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mapreriI cancelled this build after 100+ hours it was running, and the small terminal was stuck on "semop(1): encountered an error: Invalid argument".  shouldn't this have died by itself at some point?11:57
maprerithen, sbuild says 100+ hours, but the build was started the 26th, it's 5 days ago…11:58
maprerithis => https://launchpadlibrarian.net/304584637/buildlog_ubuntu-zesty-amd64.schleuder_3.0.1-1_CANCELLING.txt.gz (which I've now retried, it was https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/schleuder/3.0.1-1/+build/11928304)11:58
cjwatsonYes, it should; known bug.  launchpad-buildd still uses sbuild's sudo mode, which isn't as good at killing sessions as its schroot mode.12:05
acheronuksomething up with launchpad? taking ages for some uploads to ppas to show update, acceptance and build failure emails are coming very slowly, sometimes many many hours after the event18:54
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wgrantacheronuk: Do you have a specific example of a package and email that were delayed?21:42
acheronukwgrant: oddly enough, no. I have uploaded quite a bit to ppas today, and had not thought at the time to filter or note the late ones :(21:46
acheronukI shall note future ones in case this continues21:46
wgrantacheronuk: Hmm. So you've seen delays in Accepted emails, not just things that might be explained by non-zero build queues?21:46
wgrantIt's much easier to track down if you have an example, because nothing seems to be generally wrong.21:47
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acheronukcorrect. certainly not built queue related21:47
acheronuk[18:49] <mamarley> Launchpad is really lagging today.  It is taking hours to publish stuff and even 30 minutes or so to transmit build failure emails.21:49
acheronukso not just me ^^21:49

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