jayv1webi dont know if someone will read this or not, well, i recently bought a power mac g5 and i decided to install ubuntu mate 16.04 here, it comes with mozilla firefox 47, but i am having some problems, some youtube videos i can play them with no problems at all, but other ones just dont start, can i update this firefox to the latest version o i need to stick with this one until it gets updated by system updates?02:11
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alkisgGood morning08:50
directi need a help08:50
directI need install one app on my linux UBUNTU MATE 16.0'108:51
directbut I cant install it08:51
directi know the pwd root08:51
directwho can help me?08:52
alkisgWhat app?08:53
alkisgWhich application?08:53
directTHe app is a editorial english app08:53
alkisgIs it in the ubuntu repositories?08:54
alkisgWhat is its name? Is it a .deb file/08:54
directmaybe can send u , with wetransf install08:54
directyes, is .deb08:54
alkisgWhat is its name?08:54
alkisg(the filename)08:54
directmacmillan offline portable08:54
alkisgNo, the .deb filename08:55
alkisgLike, macmillan-3.123.deb08:55
directok one momment08:56
directi share with u08:56
directa link with download08:56
alkisgCan't you just tell us the filename?08:56
alkisgI don't want to install it, i'm trying to help you08:57
directi find on mount usb08:57
directthe path is08:57
alkisgThis is not a .deb08:58
alkisgIt's a .sh08:59
directok when i open install ... i see $pendrive/book/pulse1.deb09:00
alkisgIt appears to be a custom application, which is not supported by ubuntu09:00
alkisgYou should ask the application authors for help09:00
alkisgContact the macmillan company09:00
directok thanks09:01
hpit's late/early where i am so i must ask first. is anyone active right now?09:06
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:07
alkisgThere are people from around the world here09:07
alkisgBut they won't respond anyway, if you don't ask first09:07
hpsorry and thanks. can i go back to 16.10 without re-installing? somehow i ended up on 17.04 and it seems to not be ready as it keeps crashing. or at least on my machine it keeps crashing.09:10
alkisgIt's very difficult to downgrade09:10
alkisgBest reinstall. And why not 16.04 instead, which is LTS?09:10
hpi actually installed the lts one but somehow it updated all in one day. i only asked about 16.10 because i assumed if i could downgrade it would be easier to go back one release rather than two.09:13
alkisgUnfortunately downgrading isn't really supported, you will have a really hard time doing it, it's best to reinstall09:14
hpwhen i do, how can i insure this doesnt happen again? any idea what i did wrong?09:15
alkisgDid you run `do-release-upgrade` or something?09:15
alkisgIt's not an automatic process09:15
alkisgIt's something that you manually did09:15
hpnope, didnt know that was a command. i did however click the all updates thing rather than the dont break my computer. but i didnt think that would jump passed the supported release..?09:18
alkisg16.10 is a supported release09:18
alkisgyou shouldn't be able to go to 17.04 unless you clicked developers release or something09:19
hpyes but my latest error message said 17.06 has encountered an error09:19
hpcould it have been a popup i clicked ok on? i do that a lot lol09:19
alkisgNo, there are no popups to get you from an lts version to a non-lts version09:20
alkisgYou did that manually09:20
alkisgWhat's the output of this? grep Prompt /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades09:21
hpjusst said "prompt=normal" prompt is in red text09:22
alkisgThat should be prompt=lts09:26
alkisgIt means you manually changed that to normal, and got to 16.1009:26
alkisgWhat's the output of: grep VERSION_ID /etc/os-release09:27
hpi dont even know how to do that lol09:27
hpjust a sec09:27
alkisgYou did it from the software updates dialog, probably09:27
hp17.04 with version id in red text as well09:28
alkisgYeah you did manage to go to 17.04 :D09:28
hpits cool i got a mac dock but it keeps crashing and my desktop becomes inactive. i have sent all error messages though09:29
hpplank mate is super cool though09:29
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sund0wnHi Everyone, I've got a question about /etc/pam.d/lightdm-greeter or maybe /etc/pam.d/mate-screensaver. I've got fido u2f working with a yubico key for login, sudo and switching users. But when waking from suspend i just get a password prompt that doesn't prompt for me to press the key and then always fails.11:17
sund0wnMy auth rule for the key is in common-auth. I've tried adding the same rule to /etc/pam.d/lightdm, /etc/pam.d/lightdm-greeter and /etc/pam.d/mate-screensaver. None worked and caused weird issues which I think is because of the rule being run more than once.11:21
alkisgFirst, press alt+ctrl+f1 to switch to vt1, and kill mate-screensaver, and see if that was the dialog you were seeing for auth,11:21
alkisgif so, file a bug report against mate-screensaver then...11:21
alkisgI've seen mate-screensaver fail a lot of times, for different reasons11:22
alkisgSome times it just doesn't accept any password as valid11:22
alkisgOthers, it doesn't even show the text box to enter the password11:22
alkisgAnd others, it doesn't even display a dialog at all, just the wall paper11:23
alkisgIn all those cases I have to login to vt1 and manuall kill mate-screensaver11:23
sund0wn_altsorry, I accidentally disconnected. using alt+ctrl+f1 I tried kill mate-screensaver. but it doesn't accept my password.11:26
sund0wn_altand also didn't prompt me to press the key11:27
alkisgsund0wn_alt: you killed mate-screensaver, and it was something else that prompted for password?11:27
alkisgIf you kill mate-screensaver and still get a prompt, then that's not mate-screensaver11:27
alkisgIt might be lightdm11:27
sund0wn_altok, q quick questions how do I get back to the UI from alt-ctrl-f1? and how to take a screenshot of the terminal?11:28
alkisg(or f8 if you switch users etc)11:28
alkisga mobile phone?11:28
alkisgit's more difficult to get the screenshot from vt111:29
sund0wn_altok, one minute11:29
alkisgYou need to find/export display and xauthority11:29
sund0wn_altok I killed mate-screensaver from mate terminal. suspended and woke and the ui came right up. no prompt at all. if I switch to alt+ctrl+f1 I can't do anything whatever I run prompts for a password waits a second and then fails. I read somewhere (unfortunately I can't find it now) that this is the normal behavior if the key isn't present or pressed in time. I't almost like it knows the rule is there, but doesn't challenge the key and11:39
sund0wn_altfails. still working on a screenshot, but there isn't much to see. just the command I typed and a login prompt and then login incorrect".11:39
sund0wn_altcould it have something to do with the auth rule being in common-auth? I read somewhere else (been trying to get this to work for a while) That you shoudl add the auth rule to all the relevant files in /etc/pam.d/ (sudo, login, mate-screensaver) but adding it to common auth worked for login, sudo (in mate terminal) and switching users and it's imported in most of the other files.11:45
sund0wn_altalkisg, thanks for the help. I've got to get back to work.11:57
alkisgsund0wn_alt: oh, I didn't realize you were still chatting11:58
alkisgI didn't see an answer for 10 minutes and stopped watching the channel11:59
mate|57650help me to download youtube videos via terminal on ubuntu 16.04 lts12:03
sixwheeledbeastI believe there's a youtube downloader in boutique12:23
mate|57650thank you... much12:24
mate|16127hi there. I'm on Ubuntu Mate 14.04,fully updated (HWE Xenial), with an intel Hd 4600,and I have tearing in videos,in Firefox,and in Firefox videos ! What can I do for tear-free experience ? I tried Compiz,but it's still glitchy,at times will make my windows decorations dissapear. Other way ? Thanks !13:56
mate|16127and.btw,if i may ask (and i may:P ) , whos fault is ,anyway,for tearing in linux ? Intel open source drivers ,linux DE's ,or X.org ? Why can't we have tearing free like in windoze ?14:01
Shabanghello everyone17:50
Akulihi Shabang17:51
Shabanggnome 2 is the best manager ever, and mate too17:52
Shabangsee u, byee >(17:54
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Guest30155Alguien puede ayudar con la instalación de Pixum, una alternativa a los fotoálbunes Hofmann?19:32
ouroumov!es | Guest3015519:36
ubottuGuest30155: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:36
danklesGreetings Team, I have a quick question: Is mate 1.18 (or mate 2) going to support hidpi?19:52
danklessome of the applications work on hidpi already thanks to gtk3, but I'm asking about the desktop as a whole19:52
Guest30155Anyone to help with the installation of Pixum, a propietary software alternative to Hofmann?. After the installation process, and the laucher created at the desktop, the program does not run.19:57
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alkisgFerranMB: does this run via wine? is it a setup.exe, or a setup.deb?20:01
alkisgdankles: hidpi progress is briefly mentioned here: https://ubuntu-mate.org/blog/ubuntu-mate-yakkety-progress-update/20:03
danklesalkisg: thanks for the link. I was looking at some of the other mate blog posts, but not the right one apparently.20:05
FerranMBalkisg: simply downloading the .tar file from the Pixum web, decompressing it and executing the perl file. After downloading lybraries, etc, and creating a launcher a double-click over it does nothing.20:13
FerranMBalkisg: I'am not running this program via wine.20:14
alkisgFerranMB: right click the launcher, see the command it runs, and run it on a terminal, to see the error messages20:49
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ni291187I have a raspberry pi 2 that I want to load with mate - I think the sd card I have has raspbian or something that was installed when I received it. I am just curious whether I need to format with no partitions or format with the master boot record scheme or what in order to prepare it for the mate image.22:11
ni291187all the tutorials seem to assume the sd card is clean - I guess I am just gonna try Master Boot Record...?22:19
Astro7467ni291187: no need, if you have a standard image and using a tool like dd then it will destroy everything on the sd22:25
Astro7467when you write the image it goes to the device, not a partition22:26
Astro7467eg /dev/sdf (device) vs /dev/sdf1 (1st partition)22:27
ni291187ah, okay, cool thanks :)22:28
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