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horsewhipAnyone got a Kabylake XPS 13"?12:13
BluesKajHey folks12:26
ducassehi BluesKaj12:29
BluesKajhi ducasse12:30
ducasseall good?12:30
BluesKajyup, and you ?12:30
ducassegood, quiet day. really cold out, so staying inside.12:30
ducasseBluesKaj: how's your weather?12:35
BluesKaj-11 and clear atm, there?12:36
BluesKajsun's is rising12:36
ducassea little colder, grey and foggy.12:37
daftykinshorsewhip: i have clients with it13:44
daftykinsown the skylake model myself13:44
BluesKajhey daftykins .....?13:47
daftykins\o skylake (6th gen) and kaby lake (7th gen) intel core CPUs in Dell XPS 13 laptops this is :>13:48
daftykins9350 and 9360 models respectively13:48
horsewhipdaftykins: How do you find it? I hear reports of the scaling going awry when connected to external displays.14:08
daftykinsah well i tell people not to get the QHD models, 1080p is best for battery life14:09
horsewhipWork are getting me a QHD one.14:11
daftykinsmistake :) scaling fun will result14:12
daftykinswhat's your DE of choice?14:12
horsewhipIntelliJ / Vim / Sublime14:14
daftykinsdesktop environment was what i was aiming for :) Unity/KDE/etc14:15
daftykinsi've always heard Unity is good for displays where scaling will be needed14:15
horsewhiphahah, opps – I'll stick with whatever it ships with.14:15
horsewhipUnity, I beleive.14:16
daftykinsoh right so it'll be the factory install on the developer edition?14:16
daftykinsi buy from Dell UK, so the Outlet is amazing for me - dell.co.uk/outlet - i got my XPS13 for £580 delivered when they were £999 new still on the site14:17
horsewhipI'm UK based too – thanks for the heads up – I'll take a look.14:17
horsewhipWell, I'll take a look when I want to replace my personal laptop.14:18
daftykinsjust got a couple of XPS desktops for clients too for £600 delivered, i7 6700/16GB RAM/GTX 960 graphics/256GB M.2 SSD/2TB HDD/etc14:19
daftykinsthey really are great at times :>14:19
horsewhipAlthough they've got the XPS 13 - 9360 in stock at the outlet store, so might be sooner rather than later!14:22
daftykinsyeah it comes and goes :> once you go into one you get whether it's a "certified refurbished" or a "scratch and dent" which have always had really minor damage for me14:23
horsewhiphmmmm, with an extra 10% off.14:29
horsewhipShame it ships with windows though.14:56
horsewhip(I'm pretty lazy when it comes to faffing with computers)14:56
daftykinsyou could image up the one you're getting from work and just clone it over, then change the hostname and any keys14:58
horsewhipSurely all the Dell wotnot they ship installed on their Ubuntu laptops exists in a PPA somewhere...15:01
daftykinsyeah i think it's passworded though or something awkward15:04
daftykinsor the key doesn't import - this was ages ago though15:04
EriC^^hi all20:53
pauljwhey EriC^^21:10
EriC^^hi pauljw21:10
EriC^^how's it going? :)21:11
pauljweverythings good here, you?21:11
EriC^^same thanks21:11
daftykins\o hi hi21:21

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