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GuyangoAnybody try installing ubuntu touch on gt-s6802 phone08:39
Guyangoneed some advice08:40
matv2Guyango I think you may find more help over at ubports. Either the irc channel or their own forums on ubports.com09:30
matv2but i believe the samsung galaxy series have proven to be extremely diffifult to port09:32
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zubHi. Why is Ubuntu SDK using "gcc" as CXX (c++ compiler) for CMake?17:47
zubIs this intentional? It causes issues when C++ executable is being built: one has to explicitly add libstdc++.17:47
zubit's passed here: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/trunk/view/head:/src/ubuntu/ubuntukitmanager.cpp#L57617:47
zub(I'd have expected g++ to be used. And this can be unspecified and the debian MultiArchCross.cmake file would handle it.)17:49
dobeyzub: it should be using g++18:13
dobeyzub: also, #ubuntu-app-devel is probably a better place for questions about the sdk itself. it sounds like that's either a bug or a configuration problem, though18:15
zubdobey: ok, I'll try to ask there18:35
zubI suspect it's typo/bug, but wanted to ask if anybody knows18:36
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mterryDoes launching snaps work for anybody else in unity8 snap?  I just get them spinning their wheels, never coming up21:31
mterryNot sure why yet21:31
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