chesedomorning all06:30
nsnzeromorning chesedo 06:32
paddatrapperMorning chesedo, nsnzero06:52
nsnzerohey there paddatrapper 06:55
nsnzerowhats a good and easy programming language to learn ? c and python in my toolkit already07:00
chesedonsnzero: golang07:07
nsnzerochesedo: i tried it 07:08
nsnzerohow complicated can c++ get ? i heard it starts off easy then its uphill 07:30
chesedonsnzero: well it extends from c with OOP support...07:31
chesedonsnzero: if you have already done pointers in C then that part will not be too hard...07:32
chesedosame with if you have already done operators overloading in Python...07:32
chesedoa new concept will be templates though (which is really cool)07:33
chesedoclasses will also be about the same as python...07:34
chesedolists from python and c arrays differ a bit though...07:34
nsnzerothanks chesedo 07:35
nsnzeroi will read up abit ...07:35
chesedonsnzero: i would recommend the function templates first to get the blood boiling a bit07:36
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jeritso I'm definitely moving to Meyerton at the end of Feb :/08:01
jeritTelkom being the F*** up that it is, only has 4mbps ADSL coverage where I'll be living there08:01
jeritgoodbye netflix, goodbye youtube, goodbye showmax, goodbye online streaming at all08:01
jeritgoodbye friends and everything familiar08:02
nsnzerojerit : wont the players bufffer the stream on slow networks ?08:03
nsnzerojerit: http://www.pcmag.com/encyclopedia/term/39024/buffering08:18
jeritso I get to sit for 2/3rds of the day waiting for crap to buffer... yay08:18
MaNIyoutube buffering works pretty poorly on slow connections08:21
nsnzeroi am on a 10Mb uncapped line but i rarely get past the 256kb download speed08:21
chesedojerit: netflix works fine on a 4mbps (SD content at least)08:21
jerit7 people streaming at once on 4mbps works fine?08:25
chesedojerit: lol, well in our house there would only be 1 stream as we all would watch it together... so you have a problem then08:26
nsnzeroopps wrongs terminal 08:29
jeritchesedo I know I have a problem. That's why I'm bitching about it09:07
jeritIts not to say that all 7 people will be streaming at once, but we're looking at having at least 5 computers streaming at the same time09:07
nsnzerojerit is everyone going to watch different shows or the same shows at different times ?09:10
jeritprobably different shows09:11
jeritmy grandparents aren't likely going to be watching BBT or Last Man Standing with mom. Dad will probably be watching his own stuff on Youtube and my 2 brothers and myself all tend to watch our own stuff as well09:12
jeritif we're not watching with mom who may or may not also be watching netflix on her tablet at her desk09:12
jeritall while my brothers and [maybe] myself are gaming online09:12
jeritmom might even be streaming netflix while playing world of warcraft09:13
nsnzeroa proxy server might have helped ,if you were watching the same shows at different times09:17
nsnzerobest solution install a 2nd ADSL line 09:19
theblazehenMorning all09:26
theblazehenAnyone having issues with http://za.archive.ubuntu.com/ ?09:28
chesedomorning theblazehen09:29
theblazehenhi chesedo09:29
* chesedo is checking09:29
chesedotheblazehen: i am getting The repository 'http://za.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu yakkety Release' does no longer have a Release file.09:30
theblazehenchesedo hmm. 403 forbidden here09:30
chesedotheblazehen: mine too with the error above09:31
nsnzeroErr:4 http://za.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu yakkety Release09:31
nsnzero  403  Forbidden09:31
theblazehennsnzero Alright, just checking it's not just me. Ty09:32
jeritsame for me09:34
nsnzeroon a side note - repository errors are commonplace for me  - i update at least 5 times a day,  everyday09:35
jeritsounds exhausting09:45
nsnzeromakes the computer screen look very busy , when i need to pretend to do work09:47
jeritjust quickly update as the boss walks past lol09:48
jerit"WAT MAAK JY!?" "ek update die good"09:48
nsnzerobosses are happy as long as they here the keyboard clicking and something other than the internet on your screen 09:50
nsnzerouse this site  to really thrill someone http://geektyper.com/10:08
nsnzerogood site to compare programming language styles in code http://rosettacode.org/wiki/Rosetta_Code11:07
jerittoo much geek for me today11:10
jeritI'm in a particularly IDGAF mood11:10
theblazehenhttps://learnxinyminutes.com/ is pretty cool too13:56
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inetprogood evening boys and girls 18:41
inetprooom Kilos sending his greetings to everyone here 18:43
inetprohe's alive and kicking, just needs a bit of patience before getting any results 18:45
nsnzeroinetpro: glad to hear , pass our well wishes to him please18:48
inetpromeanwhile he's taking over and running the show from his bed in hospital 18:51
paddatrapperinetpro: of course he is19:29
smilebye :)21:06

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