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cpaelzerrbasak: could you look into tagging and merging, as well as uploading https://code.launchpad.net/~paelzer/ubuntu/+source/multipath-tools/+git/multipath-tools/+merge/311921 today ?07:18
cpaelzerrbasak: I updated the merge request accordingly, but had to realize today this is not ubuntu-server-dev upload permission yet07:19
cpaelzerrbasak: have you seen my request to tag, merge and upload multipath?09:43
cpaelzerrbasak: or is the change to the upload permissions we discussed in the other chan close enough that I should upload then?09:43
rbasakcpaelzer: yes. I'm running an update of the server packageset now. It involves running germinate which takes a while. I just started it. Separately I have a note to gather all upload tags, which is a bit lower priority. I've added multipath-tools to that list.09:46
cpaelzerrbasak: ok thank you09:46
cpaelzerrbasak: can you ping me once the packageset update is complete so I can copy this one from bileto?09:47
rbasakcpaelzer: will do!09:47
vamadiri have a question, about ubuntu server`s. How to correct create users and groups for services? Like httpd, ftp, postfix...etc. Or its beter start them from root?09:55
hateballvamadir: usually service-users are created for you when you install the packages09:56
hateballvamadir: for instance installing apache will create www-data09:56
vamadirhateball: have some rules or tips on ubuntu about creating service-users?09:58
ogra_vamadir, normally you do not create them yopurself, the packages do this from the install scripts09:58
vamadirogra_: i understand, but if i create my own service, i need to create user for this?10:00
ogra_if you dont want to run it as root, yes ...10:00
ogra_i'd look at the source of a package with a similar service in such a case10:00
ogra_specificaloly at the postinst script in the debian dir10:01
vamadirogra_: thanks10:03
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Stryrbasak: ubuntu-mysql apparmor logs: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23898693/10:31
rbasakHmm, he's gone.10:37
rbasakFor the logs: /var/log/mysql/error.log being empty isn't good. A conffile modification predating Precise (maybe Trusty?) can cause that IIRC. I wonder if he also has a tweaked AppArmor configuration?10:37
panicstrHello All.12:00
panicstrI'm doing a release upgrade on ubuntu server. It currently shows "Restarting services possibly affected by the upgrade:" for over half an hour... has something gone wrong?12:00
fredrinI have a server with two NICs, one for uplink (eno1) and one for internal network (eno2). eno2 has been used to create a bridge interface, br0, that I uses for virtual-guests. When I enable ufw, the virtual guest are unable to send arp requests to the dhcp-server that runs on the host, but other clients that is connected to the bridge by eno2 physical and a switch are able to get IPs. When I12:09
fredrindisable ufw things work.12:09
fredrinI've added the lines that is under the NOTE section of ufw-framwork manual12:10
fredrinthis is on 16.0412:11
fredrinany pointers how to debug further?12:12
fredrinok, ufw allow bootps helped13:30
* fredrin pats himself on the back 13:30
zioprotocoreycb, jamespage when we run the Openstack network node on ubuntu, it would be nice to have the Kernel compiled with CONFIG_NET_DROP_MONITOR=y13:38
zioprotohow does it work to give feedback about the Ubuntu Kernel ?13:38
coreycbzioproto, hi, that might make sense. the folks in #ubuntu-kernel would know better.13:43
coreycbzioproto, thank you :)13:44
zioprotodone, looks like this change will go in zesty13:54
zioprotoopenstack folks, might want to read this : http://www.9bitwizard.eu/packets-drop-by-drop13:54
zioprotolooks like a noisy network can cause packet loss on your network node13:54
zioprotohard to debug at the moment on a ubuntu server13:54
zulcoreycb: where do you fiddle with the cloud archive patches again?14:11
coreycbzul, https://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cloud-archive/ubuntu/+source/ca-patches/14:12
zulcoreycb: thanks14:12
panicstrdo-release-upgrade failed resulting in broken packages, apt not working etc... can i reboot?14:18
zioprotopanicstr, why reboot ? It does not sound like a good plan14:19
zioprotopanicstr, what you mean by apt not working ?14:20
zuljamespage/coreycb: nova b3 is still in dep-wait because of python-os-xenapi is still in source new14:20
panicstrzioproto Errors were encountered while processing: -list some 30 packages-14:21
zioprotopanicstr, did you try to 'apt-get -f install'14:22
zioprototo finish the installation if those packages ?14:22
panicstrE: Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.14:22
panicstrE: Unable to correct dependencies14:22
zioprotodid you pin some packages ?14:23
panicstrpin packages?14:23
zioprotodid you force some package to be in a specific version ?14:23
panicstrnot that i recall14:23
zioprotowhat is the name of the package that fails to upgrade ?14:23
panicstrthere's some 30 of them14:24
zioprotowhat upgrade are you doing ? trusty to xenial ?14:25
zioprotopanicstr, read this: https://blog.bramp.net/post/2012/04/29/failed-ubuntu-update/ is this helpful ?14:26
panicstrthis log is empty in my system14:27
zioproto/var/log/dist-upgrade/apt.log or /var/log/apt/term.log ?14:27
panicstrzioproto don't bother, got to go, thanks for your help14:29
zioprotono problem14:29
coreycbzioproto, cool thanks for pushing on that and thanks for sharing that post14:42
jarad_problem booting new install of daily build on lpar - where to find help ?15:18
jarad_"/vdevice/v-scsi@30000009/disk@8100000000000000:-1,/etc/yaboot.conf: Unknown or corrupt filesystem" - which is not true15:20
coreycbzul, i'm backporting python-wsgi-intercept python-xmltodict15:26
zulcoreycb: k15:26
zulcoreycb: im fixing libvirt in the CA15:27
coreycbzul, thanks15:27
coreycbzul, i think the other backport issues may be fixed by updating d/control15:27
jarad__i have a yaboot problem - tying to install powerpc64 on lpar - when booting i get15:42
jarad__"/vdevice/v-scsi@30000009/disk@8100000000000000:-1,/etc/yaboot.conf: Unknown or corrupt filesystem" - which is not true15:43
jarad__daily build that is ...15:43
jarad__any suggestions15:44
zulcoreycb: the libvirt patch we carry for the ocata UCA is no longer needed. fyi15:49
powersjjarad__: take a look at LP: #160608915:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1606089 in yaboot (Ubuntu) "unable to boot after 'entire disk' install (16.10, ppc)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160608915:50
jarad__sorry what does LP: #160689 mean ?15:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 160689 in Moblin Multimedia "Suggest to add a column to display media path" [Low,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16068915:59
coreycbzul, ok good16:00
powersjjarad__: that issue and workaround are described in the launchpad bug here: https://launchpad.net/bugs/160608916:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1606089 in yaboot (Ubuntu) "unable to boot after 'entire disk' install (16.10, ppc)" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:00
jarad__thx :)16:07
jamespagezioproto, coreycb: that sounds like a useful kernel feature - thanks for getting that enabled for the zesty kernel!16:10
zioprotojamespage, it will come also in Xenial16:11
jamespagezioproto, great16:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1660634 in linux (Ubuntu Yakkety) "Enable CONFIG_NET_DROP_MONITOR=m in Ubuntu Kernel" [Undecided,In progress]16:11
dasjoeUgh, "Root privileges are required for running gparted." - I'm a member of disk, so I should be able to run gparted as my user16:12
jarad__powersj, ubottu: confirmed was able to boot after choosing ext2 as /boot and / - thx agin16:25
jarad__powersj, ubottu: confirmed was able to boot after choosing ext2 as /boot and / - thx again16:25
powersjjarad__: good to hear!16:26
naccdasjoe: is that perhaps hardcoded in gparted?16:49
rbasakcpaelzer: PEBKAC. I got the exception for multipath-tools working. Not quite active yet.17:01
rbasakcpaelzer: OK, you should be able to upload multipath-tools now.17:01
hrwhi guys17:05
dasjoenacc: it seems to be, parted just sent a generic warning but let me edit the GPT17:06
naccdasjoe: interesting, probably worth asking upstream, but it might be a safety check in their code :/17:06
hrwwho I should speak with to make ubuntu-lts/arm64 image for docker.io?17:07
hrwI work on adding arm64 support to openstack-kolla and need some kind of official ubuntu/arm64 image for containers17:08
blizzowI'm having difficulty installing python-boto.  apt keeps complaining that it python-boto needs python-requests and that relies on python-urllib3 1.13. Then it complains that 1.18 is set to be installed. Anyone seen this?17:34
rbasakblizzow: can you pastebin your output?17:35
blizzowThe way I got around the problem was to use aptitude and it proposed downgrading, but that doesn't really work with ansible.  Hold on a minute and I'll fire up a VM to get the output.17:39
naccblizzow: which version of ubuntu?17:41
naccblizzow: fresh lxd 16.04 container, python-boto 2.38.0-1ubuntu1 installed fine17:44
naccalong with python-requests 2.9.1-3, ptyhon-urllib3 1.13.1-2ubuntu0.16.04.117:44
naccblizzow: python-urllib3 1.18 is not published in any ubuntu17:45
naccblizzow: currently, so perhaps a PPA in use?17:45
blizzowAh, elasticsearch PPA.17:54
blizzowHow do I pin the python-urllib3 back to the ubuntu version?17:55
naccblizzow: i think instead you would say only to install certain packages from the elasticsearch PPA? although perhaps that would break their software then17:55
zulcoreycb: lovely....just lovely18:00
blizzownacc, that's a fine solution, I guess how would I whitelist only certain packages from their PPA?18:09
naccblizzow: iirc, `man apt_preferences`, with something like specific Package entries from that PPA18:12
naccblizzow: but i'm not sure if that will let elatsicsearch work, if it in turn needs the 1.18 version18:13
blizzowyeah, urgh. This machine won't even be using elasticsearch. I guess I can't use a monolithic apt sources anymore :/18:14
hallynsoren: hey19:42
bluekingis it possibly to ask firewall rules here ?20:09
bluekingwhat I am unsure about are what ports one should open  lan -> wan and lan -> local.. how to know ?20:10
bluekingwan -> anything usually blocked20:10
bluekingsarnold   u forgot me ? ;)20:22
dasjoenacc: apparently Gnome doesn't think of the hard requirement to be root as a bug, see https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=641758 and https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=69327520:23
ubottuGnome bug 641758 in application "Cannot run as non-root" [Major,Resolved: duplicate]20:23
ubottuGnome bug 693275 in application "gparted fails to start because it says it needs to be root" [Major,Resolved: notabug]20:23
naccblueking: well, to be fair, sarnold only said 'sure', didn't say they would answer your question20:23
dasjoeThey argue a user can't inform the kernel about partition table changes, so running as root is required20:23
naccdasjoe: interesting20:24
dasjoenacc: actually re-reading the tables as a user results in "BLKRRPART failed: Permission denied" for me, so they may have a point there :)20:25
bluekingnacc  I know, just  wanted to highlight his nick20:25
naccdasjoe: :)20:26
sarnoldblueking: it depends entirely on what you want your system to -do- :)20:36
bluekingsarnold sarnold  4 or 5 subnets  lan-main (free access to net)  lan-kids (time limited when kids can have access to net)  lan-fileserver (less secure subnet, fileserver has its own firewall, 4 nics on fileserver one for wan (through router), and 1-3 nics LAG lacp   vlan-trunking (vlan tagged for lan-main and lan-kids), not decided yet how to configure this.  and guest zone20:46
sarnoldblueking: wow, nice20:47
dasjoeIs "sarnold sarnold" like the B1s' "roger roger"?21:08
sarnoldyes yes :)21:10
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