rick_hjrwren: yea sorry, was jumping on the post more than yourself15:05
jrwrenoh, the post was definiting making some better way suggestions... adn it DOES have a point.15:07
jrwrenmy comment was largely sparked by some folks I know who buy lots of books and don't read them and then complain they have no money while they have tens of thousands of dollars in unread books on their shelves. I'm not exagerating.15:08
rick_hthe library is definitely an underutilized resource these days for sure15:09
* rick_h is guilty of that though my wife is good about it which makes me happy15:09
jrwrenrick_h: does clarkston have a library, or do you get to use orion twp?15:09
rick_hjrwren: clarkston has one15:09
jrwrenclarkston probably built a nice new one since I was a kid. Most of the surrounding cities did in the 90s15:10
rick_hmy wife takes the boy every couple of weeks ot get a stack of libary books and to play the games on the computers there15:10
cmaloneyjrwren: Shut up about my library15:10
* cmaloney dusts the shelves15:10
rick_hIn 1965, the Women’s club transferred the library to the authority of Independence Township. The Library was officially established under Act 269, the School Code of 1955, making the Library a Township Department governed by the Independence Township Board.15:10
rick_hso a bit before the 90's it looks like15:11
cmaloneyI've been working to not buy so many books and instead find out if the library has it so they can store it instead.15:11
jrwrenoh wow, so it is the same old 80s library I remember from when I was a kid?15:11
jrwrenerr, 60s library that I remember from the 80s. lol15:11
rick_hjrwren: yea, looking at the history doc it was started in the 60s and expanded several times15:11
rick_hjrwren: with a big $2M expansion in the late 80s15:11
jrwrencmaloney: i have the crap dusty shelves too. I should probably do something about it.15:13
jrwrenbut hten I also think about some of my favorite fiction and as the kid gets older I want her to be able to grab those books off the shelf.15:13
jrwrenbut maybe in another 10yrs I'll clear the shelves.15:13
rick_hheh, I'm waiting for my son to get reading more textual books so I can get him a kindle15:14
* rick_h has pared down the books on shelves waaaay down15:15
rick_hand with audible/kindle I don't think I've more than a dozen books on the shelves in the last 2-3 years15:15
jrwrenha! yeah!15:17
jrwrensometimes i wish I were a digital reading person, but I am not.15:17
cmaloneyI vascillate betweehn digital / print15:18
rick_hI wish I wasn't, but every time I travel or go camping, or finish a book while in the car somewhere I am glad15:18
rick_hThe "idea" of the physical book is attractive, but the practicalities just get in the way.15:18
rick_hI'm just "whatever works to keep folks reading"15:19
rick_hmy son's got stacks of books taller than he is lol15:19
rick_hhave to find a good box to save them in for his own kids one day maybe15:19
cmaloneyrick_h: You're well on the way of the whole "living out of a knapsack" efficiency curve. ;)15:19
rick_hwish I had more of that15:19
rick_hcmaloney: working on it, will go to ghent next week with my tortuga backpack and that's it15:20
jrwrenyou are probably right. My issue is, I'm too damn lazy to get organized enough to have an e-library that I want to read.15:20
cmaloneyYe gods. :)15:20
cmaloneyThe biggest problem I have with digital is the silly DRM nonsense15:20
jrwrenthat too.15:20
rick_hheh, see something good, search it in google, click the AMZ link, click if I want to listen or read it and have it delivered to my device15:20
cmaloneySorry, but I don't want to have to re-buy digital products if your business model goes belly up.15:20
rick_h60s later start listening/reading to it15:21
rick_hyea, that's the part that will one day bite me I'm sure15:21
rick_hit did with music15:21
jrwreni've still got some cassette. :p15:21
cmaloneyThat and RPG books are letter-sized and unless I get used to zoom / scroll they tend to be suboptimal to read15:21
cmaloneyplus I like books on a shelf15:21
rick_hjrwren: lol we moved the entertainment center and my wife wants to know what's on a couple of VHS tapes that were in the back there15:22
rick_h"if this has got cute video of you as a kid I'm digitizing it!!!"15:22
cmaloneyrick_h: Oh god15:22
rick_hwas about how the threat went15:22
jrwrenhahahaha. I wonder if we have any VHS still. We DO have a player.15:22
cmaloneyI have a bulk eraser if you want to borrow it15:22
rick_hdo you? don't tell my wife15:22
jrwrenbut I do not think we have any tapes15:22
rick_hwe've not had one in forever15:22
jrwrenthe player is sitting here on basement shelf. it hasn't been plugged in since we moved. lol15:23
cmaloneyMy dad has a VHS / DVD burner. I can burn discs if you want15:23
jrwrenseems like as much as I try to purge old stuff, some things just stick around.15:23
cmaloneyDid that with the "Stella at 20" tapes that I have before they released them online15:23

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