flocculantbluesabre: what do we want to to about reporting gtk3 xfce setting issues? 06:46
ochosiflocculant: imo those should be reported on bugs.xfce.org as this work has been merged already to the master branch07:04
ochosiplus it has been released as 4.13.007:04
ochosiso if bluesabre was a good boy, he added the version already to buzgilla07:04
flocculantochosi: ok - not bother reporting to lp?07:04
ochosiimo one tracker is enough07:04
flocculantok - I'll go with that for the moment and wait for you and bluesabre to either have the same pov or discuss it :p07:05
flocculantochosi: one of the things I found is mouse scrolling :07:06
flocculantin something new - but same as notify07:07
ochosiright, good to know if it's not just notifyd07:07
ochosithen it's most likely settings' bug07:07
ochosiso i added the 4.13.0 version tag to bugzilla07:07
flocculantyea that was what I thought - hence mentioning it to you :)07:07
ochosifeel free to start reporting those bugs07:07
flocculantochosi: ok - cheers07:08
ochosibtw, i also have a new taskman release pending07:08
ochosiadded a small feature and fixed some bugs07:08
ochosiif you wanna take it for a spin07:08
flocculantyea saw the mention of it earlier07:08
flocculantyup can do :)07:08
ochosibasically this means building the master branch07:09
ochosisame routine as with notifyd07:09
flocculantright - sounds like I might want to do that in a vm first :p07:09
ochosifirst install the build-deps (apt-get build-dep xfce4-taskmanager), then after cloning run ./autogen.sh && make && ./src/xfce4-taskmanager to execute without install (which is unproblematic, apart from a missing icon)07:10
ochosisure, in a vm you can install it with sudo make install in the end07:10
ochosiwhich makes the missing icon thing also go away07:10
ochosithis is what to expect: http://i.imgur.com/aq3ht6j.png07:11
ochosiso there's the new crosshair button in the toolbar07:11
ochosi(between settings and about)07:11
ochosithat one you can take for a spin07:11
ochosithe fixed bugs you probably won't notice, because we don't ship the gtk3 version of taskman atm07:11
Unit193Do in PPA.07:12
flocculantochosi: ^^ is what I have locally07:13
flocculantochosi: and where do I clone it from :)07:13
Unit193distcheck it, I'll package it.  Also: echo $(date -u +"%Y%m%d" -d @`git log --format="%ct" -n1`).$(git rev-parse --short HEAD)07:16
flocculant\o/ oem install works now07:22
flocculantUnit193: that's just voodoo ... 07:22
flocculanton the other hand encrypt/lvm doesn't ...07:31
flocculantochosi: finding more mouse scrolling - I'll write a list before posting the bug07:36
flocculantlvm didn't like a 12g drive 07:42
ochosiflocculant: from here: https://git.xfce.org/apps/xfce4-taskmanager/07:52
ochosiUnit193: i'll try to do a release shortly, then you can package something for realz07:52
flocculantochosi: ta - thought so 07:52
flocculantochosi: I can see the cross-hair being a useful thing for people 08:22
bluesabreochosi, not an admin on xfce4-settings in bugzilla11:06
akxwi-davemorning all - had ubiquity/os-prober been updated..  got a possible problem on todays i386 iso.. its not detecting the existing installation of Xubuntu11:18
flocculantakxwi-dave: yea - reported and being worked on11:54
akxwi-daveahhhh..  good couldn't find a bug report..  and morning flocculant 11:55
flocculantsome idiot was mucking about with dupes and stuff overnight11:55
flocculanteg unmarking the dupe and duping mine - even though my one is the one with detail :D11:56
akxwi-daveahhhh.. lol same with one I did  a while back...    wasn't anyone we know was it.. ;-)11:56
flocculantsomeone hardly anyone would know about instead :p11:58
flocculantakxwi-dave: not sure if you saw backlog from this morning - but checked oem \o/ and encrypt /0\12:01
akxwi-dave  yup saw that. :-)12:02
flocculantochosi: what if there is a usability issue with the current settings which is replicated in the gtk3 one?13:24
flocculantI'm thinking of reporting more than 1 bug so different issues don't get lost in the mix13:25
flocculantthat is keeping regressions in a bug, odd things in a seperate bug 13:28
ochosiwell that's the version tag in bugzilla that you'll have to use13:48
ochosinot sure whether it allows for multi-select of versions13:48
ochosiprobably not13:48
ochosisince 4.12 will likely not see another maintenance release (unless 4.14 takes forever) i would report it against the new version primarily13:49
ochosiand then mention that it predates 4.1313:49
flocculantok 13:57
flocculantbut that's not the actual question I have :)13:57
flocculantthe question I have is 'Shall I keep things that are definitely wrong on a seperate bug from those which are 'that's odd' ones?13:58
* flocculant joined xfce-dev 14:05
flocculantochosi: reported 13316,7 and 8 to bugzilla 15:06
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