have shell enabled I think09:29
sirvxz then iam surprised they allowed u to install linux ... just use the live version thenm09:29
Xzalkisg: I searched through all of the options09:29
alkisgXz: then try it from the live media09:29
neopsycheanyone else been having issues playing files from plugins exodus on kodi in ubuntu 16.0409:29
tech-guynothing else I could try?09:29
Xzsirv: I'm trying to install Linux on USB09:29
Xzsirv: so they have nothing to say about that09:29
neopsyche(standarad kodi from repo)09:29
kasadanyone got idea why this my happen: I have one ubuntu-desktop (16.04) with shared folder which is used so other windows ws's can access clients thumbdrives and not screw up their windows boxes which they normally do.. The setup works for months. Now today all of a sudden share is inaccessible09:29
kasadany tips?09:29
Xzsirv: so it's pretty much like live system, except it's full install09:30
neopsychekasad: perhaps a change in the samba filesystem plugin?09:30
neopsychekasad: especially from windows side? MS possible interference.09:30
bazhang!cn | liu09:30
ubottuliu: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw09:30
kasadneopsyche: change like something changed itself, because no one there even know how to do anything other than open that shared folder on desktop09:31
neopsycheneopsyche joins ubuntu-cn perhaps a great place to learn to type in chinese :-)09:31
sirvxz > ok and if u disconnect the usb when going to boot intio windows ? does it still mess up the instalaation ?09:31
bazhangliu again, please find another place to chat, NOT here09:32
kasadneopsyche: all windows boxes still see ubuntu box on network, no changes in configuration have been made on any box, (it was sunday, and machines were on, I accessed them remotely and didn't change a thing)09:32
neopsychekasad: updates09:32
ducasseraf_: do that in #test, please09:32
Xzsirv: look, after installing Ubuntu onto USB after it's finished I reboot the laptop and I have new entry in UEFI saying 'ubuntu'. I can boot that multiple times. Now if I just boot win10 from internal SSD (with bitlocker on it) next reboot my 'ubuntu' entry is gone from UEFI.09:32
Xzsirv: and also selecting USB from menu doesn't do shit - it just will not let me boot it09:33
liuyou are computr09:33
Xzsirv: if I use USB-LIVE stick it always boots09:33
Hanumaanhow to get lock icon in gnome-ubuntu?09:34
sirvxz maybe it is some corporate security software that removes the entry09:34
Xzsirv: I think it is bitlocker09:34
liuWhere are you all09:34
kasadneopsyche: ic, but only I do install updates (manually) and nothing was installed. they just woke me up after working on other problem whole night and I'm flabbergasted09:34
Xzsirv: but the thing is that USB-LIVE Ubuntu always boots - I just select USB stick from UEFI menu and it boots09:34
ducasse!ot | liu09:34
ubottuliu: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:34
Xzsirv: and USB-FULL Ubuntu install has that problem09:34
sirvbut when u can always boot LIVE USB then u should be able to booot any usb09:34
Xzsirv: I know09:35
neopsychekasad: auto update on windows machiens?09:35
Xzsirv: I'm sure I can boot any USB09:35
Xzsirv: it looks like installer did something wrong to EFI partition of USB-FULL stick09:35
Xzsirv: when I compare EFI partition of USB-LIVE vs USB-FULL they are different09:35
neopsychegotta run cheerz people09:35
Xzsirv: USB-FULL doesn't even have EFI/BOOT/bootx64.efi file09:35
Xzsirv: that's the one I'm expecting UEFI kicks off to start booting given entry09:36
kasadbeopsyche: yes, but there are 6 win boxes, and not on same windows version and they see all other network devices normally, or should I say network is functioning normally for everything, even see's ubuntu box, but not the shared folder09:36
sirvxz iam not export at boot issues, often have problems myself booting :) ok and when u try to boot you FULLUSB install, do you get error message ?09:36
Xzsirv: no, I get nothing09:37
Xzsirv: after selecting USB entry it comes back to selection menu09:37
Xzsirv: like it was empty stick or something09:37
Xzsirv: there is no messages09:37
sirvxz > and why u need full install ? just use liveusb ...09:37
Xzsirv: I looked for debug messages from UEFI, but there is no way in user interace to enable that09:37
liuI can not speak english09:38
Xzsirv: well, I want full to have proper system09:38
kasadneopsyche: I have epson large format printer, epson plotter, 2 xerox machines, 2 ricoh aficio machines, NAS, on that network and everything is functioning normally09:38
Xzsirv: USB-live persistent will put rootfs.iso on top of FAT3209:38
bazhangliu here is not the place to learn english, try ##english09:38
Xzsirv: and do double mount and chroot09:38
Xzsirv: that's not super reliable etc.09:38
Xzsirv: I would rather have real ext4 partition with journal09:38
Xzsirv: worst case I can do USB-live persistent09:39
sirvxz or use virtualbox on windows09:39
liupiay  QQ?09:39
Xzsirv: I want separate OS, many reasons09:39
PureViMy computer works well but shutdown & reboot doesn't work with GUI. Anyone had experienced similar issue before ?09:39
kasadbrb whilst I smash my had against the wall, they woke me up after 2 hours of sleep can't think09:39
Xzsirv: one of them being VPN/proxy by default09:39
Xzsirv: only way to browse anonymously is to tunnel09:40
Xzsirv: corporate build sucks09:40
sirvthat is downside working for corporation09:41
Xzsirv: so there is this file EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI that exists on LIVE-USB and doesn't exist on FULL-USB09:42
Xzsirv: I think that's the reason09:42
sirvxz maybe try other distro ?09:42
Xzsirv: only ubuntu and fedora support secure boot09:42
sirvok then try to copy the file09:42
Xzsirv: tried fedora live already - didn't even have built-in wifi drivers09:42
Xzsirv: gave up on that09:42
Xzsirv: I don't want project distro09:42
Xzsirv: I want OS that will just work out of the box09:42
Xzsirv: don't want to spend every day fixing damn OS09:43
sirvxz so when u boot windows, what do u think changes ? something on the USB stick ?09:45
Xzsirv: nope, bitlocker changes UEFI variables09:45
Xzsirv: to default ones09:45
the-listenermsg Hello09:45
sirvUEFI variables are stored where ?09:45
Xzsirv: I jus found a bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/136654609:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1366546 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu doesn't provide \EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI for UEFI systems" [Undecided,Triaged]09:45
Xzsirv: I think it's mine09:46
Xzsirv: because if boot-entry is in UEFI variables, my USB-FULL boots fine (that's the case right after Ubuntu installation)09:46
Xzsirv: but then when I boot win10 -> get UEFI variables reset to default values -> EFI doesn't have boot entry for ubuntu anymore09:46
the-listenerI am a beginer in open soure development ,can anybody tell me how can i contribute to ubuntu??09:47
Xzsirv: so it should look for /EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.efi file but it doesn't exist there, so no boot scenario occurs09:47
Xzthe-listener: fix that one: g that is affecting me.09:47
XzI have a Lenovo Carbon 2. During about half the kernel updates in Utopic, the computer subsequently refused to boot. AT ALL.09:47
ducasse!contribute | the-listener09:47
ubottuthe-listener: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu09:47
the-listenerducasse i didn't understand09:48
ducassethe-listener: read the links ubottu gave you09:48
sirvand this file /EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.efi should be on the usb drive ? then copy it there09:49
SpeirosGood evening people.  I'd like to know some terminal commands regarding groups and users.  1) How do I add a group?  2) How do I add an existing user to this group? 3) How do I see what groups are in my system?  Thanks:)09:49
the-listenerducasse : what do you mean by !contribute .can you elaborate09:49
ducassethe-listener: it triggers ubottu to give you those links, just read them09:50
bazhangthe-listener, read the link it gave09:50
the-listenerducasse ,bazhang thank you very much09:51
BreakingNewsearth is under attack09:54
BreakingNewsby trannies from outer space!09:54
PureVida f*ck09:54
sirvbreaking > i think armageddon will come soon09:54
Speiroslol...fair dinkum eh.09:55
srulihow can i make a keyboard shortcut work while screen is locked? (i made a shortcut to exec script and poweroff, if screen is locked i down want to need to login to shutdown...)09:57
=== jackNemrod_ is now known as jackNemrod
ubottuTo contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu10:01
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu the-listener read that link10:02
SpeirosActually, I have the answer to the first of the three questions, but if anyone can help me with the adding an existing user to the group, and how to see what groups I have, I'd appreciate it.10:03
GladiaTeurHello there can this crontab * 4 2 * * root reboot >/dev/null 2>&1 work on ubuntu or is it wrong one?10:04
ikevinGladiaTeur, look like ok, just recommand to use /sbin/reboot instead of reboot only10:05
GladiaTeurikevin like this * 4 2 * * root /sbin/reboot >/dev/null 2>&1 but the old one didn't reboot it yet it's now 4 days and this crontab time is 2 days and half10:06
ikevinGladiaTeur, the rules is "every minuts between 4h and 5h every 2 of mounth"10:08
ikevinso, next reboot will be the 02/02/2017 at 4h0010:08
neopsychehi all. im having problems mounting usb drive.. it seems to mount then unmount immediately10:09
ikevinneopsyche, does dmesg show you some errors?10:09
GladiaTeurikevin Oh so i need to be just for 2 days and half reboot at 2 or 3pm10:09
braggithow can i install a kernel from an older release?10:10
neopsycheikevin: [ 1588.897290] sd 18:0:0:0: [sdb] No Caching mode page found10:10
neopsyche[ 1588.897305] sd 18:0:0:0: [sdb] Assuming drive cache: write through10:10
neopsyche[ 1588.927203]  sdb: sdb110:10
neopsyche[ 1588.930772] sd 18:0:0:0: [sdb] Attached SCSI removable disk10:10
ikevinGladiaTeur, 0 3 * * */2 root /sbin/reboot &>/dev/null10:11
ikevinGladiaTeur, this will reboot at 3h00 every 2 days10:11
GladiaTeurThank you i appreciate ikevin10:11
ikevinneopsyche, no "usb disconnect" after that?10:11
ikevinGladiaTeur, your welcome10:12
WheempIn here that i can ask questions about Canonical and openstack?10:12
neopsycheikevin: strange yes its not showing in nautilus10:12
braggithow to install older kernel?10:13
ikevinneopsyche, does manual mount work?10:13
chandanFor the 16.04.2 enablement kernel (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack), from which location can i download the debug version of the kernel?10:13
neopsycheikevin i dont know10:14
ikevinneopsyche, try it :)10:14
neopsychein 'disks' it shows up10:15
WheempIf anyone is up for a few questions feel free to contact me when you have the time. got issues with juju installation after maas installations.10:15
bazhangWheemp, ask in the channel10:17
ikevinneopsyche, this can be a mounting error, if yes, you will show it when mounting manualy10:17
bazhangif someone knows, they will respond10:17
the-listener! contribute10:18
ubottuTo contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu10:18
bazhangthe-listener, /msg ubottu for that10:18
bazhangthe-listener, instead of repeatedly doin g it here10:18
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Delphinneopsyche: turns out this fixed it https://duckduckgo.com/?q=%22device+not+managed%22+ubuntu&t=h_&atb=v45-7&ia=qa   my NetworkManager.conf was set to managed=false and I only needed to change it to managed=true  :)10:19
WheempAnyone has a guide for juju installations without autopilot, on 14.04 or 16.04 doesn't really matter. Got it working with autopilot but i don't want to use that for a productions envionrment. Its an openstack installation with 11 nodes10:19
the-listenerbazhang:sorry for being repeatative10:19
bazhang /msg ubottu contribute the-listener10:20
SpeirosI have to say: being in here is really an education, even if I forget 90% of it straight off the bat if I don't practice it (or write it down).  I appreciate all your input.  Hopefully I'll be a bit more  helpful as time goes on, when I have the time to help out too, but definitely after having more experience.10:20
neopsycheikevin how to mount manually?10:21
ikevinneopsyche, mkdir ~/tmp && sudo mount /dev/sdb1 ~/tmp10:21
ikevinif no error, see if your files are in ~/tmp10:22
neopsychedelphin: ok cool10:22
ikevin~ = your home10:22
Stopostitwoops x) sorry10:23
=== pjm6_ is now known as pjm6
neopsycheikevin when i try to mount i can see it 'flashes' the LED.. but still nothing in nautilus10:25
pjm6Good morning10:25
pjm6anyone here know how can I change the interfaces names of networking? I have somethign like enp2s0 and I wanted to have eno* how I have in others servers10:26
ikevinneopsyche, if you mount manualy, you will not see it in nautilus, so, in your home you will have a "tmp" directory with your content10:27
sirvpjm6 i have that problem also .. but i just keep it like it is ... leave it at default .. not want to break anything10:27
neopsycheikevin:  testdisk = Warning: Bad ending sector (CHS and LBA don't match)10:27
soshello :D10:27
neopsycheNo partition is bootable10:27
pjm6i was trying to see in udev rules file but  dont have udev rules10:27
sirvpjm6 u think it is so important ?10:28
ikevinneopsyche, why using testdisk?10:28
sirvpjm6 did u try to google ?10:29
bazhangsirv, never suggest that here10:30
pjm6sirv: yes, because I have an ansible playbook that use the same net interface10:30
neopsycheikevin: formatted to ntfs, now it sees it10:30
sirvbazhang why not ?:)10:30
pjm6sirv: yes I did, but I found only solution for ubuntu 14.04 and CentOS10:30
bazhangsirv, this is not how we give advice here10:30
pjm6I also see that I can use the grub to disable that10:30
Ben64pjm6: what's wrong with enp2s010:30
pjm6Ben64: I'm using the deployment of OpenStack10:31
pjm6and I need that my compute nodes use the same network interface10:31
Ben64that doesn't make any sense10:31
sirvbazhang really ? is there reason for that ?10:31
pjm6I know that I can disable this by using grub10:31
Ben64change the thing to use enp2s010:31
sirvpkm6 > look i found this http://askubuntu.com/questions/767786/changing-network-interfaces-name-ubuntu-16-0410:32
sirvpjm u have to create this file etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules10:32
pjm6sirv: thanks I tried that but didn't work10:33
pjm6What I can try is again is change the grub10:33
Ben64pjm6: or just change the thing you're using to use the proper interface instead of trying to kludge it10:33
pjm6Ben64: the problem is that my other compute nodes have as interface name eno1, eno2, eno3,(etc..)A10:33
Ben64how is that a problem10:34
cybex_hi all: I have a memory quesion, running "free-m' gives output: +/- 8Gb totol, 5.2G used, 2.5 G ram  cache, free 1.1G. Why is the cache so high? How can I "lower" it?10:34
pjm6Ben64: the problem is that my other compute nodes (with same Ubuntu version) have another interface name10:34
Ben64again, how is that a problem10:34
Ben64cybex_: unused ram is wasted ram, cache will go down if something else needs memory, don't worry10:35
pjm6everytime I deploy the new configurations, I must go to the compute nodes that have the incorrect interface name and change it manually10:35
Ben64yes do that10:35
cybex_pjm6: I am not sure if this will help, I recall using a function to change the interface name. If a  name change is all you need, search "change interface name"10:35
pjm6imagine: node1 to node20 (has interface starting with eno1), node20 to node40 (has interface starting with ensp0)10:36
pjm6cybex_: thanks never searched for that :)10:36
Ben64alternatively, turn off the predictable names altogether and use eth0 or whatever10:36
sirvpjm6 why u have so many nodes ?10:36
pjm6with this option GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="net.ifnames=0 biosdevname=0"10:36
pjm6 , right Ben64 ?10:36
pjm6sirv: it's a cluster for running VMs10:37
cybex_Ben64: Any idea what is loaded into the cache that takes up so much space? It seems...abnormal10:37
Ben64cybex_: all sorts of stuff to make things faster. why is it a problem? if it stays empty it's a waste10:38
cybex_Ben64: true :p thanks10:39
cybex_pjm6: A suggested read: http://askubuntu.com/questions/689070/network-interface-name-changes-after-update-to-15-10-udev-changes or10:39
cybex_this is what I was refering too, hope it helps10:40
pjm6thanks cybex_ , once I tried to create the file 70-persistent-rules (that existed in the Ubuntu 14.04) and no success :\ but i will read this, thank you =)10:41
cybex_not a problem, glad to help10:41
Zeljkoanyone know how to start this script : https://github.com/phukd/muhstik10:42
sirvzeljko > it is for spammers ?10:43
Zeljkosirv its something like clone bots script10:44
Zeljkoi need that on my serv, but i dont know how it starts10:44
sirvjust run the executable ./muhstik10:44
cybex_interesting that the servers file contains a freenode address...mmm10:45
Ben64it could be bad software10:46
Ben64yeah looks bad10:47
hstlBen64, what looks bad?10:47
Ben64the script10:47
anddamwhat's the proper pasteboard client to use in GNOME?10:55
anddamin order to copy from stdin10:55
CaptainMehulHello, I have Ubuntu 12.10 installed, and i want to upgrade it but i am getting this error  Failed to update repositories, please check your internet connection10:56
CaptainMehulHow do i solve this10:56
Ben64!eolupgrade | CaptainMehul10:56
ubottuCaptainMehul: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades10:56
Ben64but really, would be best to install 16.04 fresh10:56
Ben64instead of doing a bunch of eol upgrades10:57
k1l_CaptainMehul: 12.10 is dead long  time. and since you will have to do 3 upgrades repeatedly to get to a supported ubunut release i suggest you a reinstall10:57
CaptainMehulOk i will reinstall then. Thank you!10:58
yuuiubuntuHow to be a MOTU? Packaging a lot?10:58
yuuiubuntuHow to be a MOTU? Packaging a lot?10:58
yuuiubuntuHow to be a MOTU? Packaging a lot?10:59
k1l_!motu | yuuiubuntu10:59
ubottuyuuiubuntu: motu is short for Masters of the Universe. The brave souls who maintain the packages in the Universe section of Ubuntu. See  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU10:59
yuuiubuntuHow to be a MOTU? Packaging a lot?10:59
* FinalX was kinda waiting for the kill.. didn't get disappointed10:59
k1l_well, if he is gonna be so annoying i doubt he will become a motu10:59
Speirosa mofo maybe10:59
FinalXmore like SOTU10:59
=== simon__ is now known as bkoala
SpeirosShould I retype the questions I typed almost an hour ago?11:00
k1l_Speiros: yes11:01
SpeirosGood evening people.  I'd like to know some terminal commands regarding groups and users.  1) How do I add an existing user to this group? 2) How do I see what groups are in my system?  Thanks:)11:01
SpeirosOops, forgot to delete the intro.11:01
neopsycheargh unetbootin11:03
Ben64"adduser username group" to add username to a group11:03
k1l_Speiros: compgen -g11:03
k1l_ to list the groups11:03
SpeirosBen64 and k1l_ Awesome.  Thanks.  I'll go try, and see how they go.11:03
SpeirosBen64 and k1l_ Excellent.  I successfully added a user to the group I'd named, but the group search, although listing many other groups, including one I'd made, didn't list the one into which the person I added into.  It is named as a group, and I can see it with grep <groupname> /etc/passwd though.11:08
k1l_Speiros: relogin11:11
Speirosk1l_ Ok, cool.11:11
Speirosk1l_ Worked a charm.  Thanks, and Ben64 too:)11:12
Zeljkohttps://github.com/phukd/muhstik  > someone help me how to start this script via ssh ? thanks.11:23
ppfZeljko: just start it?11:24
ppfwhat's the issue?11:24
Zeljkoppf i dont know how to start it11:24
ppf!pm Zeljko11:24
geirhaWhat you linked to is a repository. It's not a script11:24
Zeljkogeirha than what is it ?11:25
ppf!pm | Zeljko11:25
ubottuZeljko: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.11:25
sysadminim not able to work with metacharacter commands11:25
sysadminplease help11:25
geirhaa directory containing many different files ...11:25
Ben64it's a irc spambot, probably not appropriate here11:26
ZeljkoBen64 its bot script you are in right, i need that for my serv11:26
Zeljkoi need to know how it starts11:26
sysadminill bomb you all11:26
sysadminif you dont help me11:26
sysadminyouve been compromised11:26
Ben64Zeljko: it's probably illegal, but have fun. figure it out on your own.11:26
pjm6cybex_: the trick of creating /etc/udev/rules.d/10-network.rules file works :)11:28
pjm6thank you11:28
namjilhi all, do people know about packetfence?11:29
chalcedonymy husband's ubuntu 16.04 failed to boot to a login - it shows his username but not the box to type his password. i told him to use ctrl-alt-del and restart it.. he got a box that says he might want to save first with an X in the top left corner, but no [yes] [no] or [save].. it just goes away and doesn't reboot11:43
chalcedonysomeone else said he heard about the no ctrl-alt-del - but how do we fix it?11:44
ppfchalcedony: if you just wish to reboot: hit ctrl+alt+f1 to get another tty. login there and type reboot11:45
chalcedonyppf ok ty how about the no login bar?11:45
reinosoHi. I'm trying to install Lubuntu in a laptop that had windows before. It is an AIRIS N920, very old. "WARNING: PAE disabled. Use parameter 'forcepae' to enable at your own risk! This kernel requires the following features not present on the CPU: pae. Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU11:48
ppfchalcedony: i assume you're using lightdm. check its various logs in /var/log/lightdm11:48
ppfand paste anything suspicious11:49
chalcedonyno idea what light dm is i'll see if he knows11:49
ppfthat's the purple default login thingy that ubuntu ships11:50
chalcedonypdf ah ok thanks.. he seems happy now, but ill save this in case it happens again11:52
chalcedonythank you again :)11:52
BluesKajHi all11:58
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soupnanodesukarThe winedri3 ppa has the wine2.0 binaries in /opt as of a day or so ago.  No wonder my game shortcuts don't work. ;_;12:01
=== _salem is now known as salem_
SpeirosOk people.  Thanks for your help, and see you next time.12:08
manraptorciao a tutti12:15
manraptorciao a tutti12:16
manraptorita 201612:16
k1l_!it | manraptor12:17
ubottumanraptor: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:17
manraptorciao cube12:17
manraptordevo scaricare un film12:17
k1l_manraptor: no warez here12:18
manraptorok grazie12:18
srulihow can i make a keyboard shortcut work while screen is locked? (i made a shortcut to exec script and poweroff, if screen is locked i dont want to need to login to shutdown...)12:21
soupnanodesukarsruli: alt-ctrl-f1 will still work in lockscreens, as for global shortcuts well X11 grabs the keyboard and lockscreen wouldn't be a lockscreen if shortcuts like that worked.12:27
srulisoupnanodesukar: yes, i guess my question is if its possible to configure an exeption12:28
soupnanodesukarsruli: I don't think so Tim.12:28
k1l_sruli: i guess its not allowed due to security reasons.12:29
bongjoviCan anyone help me installing nginx? How can I resolve this error?12:38
bongjovinginx-core : Depends: nginx-common (= 1.10.0-0ubuntu0.16.04.4) but 1.10.2-3+xenial4 is to be installed12:38
bongjoviE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.12:38
soupnanodesukarbongjovi: resolve it in aptitude12:38
k1l_bongjovi: can you show the output url of "sudo apt update && apt-cache policy nginx-common nginx-core | nc termbin.com 9999" in here?12:39
bongjovik1l_: http://termbin.com/43m512:41
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k1l_bongjovi: your PPA in use is ruining the dependencies12:41
ppfyou've got some ppa that's conflicting with the main repos12:42
bongjoviah yeah I thought that might be it12:42
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k1l_!ppa-purge | bongjovi12:42
ubottubongjovi: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html12:42
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Foosteron a stock ubuntu 16.04 machine (4.4.0-59-generic) I did apt-get install linux-image-extra-4.4.0-59-generic and the installation fails due to "update-initramfs: not found"12:44
Foosterany ideases?12:44
bongjovik1l_: probably this one right? nginx-ubuntu-stable-xenial.list12:44
k1l_bongjovi: use ppa-purge12:46
ppfFooster: dpkg -l  initramfs-tools12:46
bongjovik1l_: okay, I ran ppa-purge nginx/stable12:47
Foosterppf: you want to see the output?12:47
ppfFooster: yes12:47
rejnshello, i'm wondering why ubuntu sometimes takes so long to connect to wireless network whereas android, or windows can easily and quicly reconnect to same network. For example if i try to reconnect to wireless in ubuntu i'm at first a few times disconnected before connection succeeds and this can last up to 10minutes and sometimes doesnt manage to connect at all12:47
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Foosterii  initramfs-tool 0.122ubuntu8 all          generic modular initramfs generat12:47
bongjovinow I have this instead: http://termbin.com/wkg912:47
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ppfFooster: ls /usr/sbin/update-initramfs12:48
bongjovik1l_: thanks very much, was able to install nginx successfully12:48
Foosterppf: that is there12:48
k1l_bongjovi: np12:48
Foosterso I guess /usr/sbin isn't in my path for reasons12:49
HoloIRCUserHello all12:50
ppfFooster: add it and try again?12:50
Foosterppf: thx, that fixes it. So on another machine I faked it out by creating a fake script. Can I force the package to rebuild with the correct one?12:50
ppftry apt install --reinstall12:50
Foosterapt-get install --reinstall -y linux-image-extra-4.4.0-59-generic seems to work12:51
Foosterppf: thx12:52
HoloIRCUserI faced one of measure issue with Ubuntu server 16.04. I have installed Ubuntu 16.04 recently with some additional package like webmin , ur backup.. but after one month I saw all packages ,data, settings was removed automatically . Help me12:52
HoloIRCUserHow that happened?12:53
HoloIRCUserAny help12:53
k1l_!webmin | HoloIRCUser12:54
ubottuHoloIRCUser: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.12:54
HoloIRCUserBut why urbackup also removed and data.12:55
k1l_HoloIRCUser: we cant know what webmin does why.12:56
HoloIRCUserDo you tell alternative of webmin that support Ubuntu12:56
ppfi'm looking for a way to treat mouse click-and-hold as just a click12:57
ppfhow do i enable that?12:58
ppfis that a WM feature?12:58
ppfor can i do that through X?12:59
ppf('cause this is a kiosk-type system running matchbox)12:59
HoloIRCUserCan anyone tell me alternative of webmin for Ubuntu12:59
anddamin graphical session the dock won't suddenly autohide anymore, I tried switching the setting off and on again a couple times to na avail13:01
anddamis there anything I can try before I logout and start a new session?13:01
anddamapp windows are maximizing behind the dock13:01
anddampretty annoying13:01
k1l_HoloIRCUser: there are not really any. some projects have own ones but they dont share them. most admins use the cli to manage servers.13:01
HoloIRCUserIs Ubuntu support cli13:04
HoloIRCUserOkay it is command line interface13:05
HoloIRCUserI want graphical interface to manage samba share13:06
HoloIRCUserOn Ubuntu13:06
ikevinHoloIRCUser, there is a lot of gui to manage samba13:07
ikevinHoloIRCUser, in my case, using Nemo, i just need to right click on a directory and go to "share options" menu13:08
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HoloIRCUserI need to manage with web GUI13:10
xenopi have a problem13:10
xenopcan you help ?13:11
xenopi setup ubuntu mate on rassperry pi 3 model b13:11
xenopbut dont play video on youtube by firefox13:11
=== Spontex is now known as Guest31524
xenopthe video freezing13:12
xenophow is this problem solved ?13:12
ppfdoes evdev's DragLockButtons do what i'm looking for?13:13
Guest58650did you use htlm5 oder flash on youtube ?13:13
ppfor is that kinda the opposite behaviour?13:13
ikevinHoloIRCUser, iirc, webmin provide a samba module13:13
ppfthe documentation of evdev events is surprisingly sparse13:15
ikevinxenop, try with midori13:17
ikevinxenop, firefox is a browser that need a lot of ressources13:18
bq_how to set up ipsec/l2tp vpn client on ubuntu?13:26
Hanumaanwhen a package installed with either apt or dpkg how to know where all the files are stored? I am looking for shared libraries of libboost pkages library files13:50
ppfdpkg -L <package>13:51
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jinkApparently, it's been too long since I last did anything with Ubuntu.  eth0 is now ens3, so far, so good.  I'm looking for guidance towards adding an extra ip and configuring ipv6.  This is server 16.10.13:51
ppfjink: what's the specific problem13:52
jinkppf: I can't seem to configure an extra interface (eth0:0?) and ipv6.13:52
ppfalright, why not?13:53
jinkI'm guessing it should be ens3:0 ?13:53
ppfprobably :)13:54
jinkppf: Do I configure my ipv6 on the interface, or the virtual, or both?13:55
k1ljink: the kernel(or was it systemd) changed to the new naming scheme for network devices some time ago and ubuntu and debian did that change recently, too.13:55
ppfone address per NIC13:55
ppf*and per addressing scheme (aka v4 v. v6)13:56
jinkOk, so I have no idea what I changed, but it seems to work now.  I think I broke it somewhere along the line, and flushing everything seems to've helped.  Both ipv6 addresses do end up on ens3, though.  But the ipv4 goes to ens3 and ens3:0 .13:57
ppfjink: fwiw, if you want to have multiple addresses for a nic, there's no need to create aliases13:58
jinkppf: Well, it's a single nic, obviously.  Can I just repeat the "address" section on an iface?13:59
ppfno, one iface block per address alias14:00
ppfcheck out man interfaces14:01
jinkThen what aliases do you mean in "multiple addresses for a nic, there's no need to create aliases"?14:01
jinkI'll check the man page.14:01
ppfinterface aliases14:02
ppfis what i meant there14:02
jinkAh, ok, I thought you meant ensx:y14:03
rifterokay I forgot and can't find the right answer - what packages do I need to install to be able to use opengl in a program?  I did install mesa-utils and glxinfo gave an error "Error: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig"14:03
ppfjink: i did, that's an interface alias14:04
jinkppf: Then I don't get it.  Run this by me again, if you will.  I can't have more than 1 address on an iface.  But I can repeat "iface esn0 inet static \ adress ..."  ?14:05
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ppfyou can have multiple addresses on one NIC. the legacy way was to create a 'virtual' NIC (ens0:1) and configure it. today, with ip, you can directly configure multiple addresses, by repeating the iface stanza14:07
jinkppf: I guess I'm too used to ifconfig. :)14:07
jinkYes, got it.14:07
jinkThanks for your help.14:07
tatertotsrifter: are you chatting from the computer right now?14:08
riftertatertots, yeah and I forgot to mention I am on lubuntu 16.10 (but the instructions should be the same as for other ubuntus)14:09
tatertotsrifter: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit14:09
tatertotsrifter: let me know once it's completed14:10
rifterok I will do that now14:10
rifterboth are now installed tatertots14:11
rifteramong other things that got pulled in with them14:11
tatertotsrifter: in terminal>        inxi -Fxxrzc0|pastebinit14:11
tatertotsrifter: press enter         share url/link here14:12
riftertatertots, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23893758/14:13
tatertotsrifter: in terminal>        cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log|pastebinit14:14
tatertotsrifter: press enter         share url/link here14:14
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rifterthere you go tatertots14:16
k1lits an old SIS card. they are a real pain to work with14:17
rifteris that going to be part of it? hat you need a 3d driver?14:17
rifterer I mean a proprietary one or whatever14:17
k1l"There is no DRI/OpenGL/3D support for the SiS 6326, 5597/5598, 530/620, 315, 550, 650, 651, 740, 330, 661, 741, 760, 761 including all model variations with letters in the model number."14:18
tatertotsrifter: the module for your video card failed to load properly14:18
rifterthere you go. Oh well14:18
rifterI guess I wil have to leave that for a real machine :) thanks guys14:20
tatertotsrifter: those old sis cards aren't going to net impressive 2d/3d performance14:20
rifterI forgot what the built in graphics were on this14:20
rifterwell yeah, but I mean to use it for pretty light stuff like dosbox and fceux14:20
rifterthe only impressive thing about this machine is what I can do on it at all :)14:21
tatertotsrifter: (WW) Warning, couldn't open module sis14:21
tatertotsrifter: (EE) Failed to load module "sis" (module does not exist, 0)14:21
riftertatertots, I thought what kil was pointing to is a nonexistence of the kind of drivers I'd need14:22
sirvi still have an 3dfx card that has 2d graphics passthru14:22
tatertotsrifter: nonexistence goes right along with the error in your logs (EE) Failed to load module "sis" (module does not exist, 0)14:24
rifterwhat about sdl video14:26
riftercan I still do that?14:26
rifteroh looks like I have sdl libraries installed already14:29
rifteranyway thanks guys14:30
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heftigwhere can i find old versions that were in xenial-updates but are no longer?14:43
noc_heftig, http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/14:45
heftignoc_: apparently those only contain old ubuntu releases, not old packages for current releases14:47
heftigI need libglib2.0-0-dbg 2.48.1-1~ubuntu16.04.114:47
Innokentywith the debian packages fit on ubuntu14:49
heftigthey might. not in general, though14:50
velisany /boot experts here? Having a hard time installing open-iscsi to initrd.img: the postinst script (from the .deb package) uses some utilities that are only available in full ubuntu install, but not in the /boot initrd.img. Are there any guides on how one installs software in there? (talking about placement of files / configuration, not unpacking / repacking the image file)14:53
=== nat__ is now known as Natkeeran
tatertotsvelis: open-iscsi should be simple to install, it's in the ubuntu repositories even, i'm sure there exists plenty of documentation on "usage"14:57
velistatertots: yes, it's easy. but not to /boot. I don't know how to install it into /boot14:58
tatertotsvelis: without having elaborated on your goal or intentions after installation of open-iscsi, are you %100 certain you even need to?14:59
velisno, I'm not14:59
anddamhow's the Launcher process called? I'd like to force-restart it15:00
velisbut installing ubuntu to an iSCSI volume with /boot placed on a small local ssd, I'm left with an unbootable computer because the iSCSI  volume doesn't mount15:00
tatertotsvelis: so it's probably best to share what you are trying to accomplish,15:00
tatertotsvelis: what size is your lun?15:01
ZenSounds like he needs the iSCSI drivers available at boot time15:01
velistatertots: does my above post explain it sufficiently? I don't have PXE available, so I'm using a very small local storage for /boot and the main storage is supposed to be iSCSI15:01
velisalso, what Zen said15:01
tatertotsvelis: what size is your lun?15:01
velis4 TB15:02
mcphailvelis: don't know if it will help in your case, but the usual way to install for exotic boot setups is to do the install from the CD, then chroot into your installed system from the live CD and install whatever package you need and then try to boot your system. I need to do this to install bcache-tools, for example15:02
velisI considered this, but would this not install open-iscsi to the iSCSI volume and not to the /boot initrd.img?15:04
tatertotsvelis: have you been able to present the lun to ubuntu and view/manage it's content? yes or no or "i have not tried"?15:04
veliseverything works, except it mounting during boot. Boot doesn't mount the volume and therefore drops to initramfs prompt15:05
nicomachusI'm doing a backup of my /home folder to get ready to do a fresh reinstall. Anything I should backup outside of /home/?15:05
tatertotsvelis: is it waiting on a network connection to be established possibly?15:06
velisI don't think so. There's nothing in the initramfs that would suggest open-iscsi being setup. The error messages being printed out before it drops to prompt are exactly that: volume not found15:07
BluesKajnicomachus, is /home on a separate partition?15:08
nicomachusBluesKaj: no.15:08
nicomachusThe only partitions here are ubuntu and Windows, and I'm wiping out Windows finally. So just gonna do it with a fresh install15:09
BluesKajnicomachus, recommend you use separate partitions for / and /home, then whmn you do an up grade or new install, you install to / and merely set the  mountpoint for  /home using manual partitoning. This method save all your config files for desktop and default aps etc15:11
nicomachusBluesKaj: I want to redo all of that anyway.15:12
BluesKajscuse the typos15:12
nicomachusbut I do see the advantage and your point.15:12
BluesKajteah then this would be a good time to set up the partitions15:12
BluesKajsaves a lot of work in the long run15:13
ducassenicomachus: you might want to backup /etc, in case you need to see how you changed some config15:13
nicomachusducasse: good call.15:15
ducassenicomachus: you haven't got any vm images or containers under /var?15:16
nicomachusnot on this puter15:16
alkisgvelis: I don't know about open-iscsi, but I do know about other boot methods like nbd, nfs etc. So, if you run `dpkg -L open-iscsi | grep /usr/share/initramfs-tools`, you'll see if it puts anything inside the initramfs or not15:17
alkisgvelis: or, find /usr/share/initramfs-tools -iname '*scsi*'15:18
BluesKajhey ducasse , good suggestion about /etc , that should save some work as well :-015:18
BluesKajerr :-)15:18
velistrying now, thanks15:18
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alkisgvelis: I see in its file list that it does put stuff into the initramfs: http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/i386/open-iscsi/filelist15:20
ducasseBluesKaj: easier than needing to look up how to configure something all over again :)15:20
velisalkisg: dpkg -L shows one  initramfs-tools hook & one script15:21
BluesKajducasse, yeah like /etc/openvpn crts and .ovpn files15:22
alkisgvelis: right, the hooks copies stuff into the initrd.img, and then the script starts it on boot15:22
alkisgvelis: when you get to the busybox prompt, do you see /sbin/iscsistart ?15:22
velisyou mean at install time?15:22
alkisgvelis: at update-initramfs time, when you install or update kernels15:22
alkisgvelis: and sure, at iscsi package installation time15:23
velisno, I mean: I had all this set up when I started ubuntu installation. But the resulting /boot image does not have any of that15:23
alkisgvelis: they are compressed inside initrd.img15:24
alkisgvelis: you cannot see them with plain ls15:24
velisI know15:24
velisI decompressed it15:24
velisand it has nothing15:24
alkisgvelis: no /sbin/iscsistart there?15:24
velisrelated to open-iscsi, i mean15:24
velisexcept the kernel modules15:24
alkisgvelis: try to run `update-initramfs -u`, and then run cpio to unzip, and check again15:25
veliswhile I have the chroot into the install?15:25
alkisgvelis: what chroot?15:25
velisRight now I'm typing this from a livecd session15:26
velisfrom within this session I can mount the iscsi volume as well as the /dev/sda1 (/boot)15:26
alkisgvelis: eh ok then, chroot into it and run update-initramfs there, although you might need to specify the kernel then if it's not the same15:26
alkisgCheck for error messages while doing so15:27
velispresumably I'd be running update-initramfs against the installed image, not against the livecd session?15:27
velisno, kernel is the same15:27
velisI can even restart the procedure from scratch, there's nothing here yet15:27
alkisgno need to15:27
alkisgTry chrooting, yes15:27
alkisgIf you see error messages, mention them15:28
velisok, but it will take some time15:28
alkisgupdate-initramfs should take a few seconds15:29
velisyes, but I don't currently have the iSCSI volume attached. I need to account for the new initiator ID in the target and mount it15:29
alkisgvelis: btw, why iscsi instead of e.g. nbd or nfs?15:30
C0r3Hey somebody please guide me recover my data. I lost my data in a partition.15:30
ikevinC0r3, use testdisk :)15:31
C0r3ikevin: How to do that?15:32
ikevinC0r3, umount your disk, do a testdisk /dev/your_disk15:32
ikevinC0r3, you will find a step by step howto here: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step15:33
C0r3ikevin: I just installed it using sudo apt install testdisk15:33
velisalkis: because I don't know nbd or nfs. I figured iSCSI would be the best way, but since you mention these two, I might also give them a go. The primary idea here is to use my small local storage also as cache for the iSCSI volume. The primary objective being to have all storage cetralised15:40
velisanyway, I attached the iSCSI volume, bot now LVM won't map the logical volumes there. It recognises them fine, but won't create the appropriate /dev/ mappings15:41
LachezarHey all. Got a bigger monitor to attach to my laptop, but: when I close the lid, the screen stays on (good), but if I lock my laptop I can only unlock it with the lid up. How come?15:43
* Lachezar is using Xubuntu 16.1015:43
velisalkis: ok, this is the point where I'm to stumped: I mounted the iSCSI partition (btrfs), but it's empty?!?!?15:51
velisat this point I'm just scratching all of it and redoint the install15:51
velisI will attempt your suggestions to see if I make it any further15:51
ducassevelis: nfs would be a whole lot simpler, and more tested15:53
velisbut isn't nfs a network file protocol, such as SMB?15:53
ducassevelis: yes, do you need block?15:54
velisyes, wikipedia suggests it is: I'm aiming for a block protocol that can be cached15:54
nicomachuscan't seem to get this USB to boot. idk why. I get busybox and it says there's no bootable live medium found, but I'm booting from the USB that I just successfully created. I don't see where the issue is...15:54
Gimme2https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lt4aO3ISVlM Ботаник - Дюна + Н.Сенчукова15:55
nicomachus!ru | Gimme215:55
ubottuGimme2: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.15:55
ubuntu-mateI am testing this chat program. How are you?15:56
nicomachushi ubuntu-mate15:57
ubuntu-mateHi nicomachus15:57
nicomachusubuntu-mate: this channel is for Ubuntu support only. You can use ##chat or #ubuntu-offtopic to just chat, or use #freenode to ask questions about IRC. Join a channel by typing "/join #channelname" (without the quotes)15:58
adalbertHey, how can i configure ddclient to use the WAN ip instead of my local IP when i'm behind a router ?15:59
ubuntu-mateWhere can I find chatrooms-list and other special commands for the chat?16:00
alkisgvelis: i'm alkisg, while alkis is another person :)16:01
alkisgreading your messages...16:01
alkisgvelis: from what I'm reading, ltsp fat clients might suit you just fine... google for "ltsp-pnp"16:02
alkisgvelis: they're using nbd by default, it's also possible to use nfs16:02
alkisgvelis: you can also boot multiple computers from one installation, and they use sshfs for shared /home16:03
velisI read you're the developer for that?16:04
velisI'll read about it to see whether it's what I seek16:05
velisand THEN install :)16:05
alkisgRight :)16:05
alkisgBasically if you have one pc with central storage, you can then netboot any number of diskless clients16:05
alkisg(or with only local kernel/initrd, if you prefer)16:06
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velisnot a terminal server? I just got to the point where LTSP is a terminal server. I don't need that. Actually, my storage server has a very weak CPU. My workstations do not16:08
alkisgvelis: in the new age, it's a terminal server for fat clients, which means the programs run on the clients, which means it can even be a nas with weak cpu etc16:09
velisah, ok16:09
alkisgvelis: years ago it had started as a terminal server for thin clients only, that's no longer the recommended use case16:09
alkisgvelis: is your server the same architecture as your clients? e.g. amd64 both?16:10
velisinteresting. Then it seems to be just the thing for me16:10
velisyes, architecture is the same16:10
velisall new CPUs here16:10
alkisgSounds fine then16:10
alkisgFor example, you can netboot 20 fat clients from a single core atom server16:10
citizen_How to search for applications?16:10
nicomachushey, those clients don't you to fat-shame them alkisg16:11
akikalkisg: what's a fat client?16:11
alkisgakik: it's a diskless, netbooted client, that gets the os from the network, but runs in locally, with its own cpu/ram16:11
akikalkisg: like nfs root or something else?16:11
citizen_I recently switched from windows 7, and I was wondering how you can search for apps.16:11
alkisgakik: yes, but you only need 1 installation to boot as many clients as you want16:12
alkisgakik: there's an option for nbd or nfs or aoe root, we don't support iscsi yet16:12
velisPresumably they're all roughly the same configuration?16:12
velisas in SW, I mean?16:12
alkisgWe have computer labs that have pentium 3 and core i7 booted from the same image16:13
alkisgYes, the same sw16:13
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janahello, can anybody tell me a way to get the fn keys working on my vaio notebook? i already added the vendor in the /etc/default/grub and tried xbacklight16:20
=== BaW_ is now known as BaW
cisstrdubuntu 16.10, unity (default install), wifi network "Automatically connect to this network when it is available", yet upon disconnects sometimes I am prompted to click ok so that it reconnects (field with the wifi-name, the password (already filled) and me hitting "ok"), which is of course stupid16:24
cisstrdwhy doesn't it automatically reconnect without asking?16:24
kang0Is it possible multiple bootloaders on mbr16:25
kang0What's vbr16:25
anddamkang0: it is possible but not at the same time16:27
anddamyou can chainload16:27
anddamis the one about vbr an actual question?16:27
tomreyncisstrd: i think you max get around this by ticking the option in the connection preferences to make the connection available globally / system wide16:27
tomreynor the other way around, not sure16:28
tomreyni think this issue is due to a race condition which could be considered a bug in network-manager16:28
kang0anddam yes explain about vbr16:30
kang0anddam how to chain load16:30
kang0And  when it is used or use case16:30
anddamkang0: I'm not sure what you're saying, also I'm leaving in a minute so I won't be able to help you16:31
cisstrdtomreyn: s/could/should16:48
cisstrdtomreyn: but thanks, good to know16:49
acresearchhello ubuntu people, i have corrected a error in the ubuntu arabic keyboard layout for apple computers, how can I submit my work to the ubuntu developers so they can include it in their future releases?16:49
mikeymopcan someone explain this to me16:49
mikeymopps aux | grep weechat16:49
mikeymopis get16:49
mikeymopmikey     5321  0.0  0.0  14224   924 pts/3    S+   11:48   0:00 grep weechat16:49
mikeymopso i pkill -9 1422416:49
mikeymopps aux | grep weechat16:49
mikeymopit's still there16:49
mikeymopi run htop, and dont see weechat anywhere, even if I search16:50
mcphailmikeymop: of course it is. All you are seeing is your own "ps" command16:50
mcphailbeing piped through the grep16:50
mikeymopthis explains the grep weechat on the end16:50
mikeymopthat makes sense, ty16:50
NickBelarusps aux | grep weechat should produce two lines16:51
mikeymopnow i know16:51
mikeymopwell, my ssh connection just dies sometimes16:51
mikeymopbut it's always once a day16:51
mikeymopeither around this time 1130ish, or 315ish16:51
mikeymopi'm trying to figure out why, and sometimes when it DC's I lose my weechat session and have to kill it16:51
cisstrdmikeymop: side-note: with pkill you can do something like # pkill weechat16:53
ducassemikeymop: run weechat in tmux16:53
cisstrdwith the kill command you have to use PID # kill -s KILL 1422416:54
mikeymopcan I? I thought so. I remember doing that a while ago however I wasn't sure if it was workin because of my ps aux confusion16:54
mikeymopducasse: i do16:54
minimecacresearch: search for the package in packages.ubuntu.com and contact the 'Maintainer'. Other possibility would be to file a bug for the given package in launchpad and describe your solution...16:54
ducasseminimec: then why kill weechat? you can just reattach to it16:54
ducassemikeymop: ^^16:55
mikeymopin this case, today, it was for another reason16:55
mikeymopwhere it was bugging out16:55
mikeymopwhen my ssh connectoin 'write failed, connection reset by peer' happens16:55
mikeymopand i try to reconect, ssh behaves extremely slowly, so I kill weechat so I can at least use ssh for the few minutes until it the connection fixes itself16:56
cisstrdacresearch: this might help you https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs don't feel overwhelmed, this covers all sorts of various procedures for different bugs and is quite a thorough description16:56
jcjordyn120um wiki.ubuntu.com is giving me a http 500 wrror.16:56
cisstrdjcjordyn120: it's up for me16:56
cisstrdno errors16:56
cisstrdproblem definitely on your end16:57
jcjordyn120I've tried on different ends.16:57
jcjordyn120links, firefox. and 2 different ISPS too.16:57
jcjordyn120oh and I'm using this link: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/MovingChannels16:59
cisstrdjcjordyn120: https://s27.postimg.org/iusizgxlv/Screenshot_from_2017_01_30_17_59_10.png16:59
ppfjcjordyn120: http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/17:00
cisstrdjcjordyn120: your link works for me too17:00
jcjordyn120well what would cause a HTTP 500 error?17:00
=== afru_ is now known as YagrumBagarn
geniijcjordyn120: "Internal Server Error" , which is what error 500 is, is like a catch-all error for "we're not sure what exactly happened but the server has a problem"17:02
acresearchcisstrd: thanks17:02
jcjordyn120genii, ah17:02
cisstrdjcjordyn120: clear browser cache maybe17:02
jcjordyn120already did.17:02
cisstrdand delete cookies17:02
cisstrdassociated with the wiki.ubuntu site17:03
jcjordyn120um how do I do that with firefox?17:03
Tahr-PoopIs Reiser4 supported in ubuntu kernel or do i have to patch it?17:03
cisstrdjcjordyn120: preferences -> privacy -> then look under history, select "use custom settings for history"17:04
cisstrdjcjordyn120: show cookies -> then delete the relevant ones17:04
acresearchminimec: i cannot find the package for the keyboard, does it have a specific name?17:04
jcjordyn120cisstrd, there are no cookies.17:05
minimecacresearch: what file did you change?17:06
cisstrdjcjordyn120: yes, wiki.ubuntu.com doesn't seem to use cookies, my bad, couldn't know that17:06
cisstrdjcjordyn120: though if it were using them this actually could have fixed it17:06
=== YagrumBagarn is now known as workfru
acresearchminimec: 1 moment i will find you the path17:07
=== Richard is now known as Guest83035
cisstrdjcjordyn120: just let it rest for a while if possible and revisit the site later17:07
cisstrdjcjordyn120: I copy-pasted your link, you can see it here http://dpaste.com/2VSRQCR17:08
cisstrdjcjordyn120: well not the link, the site's info from your link17:08
quickwritereaderjoin #bountysource17:08
cisstrdquickwritereader: you have to do /join #bountysource17:08
quickwritereaderyes ))17:08
acresearchminimec: the path is as follows: /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/ara    the ara file17:08
jcjordyn120cisstrd, ah17:09
minimecacresearch: Ok. Now try 'dpkg -S /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/ara' in the terminal. If you are lucky, you will get that package name...17:10
acresearchminimec: i get this     xkb-data: /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/ara17:10
minimecacresearch: So xkb-data is the package... http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=all&section=all&arch=any&keywords=xkb-data&searchon=names17:11
acresearchminimec: brilliant thank you17:12
minimecacresearch: No problem... ;)17:12
global_varThe "write" command allows me to send a message to other users via the terminal but also displays my username along with the message. Is there a way I can send a message without having my username show up?17:21
bigLankyanyone have experience with running dual video card in ubuntu?17:29
bigLankyI have x2 GTX 1050 ti. Card 1 I want to power my center monitor and card #2 I want to power the other 2 monitors.17:29
bigLankyI can do 1&1, 2&0, and that seems to work ok... but when I try to do 2&1, shit goes wild17:29
N4zguLubuntu hell yeah!17:31
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ubdhow can i set a program to run after 2 hours17:32
rayvtirxevery 2 hours?17:33
ubdno just once17:33
ubdlike a timer17:33
velisalkisg: update-initramfs completes with still no open-iscsi installed into the image. there are no error messages, but I do get two warnings: couldn't identify filesystem type for fsck hook, ignoring - and - grep: /proc/cpuinfo: No such file or directory17:33
ducasseubd: you can do 'sleep 2h ; whatever' or use at/atq17:34
lobitoHi. Anyone else getting "W:The repository 'http://ar.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial Release' does not have a Release file., W:Data from such a repository can't be authenticated and is therefore potentially dangerous to use." while performing an update?17:34
ubdlike sleep 2h ; nano ?17:34
ducasseubd: yes17:35
ubdthank you very much17:35
wueste@RalphBa ???17:38
RalphBawueste, /msg RalphBa eintippen17:38
RalphBahere is english only17:39
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=== Guest122 is now known as sysop2
alkisgvelis: is the initrd.img date recent? was it generated when you ran update-initramfs?17:44
velisI just generated it after adding "open-iscsi" into modules file17:45
velisyes, it's completely new17:45
alkisgvelis: and you do have the open-iscsi package installed?17:46
velisnaturally, my leap of faith didn't pay off :) that is not a recognised module17:46
velisno, wait17:46
velisnot sure for the deploy17:46
velishm, naturally it's not17:47
velisbut apt is also not working17:47
alkisgvelis: the open-iscsi package is what puts the things to your initramfs...17:47
alkisgHehe, you should start from there then17:47
lobitovelis: i'm having trouble with apt, too17:47
alkisgDon't try to debug boot issues when you have a broken system :)17:47
lobitois something wrong with the repos?17:47
velischroot seems to not work as easily as I hoped17:47
alkisgThat's why we switched to ltsp-pnp17:48
alkisgNo chroots there17:48
lobitoi am behind a proxy, tho. could be the proxy malfunctioning17:48
velisno, as I said previously: I'm in livecd, manipulating a freshly installed target17:48
velisI have chroot-ed into the target17:48
lobitosorry, just joined17:48
alkisgvelis: why would apt not work inside the chroot?17:48
velisthat I don't know yet17:48
velisit says it can't resolve 'si.archive.ubuntu.com'17:49
alkisgYour resolv.conf may be wrong17:49
alkisgPut a nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf17:49
alkisgThat file points to /run, and you didn't bind-mount /run when you chrooted17:49
alkisgSo you need to manually put a nameserver there17:50
velisyeah, it points to /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf17:50
velisI only performed a chroot /target17:51
velisshould I do more?17:51
alkisgvelis: there are many things to do to "prepare" a chroot so that you can run things from inside it, check the ltsp-chroot code for details17:52
alkisgvelis: you can bind-mount dirs like /sys or /dev or /dev/pts for some postinst scripts not to fail,17:53
alkisgvelis: or you can set environment variables and create scripts for services not to start...17:53
alkisgltsp does all that in its ltsp-chroot script17:53
alkisgvelis: for simple things though, a plain chroot command is enough17:54
veliswell, seems my use-case is not "simple" :D17:54
alkisgvelis: true, and you'll hit other problems when you actually start booting17:54
alkisgvelis: why do you want to implement your own netbooting method, again? :D17:54
veliswell, TBH, I thought it would be easy - and I still think that should be the case. I blame my woes on my lack of experience / knowledge17:55
naccvelis: what are you trying to do?17:56
velisbesides, it's not that I rejected your suggestion, I'm just giving a one last go to my existing one17:56
=== Richard is now known as Guest84161
velismacc: I'm trying to modify my /boot such that it would load open-iscsi and mouna an iscsi volume as root17:56
alkisgvelis: a small example, when networking gets up, it'll get a new ip, and that will break your connection to the server, and that will make booting hang17:57
velisbasically, have the OS in an iSCSI volume, but /boot on local storage17:57
naccvelis: why do you need to modify your /boot? I mean, you need to update the initrd, but that should be it (along with an appropriate fstab line)17:57
naccvelis: and, iirc, installing open-iscsi is sufficient to update the initrd by default now17:58
alkisgThere's no fstab involved when you have no local fs17:58
naccalkisg: heh, good point17:58
naccvelis: ok, so you'd need to update your bootloader config too, to pass various values17:58
velisyes, we got that far with alkisg, I'm trying to install open-iscsi now17:58
alkisgRight, it goes in cmdline17:58
naccvelis: i *believe* we updated open-iscsi in debian to allow root=iscsi:...17:58
alkisgTrue, I see local-top/iscsi checks for that17:59
alkisgBut velis didn't manage to put it in initrd yet17:59
naccalkisg: ah ok17:59
alkisgHe has apt issues inside the chroot that he works17:59
=== nat__ is now known as Natkeeran
velisok, unfortunately I need to go now. I will try to fix the apt issues tomorrow and update-initramfs. Then we'll see where that gets me. I get your reservations alkisg, but I'm hopeful that nacc's comment about root=iscsi means I should be OK :)18:02
alkisgvelis: I don't think any initramfs handles os issues18:03
alkisgvelis: if the os does a dhcp request, it'll break your iscsi connection18:03
velisUnderstook - I have a static lease on DHCP server, so that's not an issue18:04
velisthanks for the help so far both of you18:04
alkisga static lease doesn't help18:05
triemdhow do i play mp4 videos ?18:07
triemdgstreamer ?18:07
triemdwhich to install ?18:07
triemdgood,bad,ugly,base ?18:07
triemdwhy can't I play videos : ?18:08
triemdanyone knows18:08
triemdRequired plugin could not be found18:09
triemdVideos requires to install plugins to play media files of the following type: PGS subtitles decoder18:09
Netherealhey guys, i have an ubuntu box which i forgot the root password on. Ive boot up with a live cd and can access the shadow files. I've tried replacing the hash / salt with a newly generated one (from temp123), but get a journalctl error about maintenance mode on boot. any advice?18:11
Tahr-Pooptriemd, which player?18:12
xanguaSubtitle decoder? What's the source of that video. triemd18:13
triemdwhat's triemd ? Tahr-Poop xangua18:14
=== strezz is now known as armourz
DarkHorseXQueryKeymap( display, szKey ); what this function return suppose i press 'a' key and szkey is char szkey[32]18:19
DarkHorsekindly reply please ; XQueryKeymap( display, szKey ); what this function return suppose i press key 'a'18:20
naccDarkHorse: `man XQueryKeymap`?18:23
craptalkwhy cant my ubuntu LTS 16.04 cant change the icons?18:23
DarkHorseyeah i do it but found nothing useful.18:24
craptalki already put it in .icons folder18:24
craptalkeven /usr/share/icons for global access18:24
craptalkdo you guys know why?18:24
craptalkbut the theme is changed already18:24
craptalkis it different GTK version? i think i am having 3.018:24
xanguacraptalk: what icon theme is this?18:32
knight_corvicraptalk: are you using ubuntu tweak tool?18:33
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greystokehello, I need a little direction or help.  I have Ubuntu16.04 running on an micro VPS and I have setup a hangoutsbot and it works great as a bridge between slack and hangouts. i am using tmux to allow the bot to continue to operate when I close my terminal however once a day it crashes.  something was said about init.d... i am not an avid Ubuntu user, what can I do to make the bot persistent through crashes and reboots?18:42
piranahgreystoke, Why not look into setting up a cron job to check that the bot is running. If its not it should be able to restart it.18:43
naccor fix whatever is causing it to crash? seems unreliable (although the cron job may be reasonable regardless)18:44
greystokei think its the elcheapo vps restarting everyday that is causing it18:44
greystokeok, i will google cron job unbuntu18:45
Omnipotentwhy executing two commands like this sudo service mongodb start && python main.py18:48
Omnipotentonly the python part gets executed.18:48
Omnipotentand not the first part18:49
greystoketoo much to assimilate at this time, the kids are going nuts. i guess i will just have to keep an eye on it for now18:49
piranahOmnipotent, Try changing it to sudo service mongodb start; python main.py18:50
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
Omnipotentstill the first part gets skipped entirely.. only the second one executes.18:52
=== KindOne_ is now known as KindOne
naccOmnipotent: how are you determining that hte first part gets 'skipped'? If you've run this multiple times, mongodb is *already* running, so starting the service is a no-op18:53
OmnipotentNo, I stopped it before running it18:53
naccOmnipotent: and is it running after you run the above command?18:53
Omnipotentit is stopped and writing "mongo" doesn't conntect to it anymore18:54
OmnipotentI stopped it before I ran the above command18:54
Omnipotentand since then it hasn't started18:54
naccOmnipotent: ok, try runnin `sudo service mongodb start` and see if it works on its own then18:54
Omnipotentas in individually or with backticks?18:55
Omnipotentindividually it works18:55
nacceither way, was just isolating the command to run18:55
Omnipotentyeah it works without && part18:55
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raj_iiitgcan anyone help me,How to run 64-bit application on 32-bit ubuntu?19:06
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=== Guest16378 is now known as sysadmin
edmontI have a sound problem with Zesty in an Asus Eee PC, with an Intel Corporation NM10/ICH7 Family High Definition Audio Controller. Headphones are ok but buil-in speakers sound very very low, almost nothing at max volume19:10
BluesKajraj_iiitg, unfortuntely you can't. you need 32 bit app versions19:10
raj_iiitganyone is there who can helpme?19:10
raj_iiitgif i will do upgrade linux-image then?19:12
BluesKajedmont, open alsamixer in the terminal and turn the vol  ctls up19:12
edmontI tried different Debian/Ubuntu/Mint live cds and same problem in all of them. But with Puppy Linux it works well19:12
edmontBluesKaj: already tries19:12
tgm4883raj_iiitg: you either need to be running a 64-bit distro, or you need to recompile the app to 32-bit19:12
BluesKajraj_iiitg, is your pc/cpu 64bit?19:12
raj_iiitgcpu is 32-bit ubuntu 16.04.19:13
BluesKajraj_iiitg, cpu is not ubuntu19:15
tgm4883raj_iiitg: what's the output of grep 'model name' /proc/cpuinfo19:15
tgm4883raj_iiitg: what's the output of "grep 'model name' /proc/cpuinfo "19:16
raj_iiitgohh sorry, cpu is 64 architecture.19:16
wwvdHi! I've been trying to install Ubuntu alongside Windows 10. I succesfully installed Ubuntu but had problems with the boot launcher. I tried the boot-repair tool but again nothing shows up.. This was my boot-repair log: paste.ubuntu.com/23895213 - Could you be of any help? Thanks in advance19:17
raj_iiitgtgm4883:Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU  N3700  @ 1.60GHz19:17
=== wwvd is now known as wvd
BluesKajraj_iiitg, recommend you install ubuntu 64bit19:18
ubottuAMD64 and Intel 64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. Consider using 64-bit if your memory ussage exceeds 4GB. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/32bit_and_64bit19:18
raj_iiitghow recommend?19:19
LucuuuHello guys, is anyone using PlayOnLinux with League Of Legends (new patch: 7.2) ?19:19
tatertotswvd: what operating system loads when the computer is turned on?19:20
wvdtatertots: Windows19:20
dleHello. Installing 16.10 on my laptop as a dual-boot with W7. I'm wondering if I should use the newext4 partition for the boot loader installation,  or select the partition labelled as Windows 7 (loader)?19:20
tatertotswvd: is the 320gb drive set as the highest priority boot device in BIOS?19:21
wvdtatertots: this is an external HDD, and yes I've set that to highest priorirty to install Ubuntu actually19:22
wvdtatertots: or well, I've set USB HDD/FSD to highest priority in the BIOS19:22
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tatertotswvd: is the 320gb drive set as the highest priority boot device in BIOS?, it is, with that being said, you'll need to adjust your BIOS boot priority according to your usage19:23
wvdtatertots: but this 320GB does not contain the Windows installation19:23
wvdtatertots: but it's probably NTFS, so you think that's causing it?19:23
tatertotswvd: you'll need to adjust your BIOS boot priority according to your intended usage19:24
tatertotswvd: or use the BIOS/systems boot selection menu to manually select the device you intend to boot to19:24
gopperHey there, does anyone know why the old classic Human theme from the 2007-2008 Ubuntu era doesn't seem to make the titlebar orange, but keeps it gray and kind of "undefined" instead?19:25
wvdtatertots: if I press F12 (boot manager) only Windows boot launcher and Linux (Verbatim, which contains the boot-repair tool) are listed19:25
gopperI'm running Ubuntu 16.04 mate19:25
tatertotswvd: are you chatting from that computer right now?19:26
wvdtatertots: yes on the Windows installation19:26
tatertotswvd: are you using boot-repair burned to a cdrom/dvdrom or usb19:27
wvdtatertots: USB, the Verbatim model (7812MB)19:28
wvdtatertots: I used the "common repair" function19:28
tatertotswvd: remove it from the computer19:28
wvdtatertots: ok, remove it and then restart?19:28
tatertotswvd: how many hard drives do you have?19:29
wvdtatertots: the external one (Samsung) and then the one in the PC19:29
wvdtatertots: external one only contains data19:29
tatertotswvd: what size is the drive "internal" to the pc?19:29
wvdtatertots: 1GB HDD, two major partitions I think which I've created during the Ubuntu installation19:30
tatertotswvd: what size is the samsung external?19:31
wvdtatertots: 320GB19:31
dleAh. http://askubuntu.com/questions/219514/where-to-install-bootloader-when-installing-ubuntu-as-secondary-os suggests that the answer to my question is /dev/sda the device. Any yeys or nays out there?  :)19:33
tatertotswvd:  => No boot loader is installed in the MBR of /dev/sda.19:33
dleSeems like tatertots and I are barking up the same tree.19:34
tatertotswvd: Disk /dev/sda: 1000.2 GB has no boot loader19:35
wvdtatertots: makes sense, but could you read this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/635420/no-boot-loader-is-installed-in-the-mbr-of-dev-sda-is-that-some-pain-to-a-only19:36
tatertotswvd: boot the livecd/liveusb installation media, mount the file system, and install a boot loader19:37
wvdtatertots: ok, I'm gonna try that, thanks19:40
nicomachusI just did a fresh install of xenial, and installed openVPN, but when I go to set up new VPN connection in the network manager applet it doesn't show OpenVPN as an option -- just PTPP. Any idea why?19:52
dleInstalling now. Looks at partitions in gparted. Why is the ext4 partition labeled /target ?19:53
OerHeksnicomachus, maybe this page is any help http://askubuntu.com/questions/760664/ubuntu-16-04-openvpn >> network-manager-openvpn-gnome is missing ?19:54
cerionnicomachus: you need to restart network manager too i think and the applet.19:55
nicomachuscerion: I rebooted the whole machine.19:55
nicomachusI installed openvpn, not network-manager-openvpn..... oops.19:56
bigLankyI have Ubuntu 16.04 LTS installed... If I want to use KDE desktop, do I need to install Kubuntu?20:02
Dave114having problems getting ubuntu 16 lts to boot on my mac mini.  Had to add nomodeset to grub to get it to boot ... but swapping that in place of "quiet splash" doesn't seem to work20:02
ppfbigLanky no, you can just install kde20:03
Dave114I *can* boot into recovery mode successfully ... and if I hit the resume boot option *twice* (i.e. first time it boots for a bit longer but then brings me back to same screen) I get a seemingly functional GUI... but with graphics sucking up most of my CPU20:03
Dave114with nomodeset on the boot it hangs at "loading initial ramdisk ..."20:04
OerHeks!info kubuntu-desktop20:04
ubottukubuntu-desktop (source: kubuntu-meta): Kubuntu Plasma Desktop/Netbook system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.344 (yakkety), package size 3 kB, installed size 41 kB (Only available for amd64; arm64; armhf; i386; powerpc; ppc64el)20:04
Dave114(no additional proprietary drivers show up if I boot into recovery mode)20:05
bigLankydoes KDE support more than 2 monitors?20:07
bigLankyim reading Unity does not play nice with more than 2, and I have ont been able to get my 3rd working20:07
Ben64what DE you use doesn't matter20:08
=== Salty is now known as SaltySolomon
bigLankyBen64, is there some trick to get it to work?20:08
Ben64depends on video card and monitors and stuff20:09
bigLankyi have 2 of the same vid cards... when using 2 monitors, any combination works just fine.. when I add the 3rd monitor things break down and im lucky to get 1 screen that is functional20:09
bigLanky2 monitors are the same and 1 monitor is different20:09
bigLankybut when running 2, the monitors all work in any combo20:09
bigLankyhave tried with NVIDIA X Server settings and couldn't get it to work20:10
bigLankyBen64 : do you have any experience doing this?20:10
Ben64not two cards20:11
posseveral vulns in current openssl: CVE-2016-7056, CVE-2016-8610, CVE-2017-373120:11
wafflejockbigLanky, have only ever used 2 myself but xrandr may help to see what outputs it shows as connected20:12
OerHekspos, i don't see them here http://people.canonical.com/~kernel/cve/pkg/ALL-linux.html20:13
wafflejockpos, looks like at least the first is not an issue in openssl delivered with versions above 14.04 https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2016/CVE-2016-7056.html20:13
poswafflejock, apparently one of them only applies to 1.0.120:14
ppfanother week another critical openssl bug20:15
ppfwhen do they finally get their sh*t together...20:15
ppfbigLanky: what's the issue with the third monitor?20:16
bigLankyppf when I hook it up, nothing displays... NVIDIA X Config sees all 3 monitors, when I try to open System -> Dispay I get CRT error20:19
bigLanky1 sec let me reboot so I can put the vid card back in20:19
ppfwhat's a crt error20:23
bigLankyok, so here is my setup now... I have both cards in... monitor #1 and #2 (same model) are hooked to video card 1, working just fine20:24
bigLankymonitor #3 hooked to vid card #2, no signal to monitor20:25
bigLankySettings -> Displays shows #1 and #2, but not #320:25
ppfpaste the output of xrandr please20:25
guest-6utpzhHi again. So I'm in. Yay!  16.10-amd64.20:27
guest-6utpzhSo, as you can see by my nick, I'm logged-in as guest. I got my pw wrong. How can I reset it from the guest account?20:28
gopperDoes anyone know why the titlebar colors of the classic Human theme don't work under Ubuntu 16.04?20:28
ppfguest-6utpzh: you can't20:28
guest-6utpzhOkay, so what *can* I do?20:29
ppfboot into the rescue mode, chroot into the system and change passwords from there20:29
ubottuForgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords20:29
bigLankyppf: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23895645/20:29
ppfbigLanky: now lspci20:30
mandeep_my files explorer isnt remembering to hide hidden files. is there something i can do to fix this?20:31
andiI do have a computer that just got a brand new x86_64 processor. :) Is that possible to update a i386 system to amd64?20:31
xanguaandi: other than reinstall, no20:31
ppfandi: no, not really. it'll be quicker to reinstall20:31
bigLankyppf: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23895650/20:31
ppfis your third monitor plugged in properly?20:32
ppfdid you try other monitors, other cables on the second card20:33
ioriabigLanky, i think you already tried with nouveau ?20:33
bigLankyit shows with NVIDIA settings - https://s24.postimg.org/drgn60z6t/Screenshot_from_2017_01_30_13_33_24.png20:33
bigLankyyes, have tried another monitor, different cables20:34
bigLankythese work fine in windows20:34
guest-6utpzhthanks ppf.20:34
bigLankyNVIDIA X Server Settings show the monitor is disabled and I can assign it to a new screen20:34
andiOk, thanks.20:35
MarkB2Something .. odd happened.  I started ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS 64-bit.  It started to come up.  Some a message blew across the display, the display started to flicker, and it looked like Unity failed somewhere.20:36
MarkB2Rebooted... and it's complaining about nouveau "missing".20:37
=== lesshaste is now known as Guest57727
MarkB2At the moment, I'm running from the onboard video adapter, an Intel 915 device.  That seems to be working .. except X seems confused.20:39
ioriabigLanky, what video driver are  you using ?20:39
bigLankylatest NVIDIA20:39
ioriaMarkB2, you can paste  sudo lshw -c Video20:40
ioriabigLanky,  dpkg -l | grep nvidia | pastebinit20:40
MarkB2ioria: One moment.. let me get a terminal up. I don't have a  desktop.. no launcher, no clock big purple/chartruse (sp?) display.20:40
ioriabigLanky,  ok20:41
ioriaMarkB2, you can open a console20:41
ioriabigLanky, have you already tried with the opensource nouveau ?20:41
bigLankyioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23895686/20:41
bigLankyI did, but I had 2 different cards in at the time20:42
bigLankyshould I select the Nouveau and try that?20:42
budRichhello people. I would be really glad if someone could point me in the right direction here. I tried to install ubuntu (17.04 linuxium (yes i know it's OOS, but please i think the troubleshooting and questions i have are general for all ubuntu releases)). There was a bug in the installer and i now wants to create a new install usb. Problem is i only20:43
budRich have access to my computyer from this liveCD(usb). The USB-key is 32gb, but when i open nautilus it say the disk is 2gb, with 1gb free... I want to download a new ISO (1,3gb) and make a new Live"CD".. ???20:43
ioriabigLanky, you can try20:43
MarkB2ioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23895698/   (will be back in a minute.. call of nature..)20:43
bigLankyok, trying that now20:44
budRichdownload fails due to not enough space problematication20:44
Ben64budRich: check out their support channel if they have one, it's not supported here20:44
ioriaMarkB2, you can run unity with that card ?20:44
budRichBen64, they have none, but i have been in contact with linuxium dev by mail. He told me to try the latest release, but i cant download it. And as i said, i *think* the problems im having now (not enough space on liveCD) is general and same troubleshooting should work for me.20:46
Johnson1977can someone help me with understanding this networking20:46
bigLankyioria: I switch to the nouveau drivers and now I am down to just 1 monitor20:46
Johnson1977I have eth0 set to manual, yet it works as dhcp?20:46
ioriabigLanky, ok, reinstall nvidia then .... sy20:47
budRichbut i understand (i have called OOS, many many times when i worked at Lenovo technical support), if you don't want to touch this. In that case i have to contact a human with an external computer to make me a new liveCD, i can handle it.20:47
Ben64budRich: sorry, but since you're not using ubuntu, this channel isn't for you, maybe try ##linux20:47
bigLankyok, do I need to purge nvidia* first?20:47
budRichwell, i am using ubuntu?20:48
Ben64budRich: you're not20:48
budRichok, lets say i was, what would you sugest.20:48
Ben64no, stop playing stupid games20:48
ioriabigLanky, if you used the gui, just reinstall 37520:48
Ben64budRich: go to ##linux where all linux is supported, this channel is for Ubuntu ONLY20:49
bigLankyyou mean select it from the additional drivers GUI?20:49
ioriabigLanky, yes20:49
budRichBen64, ok, but i bet my hat, that they will say, goto #ubuntu20:49
MarkB2ioria: Apologies... I'm back.20:50
ioriaMarkB2, you can run unity with that card ?20:50
VladaВсем привет! I am from Moscow. Does anyone want to chat?20:51
ioriaMarkB2,  /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p20:51
VladaВсем привет! I am from Moscow. Does anyone want to chat?20:51
MarkB2Right now it's running from the Intel 915 on the motherboard.  It ..was.. running off the 6200 this weekend.20:51
MarkB2ioria: I ran it.  Everything comes up "yes" .20:52
ioriaMarkB2,   can you paste   cat ~/.xession-errors20:52
MarkB2one moment.20:53
ioriaMarkB2,   can you paste   cat ~/.xsession-errors20:53
MarkB2ioria: Yah... I think so.  let me copy/paste to ubuntu.20:53
ioriaMarkB2,   you can use pastebinit, if you want20:54
MarkB2ioria: no pastebinit on the system.  where would it normally be?20:56
ioriaMarkB2,   you need to install it  ... apt get install pastebinit20:56
ioriaMarkB2,   then    cat ~/.xsession-errors | pastebinit20:56
MarkB2ioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23895750/20:57
ppfi'm contractually obliged to point out that pastebinit < ~/.xsession-errors is more better20:58
ioriaMarkB2,   pastebinit < dmesg | grep Kernel20:59
ppfwhy are there upstart messages in there? you said you were on xenial20:59
MarkB2ioria: dmesg | grep kernel produces no output.21:00
ioriaMarkB2,   dmesg | grep Kernel |pastebinit21:00
ppfMarkB2: note the K21:00
MarkB2Ah.  Will try again..21:00
MarkB2no output.  The dmesg has a LOT of lines about nouveau complaining.  "fail set domain", "validating bo list" "validate: -22"21:01
ioriaMarkB2,  try again , please       dmesg | grep Kernel |pastebinit21:02
MarkB2There are 2499 lines of that nouvea complaint.   Retrying.21:02
MarkB2dmesg | grep Kernel produces no output.  I get another shell prompt.21:03
MarkB2Let me paste up a chunk of the dmesg output...21:04
ioriaMarkB2, where are you now ? in recovery ? in console ? in gui ?21:05
MarkB2When the displays started flashing and things running amuck, I typed CTRL ALT F6 (I think.. many of the alternate consoles weren't responding) and stopped lightdm.  ran  "startx"  and was able to get a shell & then firefox.21:07
MrokiiHello. How are drives mounted when they're not in fstab? I have a 2nd harddrive that is available when I start the desktop but it doesn't have an fstab-entry, so I was wondering how this is done. If anybody could point me to a tutorial instead of explaining it all in here, that would be fine, too.21:07
ioriaMarkB2,  ls -l ~/.xauthority21:08
ioriaMarkB2,  ls -l ~/.Xauthority21:08
bigLankyioria: I selected the NVIDIA drivers, rebooted, back to first card with 2 monitors working and 2nd card w/3rd monitor not working21:08
bigLankyit shows up in nvidia settings though21:08
MarkB2ioria: No file.21:09
ioriabigLanky, i was thinking nouveau would have worked ...21:09
MarkB2I have a .ICEauthority .21:09
MarkB2There is an .Xauthority?21:09
bigLankyno go on that :(21:09
bigLankyim going to fiddle with nvida settings a bit, try running as root see if that helps21:09
ioriaMarkB2,  so you don't even get to the login screen ? right ?21:09
MarkB2ioria: That is correct.  I do have a .Xauthority.  I own it, it's in my group, and it's 147 bytes long.21:10
MarkB2Hm.  .Xauthority  has a .. ?MAGIC-COOKIE-1 in it.21:11
ioriaMarkB2,  what happened (or what have you done) before the crash ?21:11
ioriaMarkB2,  and don't use startx, exit from there , get to a console and run  sudo service lightdm restart21:12
MarkB2When the crash occurred, there was some long message that flashed across the display.  something about nouveau.  the display cleared then I get purple screens flashing in my face.  CTRL ALT F7 (I think) gave me a blank screen .. then I get a login: prompt.21:12
MarkB2Logged in, stopped lightdm, and that stopped the flashing screens (Yes, I went back and looked).21:13
ioriaMarkB2,  uname -r    ?21:13
MarkB2I've been ..afraid.. to reboot the box.21:13
MarkB2One moment21:13
ppfMarkB2: what about the kernel line21:13
MarkB2Linux p630 4.4.0-59-generic #80-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 6 17:47:47 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux21:13
k1ldont use startx on a regular ubuntu desktop setup. look at the owner of the files in your users home.21:14
=== david is now known as Guest12107
Tahr-PoopMrokii, i guess its using udev to automount21:14
Guest12107Hi again. Was guest-xxxxx remembered my newpw after all. :)21:14
ioriaMarkB2,  reboot and try to open a console21:14
MrokiiTahr-Poop: Okay, I'll look into that. Thanks.21:15
MarkB2ioria: <gulp>  Okay... .. here goes..21:15
=== Guest12107 is now known as dle
camthesaxmanIs it save to make a link from /usr/include/asm to /usr/include/asm-generic? I'm compiling a program that asks for asm/errno.h, but I just have asm-generic/errno.h.21:15
dleIs it just me. or is the Ubuntu Software app a little rough?21:16
ioriaMarkB2,  uname -r gave you all that output ?21:16
ppfcamthesaxman: install gcc-multilib21:16
ppfalthough that may be overkill21:17
anddamcan I remap a couple keys from "English (international AltGr dead keys)" keyboard?21:17
anddamor derive one from that21:17
ppfcamthesaxman: adding the symlink is perfectly safe21:17
camthesaxmanppf, I already did. I need c11 and c++14 support, so I added https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-toolchain-r/+archive/ubuntu/test, and I installed gcc-6-multilib and g++-6-multilib and linux-libc-dev.21:17
camthesaxmanI'm also compiling with the -m32 switch because I need to produce 32-bit binaries.21:18
=== Muppens2 is now known as Muppens1
ioriaMarkB2,  are you sure you are on a standard ubuntu ?21:19
ppfioria: seems to be gone21:22
ioriai see21:22
ericsysminIf I wanted to install SELinux on Ubuntu, how would I perform it without the apt install prompting me in another window. (which breaks my shell script)21:22
ppfericsysmin: ubuntu uses apparmor21:23
ericsysminyes, but I want to install selinux21:23
ericsysminso I remove apparmor21:23
ppfwhat's the apt prompt you're worried about?21:24
ericsysminit's a screen just warning to restart21:24
ericsysmini think i will try with -q21:24
bigLankyso I think I found the issue I was having21:27
bigLanky1) needed to run nvidia-settings as root21:28
bigLanky2) the xorg.conf file on my system was not writable by the program, what I did was move the original to a backup then saved a fresh copy through NVIDIA settings... all 3 monitors are working now :)21:28
bigLankyThanks ppf and ioria for helping me debug!21:28
ppfMarkB2: cat /etc/*-release please21:34
ppfand dmesg | grep Kernel | pastebinit21:35
MarkB2At the moment, everything is running except the Nvidia 6200.  That seems .. gone.  Now I have a single display running off the Intel 915 .  Let me get the release up..21:35
MarkB2<sigh>  First I'll see about installing pastebinit .21:36
MarkB2Okay.. pastebinit is in.21:36
MarkB2http://paste.ubuntu.com/23895936/  That's got the Kernel grep in it.  Now for /etc/*release .21:38
MarkB2http://paste.ubuntu.com/23895939/  and there is the release information21:39
Bashing-ombigLanky: Wow .. Great ! After watching you struggle with this for a week .. What a relieve it is :)21:42
bigLankylol no kidding... it has been a long few days21:43
splash_waveim trying to install 4.10 Warty Warthog and in the installation I get cdrom cant be found21:46
Bashing-omsplash_wave: current release -LTS- is 16.04 . There will and is no support for 4.10 .21:48
naccsplash_wave: uh, why would you be installing warty?21:48
ppfMarkB2: and is everything working now?21:50
MarkB2One moment.. on phone...21:50
protnhi, I am using 14.04 remmina to connect to   win server 2012 rdp21:51
splash_waveI like using vintage stuff21:51
protnI can telnet but remmina yet to work21:51
splash_wavedoes Warty have SATA support or just IDE?21:51
protnI tried rdp and all nla and negotiate21:51
k1lsplash_wave: warty is out of support long time. you will not get support for that anymore.21:52
splash_wavei dont need support though21:52
splash_wavei dont need updates and such21:52
naccsplash_wave: you're in the support channel...21:53
MarkB2ppf: Sorry.  Boss calls up and wants something.  The Intel 915 video is working nicely (I'm getting 1280 x 1024 out of it).  But the NVidia interface isn't working right... because booting into that produces flashing purple displays.21:53
MarkB2I should say, "Booting using that produces flashing purple displays".21:54
DiscountMilkhow can i enable root to be auto logged in to the serial console? i followed this tutorial and it only got me a log in prompt :-( https://www.hiroom2.com/2016/06/06/ubuntu-16-04-grub2-and-linux-with-serial-console/21:54
Bashing-omDiscountMilk: " only got me a log in21:55
naccDiscountMilk: why would you want to do that? seems incredibly insecure to grant root-level privilege to anyone with physical access?21:55
Bashing-om                      prompt " is what a comsole interfasce is :)21:55
DiscountMilkso with getty i can do a '-a root' and that gets an auto log in21:56
DiscountMilkdo not worry about why, this is what i want to do to my machines21:56
DiscountMilkive gotten it with 14.X versions of ubuntu21:56
DiscountMilkthis tutorial had me play with grub instead using /etc/init settings21:57
naccDiscountMilk: presumably you'd need to add an appropriate /etc/init/tty*.conf and rebuild the initrd (if i had to guess)21:57
naccDiscountMilk: that's what spawns gettys with systemd, iiuc21:58
protnany help with remmina?22:00
DiscountMilkmaybe #Gentoo will know22:00
=== CRogers__ is now known as CRogers
nicomachusI'm pretty sure the Gentoo channel is on a separate server that has to be compiled manually user-side22:02
DiscountMilkhey at least they know shit. i come here and the first replies are always "actually you dont want to do that." yes. yes i do very much want to do the thing. im not somebodys mom setting up their ubuntu machine, im forced to use it in the env im in22:04
nicomachus!language | DiscountMilk22:07
ubottuDiscountMilk: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList22:07
ppfDiscountMilk: maybe this'll help: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Getty#Automatic_login_to_virtual_console22:09
DiscountMilkah ubuntu 16 switched to systemd22:10
DiscountMilkthats why22:10
DiscountMilkugh systemd is why i left arch for gentoo lol22:10
EriC^^you can run but you can't hide from systemd22:11
ppfi think it's awesome. but that's a matter of taste22:11
DiscountMilkinittab ftw22:11
DiscountMilksimple and it works22:11
ppf(in comparison to gentoo)22:11
DiscountMilkbut looks like thats what i needed to know22:11
DiscountMilkoh well, thanks22:11
the_counthello! I installed KDE Plasma alongside Unity and then removed it, ever since, at any random interval, Unity is KDE themed, I have tried about everything, purging and reinstalling Unity, removing everything KDE related, but the problem persists.22:18
Apachezwhen ubuntu 16.10 boots the first part (vmlinuz?) is regular text but once initrd fires up the resolution goes hires... is it possible to make the "vmlinuz" part also go hires during boot?22:19
pavlosDiscountMilk, take a look at /etc/securetty22:21
akikthe_count: did you remove all the kde packages?22:32
Bashing-omthe_count: Long fight with unity .. want to try and reset back to defaults ?22:32
akikthe_count: i had to go into the apt history log file and remove the packages listed there22:32
the_countBashing-om: :D I'm game I haven't really changed anything from defaults22:33
the_countakik: I hadn't thought of that22:33
Bashing-omthe_count: well .. akik has the greater ecperience here . Might be nest to follow his advise and make sure all KDE files are removed .22:34
the_countakik: Where do I find the apt history log file?22:35
akikthe_count: when i installed kde i installed the kubuntu-desktop meta package. then when i tried to remove the whole kde installation it only removed the kubuntu-desktop22:35
akikthe_count: /var/log/apt/22:35
geniithe_count: Also /var/log/dpkg.log22:35
the_countakik: That's what  I did as well, and then I did a purge of kde*, and it worked for a month maybe and now, it is popping up again22:36
akikthe_count: i think there could be some option to remove all the dependent packages also but i forgot22:36
the_countTHere is quite the list there: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23896236/22:39
akiki think it could be "sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove package" ?22:39
akikah it's the --auto-remove22:40
akiksudo apt-get remove --auto-remove package22:41
the_countakik: It is no longer installed, and so, it isn't finding it22:41
the_countakik: That's what I did22:41
akikthe_count: oh well but the file contains the installation information which you can use22:41
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xubuntu62iDoes anyone know why when I download 64-bit Ubuntu they become corrupt? While 32-bit is okay...?22:42
k1lxubuntu62i: change the mirror? did you check md5sum?22:42
EriC^^xubuntu62i: try a torrent22:42
xubuntu62iThey're all wrong. And I tried several mirrors22:43
EriC^^xubuntu62i: your isp might have a bad cache22:43
xubuntu62iMaybe. I'll check soon but now I am on a VM installing Ubuntu22:43
xubuntu62iDoes anyone of you using Ubuntu on VM? How do you fix performance?22:44
xubuntu62iVirtualBox of course22:44
k1linstall guest additions and give the VM more ressources22:44
xubuntu62iI don't know how to put them22:45
khaled01Hello Friends22:46
the_countakik: The log doesn't contain just a list, it has a whole lot of other unnessesary information as well which apt can't process22:46
mp68hi, ubuntu yakkety, i've accidentally messed up uvcvideo and now it won't load, so my webcam doesn't work. dmesg: http://pastebin.com/raw/f3wGfWef how can I reinstall uvcvideo to fix this?22:51
dspr72anyone running ubuntu on a macbook pro retina22:55
geniimp68: The uvcvideo.ko file is part of the package linux-image-generic. But depending on HOW you messed it up, reinstalling that might now help. ( like if you made edits to udev scripts for instance which are supposed to detect the camera)22:57
qwebirc55289anyone here?23:00
geniiqwebirc55289: It just happens to be quiet at the moment. If you have an Ubuntu support question, just state it briefly and with some useful information into the channel generally, and someone may help.23:02
qwebirc55289thanks genii23:02
qwebirc55289this is my problem: Create a file named substandard in your home directory that contains the file names and lines (the data, not the line numbers) in the grades files where students scored less than ten out of a hundred23:03
qwebirc55289I have to do it in one command23:04
qwebirc55289I just don't know where to start23:04
=== bazhang__ is now known as bazhang
geniiSounds like homework which they want you to accomplish with shell commands, and not really a support question23:05
qwebirc55289general question23:05
geniiqwebirc55289: The basic idea would be to use grep recursively with a regex and redirect with append to this file23:07
qwebirc55289thanks genii...23:08
Josh_hey i'm having the could not resolve issue23:08
misternumberonegenii: mp68 here, thanks, i had both done stuff to the file itself and used udevadm after putting files in /etc/udev/rules.d/, i've now reversed the latter, if i reinstall linux-image-generic should it replace the kernel module with an unmodified one?23:09
Josh_i think it is some problem with namespaces or something but I don;t know what to do]23:09
bazhangwhat version of ubuntu Josh_23:09
Josh_16.04 LTS server23:10
bazhangJosh_, you got that when trying to update sources or what23:10
Josh_ya from sudo apt-get update23:10
bazhangJosh_, why not try another server then23:10
Josh_what do you mean?23:11
bazhangJosh_, try another to server to get the update on23:11
Josh_how do i do that?23:11
geniimisternumberone: Hopefully, yes23:12
k1lJosh_: can you run "sudo apt update " and show the output on paste.ubuntu.com ?23:12
bazhangJosh_, I'm not sure on how to do that with a server, just desktop, why not ask in #ubuntu-server23:12
Rockhopperhi all23:12
wilbertoin #archlinux23:13
bazhang /join23:13
geniimisternumberone: Normally I'd suggest to purge the package before reinstalling, but this is a kernel package so that's a bit dangerous23:13
RockhopperIs there someway to install docear as an application on Ubuntu? I mean I have to launch a shell script now. I want it as an app that can be launched from the launcher for example.23:15
misternumberonegenii: currently running on the affected kernel so will need to reboot into different one23:15
geniimishugashu[m]: The problem is linux-image-generic is for whatever the running kernel is23:16
k1l!info docear | Rockhopper23:20
ubottuRockhopper: Package docear does not exist in yakkety23:20
k1lRockhopper: its not in the repos. so you need a 3rd party repo or the install from their webpage.23:21
k1lRockhopper: you can make an own launcher for that program: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UnityLaunchersAndDesktopFiles23:22
k1lRockhopper: according to this https://bugs.launchpad.net/getdeb.net/+bug/1609756  its packaged in the getdeb repo23:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1609756 in GetDeb Software Portal "[Create package] Docear" [Medium,Fix released]23:23
Rockhopper thanks k1l I already found out that getdeb has a package, but getdeb itself has to be installed first. I have no clue how reliable this ´getdeb´ is?!23:26
Rockhopperk1l can you confirm it´s any good, do you use it?23:30
k1lRockhopper: i neither use getdeb nor docear23:30
bazhangRockhopper, it's third party , so on your own23:31
RockhopperOkay for the time being I´ll use it from command line then. Thanks23:32
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=== camthesaxman_ is now known as camthesaxman
misternumberonegenii: thanks i reinstalled the kernel it works now23:40
geniimisternumberone: Glad to be of assistance23:43
jacreshey everyone, wondering if anyone has any thoughts on a decent way of doing the following. I currently have a 250gb SSD with Windows 10 + Ubuntu on it, OSes only. Data/Programs are currently on a HDD. I'm replacing the HDD with a 500gb SSD and looking to move Windows 10 completely to the 500gb SSD, and making the 250gb SSD Ubuntu only. What's the least painful way of doing this (aside from reinstalling23:45
jacresgoes without saying, but the HDD has 2 partitions right now (one each for linux/win)23:46
k1ljacres: i dont know how windows likes to be put to another disk. but after windows is deleted from ssd250gb you can stretch the ubuntu partition to full extend of the disk and copy the data from the hdd onto it. you will need a live ubuntu for that.23:50
geniijacres: You could boot to livecd/usb and dd the 250 over to the 500. Then use gparted to expand the partitions. If you still wanted to use the 250 in same system with 500, also change it's UUID because otherwise both will have same UUID23:50
jacresthanks, those are good ideas. I have an unused 250gb partition on the HDD - i'll clone the ssd to that so I have everything backed up on that single HDD23:52
jacresand then resize/delete the windows one from the 250gb SSD.. does it matter that the windows partition is before the ubuntu one? can I shift it down?23:53
geniijacres: That is why I'm saying to dd the entire 250 to the 500, then gparted. Because it will calculate the partition offsets correctly to make windows boot OK if you remove Ubuntu23:54
jacresgenii: thanks that makes sense. I'm wondering about on the 250gb SSD, it's [win10][ubuntu] for partitions.. if I get rid of win10 on the 250, it'll be [unallocated][ubuntu]. I've extended partitions forward, but can they be moved "down"?23:56
jacresok great23:56
jacresthanks for the ideas23:57
jacresbe back in 2 days with "Lost all my data and had no backups. How can I restore everything?"23:57
bazhangcreate backups now23:57
MarcoPthis way is recommended to change interface name but I do not see this file:  sudo cp /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules.back23:58
MarcoPthe persistent.net.fules file23:58
geniiIf you use dd, add some bs= with reasonable size to make it go faster. If you want to check progress, look into using pv with dd so you can see how much is done23:58
bhikkhusubhutiHello, somehow my computer all of a sudden does not allow cheese to use the camera with out running in root (that took a lot of time to figure out).  anyone know how that happened..23:59
bhikkhusubhutiit says device not found23:59
jacresfor sure, I learned my lesson. Have dailies now + offsite. Had to use an hd recovery tool to get everything back, never again23:59

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