babbageclunkaxw: can you take a gander at https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/6868?00:16
axwbabbageclunk: looking00:37
axwbabbageclunk: all the other works are quiesced while this code runs, right?00:43
axwbabbageclunk: the provisioner won't be trying to update things, for example?00:44
anastasiamacmenn0: axw: for bug 1660087, we just need to know if it has been addressed in later revisions, on 2.1.x00:49
mupBug #1660087: Controller and all models unresponsive <canonical-is> <juju:Triaged by menno.smits> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1660087>00:49
axwanastasiamac: can't say until we know what the root cause is00:50
anastasiamacaxw: hopefully, logs attached to the bug will help :D00:50
axwanastasiamac: yeah, hopefully. I'll look when I can00:51
anastasiamacaxw: nps \o/00:51
babbageclunkaxw: yeah, that's right - they're all gated by the migration flag00:57
axwbabbageclunk: ok, thanks. I've left some comments00:58
babbageclunkaxw: cool, thanks!00:58
menn0anastasiamac: sorry I was out for a bit01:04
menn0anastasiamac: what axw said :)01:04
anastasiamacmenn0: thnx :)01:04
* menn0 is going dark for a while to focus on CAAS 01:19
* redir goes eod01:32
* redir will look at #1654603 in the morning if still waiting for PPC64EL MAAS access.01:34
mupBug #1654603: kill-controller takes too long, is it waiting for hooks to finish? <landscape> <juju:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1654603>01:34
babbageclunkDoes anyone know how to get maas to see a change in max ram after changing it in vmm?02:25
babbageclunkDo I need to remove and recommission it, or is there a more direct way?02:26
anastasiamacbabbageclunk: i wonder if maybe we should reach out to MAAS guys? dunno if any of them are in this channel..02:32
babbageclunkanastasiamac: yeah, I'll go ask over there.02:33
mupBug #1660522 opened: Un-removeable "life: dead", "agent-state: pending"  agents  <canonical-bootstack> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1660522>04:47
axwjam: bridge testing again, didn't notice IRC failed to reconnect. wallyworld raised the same issue of remove-storage vs. detach-storage05:24
axwjam: my question is what that means in the case of shared storage05:25
axwjam: we can just have it mean "detach from the application", which might be reasonable?05:26
jamaxw: sorry, I've got a bunch of different things in my head right now. I just wanted to make sure I understood what made you uneasy, so that I understand the full problem. I probably won't be able to switch to that for a bit05:51
axwjam: it's all good, I'm looking at the lxd/maas networking issue now05:52
axwwallyworld: ping?07:01
axwwallyworld: yo. about the firewaller thing. can you HO? might be easier07:01
wallyworldsure, give me 507:02
axwwallyworld: np, ping when07:02
axwwallyworld: yes07:20
mupBug #1660542 opened: container mac addresses should use 'locally assigned' section <lxd> <mac-address> <network> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1660542>07:35
mupBug #1660543 opened: container mac addresses should use 'locally assigned' section <lxd> <mac-address> <network> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1660543>07:35
wallyworldaxw: changes pushed07:41
axwwallyworld: looking07:41
axwwallyworld: LGTM07:44
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babbageclunkaxw: take another look? https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/686808:26
axwbabbageclunk: looking08:26
babbageclunkaxw: thanks! you weren't kidding when you said callAPI was ugly.08:27
axwbabbageclunk: yeah :/08:27
axwbabbageclunk: probably should just bite the bullet and write our own wrapper API clients08:27
axw(not in this PR though)08:28
babbageclunkaxw: no :)08:28
axwbabbageclunk: done08:30
babbageclunkaxw: cheers08:30
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mupBug #1660543 changed: container mac addresses should use 'locally assigned' section <lxd> <mac-address> <network> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1660543>11:00
perrito666morning all12:30
rick_hredir: ping when/if you're about13:48
perrito666rick_h: I doubt he will be here for a couple of hours13:55
rick_hperrito666: yea, just realized. I ping'd him out of band13:55
* rick_h somehow thought the day was farther along13:55
jama review of https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/6893 is requested14:15
jamit involves refactoring the code that checks what bridges to create for containers, but doesn't, itself, change any of the logic14:15
jamjust pulls it off of Machine where it didn't really belong.14:15
jamfrobware: ^^14:15
frobwarejam: reviewed14:59
jamfrobware: responded and pushed up an update15:07
jamcare to take another look15:07
frobwarejam: looking15:08
frobwarejam: LGTM15:09
frobwarejam: I was just taking another look on the files that were added.15:14
frobwarejam: those tests - they were just the tests that were moved?15:17
frobwarejam: if the error doesn't bubble up to the user then I think what you suggested is fine.15:19
jamfrobware: so how the code is *currently* used, the only caller of it ensures that its only dealing with bridges first15:20
jamfrobware: I added the check because I split the code from where it was created from where the check was done15:20
jamfrobware: and I believe in validating inputs in case someone uses it differently in the future15:20
jamfrobware: hypothetically, that sort of error could bubble to the user if we have a bug in our software, so I did tweak the wording15:21
frobwarejam: ack15:21
redirrick_h: pong16:51
redirI see a task in the Juju Show16:51
rick_hredir: howdy, yep16:52
redirtodo made16:52
rick_hredir: wanted to see if you had some details/etc you wanted/could flesh out16:52
rick_hredir: ty16:52
redirrick_h: not much, uvtool is gone and it works on ARM64 where kvm does on ARM64 now.16:52
rick_hredir: and works everywhere else expected and this is 2.2 ?16:53
redirotherwise there's no change to the API or feature set, but I can make an outline16:53
redirrick_h: still trying to get access to ppc64el HW to test and debug there.16:53
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redirbrb need to let the tree trimmers in the garden17:39
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perrito666brb, afternoon snack :)18:15
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redirperrito666: you made me hungry19:42
perrito666redir: sad to be you mate :p19:42
perrito666I actually had to drive 15 min to get the snack19:42
redirdevelop is broken20:22
redirsame breakage in 2.120:34
menn0redir: what's the breakage? (I haven't looked)20:46
redir# github.com/juju/juju/worker/machineactions20:47
redirworker/machineactions/handleactions.go:70: unknown "github.com/juju/utils/exec".RunParams field 'User' in struct literal20:47
redirworker/machineactions/handleactions.go:87: not enough arguments to return20:47
redirmenn0: ^ was going to look at the history after lunch20:47
menn0how the hell did that get in?20:47
redirthe commit where that went in was the 26th20:48
redirperhaps before verify.bash was enabled on CI20:48
redirs/enabled/fully enabled20:49
redirand someone prolly didn't have the pre-commit hook enabled20:49
menn0redir: seems likely21:03
redirOK nm, I think It is me21:06
redirI fatfingered godeps update and missed the error21:08
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anastasiamac_menn0: as an OCR, this PR addresses frequent intermittent bug: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/689222:10
perrito666jam: YUNO squash?22:33
redirperrito666: prolly because there were conflicts and or merges22:48
redirjuju deploy charm1 charm2 # is this valid syntax?22:55
redirit appears not but it deploys charm223:16
redirbut claims it deployed charm123:28
redirbe a couple minutes late to s/u23:44
menn0redir: that sounds like sensible behaviour :-/23:46

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