[diablo]Good afternoon #upstart 12:23
[diablo]got a problem when I'm building a first-boot script for RHEL612:23
[diablo]seems that when the upstart service file is dropped in, that it's being ran12:24
[diablo]I'm using Ansible to deploy it12:24
[diablo]does upstart automatically run the service when it's copied?12:25
[diablo]basically I'm creating RHEL6 and 7 templates with Packer, Ansible, and VMWare workstation12:25
[diablo]the templates are then uploaded to our vcloud12:25
[diablo]to deploy new machines...12:25
[diablo]but the first boot (only on RHEL6) is running during template creation time :-/12:26
[diablo]thats my ansible task12:27
[diablo]thats the upstart conf file12:27
[diablo]I have no idea wtf it's being ran12:27

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