jacresgenii: thanks, I didn't know about pv, will look into it - dd has left me hanging quite a few times (well thinkging it was frozen)00:00
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jeffreylevesquewhat's the package for syslog?00:04
jeffreylevesqueapt-get install syslog, apt-get install syslogd?00:04
geniijacres: For dd hard drive to a new larger drive with pv I usually do like: sudo dd if=sda bs=512M | pv | of=/dev/sdb00:05
jacresgenii: great, I'll give that a go. Thanks00:06
geniijacres: Do you want the windows drive to still use GRUB, or revert to Windows MBR?00:07
jacresi'm ok with using grub. I like the option on boot00:07
jacresand i'll be UEFI00:08
geniijacres: OK, so then no modifications in this case to the instructions already provided00:08
jacresdoes that simplify putting things on different drives? that's one thing I'm not sure about00:08
jacresin terms of windows being happy on D:\00:08
geniijacres: If it thinks it's on C: now it will still think it's on C: after the move00:09
jacresso put the 500gb SSD as C:\, and the 250 Ubuntu as D:\00:09
jacresgrub would go on the 500gb SSD00:10
geniijacres: With the method I described earler, after dd and gparted process, you move the 500 now to where the 250 used to be on the hardware00:11
geniijacres: And the 250 some other place00:11
jacresthat makes sense. And then delete win on 250, resize00:11
geniiAnd windows will not know the difference from before00:11
jacresok completely makes sense now - i see it00:11
jacresthanks for the help ++appreciated00:13
geniijacres: Glad to assist00:17
JohnDoe2hello, does anyone know what sshfs logs at debug3 are saying? I can't figure it out: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23896724/ that's what was output as it crashed when I clicked the ssh mount in Nautilus. And it keeps happening every few seconds.00:18
PrincessBobcan i ask questions bout the ubuntu one store here?00:24
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Guest54145Is there a native colour-temperature app in the respositories, or is f.lux d/l still the way to go?00:28
k1lGuest54145: redshift is in the repos00:28
Guest54145k1l:Ah, thanks.00:29
Guest54145Is that the first part of a Can. postal code, k1l?00:29
PrincessBobok....   i am new to ubuntu... just made an ubuntu one account.... it lets me log in under firefox windows 10... but i cant log in under ubuntu VM...00:31
PrincessBobany ideas?00:31
dimisdashave you tried turning it off and on again?00:33
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PrincessBoblemme try that00:34
PrincessBobone min00:34
PrincessBobstill nothing00:42
JohnDoe2PrincessBob does the VM have internet access? What's the error message when you try to log in?00:46
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PrincessBobyes it does....      it says invalid email/password00:52
PrincessBobim installing what i ndeed by the terminal sudo method00:53
PrincessBobim owrking on an email to isd support00:53
PrincessBoband my bi directional copy paste isnt workin either, though i have to clicked TO work...00:53
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ytrezqHello, how I can listen for write on file which is type socket ? I tried tail ‑f /tmp/mysock but I got a no such device or address error. http://unix.stackexchange.com/q/10678500:58
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Sean_McGyou can't.01:00
Sean_McGthe answers on that page explain why01:00
Sean_McGbasically, a socket isn't really a file.01:00
dcasslerHi, is there any way to get to jabber on this?01:02
bazhang!info xmpp01:02
ubottuPackage xmpp does not exist in yakkety01:02
dcassler!info xmpp01:02
stupidkeyboardFor the last two versions of Ubuntu I've been having trouble with the keyboard freezing. I've tried wireless, wired, different brands and different USB ports. I have a wireless USB mouse and while the keyboard input is frozen, it still works fine. First the keyboard slows down, then stops, then the last x keys show up on screen but not all of them. Any ideas?01:03
Sean_McGstupidkeyboard: sounds like a hardware issue01:07
Lavinhogood night01:07
LavinhoRealtek ALC255  noise01:08
Lavinhowhat is the problem01:08
Sean_McGforgot my mind reading helmet.01:08
bazhangLavinho, check in alsamixer01:09
bazhangLavinho, is PCM set to 10001:09
bazhangset it to 8001:09
Lavinhoto be continued01:10
bazhangLavinho, what does that mean01:11
bazhangLavinho, did you change the setting of PCM or not01:11
LavinhoContinues to make noise01:12
Lavinhoyes change01:12
bazhangLavinho, at what setting of PCM does it stop01:12
Sean_McGcould be an electrically noisy case... this is why onboard audio is not so great01:13
bazhangLavinho, what steps have you taken01:13
joel_Hey gan01:14
joel_anyone know how to get qbittorrent connected on mint01:14
EmberCrestAnyone know of a handy way to disable the touchpad while a USB mouse is inserted?01:15
Lavinhoas well01:15
bazhangask mintsupport joel_01:15
joel_thanks baz01:15
bazhang!mintsupport | joel_01:15
ubottujoel_: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org01:15
Lavinhoas well01:16
bazhangLavinho, have you done it in increments of 10 starting at zero01:16
bazhangLavinho, giving us one words answers wont get you much help here01:17
bazhangLavinho, what are you trying to play, what software are you using to play it, which version of ubuntu01:17
Lavinhoi am portuguese01:17
Lavinhotrying 14.0401:18
bazhangLavinho, what about the other two questions I just asked01:18
bazhangLavinho, last what01:19
Lavinholast question01:19
bazhangLavinho, hello01:19
bazhangLavinho, I need you to answer all of those three questions01:20
Sean_McGlanguage barrier is definitely making this more difficult than it needs to be01:20
JohnDoe2PrincessBob the copy-paste between host and VM requires some kind of service running in the VM. I'd google how to install the "tool" package for the VM software you are using. And you did triple check that you have the right email and password, right? Do not rely on copy pasting that...01:20
LavinhoWhat do I do ?01:20
bazhangLavinho, what are you trying to play01:20
bazhangand what software are you trying to play it with01:21
bazhangLavinho, thats not a player01:22
bazhangLavinho, and that is not something you listen to01:22
LavinhoNo player simply makes noise01:23
Lavinhoyoutube no01:23
bazhangLavinho, I am trying to listen to an mp3 with mplayer/vlc whatever01:23
bazhangLavinho, tell us which ones01:24
bazhangLavinho, is the english here to difficult for you to understand01:24
bazhangLavinho, did you want portuguese language support instead01:24
LavinhoThere is no driver for this card01:25
bazhangLavinho, is the english too difficult for you01:26
Lavinhogoogle transkate01:26
bazhangLavinho, did you want portuguese language support instead01:26
minimecEmberCrest: If you always use the same mouse you could create a 'udev rule' that disables the touchpad once the USB mouse is connected.01:26
EmberCrestYeah I do use the same mouse01:27
bazhang!pt | Lavinho01:27
ubottuLavinho: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.01:27
EmberCrestany guides to send me?01:27
bazhangtry using the portuguese channel Lavinho01:27
EmberCrestminimec: surprised someone acc got back to me lmao01:28
minimecEmberCrest: So first part would be to know, how to disable the touchpad with a terminal command..., like maybe 'synclient TouchpadOff=1'01:28
j47d55ehi everybody01:28
EmberCrestYeah that works for my mouse01:29
EmberCrestWait no it doesnt.01:29
EmberCrestJust tried it out.01:29
minimecEmberCrest: You can probably do this with 'xinput'. First type 'xinput' and identify the touchpad.01:31
EmberCrestwell it's a synaptics touchpad..01:31
EmberCrestso im not understanding why Synclient TouchpadOff=1 isn't working01:32
minimecEmberCrest: Now with the device id you can probably do 'xinput set-prop <ID> "Device Enabled" 001:32
EmberCrestsynclient says TouchpadOff=201:32
minimecEmberCrest: Try with xinput. It's 'driver agnostic'...01:33
EmberCrestAh wait I have TWO touchpads. DLL0704:01 06CB:76AE Touchpad01:34
EmberCrestSynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad01:34
EmberCrestim guessing the other one is virtual01:34
DelphinHi! is there a web interface for configuring VPN's on linux?01:35
EmberCrestOk sweet. Got it disabled.01:35
avoiderHi yes i need some quick help.01:35
minimecEmberCrest: So in xinput I get '? ROCCAT ROCCAT Kone XTD id=11'. So to disable my mouse I would do 'xinput set-prop 11 "Device Enabled" 0'01:35
citizen_Guys I'm not liking MATE.01:36
citizen_Im going back to windows01:36
EmberCrestYeah I know how to do it dw01:36
avoiderHow to i activate the wifi usb stick once i have it installed?01:36
EmberCresti was just perplexed that I have two touchpads01:36
avoideri see its detecting the usb wifi, but i cant see how i can use it.01:36
Sean_McGminimec: are those ID #'s guaranteed to persist after a reboot/restart of X?01:37
avoiderAny ideas pleasE?01:38
minimecSean_McG: I think they do, unless the desired device is a 'removable' device too, meaning you might plug it into a different usb port.01:38
EmberCrestYeah it is removable.01:39
EmberCrestbut i try to put it into the same port each time.01:39
EmberCrestbut w.e. I'll just manually do it, it's fine.01:39
EmberCrestJust kinda nice to have that with Windows.01:39
minimecEmberCrest: But the touchpad is not removable, so it will always have the same ID.01:39
EmberCrest^^ yeah but I'd have to iterate over each USB port if I wrote a rule01:39
EmberCrestI mean really im a traitor to ubuntu, I only dual-boot for work.01:40
EmberCrestNot on principle :D01:40
minimecEmberCrest: You will recognize the mouse with its device ID, wich is alwys the same. You can check that with 'lsusb' My Roccat Krone would be '1e7d:2e22'01:41
minimecEmberCrest: Now you will have to create a udev rule that handles plug/unplug of your mouse and disables/enables the touchpad accordingly.01:41
minimecEmberCrest: something like this... http://granjow.net/udev-rules.html01:42
EmberCresthm ok. maybe ill try it, I dunno. im allowing myself to be distracted by this issue at htis point, I got real work to do01:43
EmberCrestbut one more question I had01:43
EmberCrestDoes anyone know if it's possible to make calls using an iPhone over bluetooth in ubuntu01:43
EmberCrestlike is that something that Ubuntu could POTENTIALLY support assuming that my hardware actually supports it01:44
Sean_McGkind of doubt it, seems like the sort of thing Apple would prevent you from doing01:45
EmberCrestgod im so jealous of mac users getting this "Continuity" shit01:45
EmberCrestthey can send and receive SMS on their desktops, make calls, universal clipboard..01:45
EmberCresttheir OS is attrotious to use but those perks, man.01:46
avoideri dont seem to be gettign any errors01:49
avoiderany ideas how to get it to work?01:49
Sean_McGavoider: you might need to create a udev rule to load whatever module that usb wifi needs01:50
avoiderhow do i do this? i been struglling with this for days before i came here for help01:51
avoiderlooked several places on forums.01:51
minimecavoider: Looks like you had to compile the driver for that device yourself on earlier ubuntu versions. http://askubuntu.com/a/64281201:51
Sean_McGoh, or that01:52
minimecavoider: Check with 'iwconfig' if the wifi device is recognized. Also check lsmod for the eventually loaded drivers.01:53
avoideri used that site to install everything01:53
mlwHas anyone here had any luck with setting up a monodevelop/monogame environment in 16.04?01:53
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adymitrukI'm using alpine mail and it keeps opening links in firefox instead of chromium. Chromium is my default browser. xdg-open google.com from the command line does the expected and opens a new tab in chromium. I changed the url viewer is alpine to xdg-open and it keeps launching firefox. Any ideas?01:59
avoideri followed that tutioual02:12
avoidernothing happened.02:12
avoideri even rebooted.02:12
avoideri see its detecting it.02:13
Sean_McGbut it's only detecting the USB device, you still need it to load the correct module so that it can bind to it02:13
avoiderso how do i do that?02:13
avoideri followed copy to paste02:13
Sean_McGI think someone posted a link02:13
avoiderfrom that tut that was provided02:13
avoideri did that.02:14
avoideri even redit it says everything is installed/there02:14
Sean_McGif you lsmod, is that rtlwhatever module loaded?02:14
maciejHello, does anyone here know how to work base16 builder?02:16
avoiderthat is the output from lsmod02:16
Sean_McGOK, I'm not sure... r8169 might be it, but it also might not02:16
avoiderhow can i load it by command?02:17
Sean_McG'modprobe <whatever>' , replacing <whatever> with the name of the module you built from the instructions02:18
avoiderforeal@foreal-desktop:~$ modprobe rtl8812AU_8821AU_linux02:19
avoidermodprobe: FATAL: Module rtl8812AU_8821AU_linux not found in directory /lib/modules/4.4.0-59-generic02:19
Sean_McGOK, you didn't build the module then02:20
Sean_McGit's not likely called the name of the directory02:20
Sean_McGalso, I'm not sure you can modprobe as non-root02:20
hank8989hello i was wondering how to use a windows wireless driver in kubuntu 16.04 as i have noticed the windows wireless drivers install utility is not listed in that version02:21
k1lhank8989: you dont use windows drivers anymore.02:21
avoideri tried with root02:22
avoidersame error02:22
hank8989ah ok than how to i install the driver for my wireless network adapter when it has interet because the wireless adapter is not working02:22
Biosphere_50hank8989: Use additional drivers application to load extra drivers but you may need to tether for internet access02:22
Sean_McGOK you'll need to go back to that tutorial and be sure to build the module correctly02:22
Sean_McGmake sure you have dkms installed.02:23
k1lhank8989: that depends on the exact card in use. "lspci" or "lsusb" will list them. show the output on paste.ubuntu.com02:23
avoideri did all them steps02:26
avoiderand dkms is installed02:26
avoidereverything says its installed.02:26
Sean_McGOK, what does 'dkms status' say02:26
avoiderroot@foreal-desktop:~# dkms status02:27
avoiderrtl8812au,, 4.4.0-59-generic, x86_64: installed02:27
avoiderrtl8812AU_8821AU_linux, 1.0, 4.4.0-59-generic, x86_64: installed02:27
minimecavoider: the name of the module is either 'rtl8812au' or '8821au'. Maybe just try to reboot once and plug the dongle...02:28
Sean_McGthe instructions suggest you don't have to reboot02:28
avoiderso unplug it and reboot?02:28
Biosphere_50avoider: did you try using additional drivers application?02:28
avoideri new to linux so some of this is greek to me.02:29
Biosphere_50thas ok we were all there once before02:29
Biosphere_50some sooner then later02:29
avoiderall i did was find that site before i came here02:30
avoiderdid all the steps over and over02:30
minimecavoider: You can reboot with the device plugged. That should do.02:30
Biosphere_50try opening additional drivers see if it lists the firware for the wifi card02:30
=== ilfantomas_ is now known as ilfantomas
zxlanyone knows how to cross compile kernel02:31
minimecavoider: The driver should be loaded automatically if installed correctly.02:31
zxli always fail02:31
avoiderminimec, there is no wrong way to do it if you copy and paste.02:31
avoiderand it tells me when i redo it its all installed.02:31
minimecavoider: I agree..02:31
hank8989its a netgear wna3100 broadcom bcm43231 chipset usb adapter02:32
zxlanyone help me02:32
zxlcross compile raspberrypi kernel02:32
minimeczxl: For what platform? Here is one guide for ARM... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/ARMKernelCrossCompile02:33
zxlyes,arm cortex a5302:33
zxlx64 cpu02:34
Watcher7Hello! Reference picture: https://i.imgur.com/kKap1VO.png02:34
Watcher7Does anyone know if it's possible increase the size of the active and selected "indicator" dots on the unity launcher?02:34
hank8989kl1: its a netgear wna3100 broadcom bcm43231 chipset usb adapter02:34
forealokay i rebooted, nothing happened.02:34
Watcher7If it's not possible to increase the size of the dots via a UI option or configuration file change then maybe someone can tell me where the source images for them are located?02:34
Watcher7I gave /usr/share/unity/icons/ a couple of passes with my eyes already, but I didn't see them there.02:34
Biosphere_50Watcher7: are you talking about the boot splash loader plymouth or the login?02:35
Bashing-om!bcm | hank898902:35
ubottuhank8989: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx02:35
Watcher7Biosphere_50, talking about the launcher panel.02:35
Watcher7As in the one that holds active and 'favorite' applications.02:35
forealminimec, you still here?02:35
Biosphere_50you mean the active windows that show a little tiny dot underneath?02:36
minimecforeal: Yes... Did we talk before?02:36
forealim on the ubuntu machine.02:36
minimecforeal: Ok.02:36
forealso  i don't have to run back forth from pc to pc.02:36
hank8989mine is not supported under that driver :-(02:36
Watcher7Biosphere_50, yeah, with a dot above showing the current 'selected' application.02:36
Watcher7I'm wondering where the source images for those dots are.02:37
forealI just don't seem to understand it displays the device, the drivers installed, still not work.02:37
Watcher7Or if they can have their size increased via some other way.02:37
Biosphere_50Watcher7: unfortunately I haven't messed with that before but i'm xubuntu so i don't use the unity panel sorry02:37
Watcher7That's ok, thank you for your time.02:37
Biosphere_50Watcher7: if you enlarge the panel does it make it bigger02:37
minimecforeal: What does 'iwconfig' say?02:37
forealenp2s0    no wireless extensions.02:37
foreallo        no wireless extensions.02:37
Watcher7I've not tested that, but I'd prefer to keep the panel at its current size.02:38
Biosphere_50I would assume it would be an appearance thing... theme maybe02:38
Biosphere_50I understand but if you change the size does it enlarge or not just curious02:38
Watcher7I've looked there and also in the unity tweak application, but I've not seen it referenced in any of the menus.02:38
Watcher7One second.02:38
hank8989in 14.04 i used the windows wireless drivers to install my drivers02:38
Watcher7Biosphere_50, yes the dots scale to match application icon size.02:39
Biosphere_50oh ok02:39
minimecforeal: I see.. I don't really know how to give you further help. I can point you to the official installation guide of the driver developer @ github... https://github.com/gnab/rtl8812au02:39
Biosphere_50so I believe it would be a theme option or script file that would do that02:39
forealokay thanks mate.02:40
forealappericate it.02:40
Biosphere_50whateve theme your using for your unity desktop see if you can find the folder and see whats inside02:40
Biosphere_50should be a script thing02:40
minimecforeal: No problem.02:40
Watcher7Biosphere_50, I just switched themes to see if the 'dots' changed. It does seem that the dots are actually theme dependent.02:41
Watcher7I thought they were the same across themes.02:41
Watcher7I think the themes I used for testing that earlier were so similar that02:42
Watcher7I reached the conclusion that it was unity itself that handled them02:42
Watcher7I'll dig around in the GTK theme now.02:42
Biosphere_50aight good luck02:42
hank8989thank you for the help02:42
Watcher7They seem to be named launcher_arrow_<three_letter_string>_<size?>.svg02:46
Watcher7I'll just replace the smaller icons with the larger ones.02:46
Watcher7Thanks for your help Biosphere_50 have a nice day.02:46
Biosphere_50Watcher7: you man take care02:46
cruncherdoes it exist something like snapshots.debian.org but for ubuntu packages?03:17
linux228hi, how can I see what file permission applies to each file when the output is e.g. -rw-r--r-- when I do ls -l on a directory?03:17
cruncherim looking for 13.04 packages, but they are not selectable in packages.ubuntu.com03:18
Bashing-omlinux228: See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions .03:19
Bashing-om!13.04 | cruncher03:20
ubottucruncher: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) was the 18th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 27, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/raring03:20
cruncherubottu, yes, i know, so tehre is no archive of eol versions liek debian has?03:20
cruncherBashing-om, ^^03:20
cruncheri will check the isos then...03:21
Bashing-omcruncher: Well .. maybe, there is http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ .03:22
linux228Bashing-om: I was reading that but I can't work out the simple part which is just listing the files that i've just looked at the permissions for03:25
linux228like ls -l gives me -r for example, how do i list those two files?03:25
Biosphere_50linux228: not sure what you asking exactly you want to know how to display the file permissions for only two specific files using ls -l there is also ll03:26
wedgielinux228: maybe back up just a bit... what are you actually trying to do?03:27
Biosphere_50wedgie: my centiments exactly03:27
linux228I'm looking at a directory to see what files are in it and what their permissions are03:27
db0Hi all03:28
Bashing-omlinux228: Pardom me if U am being dense her .. but the 'r' in the permissiins files is to indicate that "read" us avaialable in that contect . Has nothing to do with any additional listing .03:28
linux228I ran ls -l in the directory and got back -rw-r--r-- so I assume there's 9 files in there?03:28
Biosphere_50linux228: your trying to the list the files in the directory using ls -l "directory name"03:29
linux228yes Biosphere_5003:29
Biosphere_50linux228: ok I think I understand now one sec03:29
linux228it's the /etc/shadow directory if it's relevant03:29
Biosphere_50linux228: should be able todo ls -l /etc/shadow/03:29
Biosphere_50but you need access to thie directory may need to sudo it03:29
linux228i have root access03:30
linux228yeah, i get back -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 704 mar 3 2011 /etc/shadow03:30
Biosphere_50not the contents of the folder?03:30
Biosphere_50make sure you leave a trailing /03:30
Biosphere_50shadow is a file not a directory03:31
linux228oh is it :|03:31
Biosphere_50roger that03:31
Biosphere_50it would have a leading d if it was a directory before the drw-r--r--03:31
linux228aha, leading -, I get it. So now I just need to decipher the rest haha03:33
Biosphere_50the first group is user then group perminission and the last group is other03:33
Biosphere_50example -rwx is for user perms03:33
Biosphere_50-rwxrwx is for group perms03:34
Biosphere_50-rwxrwxrwx is for other if you catch my drift03:34
linux228thanks a lot man03:34
Biosphere_50first character is to identify if its a directory03:34
Biosphere_50no problem03:34
linux228-rw-r--r-- would be a file where owner can read, write but not execute, and group can read only, and same with other. Makes sense :D03:36
Biosphere_50exactly, bingo you got it03:36
cvn57l1sddk42ljqIs there an easy way to reversibly switch from a live wary 5.5.1 linux to ubuntu?03:46
u0_a174i dount know i only just got here03:47
Biosphere_50cvn57l1sddk42ljq: you want both or just switch03:48
cvn57l1sddk42ljqlet's try both, I am mostly just curious; otherwise, bad case I will reboot wary03:50
Biosphere_50cvn57l1sddk42ljq: need to create a new partiion03:50
Biosphere_50cvn57l1sddk42ljq: if you have a seperate disk even better03:50
Biosphere_50cvn57l1sddk42ljq: whats your bootloader will probably need grub2 thats whats i'm familiar with03:51
cvn57l1sddk42ljqcan this be done if I don't have a permanent disk, like no harddisk or flashdisk or floppy03:51
Biosphere_50well you need hard drive space at least03:51
cvn57l1sddk42ljqoh, will ram space work?03:52
Biosphere_50create a new ext4 partiion install ubuntu on it then update your grub to detect the new os then select on startup03:52
Biosphere_50backup everything03:52
cvn57l1sddk42ljqnvm, I can't even backup this system ...03:52
Biosphere_50cuz you need to make sure when you install the new os you don't overwrite your existing os03:53
Biosphere_50sepearte disk is best03:53
Biosphere_50flashdrive would work03:53
Biosphere_50but its slow03:54
ob9I have an old Dell D600 i'm trying to turn into a file server(just to teach myself how to do it outside of a VM really) - if i put install the last non-pae ubuntu server release(11.04 I think), would it possible to upgrade to a new version of ubuntu server?03:56
Biosphere_50ob9: you want to keep data?03:57
Bashing-omob9: Now 14.04 Lubuntu has support for non-pae: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2211590 .04:00
citizen_Hey guy! I've been wondering how to install a tar.gz package using the terminal.04:06
JohnDoe2.tar.gz is an archive format, just like .zip04:07
JohnDoe2to unarchive it you can use tar zxf archive.name.tar.gz04:07
citizen_ok ill try that thanks04:07
rypervenchecitizen_: The better question is why are you trying to install a package outside of the package manager?04:07
citizen_because its not in the package manager04:08
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citizen_I says file cant be located.04:09
citizen_Do I need to do "sudo" ???04:09
Biosphere_50citizen_: you need to extract it first someplace tar -zxv "achive.tar.gz"04:10
citizen_biosphere: I already did that.04:11
citizen_Maybe I should go back to windows...04:11
Biosphere_50citizen_: what you get out of it a make file or04:13
Biosphere_50if you using ubuntu you should be using apt-get install package04:13
citizen_That won't work either04:14
citizen_Arent we all on Ubuntu?04:14
Biosphere_50what the package your trying to install04:14
Biosphere_50what version of ubuntu04:15
citizen_You mean what version I'm using?04:15
citizen_I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 MATE04:15
Biosphere_50cibs: its not availabler for our version I guess from what i'm seeing... because it has old dependencies04:20
Biosphere_50cibs: sorry04:20
citizen_It's cool04:21
citizen_And Biosphere04:21
Biosphere_50citizen_:  its not availabler for our version I guess from what i'm seeing... because it has old            │ akik04:21
Biosphere_50                          | dependencies04:21
citizen_Do you think Windows 10 is better than Ubuntu MATE04:21
citizen_Cause I wanna switch04:21
Biosphere_50citizen_: i'm not a liberty to discuss windows since I can't stand windows04:22
citizen_Why not?04:22
JohnDoe2better is very subjective. Use whatever operating system works for your specific needs.04:22
Biosphere_50citizen_: I would recommmend kubuntu 16.04 for you install with kde4 plasma if your windows 10 buff04:22
citizen_I think Windows 10 is bad as well way too many viruses04:23
citizen_The first time I started up Vista I already got pop ups.04:23
Biosphere_50its unstable04:23
Biosphere_50lets just say I don't have to reboot04:24
citizen_So how else can I burn an .iso to my usb?04:24
Biosphere_50using dd04:24
Biosphere_50roger that dd04:24
Biosphere_50standby for details04:24
citizen_I'm only 12 by the way.04:25
Biosphere_50disk cloning04:25
Biosphere_50citizen_: age is ireleven04:25
citizen_I know. So is Microsoft04:25
Biosphere_50but it will overwrite the drive04:26
Biosphere_50make sure you pick the correct drive and use the iso as your if04:27
Biosphere_50input option04:27
citizen_Is it possible to just04:27
Biosphere_50use a gui04:27
citizen_Directly place the iso image to the usb04:27
citizen_Will it still work?04:28
Biosphere_50you want to transfer the file or use the contents of the iso04:28
citizen_I want to install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS so I can switch.04:28
citizen_Oh and I want to use the .iso image04:28
Biosphere_50you have a blank flash drive04:28
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MSDOS6hi is this the place to ask ms-dos questions?04:44
alex__Hello all05:01
citizen_Hello alex__05:01
citizen_See ya guys I'm moving back to microsoft05:02
alex__I'm on a vm, so I'm on both at once05:02
Olufunmilayohey guys question. I have set my iptables to log, which they are, and the logs are going to /var/log/messages. I have changed that in rsyslog to instead send them to a log file of their own and it works but however /var/log/messages is still being logged to as well. the way that I sent the logs to my custom log file is to add at the bottom of rsyslog the following ";msg. contains, "whatever" /var/log/whatever.log ;msg, contains,05:16
Olufunmilayo"whatever" ~    what I'd like to do is have the iptable logs go to just the log file I direct it to and no where else, anyone have any idea what I missed or care to help guide me in the right direction?05:16
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jimtendo-X540SHi guys, anyone familiar with the following syslog error:05:33
jimtendo-X540S[drm:intel_pipe_update_end [i915]] *ERROR* Atomic update failure on pipe A (start=13254 end=13255) time 205 us, min 763, max 767, scanline start 753, end 77505:33
jimtendo-X540S... this error seems to pop up between half hour to two hours of use and makes my PC incredibly slow. I've tried various Kernel's between 4.4 and 4.8, but all seem to be getting hit with this. Just hoping someone might be able to shed some light.05:34
Tahr-Poopjimtendo-X540S, check 11th comment https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=21417705:44
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PrincessBobok.. i got bi direction copy paste enabled in virtual box.. but its not working... does it have something to do with that 'insert guest cd' thing?06:26
malkaunsis there any other desktop environment that has trail focus like unity/compiz?06:31
hateballmalkauns: do you mean "focus follows mouse" ?06:31
malkaunswindows that are out of focus are progressively dimmed06:32
malkaunsdepending on the settings06:32
PrincessBobwhere would i look in ubuntu settings?06:33
malkaunsso if u click on 10 windows in order, window 1 will be the darkest and window 10 the lightest06:33
PrincessBoboh nm06:34
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berkiyo*buntu > Arch07:08
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Xzhi there07:51
XzI'm happy new ubuntu user07:51
Xzwithout drivers for my graphics card07:52
XzI have Nvidia Quadro 1000m07:52
Xzanybody knows what to do with it now?07:52
tatertotsXz: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit07:57
tatertotsXz: let me know when it's completed07:57
Xztatertots: what's pastebinit? something like pastebin.com ?08:00
tatertotsXz: pastebinit - command-line pastebin client08:01
Xztatertots: ok, installed08:02
tatertotsXz: in terminal>       inxi -Fxxrzc0|pastebinit08:03
tatertotsXz: press enter         share url/link here08:03
tatertotsXz: nothing unique to your person is in the link so dont worry08:03
Xztatertots: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23898252/08:04
Xztatertots: that's a cool tool by the way08:04
tatertotsXz: in terminal>       ubuntu-drivers list|pastebinit08:04
tatertotsXz: press enter         share url/link here08:04
Xztatertots: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23898259/08:05
rifteryeah tatertots had me install it before and I definitely like it08:06
tatertotsXz: in terminal>       cat var/log/Xorg.0.log|pastebinit08:06
tatertotsXz: press enter         share url/link here08:06
Xztatertots: that laptop has 2 graphics cards, Nvidia and Intel08:09
Xztatertots: I believe currently it's set in UEFI as 'auto' which means they can switch (I think)08:10
tatertotsXz: in terminal>       lspci|grep VGA|pastebinit08:10
tatertotsXz: press enter         share url/link here08:10
Xztatertots: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23898319/08:10
tatertotsXz: in terminal>       apt list --installed|pastebinit08:11
tatertotsXz: press enter         share url/link here08:12
tatertotsXz: have you used driver manager to install the nvidia 367?08:12
rellisCan anyone think of a creative reason why an ftps connection would run very slow? ie the login and then the LIST command take a long time to run and then fail sometimes08:13
Xztatertots: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23898327/08:13
rellisi have tried multiple different clients08:13
tatertotsXz: you will noticed nvidia-367 as an option in "additional drivers"08:14
Xztatertots: where exactly?08:14
Xztatertots: I don't know what's additional drivers, I don't know Ubuntu GUI08:14
Xztatertots: I'm heavy debian user on a daily basis :)08:15
tatertotsXz: sudo apt install nvidia-36708:15
Xztatertots: yeah, just found the GUI with additional drivers08:15
Xztatertots: ok08:15
tatertotsXz: ignore my command08:15
tatertotsXz: use the GUI08:15
Xztatertots: really?08:16
tatertotsXz: thats what it's there for08:16
Xztatertots: ok, clicking '367' on gui?08:16
tatertotsXz: install 367 using the GUI driver tool08:16
tatertotsXz: after nvidia-367 install using gui tool is completed reboot08:17
Xztatertots: ok, will do08:17
sirvrellis .. use SCP08:17
rellissirv: Ya, SFTP/SCP work fine08:18
rellissomething particular to FTPS, which im stuck with08:18
Xzrellis: use scp and move on!08:18
sirvand u need FTPS urgently ?08:18
relliswell, we have a piece of software provided by a var that's is using FTPS to communicate08:18
rellisso it's a significant chore to get them to go change the software08:19
tatertotsXz: what the nvidia-367 installation successful?08:21
Xztatertots: still going08:21
Xztatertots: nearly finished08:22
hateballtakes a while to build the new modules08:22
Xztatertots: why doesn't installer install it right away?08:22
hateballXz: just for future reference, if you prefer cli then "ubuntu-drivers" is the equiv of that gui08:22
Xzhateball: cool, thanks08:22
tatertotsXz: some users may want to use nouveau08:22
Xzhateball: yes, I prefer cli08:22
Xztatertots: looks like nouveau is way worse08:23
Xztatertots: I'm actually booting with 'nomodeset' because otherwise I cannot use graphics at all08:23
testuser2who changed the rules in morning?08:23
testuser2Banning unregistered users is So Trump.08:23
testuser2 iwant to to protest.08:23
testuser2oh. wrong channel!08:23
hateballXz: for 9xx and up there is no nouveau support at all08:24
hateballIdeally there'd be a script to detect your chipset and automatically install the nvidia modules08:24
Xzhateball: yes, that's preferred08:25
Xzhateball: I'm tired of distros that require daily maintenance08:25
max12345Hello. My aptitude is busy generating /boot/initrd.img-number and seems to be no end to it. What is happening?08:26
Xzhateball: actually Ubuntu has buggy driver for my 5GHz WiFi08:26
Xzhateball: but I can live with 2.4GHz version08:26
tatertotsXz: maintenance?....isn't this a new install?08:26
Xztatertots: well, I'm just saying that some distros just don't work every now and then08:26
Xztatertots: little things break down08:26
Xztatertots: that's what pisses me off08:26
Xztatertots: ubuntu so far is ok08:26
testuser2Xz: which distro?08:26
tatertotsXz: oh i see08:26
Xztatertots: however, spent 4 days to install it on USB stick08:27
Xztatertots: in secure mode08:27
Xztatertots: 4 days fight and then I found a bug that nobody actually fixed08:27
Xztatertots: but bug description gave me an idea on how to work around it08:27
tatertotsXz: four days..that's one heck of a fight08:28
Xztatertots: it is08:28
Xztatertots: was about to give up08:28
Xztatertots: kicked-off fedora live08:28
Xztatertots: and it didn't have my WiFi driver at all08:28
Xztatertots: so I gave up on fedora right away08:28
testuser2haha. Feroda.08:28
Xztatertots: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/136654608:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1366546 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu doesn't provide \EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI for UEFI systems" [Undecided,Triaged]08:29
Xztatertots: that's the bug08:29
tatertotsXz: your Intel Wireless 8260 seems to be working fine in ubuntu08:29
Xztatertots: well, 2.4GHz version does08:29
Xztatertots: 5GHz seems to be working fine until I try to ssh08:29
Xztatertots: then it hangs08:29
Xztatertots: like it had some problems with MTU or something else08:29
Xztatertots: I don't want to debug it!08:30
Xztatertots: windows is so much better providing initial user experience08:31
Xztatertots: but let's hope we get there with Linux distros too08:31
Xztatertots: it's actually pretty good these days for Linux08:31
Xztatertots: graphics cards and gaming in general is way behind08:31
Xztatertots: but other stuff is alright08:32
max12345Should initramfs generate lots of images on apt upgrade?08:32
Xztatertots: my nvidia installation is stuck08:33
tatertotsXz: ssh hangs or network connectivity itself is disrupted?08:33
Xzbut aptd takes 100% cpu08:33
Xztatertots: it's only ssh that's affected08:33
Xztatertots: network works fine08:34
Xztatertots: it's only ssh interactive session08:34
Xztatertots: I can 'ssh user@server "command"' just fine08:34
Xztatertots: but if I want prompt - it hangs08:34
Xztatertots: spent some time digging over internet about that one too08:34
tatertotsXz: hmm interesting08:34
Xztatertots: nobody seems to have a clue08:34
tatertotsXz: did you file a report?08:35
Xztatertots: http://askubuntu.com/questions/344863/ssh-new-connection-begins-to-hang-not-reject-or-terminate-after-a-day-or-so-on08:35
Xztatertots: that's what I'm getting08:35
Xztatertots: nope08:35
Xztatertots: nobody believes me :)08:35
EriC^^Xz: can you ssh with a different user?08:36
XzEriC^^: didn't try08:36
XzEriC^^: but I would expect that wouldn't work too08:36
XzEriC^^: as it seems to be network related08:36
tatertotsXz: is the nvidia install still at %99?08:36
Xztatertots: yes08:37
Xztatertots: progress bar is about 90%08:37
EriC^^Xz: try it out08:37
Xztatertots: and aptd still 100% CPU08:37
EriC^^Xz: did you say it hangs right away or after a while?08:37
XzEriC^^: usually right away08:37
XzEriC^^: but sometimes I'm able to get the prompt08:38
EriC^^Xz: ok, try with a different user08:38
XzEriC^^: then it works fine for ~2min08:38
XzEriC^^: and hangs then08:38
XzEriC^^: tried ssh from very same setup, but win10 - never had a single problem08:38
tatertotsXz: if it doesn't complete shortly, you should terminate it, restart and verify or reattempt the nvidia 367 installation08:38
Xztatertots: is there some log file for aptd?08:39
anon_how's it going08:40
tatertotsXz: in terminal>       apt list --installed|grep nvid08:40
Xztatertots: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23898395/08:40
Xztatertots: there is one process called: update-securebo08:41
Xztatertots: maybe there is some fckp with my secure-boot?08:41
Xztatertots: I'm secure-booted off USB stick08:41
tatertotsXz: nvidia is installed, restart08:41
Xztatertots: root     20950  4.7  0.0   4508  1780 pts/20   SN+  00:18   1:07 /bin/sh /usr/sbin/update-secureboot-policy08:43
Xztatertots: what about this process hanging?08:43
tatertotsXz: restart the system and observe the system state after a reboot08:45
Xztatertots: well, I just want to make sure I can boot again in secure-mode...08:45
Xztatertots: but ok, will try08:45
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Xztatertots: doesn't boot anymore08:51
tatertotsXz: error?08:52
Xztatertots: nope, nothing, UEFI doesn't kick off grub08:52
Xztatertots: I'm going to a) create another USB live with ubuntu, b) boot it, c) go to EFI partition and see what's messed up08:53
Xztatertots: hopefully it's fixable08:53
tatertotsXz: can you get to a virtual terminal?08:53
ducasseXz: you need to run mokutil --disable-validation08:53
Xzducasse: what's that?08:53
Xzducasse: I cannot run anything, because I don't even get to grub08:54
Xzducasse: and my UEFI doesn't feature UEFI shell08:54
ducasseXz: it tells the shim to inform the kernel not to validate signature on kernel modules08:54
EriC^^Xz: which pc model?08:54
Xzducasse: I'm booting in UEFI secure mode, that's a requirement08:54
XzEriC^^: HP Zbook 15G308:55
EriC^^Xz: try pressing f9 when the pc boots08:55
ducasseXz: yes, you still will be. the kernel just won't be using it to validate modules.08:55
ducasseXz: alternatively you need to generate a key, add it to the mok and sign the modules yourself08:56
Xzok, here is a good news - my USB FULL install ubuntu boots fine08:58
Xzit's just UEFI acting out08:58
Xzafter I moved that stick to another USB port - it booted all the way08:58
Xzso nothing bad happened08:58
Xzhowever, now I added 'nomodeset' to grub, booted all the way to welcome screen08:59
Xzand now when I try to login - screen flickers and returns to login view08:59
andiHi, I installed ubuntu on my raid1 with lvm. I already set the rootdelay, so lvm has 5 seconds more time to start but I get the error: lvmetad is not active yet, using direct activation during sysinit.08:59
Xztatertots: what do I do now? no graphics at all ...09:03
Xzby the way, I cannot insert nvidia-367, it says 'required key not available'09:04
hateballXz: I am not sure the 367 driver supports all the uefi stuff, I thought that came later09:05
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hateballXz: you could try grabbing the latest driver from PPA, see if that works better: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa && sudo apt update && sudo apt install nvidia-37809:06
Xzhateball: first tell me how to return to noveau09:06
Xzhateball: as currently I have cli only09:07
TazmainHi all, I am running ubuntu 14.04 and when I try to update this week I keep getting ' W: Failed to fetch http://za.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty-backports/multiverse/binary-amd64/Packages  403  Forbidden [IP: 80]' do I need to change mirrors?09:07
hateballXz: well you only need cli for what I told you09:07
Tazmainand many more of these errors09:07
hateballXz: the nvidia installer will blacklist the nouveau driver in /etc/modprobe.d/09:07
Xzhateball: oh, so go straigth from where I am to the other one?09:07
Ben64Tazmain: yeah try a different mirror09:07
hateballXz: yeah, no harm in trying that first09:08
Xzhateball: ok, fair play09:08
TazmainBen64, is there an easy way to do it from cli ?09:08
Xzhateball: ok, let me try that09:08
Xzhateball: that thing won't work09:09
Xzhateball: it says it wants me to disable secure-boot09:10
Xzhateball: otherwise it won't work09:10
Xzhateball: :o09:10
Xzhateball: looks like I can only live with nouveau09:11
zetaI'm trying apt-get upgrade bit it stops because mySQL 5.7.16 is a dependency, but I have 5.7.1709:11
hateballXz: oh hmmm, it seems you'll need to do a manual install pointing to proper signing keys if you want to have secure boot...09:12
Xzhateball: manual install of a driver?09:13
Xzhateball: yes, secure boot is a requirement09:13
Xzhateball: do you know how to do that?09:14
hateballXz: Nope, havent had the need to. I am just reading some docs now09:14
ducasseXz: i told you, you can just tell the shim not to verify modules09:14
Xzducasse: ok, so you are sure that will work with secure-boot?09:15
Xzducasse: I don't understand why something optional like that would make its way to official release09:15
ducasseXz: yes, the installer also can do this.09:16
Xzducasse: ok, is it a grub option?09:16
ducasseXz: you need to run mokutil --disable-validation09:16
Xzducasse: on regular terminal? or grub?09:16
ducasseXz: from a shell09:16
Xzducasse: ok, done09:16
Xzducasse: what now?09:17
Xzducasse: should I try again load nvidia driver?09:17
ducasseXz: reboot, then you can install the nvidia driver09:17
Xzducasse: it's installed already09:17
Xzducasse: should I install again?09:17
ducasseXz: shouldn't be necessary, but i don't use nvidia myself.09:18
Xzducasse: so tell me one more thing09:18
Xzducasse: does that mokutil store its database on UEFI partition somewhere?09:18
ducasseXz: i think it's stored in the shim efi binary, actually09:19
Xzducasse: I'm asking because of a bug with UEFI on my system09:19
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Xzducasse: I had to DIY my UEFI partition09:19
ducasseXz: yes, i remember09:19
Xzducasse: so whatever mokutil does to the shim it might not find its way to the boot flow09:19
Xzducasse: I copied /EFI/ubuntu onto /EFI/BOOT09:20
Xzducasse: and renamed shim.efi to bootx64.efi09:20
zambai have mounted an nfs share on my server.. when trying to access it i get permission denied09:20
zamba# ls -la | grep data09:20
zambadrwxrwxrwx   1 root   root  1166 Jan 30 09:18 data09:20
zambawhat's wrong?09:20
Xzducasse: if mokutil overwrites /EFI/ubuntu/shim.efi, I can copy that again into /EFI/BOOT/bootx64.efi09:21
ducasseXz: ok, i think you just need to test this. i can't tell you for certain how that works.09:21
Xzducasse: of course09:21
Xzducasse: ok, rebooting09:21
ducasseXz: you can compare bootx64.efi with the shim to see if it's changed09:21
Xzducasse: ok, rebooted09:23
Xzducasse: I got some mokutil window during boot - so looks like something is happening09:23
Xzducasse: in mokutil window I just said 'continue to boot'09:24
Xzducasse: but my problem still persists - no graphics09:24
ducasseXz: try reinstalling the driver09:24
Xzducasse: apt-get remove nvidia-367 ?09:24
ducasseXz: purge it09:25
Xzducasse: only nvidia-367? or more?09:25
ducasseXz: hateball? ^^ you know nvidia better than me.09:25
Xzducasse: there might have been more pkgs09:25
ducasseXz: i think just that one09:26
Xzducasse: ok, install again?09:26
ducasseXz: yup :)09:26
ducasseXz: it should take a little time to build09:26
Xzducasse: yeah, 338MB09:27
hateballducasse, Xz: not sure which driver you used, but maybe you need to re-run dkms after changing the mokutil stuff09:28
hateballI havent dabbled with secure boot so09:28
ducassehe reinstalled the driver09:28
* ducasse crosses fingers :)09:28
Xzhateball: what's dkms?09:29
Xzhateball: I'm little concerned when it comes to UEFI/secure boot as I have corporate build on that laptop09:29
Xzhateball: and I don't want things to go south09:29
hateballXz: dkms is the thing that builds the kernel modules for you09:30
Xzhateball: because if I screw up Win10 that sits on internal SSD (UEFI boot/bitlocker) then I will have bigger problem09:30
hateballI am thinking maybe the installer detected you were using secure boot and when you didnt choose to disable it the script halted and never built any modules09:30
ducasseXz: this should have no effect on your windows install.09:31
Xzhateball: well, I didn't have an option to choose09:31
Xzducasse: *should*09:31
Xzducasse: I can disable SSD in UEFI09:31
Xzducasse: what's more interesting - when I do some changes to UEFI variables, bitlocker complains09:32
Xzducasse: and it says 'not booting, stuff in UEFI changed, against policy!'09:32
Xzducasse: then I reboot and UEFI resets stuff to default and bitlocker is happy again09:32
Xzducasse: it's scary!09:32
ducasseXz: typical ms stuff, imo.09:33
Xzducasse: ok, now I got a prompt from apt-get09:33
Xzducasse: asking about secure-boot09:33
Xzducasse: what do I do now?09:33
Xzducasse: it wants me to disable09:33
Xzducasse: it says pretty much 'UEFI secure boot is not compatible with third-party drivers'09:36
mattstroyerHi everyone! I need a advice. I am a fresh admin and i will be managing more than 20 servers. I need a software for monitoring and managing that. What could you propose me?09:38
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Xzducasse: hateball: ok, rebooted - still same thing09:41
Xzducasse: hateball: nvidia driver is not loaded09:41
hateballXz: can you see if it is built and exists at all? does it error if you try loading it manually?09:43
Xzhateball: yes, it says 'required key not available' when I try to load manually nvidia-36709:46
Xzhateball: and then doesn't insert09:46
Xzhateball: yes, it is built and installed on the system09:46
Xzhateball: apt-get finishes with no errors09:47
ducasseXz: read this - http://askubuntu.com/questions/769268/unable-to-disable-secure-boot-with-mokutil-in-16-04#77319409:47
hateballXz: did you try 378 after running mokutil ?09:47
Xzhateball: other than that warning about secure-boot09:47
Xzhateball: yeah, 378 wanted to do same thing -disable secure boot09:47
Xzhateball: I said no09:47
DominiqueHi, anyone here knows how to generate a custom RHEL7 image for Ubuntu MAAS ? Seeing as maas-image-builder is now deprecated.09:47
Xzhateball: and it didn't eeven install 378 because of that09:47
hateballXz: Well then I dont really know, as I said I dont know about secure boot09:48
Jettismattstroyer: check nagios for example09:48
ducasseXz: it doesn't actually disable it, software can't do that.09:48
hateballXz: if you wish revert to nouveau, purge nvidia-367 and it should remove the blacklist of nouveau09:48
Xzhateball: yeah, I'm currently on nouveau09:48
Xzhateball: but if there is any chance to get proper driver, I'm willing to try09:48
Xzducasse: are you saying that prompt will not mess with UEFI, only with shim?09:49
ducasseXz: yes.09:49
Xzducasse: how do you know?09:49
mattstroyerJettis: and what you think about zabbix?09:49
ducasseXz: because it _can't_ disable secure boot. think about it - if software could just disable it, it wouldn't be of any value at all.09:50
Xzducasse: I just compared binaries of shim that I have09:50
Xzducasse: they are all the same, untouched09:50
ducasseXz: i suggest you read the link i just sent.09:50
Xzducasse: so mkutil didn't mess with EFI partition09:51
Xzducasse: I just did09:51
Xzducasse: is it saying that I should install nvidia drivers and answer 'yes' for that secure-boot prompt09:52
Xzducasse: ?09:52
epicmonsterguys, stupid question, how to send message to some specific person in channel?09:52
hateball!who | epicmonster09:53
ubottuepicmonster: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)09:53
Xzepicmonster:  /msg nick09:53
ducasseXz: "However: in my case, the problem was I didn't type sudo: sudo mokutil --disable-validation. After that reboot, Shim was starting and I was able to disable secure boot after shim without disabling secure boot in the BIOS (which is necessary for Windows dual boot)."09:53
epicmonsterty, guys!09:53
Xzducasse: yeah, I run mokutil as root09:53
Xzducasse: and I didn't have a single error09:53
Xzducasse: mokutil finished nicely09:53
Jettismattstroyer: dont know, have not used that09:53
ducasseXz: ok, did you do anything in mokutil during boot?09:53
Xzducasse: and on next reboot I got some screen from mokutil asking for something09:53
Xzducasse: nope, just said' continue to boot'09:53
epicmonster!who | epicmonster09:54
ubottuepicmonster, please see my private message09:54
Xzducasse: but there was screen09:54
ducasseXz: i think you need to read that screen more carefully, and tell it to disable validation.09:54
Xzducasse: ok, how do I get thta screen again? -.-V09:54
ducasseXz: run mokutil again09:55
koen_sudo service crond status returns me this crond.service    Loaded: not-found (Reason: No such file or directory)    Active: inactive (dead)09:55
Xzducasse: ok, running '--disable-validation' again09:55
koen_how can i fix it? i m in ubuntu09:55
Xzducasse: and rebooting09:55
ppfkoen_: it's just systemctl status crond09:58
ppfkoen_: it's just systemctl status cron09:58
ppfno d09:58
Xzducasse: ok, I booted in 'insecure mode' as advertised by grub09:59
Xzducasse: checked in the meantime if secure-boot was enabled in UEFI and if win10 still boots10:00
Xzducasse: both yes10:00
Xzducasse: so far so good10:00
Xzducasse: do I install now nvidia stuff?10:00
ducasseXz: which version did hateball tell you to use?10:00
Xzducasse: he just said to try both10:01
Xzhateball: any preference for nvidia driver?10:01
ducasseXz: try the later one first, i think.10:01
Xzducasse: later one required some additional repos10:01
ducasseXz: ok, then try 367 or whatever it was10:02
Xzducasse: if I understand correctly, now only shim booted in secure mode (as required by uefi) and then shim kicked off kernel/rootfs in regular, insecure mode?10:02
ducasseXz: the shim still validates the kernel aiui, but the kernel does not do further validation of modules as it normally would10:03
hateballducasse: 37810:03
hateballXz: ^10:04
Xzhateball: ok, installing 37810:04
hateballlatest and greatest and all that10:04
hateballThere were some UEFI related fixings 370+, but again I have no idea about secure boot as I do not use it myself10:04
Xzducasse: hateball: so does linux all the way think I'm booted in non-secure mode now?10:05
ducasseXz: you can check with mokutil --sb-state10:05
Xzducasse: that one says 'secure boot enabled'10:05
Xzducasse: interesting10:05
Xzhateball: ducasse ok, apt-get only warned about possibly missing firmware for i915 (I assume that's intel graphics)10:07
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Xzhateball: ducasse hopefully I can address that later with some linux-firmware pkg or something similar10:07
Xzhateball: ducasse: should I reboot now?10:07
ducasseXz: yes, that's intel - they released the driver but not the firmware yet :)10:08
Xzducasse: awesome!10:08
ducasseXz: are you booted with nouveau?10:08
Xzducasse: yes10:08
ducasseXz: then reboot, yes10:09
Xzducasse: ok, hopefully no questions asked during boot10:09
Xzducasse: should I do nomodeset in grub?10:09
=== Spontex is now known as Guest31081
ducasseXz: no nomodeset i think10:10
ducasseXz: but i'm really not certain, as i said i don't use nvidia myself, but intel10:11
Xzducasse: rebooted10:12
Xzducasse: no graphics :<10:12
ducasseXz: black screen?10:13
Xzducasse: nope, login screen displayed corrrectly10:13
Xzducasse: but then when I input password and hit enter - it flickers and goes back to the same one10:13
hateballXz: you havent been doing sudo stuff in GUI? That could mess up your ~/.Xauthority10:13
Xzducasse: at least now nvidia driver is loaded10:13
hateballXz: so make sure your user owns that, and not root10:14
Xzhateball: nope, I haven't use gGUI at all10:14
ducasseXz: ok, that's progress at least10:14
Xzhateball: it's owned by the user10:14
Xzducasse: I can switch in UEFI to use only NVIDIA10:14
Xzducasse: as currently it's set to 'auto' which I means OS is free to change it on the fly10:14
ducasseXz: pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log and ~/.xsession-errors10:14
hateballXz: anything in ~/.xsession-errors ?10:14
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Anonymouxxxis anyone on10:15
Xzhateball: ducasse: http://paste.ubuntu.com/2389865410:16
ducasseXz: try to login as guest10:17
Xzducasse: hateball: http://paste.ubuntu.com/2389865710:17
Xzducasse: guest does same thing10:17
Anonymouxxxim an ubuntu user and im interested in learning pentesting and proggramming. i geuss i classify as a greenhat. would anyone mind leading me to such information?10:18
abb4shey every body i just installed ubuntu 16 but  grub dont list windows 10 , where is the problem  ?10:18
Anonymouxxxhelloabb4s: did you install ubuntu before or after windows?10:19
abb4sAnonymouxxx: after windows 1010:19
abb4sis that related to  uefi stuffs ? should i install ubuntu in uefi mode ?10:20
Anonymouxxxokay then it should be listed. do you boot directly to ubntu10:20
EriC^^abb4s: open a terminal, type "sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 9999" paste the link here10:20
Anonymouxxxwell hes solved it ha10:20
Xzducasse: hateball I will try to manipulate Graphics card selection in UEFI10:21
hateballXz: you can also install nvidia-prime10:21
hateballXz: and use prime-select to make sure it tries to use nvidia10:21
abb4sEriC^^: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23898676/10:22
braggithello i just instaled a new kernel. i see that in gru i have tgo to advnced optios to use hat kerne. how can  make thatthe defuat  ubunu>/10:22
braggitWTF!??this new krnel tolly FUCEKED my kyboard!10:22
hateballXz: I dont use hybrid setups either, so I dont know much about it... but if it tries loading intel when you log in and there is no firmware for that it seems it should break10:22
abb4sEriC^^:  im in university and ther port 9999 is closed so i paste it here https://paste.ubuntu.com/23898676/10:22
EriC^^abb4s: ok, type "ls -l /sys/firmware/efi"10:23
EriC^^does it show you a bunch of dirs?10:23
Xzhateball: ducasse hey, works now! I selected explicitly 'discrete' in UEFI10:24
Xzhateball: ducasse discrete = NVIDIA10:24
abb4sEriC^^:  ls: cannot access '/sys/firmware/efi': No such file or directory10:24
ducasseXz: wunderbar!10:24
EriC^^abb4s: ok, you need to reinstall ubuntu in uefi mode10:24
Xzducasse: should I try attaching external display? now is the time?10:24
ducasseXz: sure10:24
Xzducasse: wow, that worked!10:25
Xzducasse: resolution is off, but hopefully I can configure that10:25
EriC^^abb4s: 1 important advice, in the installer don't choose "reinstall ubuntu" it will erase everything, choose Something else and manually partition instead10:25
ducasseXz: it usually does :) try nvidia-settings10:25
hateballXz: nvidia-settings is what you wnat for that10:25
abb4sEriC^^:  how shoud i install it in uefi mode , it hasnot an option for uefi when installing10:25
leeyaadoes an ubuntu system need all the default cron jobs ?10:25
EriC^^abb4s: you have to boot the usb in uefi mode, in the boot options menu it should be USB and USB UEFI10:25
Xzhateball: ducasse not a regular 'display settings' thingy from ubuntu?10:26
EriC^^abb4s: or an option in the bios how to boot USB's10:26
EriC^^abb4s: when the installer boots, press try ubuntu then try "ls /sys/firmware/efi" in a terminal to make sure you're booted in uefi mode then install10:26
ducasseXz: try, i have no clue.10:27
abb4sEriC^^:  okay , so EriC^^ if i want to have dual boot os i should install both in uefi  ?10:27
EriC^^abb4s: yes10:27
Lux_anyone awake in here??10:29
Xzducasse: hateball well, external display displays only 1600x1200 res even though it could go 2560x160010:32
Xzducasse: hateball all higher resolutions are not shown10:32
ducasseXz: in the ubuntu gui or nvidia-settings?10:32
Xzducasse: both10:32
koen_can someone help me clear the concept about umask10:33
Ben64koen_: ask10:33
ducasseXz: you can add modes manually, but it's a bit of a hassle.10:33
koen_so umask is basically to set the default permission, what would happen if we umask over a file? the permissions willbe removed?10:33
Xzducasse: I tried adding through nvidia gui, but it didn't take it10:33
Ben64koen_: how do you umask over a file10:34
koen_suppose if i give chmod 457 file1 #it has read for user,read+write fr group,all for everyone10:34
koen_if at all we give umask 0457 file1.. what would be the result10:34
Ben64that's not how umask works10:34
EriC^^koen_: read is 4 and write is 2, exec is 110:35
koen_EriC^^: yes did i tell anything wrong10:35
koen_Ben64: oh could u brief me more10:35
Ben64umask doesn't work on files10:35
Ben64it's a default setting for new stuff10:36
ducasseXz: the last time i did that must have been 15-20 years ago, and the process has changed a bit with the introduction of randr.10:36
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koen_Ben64: ook so what does umask 457 means?10:37
koen_Ben64: ook so what does umask 0457 means?10:37
Ben64try it and see10:38
EriC^^koen_: when you do umask you're setting umask for the user for any future file creations, and it's the inverse of chmod, 227 for umask is like chmod 55010:38
EriC^^koen_: yes, in your example above10:38
ducasseXz: basically you create a modeline with cvt and add it with xrandr, then write a modeline snippet and put in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d to make it permanent.10:38
koen_EriC^^: so by default the umask subtracts from 777?10:39
Xzducasse: random people on the internet say that I cannot push full 2560x1600 over HDMI cable10:40
Xzducasse: and I'm using HDMI10:40
EriC^^koen_: yes10:40
ducasseXz: ah, there you go then. you should be able to do 1920x1080, though.10:40
EriC^^koen_: so 457 would be 32010:41
Xzducasse: nope, doesn't let me10:41
koen_EriC^^: great10:42
ducasseXz: i said _should_ :)10:42
Xzducasse: it works on windows though10:42
Xzducasse: I can get full resolution over the same cable ...10:42
ducasseXz: according to intel, hdmi 1.4 can do 3840x2160@24Hz10:44
Xzducasse: according to experience on win10 - my hardware can display 2560x1600 on that display10:46
Xzducasse: so yeah, there should be a way10:46
Xzducasse: should I approach that with modeline?10:46
ducasseXz: that's the only way i know of. but again, i don't know anything about the nvidia driver.10:47
hateballXz: does xrandr show no higher res either?10:52
Xzhateball: nope, 1600x1200 is highest randr shows10:53
Xzhateball: well, it says 'dp-6 disconnected 2560x1600'10:53
Xzhateball: but my external display is now identified as 'dp-1'10:54
Xzhateball: but it might b e because I was just trying to add mode10:54
ducasseXz: that sounds reasonable.10:56
hanshenrikwill 16.04 move to 4.9 now that its LTS?10:56
Xzducasse: except it doesn't do anything10:56
Xzducasse: Error of failed request: BadMatch10:57
ducassehanshenrik: it will get the kernel 17.04 will be released with, but that is months away.10:58
ducasseXz: when you do what, exactly?10:58
Xzducasse: should I run xrandr as root btw?10:58
Xzducasse: when I try to '--addmode'10:58
hanshenrikducasse, interesting, thanks. know which version it's currently running?10:59
ducasseXz: should not need to, can't remember ever doing so.10:59
k1lhanshenrik: ducasse 16.04.2 will get the 16.10 backportskernel.10:59
hanshenrikwhich kernel does 16.10 have?10:59
k1lhanshenrik: but you need to install one package for that. it will not upgrade to the new kernel automatically. you can stay on the 4.4 kernel fpr the whole time.10:59
k1lhanshenrik: 4.8 with patches from 4.911:00
ducassek1l: eventually, though, it will get the 17.04 kernel too, right?11:00
k1lducasse: some time after, yes. with 16.04.3 then11:01
ducasseXz: http://askubuntu.com/questions/377937/how-to-set-a-custom-resolution11:03
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koen_i have a question with sticky bit, sticky bit is sometimes given someone to delete a file where we don have access11:04
koen_is that true?11:04
EriC^^koen_: it's to share a dir among many users11:05
Xzducasse: yeah, keep getting same thing over again11:05
Xzducasse: X Error of failed request:  BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)11:05
EriC^^koen_: like /tmp11:06
ducasseXz: seems sudo is needed after all11:06
koen_EriC^^: great so does that mean only the root users can set this bit?11:07
Xzducasse: X Error of failed request:  BadName (named color or font does not exist)11:07
Xzducasse: different error with sudo :)11:07
EriC^^koen_: no i think any user who owns a dir can11:07
ducasseXz: did you do _precisely_ as that link says?11:08
EriC^^koen_: try it out11:08
Xzducasse: yes, exactly11:11
ducasseXz: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/851704/xrandr-errors-badname-named-color-or-font-does-not-exist#341485011:13
Xzducasse: still no go11:16
Xzducasse: I'm seeing same problem, 'BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)'11:16
ppfis there a way to disable mouse drag?11:17
ducasseXz: did you read the following answer as well?11:18
ppffor accessibility reasons i want to avoid a long click being registered as mouse drag11:18
Xzducasse: yes!11:19
cybex_hi, I'm having problems with booting. I booted to livecd, moved my root from sda7 (ext4) to another partition, sda6 (btrfs). After moving, mounted my new root partition (sda6) to /mnt.11:20
cybex_Then ran "grub-install --boot-directory=/mnt/@/boot /dev/sda6" where /dev/sda6 is my new btrfs partition - source (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing)11:20
cybex_Reason: ofc to switch to btrfs and remove middle partition. <<< PROBLEM >>> Gnome freezes right before showing login screen, i,e. gnome circle spins, then freezes. logs dont show anything (/var/log), since logs havne't started yet. How can I solve this?11:20
cybex_p.s. when copying over the old grub.cfg (as grub did not detect my current linux installation), I changed the necessary UUID's, the msdos7 -> msdos6 and the vmlinuz and initrd.img locations from /boot/... to /@/boot/... and added rootflags=subvol=@11:22
cybex_where @ is my root subvolume11:23
ducasseXz: ok, i'm out of ideas and don't really have time to go googling this any further. maybe another version of the nvidia driver works better, i know that's often the case.11:23
Xzducasse: yeah, I will research on my own as well11:23
Xzducasse: thanks for your time!11:23
ducasseXz: no problem :) i would try nvidia-367, i think.11:23
Xzducasse: yeah, that's a good idea11:24
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ducasseXz: do that, let me know how it works out. i expect you can just install it and it will conflict with the newer so that is removed.11:26
hateballducasse, Xz that is the case yes11:28
Xzducasse: well, I would purge old one and install 36711:29
ducasseXz: shouldn't matter - do it the way you are comfortable with.11:29
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panicstrHello all. I'm doing a release upgrade on Ubuntu server remotely, and it currently shows11:52
panicstrRestarting services possibly affected by the upgrade:11:52
panicstrit's been like that for a while, has something gone wrong?11:52
cfhowlettmight ask #ubuntu-server, panicstr11:58
ducassepanicstr: can you define 'a while'?11:58
panicstrok thx11:58
panicstrabout half an hour11:58
cfhowletthadewa, ask your ubuntu question11:58
ducassepanicstr: that's long. ask the guys in #ubuntu-server what to do now, should be possible to recover from.11:59
panicstrok thanks11:59
cfhowletthadewa, yes we see you.  chitchat in #ubuntu-offtopic please.  thank you.12:00
ducasseXz: any progress?12:00
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panicstranother question: how can i connect to an existing ssh session on pts/212:04
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
ducassepanicstr: the upgrade should be running in a screen session by default, you can connect to that. otherwise there is no way.12:05
panicstrI started the upgrade in a ssh session from computer located in the server's local network. Now i'm connected from a remote location. I did a screen -r -d and got something that appears to be the upgrade session, is this correct?12:09
ducassepanicstr: sounds correct12:10
ducassepanicstr: i don't remember screen syntax as i've switched to tmux, but that looks familiar12:11
horsewhipAny got a Kabylake XPS 13?12:11
cfhowlett!details | horsewhip, please focus your question into useable form.12:12
ubottuhorsewhip, please focus your question into useable form.: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.12:12
horsewhipApologies, wrong channel – didn't realise this was a support channel, rather than a generci one.12:12
cfhowletthorsewhip, no worries; #ubuntu-offtopic       might be worth visiting12:13
NoIs there a C-Coder there?12:19
ppfprobably, but C-questions go in ##C12:20
cfhowlettno there is a dedicated channel12:20
NoDamn didn't saw it12:20
NoI'm a noob. How to?12:20
azxwhen i close the lid on my laptop and open it, after about 30 seconds ubuntu will go to sleep12:21
azxand ill click power button to wake it up12:21
azxand it will do it again12:21
azxso i have to force reboot12:21
azxbecause it goes to sleep infinitely12:22
azxi can never close lid12:22
azxsorry for the spam, i'm trying type quietly :12:24
dimisdasTry changing lid action to nothing and see what happens12:24
ViPureDoes anyone know why debian doesn't see my network card from my hp but ubuntu see it ?12:24
cfhowlettprobably a question for #debian ViPure12:24
dimisdasEdit /etc/systemd/logind.conf with a text editor, add a line “HandleLidSwitch=ignore”12:24
ViPureOh I'm sorry wrong chat :)12:25
dimisdasand then sudo service systemd-logind restart12:25
ViPuremy bad12:25
foolioI've got a question. Howto Upgrade from Ubuntu Server 14.04.4 LTS to Ubuntu Server 14.04.5. I've already tried apt-get update / apt-upgrade and dist-upgrade. And also done #apt-get -s install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-xenial. But lsb_release -a shows Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS12:25
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zetaI'm trying apt-get upgrade but it stops because mySQL 5.7.16 is a dependency, but I have 5.7.17 any suggestions ?12:26
BluesKajHey folks12:26
ducassezeta: can you pastebin full output?12:29
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apgwhere is the location of file that is printed everytime login to ubuntu server?12:30
dimisdasapg: /var/log/auth.log ?12:31
EriC^^apg: it's a collection of files in /etc/update-motd.d12:32
apghow do I disable all the files being printed?12:33
zetaThe following packages have unmet dependencies:12:35
zeta mysql-server-5.7 : Depends: mysql-server-core-5.7 (= 5.7.16-0ubuntu0.16.04.1) but 5.7.17-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 is installed12:35
zetaI tried with -f but got the same12:35
eversonHeya, I've made a change to modprobe.d, how to I restart the service without resetting the whole PC?12:36
k1lzeta: please run "apt-cache policy mysql-server-5.7  mysql-server-core-5.7 | nc termbin.com 9999" and show the output url here12:36
whothehellamihi, I've installed virtualgl on a server a while ago. I could see graphical output of a opencl program once I connected to that server with vglconnect -s and run the program with vglrun. But this isn't working anymore. Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 key[VGL] ERROR: Could not open display :0. Any suggestions how to figure out what the problem is?12:36
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EriC^^apg: sudo chmod 600 /etc/update-motd.d/*12:37
EriC^^everson: what service?12:37
eversonEriC^^, alsa-base12:37
EriC^^everson: no idea12:38
eversonEriC^^, I think alsa reload did the trick12:38
eversonbasically trying to get my earphone mic (from my samsung phone) to record, but no luck12:40
zetakil, ducasse : http://termbin.com/did912:40
eversonoutput works great but recording doesnt12:40
EriC^^everson: try pavucontrol12:41
zetanc termin is neat btw, didn't know about it12:41
eversonEriC^^, I've installed pavucontrol thanks trying to get it to find my earphone mic12:43
k1lzeta: hmm, somehow the core package already got the security update, but the metapackage did not12:43
zetaShould I try --only-upgrade ?12:46
zetaI have only done apt-get update && apt-get upgrade btw12:46
zetaI might have done an apt upgrade, though, can that mess things up ?12:47
zetaShould I only use apt-get xor apt ?12:47
lolada $ apt12:49
loladaapt 1.2.19 (amd64)12:49
loladaUsage: apt [options] command12:49
loladaapt is a commandline package manager and provides commands for12:49
loladasearching and managing as well as querying information about packages.12:49
loladaIt provides the same functionality as the specialized APT tools,12:49
zetaso using apt should be safe12:50
zetaapt wants to install more packages though !?12:50
ciaofilm avatar12:53
cfhowlettciao, no.   no torrents here and no piracy.  look somewhere else12:54
zetaHow can I resolve core package already having the security update ? but metapackage has not ?12:54
ubotturossoscript: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:05
zetawhen trying to force install:13:15
zetacp: cannot overwrite directory '/var/lib/mysql-upgrade/DATADIR.link/mysql' with non-directory13:15
zetadpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/mysql-server-5.7_5.7.17-0ubuntu0.16.04.1_amd64.deb (--unpack):13:15
k1lzeta: did you try a "sudo apt full-upgrade" already?13:24
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xXEoflaOEXxOops! I got my USB to boot, My BIOS is incorrectly configured! I can install Lubuntu!13:26
k1lzeta: if that still doesnt work try a "sudo dpkg -i --force-all mysql-server-5.7"13:27
akielg nickserv identify cogitoergosum13:30
zetaI found possible cause: little space left on root13:30
k1lzeta: "df -h | nc termbin.com 9999"13:30
k1lzeta: but that means you did not tell us the whole errormessages at first. because apt tells when that is the cause13:31
zetakil, it only showed up when I did apt full-upgrade -f13:31
zetaI have 96% usage on /13:32
zeta212M available 4,4G used13:33
k1lrun apt autoremove and autoclean13:33
FinalX not a whole big root partition to begin with, then, if 4.4G used and 0.2G available. install guides recommend 25G .. I find 8 GB to be a bit lacking for servers, let alone for desktops13:34
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k1l_look at old kernels and headers pacakges.  zeta13:38
k1l_zeta: "dpkg -l | grep linux-image | nc termbin.com 9999"13:41
zetaapt autoremove stops because of mysql13:46
zetaautoclean worked but didn't seem to do much13:47
k1l_well, you got a lot of 3.13 kernels still in there.13:48
k1l_sudo dpkg -r linux-image-3.13.0-100-generic linux-image-3.13.0-86-generic13:49
zetait don't want to remove them because of dependencies13:56
k1l_zeta: please show the full output on paste.ubuntu.com13:57
zetasda1 has 37G13:57
k1l_sudo dpkg -r linux-image-3.13.0-100-generic linux-image-3.13.0-86-generic linux-image-extra-3.13.0-100-generic linux-image-extra-3.13.0-86-generic13:59
zetaI now have 590MB available14:01
k1l_first run "sudo apt full-upgrade" and see if it runs through now.14:03
k1l_then you need to ged rid of all the old kernels and headers14:03
zetasudo apt full-upgrade complains about mysql14:04
zetawhy is only 5G being used ?14:04
k1l_zeta: your lvm partition is only that big. i dont know what you made there14:05
zetaI think I just picked the default when installing Ubuntu server14:06
cfhowlettzeta best practice suggests purging all except the most recent 2 kernels.14:09
k1l_zeta: dpkg -l | grep linux-headers | nc termbin.com 999914:11
far_awayI want to delete all of my .py files except skeleton.py. Is there a way I can do that using "rm"?14:12
John[Lisbeth]What is the ansi c compiler for ubuntu?14:13
cfhowlettfar_away, sure.  rm *.py        AFTER you rename skeleton.py.BACKUP.  after removals, rename the file again14:13
milad_hello there14:13
=== milad_ is now known as Guest95936
thewalkingpunchwer deutsch14:13
cfhowlett!de | thewalkingpunch14:14
ubottuthewalkingpunch: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!14:14
far_awaythanks cfhowlett!14:15
cfhowletthappy2help! far_away14:15
k1l_zeta: linux-headers, not linux-image on my last command14:15
zetaI guess next step is to remove the 3.13 headers too14:17
k1l_zeta: sudo dpkg -r linux-headers-3.13.*14:17
cfhowlettthis ^^^14:17
zetait didn't like the *14:19
k1l_zeta: then manually copy the 3.13 kernel headers packages from your pastebin output14:19
saurabhhi I'm using a hp pavilion laptop with 4GB ram and 1TB storage. Im running 14.04.5 (clean install)14:24
saurabhit consumes 550 MB on booting14:24
saurabhhowever when I install android studio and run the emulator it freezes and consumes to a halt14:25
saurabhi have changed the swappiness to 1014:25
saurabhhowever it is not helping14:25
saurabhRAM usage 550MB + 700MB (android studio) + 700MB(gradle) + 1.5 GB qemu image should fit in 4GB14:25
saurabhbut it doesn't14:26
saurabhI've modified android studio properties to force heap size to 512MB14:26
saurabhShouldn't 4GB be sufficient?14:26
saurabhalso i kill gradle when building it complete.14:27
saurabhplease don't suggest geanymotion14:27
saurabhI want the default emulator14:27
k1l_zeta: ok, that is a totally different issue no14:28
saurabhandroid studio version 2.2.314:30
saurabhwith instant run14:30
zetaThe data dir is on the zfs tank pool14:31
zetareplacing it with an emty dir doesn't sound good :P14:34
zetaor non-directory witch ever that means14:35
zetaapt upgrade can be scary sometimes14:36
zetaone time it removed the zfs pool14:37
zetabut I was able to get it back14:37
techohelp! whenever i open my pc i got this pop up window (failure to download extra files)  https://ibin.co/3An0K9g5qKXO.png14:41
diskintecho, known problem, I also see the same14:42
techodiskin: how to get rid from this?14:42
diskintecho, see the page I pasted above, and check the answer from Hsquare14:44
EmmarofI have a problem upgrading my 14.04 LTS to the latest version14:49
k1l_zeta: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mariadb-10.0/+bug/147421214:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1474212 in mysql-5.7 (Ubuntu Xenial) "Upgrade fails when /var/lib/mysql is a soft link" [Medium,In progress]14:49
EmmarofIt didnt fail14:49
EmmarofI am told my software is up to date14:49
k1l_zeta: but i am not a mysql guy and dont know how much that is an issue to remove temporarily  etc14:50
compdocEmmarof, is it still 14.04 ?14:51
Emmarofyes it is14:51
compdocwhat command did you use to upgrade?14:52
Emmarofsudo do-release-upgrade14:52
compdocthats the right one. what does the command say:  uname -a14:52
k1l_Emmarof: what gives you "uname  -a" and "lsb_release -sd"?14:53
EmmarofLinux code 4.4.0-59-generic #80~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 6 18:02:02 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux14:54
Emmarofthat's the output of uname -a14:54
compdoc, thats the 16.04 kernel14:54
compdocso you are upgraded14:54
k1l_compdoc: its the 14.04 backports kernel from HWE14:55
compdocI see14:56
ppfso, i'm still looking for a solution to this: is there a way to disable mouse drag? for accessibility reasons i want to avoid a long click being registered as mouse drag14:57
zetak1l_, I think I'll wait until tomorrow before trying the fix, so that I have the whole day just in case. Thanks a lot for you help!14:57
=== Guest74718 is now known as Ard1t
EmmarofSo is that the 16.04 kernel?14:58
theprasadi am getting14:58
theprasadE: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead. error while executing apt-get update command14:58
k1l_Emmarof: no14:58
k1l_Emmarof: what brings you "lsd_release -sd"?14:58
EmmarofSo how do I get that?14:58
AfdlaHow to change mouse sensitivity from command line? My sensitivity is too high and can't get it lower through the GUI.14:58
k1l_theprasad: please put the full output on paste.ubuntu.com and show it here14:58
cfhowlettk1l_, lsd?14:58
k1l_Emmarof: "lsb_release -sd" sorry typo before14:59
k1l_cfhowlett: thanks14:59
theprasadkll_ see http://paste.ubuntu.com/23899732/15:00
Emmaroflsb_release -sd15:00
EmmarofUbuntu 14.04.5 LTS15:01
cfhowletttheprasad, try a different mirror15:01
EmmarofThats the output15:01
k1l_Emmarof: ok, that is still 14.04 then.15:01
k1l_Emmarof: if you want to upgrade run "sudo do-release-upgrade"15:01
theprasadsudo do-release-upgrade after executing i am getting WARNING:root:file 'wily.tar.gz.gpg' missing15:02
EmmarofChecking for a new Ubuntu release No new release found15:02
k1l_theprasad: hmmm, precise is still supported (some months left) and is on the servers.15:02
EmmarofThat's the feedback I get15:02
k1l_theprasad: that command was not for you.15:02
k1l_Emmarof: is that a desktop?15:03
EmmarofIt's a desktop15:03
theprasadUbuntu 15.0415:03
Tahr-Poop_Afdla, then use keyboard to navigate through GUI15:03
theprasadkll any suggestion to resolve15:03
k1l_theprasad: i preface the messages directed to you with your nick. dont run commands meant for others.15:04
k1l_theprasad: your source.list says you are on 12.04. not 15.04. what is the output of "uname -a" and "lsb_release -sd"?15:04
k1l_Emmarof: what is the output of "tail -n 1 /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades"?15:05
theprasaduname -a15:05
theprasadLinux test 3.19.0-78-generic #86-Ubuntu SMP Tue Dec 6 17:17:43 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux15:05
theprasadlsb_release -sd15:05
theprasad Ubuntu 15.0415:05
linux_userHello all!15:06
linux_userI found this program 'clock' in Ubuntu GNOME (very nice, allows multiple time zones and such), is it possible to somehow use it as a screensaver???15:06
cfhowletttheprasad, sounds like end of life upgrade time ...15:07
cfhowlettbetter yet, a clean installation15:07
* wuseman 15:08
theprasad<cfhowlett> : but it is my production server located other place how to do  clean installation15:08
linux_userI do up too 2 upgrades, then I do a full reinstall15:09
cfhowletttheprasad, ah, see, little details like that do matter.  so end of life upgrade it is15:09
* wuseman wuseman15:09
theprasadhow to resolve this15:09
linux_useranyone know about my screensaver question?15:10
cfhowlett!eol | theprasad please read15:10
ubottutheprasad please read: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:10
* linux_user says: I found this program 'clock' in Ubuntu GNOME (very nice, allows multiple time zones and such), is it possible to somehow use it as a screensaver???15:15
k1l_Emmarof: sorry was afk15:16
k1l_theprasad: that server is a mess.15:17
k1l_theprasad: its running 15.04, which is out of support and not meant for servers. its 12.04 in the sources.list which doesnt match what is installed.15:17
theprasadnow what to do to resolve  kll_15:18
Southern_Gentlemk1l_, what is the version of systemd in Ubuntu?15:18
nicomachusSouthern_Gentlem: 22915:19
k1l_theprasad: i suggest you make a backup of your data on that server and plan a downtime to get that sorted. i suggest you make a new install of 14.04 or 16.04 . 16.04 ships with php7 you might want to test that first with your production data.15:19
deadbitdoes anyone else have a vps hosting service they'd recommend?15:19
linux_useraws is good!15:20
linux_userso is nutanix15:20
theprasadis it i can do this with ssh new installation 16.04 kll15:20
deadbitnice thanks for the recommendation.15:20
theprasadmy server is other place located15:20
linux_useraws even has 'free servers' you can play with and test with15:21
linux_userI also know there are openstack places too now15:21
linux_usereven places that run Ubuntu Cloud15:21
linux_userI think AWS has that too15:21
linux_usernot sure15:21
linux_userwe use CentOS on aws15:21
deadbitah ok15:22
linux_user(we = my client, not I)15:22
deadbitwell i don't wan to run ovh - and i'm trying to see what you guys recommend15:22
linux_userI just work on their servers hosted on there remotely via ssh15:22
deadbitso i can make a decision if it'll have to be debian(ubuntu) or RH(centos)15:22
linux_userthere is a big difference between debian and ubuntu, all you have to do to realize the difference is just try to install debian on a PC, you will grow grey hairs, but don't worry, before you will have a chance to tear out the gray hairs too!15:23
deadbitit's a hosting service15:23
linux_userBut, everyime I have used a Debian system that was already installed I liked it15:23
Scoop7Hey, spelling check in 16.04 LTS for other languages. How to apply it in LibreOffice ?15:23
linux_userjust they are SOO over the top about open source-ness it gets installed absent any usable drivers and so its a real pain if you get to that point15:24
linux_userdebian I mean15:24
DrGrovHello. I am trying to figure out how to set up my new HP OfficeJet Pro 8610 on Kubuntu 14.04 LTS. I have it connected wirelessly on a laptop but I use a Ethernet connection.15:24
tatertotsDrGrov: use hp-lip15:25
DrGrovtatertots: Do I need to use it with a USB cable or can the router itself manage it via Ethernet, not wireless?15:25
DrGrovtatertots: I just wondered before I start doing something, have a shortage of time to do anything major.15:26
tatertotsDrGrov: print a printer network settings page using the buttons on the printer so you can know it's ip address,15:26
noc_Scoop7, enable from menu menu >> Options after installing per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibreOffice#Language_localization.2C_spell_checking.2C_dictionary.2C_hyphenation.2C_thesaurus.2C_and_help15:26
DrGrovtatertots: Ah okay, now I see what you mean :)15:26
k1l_theprasad: you can try to upgrade to 16.04 per ssh, yes. but since your server is already messed i dont know if that works. so make sure to have a backup. most hosters support a recovery  or a installation system15:27
noc_Scoop7, menu is Tools >> Options15:27
DrGrovtatertots: So I just need the internal IP from the router that it uses? That I can get from the router settings menu itsellf as well.15:27
tatertotsDrGrov: i never spoke the word "router"15:27
tatertotsDrGrov: i said know the ip of the printer15:27
DrGrovtatertots: Ok.15:27
DrGrovtatertots: But I am saying that I can get the assigned IP for the printer via my router settings and/or the printer.15:28
tatertotsDrGrov: cool15:28
DrGrovtatertots: But nevermind, your version is better and more safe :)15:28
=== nat__ is now known as Natkeeran
DrGrovtatertots: So I only need to install hp-lip. Roger that. And it is just almost as plug-and-play doing then?15:29
tatertotsDrGrov: don't do anything until you've scheduled a block of time to do it15:30
DrGrovtatertots: But there is no terminal thing involved in this whole procedure, correct?15:30
elohim34tatertots: http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/install/manual/distros/ubuntu.html15:30
DrGrovelohim34: Thank you for the link :)15:31
elohim34DrGrov: welcome15:32
DrGrovtatertots: Okay, now I see the amount of hard work it requires :)15:33
DrGrovtatertots: Probably better to completely skip this step and just have it working as ePrint and mail the needed documents over and get them or use the better half's Win10 machine to print.15:33
* linux_user says: I found this program 'clock' in Ubuntu GNOME (very nice, allows multiple time zones and such), is it possible to somehow use it as a screensaver???15:35
* linux_user says: gnome-clocks to be precise15:35
DrGrovI got it found already as a network printer with correct IP and everything in KDE.15:36
DrGrovFantastic, now just to get it figured out how to get it printing15:36
hateballas long as you have hplip, and the printer is supported, there's minimal effort involved15:36
hateballat times the printer gui will pick the wrong driver (ppd) by default, but you can always change that15:37
DrGrovhateball: Is hplip difficult then? The good thing is that at least it found it as a network printer already with correct internal IP.15:38
DrGrovhateball: But I can download the correct ppd for my printer and install it manually?15:38
tatertotsDrGrov: a correct ip means you can and have ping'd it and can confirm connectivity.15:39
Southern_GentlemDrGrov, the time you have spent in here talking about it, you could be done15:40
DrGrovtatertots: Ok, that is good. The device is not though exactly the same on the list of drivers in the "Add a New Printer" in KDE. But it is an OfficeJet Pro 8600 series.15:40
tatertotsDrGrov: can you in fact confirm there is connectivity? or are you working off of "assumptions"15:40
DrGrovSouthern_Gentlem: Ok, fine. Thank you.15:40
DrGrovWell, I will be damned. I will then fix it completely by myself. Thank you to those who helped, you know who you are.15:41
hateballDrGrov: so you have an 8600 series driver to choose from then? and you have a 86xx printer?15:41
elohim34DrGrov: check launchpad for binary packages HPLIB https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hplip15:42
DrGrovhateball: That is correct. I have an 8610 and the options seems to be a 8600 series.15:42
DrGrovelohim34: Thank you.15:42
linux_userDoes anyone here have a pretty deep understanding of hexchat?15:43
hateballDrGrov: by default you have hplip installed if you use any of the -desktop packages15:43
tatertotsDrGrov: you were advised to use hplip, never were you instructed to use "add a new printer".....but i digress, good luck and have a great day :)15:43
nicomachuslinux_user: #hexchat does15:43
hateballDrGrov: and with that, the drivers needed15:43
nicomachusdoes anyone know where the source files for icon and gtk themes are located?15:44
hateballDrGrov, tatertots fwiw I only ever use the add printer gui and it's fine, you just sometimes gotta prod it to pick the correct ppd is all15:44
DrGrovtatertots: Yes, I will consider hplip as a binary if my other options are not fruitful. Thank you and you also have a great day15:44
nicomachusI don't have ~/.icons or ~/.themes in my home folder.15:44
tatertotsusing hplip is a tad more involved than just saying "yeah i'm using hplip, because i installed the package"15:45
hateballdepends if you want scanning and such15:45
DrGrovtatertots: Nice attitude you got there. I hope that gives something in life.15:46
nicomachusnvm, found them.15:46
nicomachus /usr/share/icons15:46
tatertotsDrGrov: nothing you wouldn't read in the documentation15:47
masterkorphello everyone15:47
bodhihey guys!15:47
DrGrovhateball: Yes, I have it figured out as an OfficeJet Pro 8600 and will use that and tweak a bit more until it is figured out. Not printing anyway that much, mainly using a other options and seldomly using the printer. Just got rid of about 120+ kilos of paper15:47
linux_usernicomachus: thank you sir!15:47
linux_userbe right back15:48
DrGrovtatertots: Fine, have it your way and thanks for the help15:48
bodhiI`m brazilian and i`m a user of Bohdi Linux!15:48
nicomachushmmm... nvm, looks like the folders in /usr/share/icons are all full of symlinks15:48
k1l_!bodhi | bodhi15:48
masterkorpWhen is the openssl 1.0.2k be available for ubuntu 14.04 LTS?15:49
k1l_bodhi: their support channel is #bodhilinux15:49
k1l_masterkorp: ubuntu doesnt update the version. it only compiales again with the new patches included.15:50
k1l_masterkorp: is there a reason you ask that?15:50
DrGrovWell well15:51
DrGrovI will be damned!15:51
DrGrovThat worked out without needing to have anything to do with hplip15:51
masterkorpk1l_: well, i'd like to keep your openssl version on the most up to date version15:51
DrGrovGives out the full color levels correctly, can use duplexer, can have high quality greyscale. That is how it should be working.15:52
k1l_masterkorp: as i said, the version number doesnt tell you what is inside15:52
masterkorpk1l_: is there a external repository that would help me upgrade to 1.0.2k version ?15:53
masterkorpk1l_: so, how do I tell? That worries me a bit, i need to know for which vulnerabilities I have patched15:54
DrGrovtatertots: hateball Thank you for the kind help :) Have a great day!15:54
k1l_masterkorp: what vulnerabilities are we talking about? can you give the CVEs?15:54
k1l_masterkorp: ubuntu got a security team that backports the patches to the versions in the ubuntu repos. see the cve tracker on ubuntu.com/usn15:55
k1l_masterkorp: keep in mind that plain new version can make old configs or working setups not work anymore. that is why ubuntu backports the patches15:56
masterkorpk1l_: https://www.openssl.org/news/openssl-1.0.2-notes.html15:56
masterkorpk1l_: ok, so how do I now which patched are backported?15:56
masterkorpI would like to know which patches are fixed or, and if its worth changing?15:57
k1l_masterkorp: look at the cve tracker. if there is no cve, there is no issue15:57
hateballDrGrov: good that it's working. usually best to just try stuff, fix them after if needed. more often than not things just work :)15:59
DrGrovhateball: Just a bit of a hassle on some huge PDF's though it seems.16:00
masterkorpk1l_: thing is, there are a lot of cves that are closed, I've been using the ubuntu USN as reference. But as I said, better safe than sorry16:01
noc_masterkorp, http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=openssl >>> then check the Ubuntu Changelog at right16:02
masterkorpnoc_: this?16:04
masterkorplast update has been 23 September :(16:04
nicomachusman, they really don't make these icon and theme folders easy to navigate.16:04
ppfmasterkorp: openssl 1.0.1 is eol as of now16:06
ppfso there won't be any big updates there16:06
noc_shouldn't it still receive security fixes, being in trusty's main repo, regardless of being alive upstream?16:07
ppfyes it does16:07
IhrFusselIs there a way to kill ALL but one bash process? I have several scripts and when a certain event occurs I need to terminate all scripts except one16:08
k1l_ppf: noc_ yes, the security team backports the patches when the upstream publishes the patches16:08
ppfwhich they won't for 1.0.1, i'm assuming16:09
ppfemphasis on the assume part16:09
k1l_ppf: why not?16:09
noc_but my point is this should not depend on upstream, since it's still in a supported release of ubunut16:09
k1l_ppf: the security team manages the LTS support for kernels that are not LTS kernels upstream. that is the idea behind canonical paying that security team.16:10
ppfk1l_: i actually meant upstream16:10
hateballIhrFussel: well killall supports regex, so perhaps it could be done that way16:15
IhrFusselhateball, the problem is that killall only looks for the processname it seems and not for the name of the script...I need something that can exclusively kill "bash somescript.sh" by name16:17
noc_how do you determine the one to be left alive, is it at random or by means of some identifier?16:18
IhrFusselnoc_, no not random...they all have certain names and will not be renamed16:19
noc_can you provide an example with real names?16:19
IhrFusselThey look like this "mtfc.sh" "mtos.sh" "mtbm.sh"16:19
hateballIhrFussel: could you use ps|grep + awk ?16:21
noc_I'm thinking about pidof bash  +  cat /proc/$pid/cmdline16:21
hanshenrikIhrFussel, <?php foreach(glob('/proc') as $dir){$cmdline=file_get_contents($dir.'/'.cmdline);if(false!==strpos($cmdline,'somescript.sh'){$pid=(int)strrev(substr($dir,0,-1));system("kill ".$pid);}}16:21
ppfwhy not just killall -r16:22
Arpit97i am receiving error on there website16:22
hanshenrikerr, ($dir.'/cmdline')16:22
noc_besides, if they're bash, they don't want .sh extension, they're fine without an extension at all16:22
Arpit97i don't want to purchase there test case16:23
LordNelthonhi, is there anyway to redirect the apt-get install oracle-java7-installer to a file? since the packages executes a script while installing it shows in the terminal that script output16:25
hanshenrikLordNelthon, man tee16:26
k1l_LordNelthon: use dpkg -i /path/to/package.deb16:26
hanshenrik apt-get -y install oracle-java7-installer | tee foo.txt16:26
noc_apt-get install whatever   > out.log 2>&116:27
noc_the 2>&1 makes sure error messages go into the log as well16:27
ppftee is non-standard. noc_ + 116:27
k1l_LordNelthon: ah sorry. seems i misunderstand your issue16:27
hanshenrikoh right, if you DONT want it in the terminal at all, use >  ofc16:27
noc_well tee will work fine, just put the 2>&1 before the pipe ppf16:27
ppfnoc_: i know, i'm just saying it's non-posix-standardized16:28
LordNelthonbut it does not work. apt output goes to the file, but the script that it runs from the package shows anyway (using the normal redirects)16:28
LordNelthonseeing tee right now16:28
hanshenrikppf, and when people ask you for a text editor, you recommend `ed` right?16:28
ppfhanshenrik: nah, i'm team vim16:28
hanshenrik:O  vim is nonstandard!16:29
hanshenrikposix doesn't say anything about vim!16:29
hanshenrikbut ed, OTOH16:29
Southern_Gentlemvim is the standard on all unix/linux boxes16:29
IhrFusselI have all those installed yes but it would be nice to see the awk code...I know how to use ps and grep for a certain line but don't know how to extract the PID of it16:30
ppfLordNelthon: did you use 2> as well?16:30
ppfIhrFussel: pgrep -f16:31
LordNelthonppf: yes, and does not work either16:31
ppfLordNelthon: before the | (if using tee)16:32
IhrFusselppf, Is it just awk '{print $[column]}' after grepping the line with the script name ?16:32
hateballIhrFussel: if you wanna use awk, something like "ps aux|awk '{print $2}'" but you'll want to grep your script also16:32
ppfIhrFussel: i don't know awk, to be honest16:32
ppfIhrFussel: just pgrep -f <regex>16:32
ppflists all the pids16:33
IhrFusselhateball, well I'd just get the PID with awk and kill that one16:33
alicezw_join #fsf-licensing16:33
IhrFusselppf, WOW that command is nice...I can just pgrep -f "mtfc.sh" and it lists the PIDs...but how to kill them after?16:35
ppf| xargs kill16:35
DrGrovhateball: Now it worked, it was just a slow starter :) Thank you the kind help :)16:35
IhrFusselxargs accepts lists of PIDs? I never knew that16:36
PunkUnity420i NEED HELP16:36
PunkUnity420been googling for hours16:36
ppfIhrFussel: xargs forwards stdin as arguments to the following command16:36
IhrFusselppf, will it also work when there are 2 matches?16:37
LordNelthonppf: "sudo apt-get install -y oracle-java7-installer 2>&1 | tee -a file" still shows the output16:37
PunkUnity420I upgraded from 16.04 to 16.1016:37
ppfLordNelthon: yes, that's kinda what tee does16:37
PunkUnity420please mention my name to get my attention if anyone has a solution16:37
PunkUnity420i cannot reinstall the OS16:38
ppfIhrFussel: all stdin goes into the argument list to the command, in this case kill16:38
ppfso the question is will kill work if there are two pids?16:38
ppfyes it will16:38
dimajhey guys, i was wondering if someone could help me with NFS setup on Ubuntu servers. when i mount a share, I can write as root, but not as user (permission denied). server has permissions 775 and i am exporting it as: 'sync,insecure,no_subtree_check,rw,nohide,anonuid=1001,anongid=1001'16:38
LordNelthonppf: I want that output to a file not the terminal, even without tee (with >> file) it shows in the terminal :/16:40
ppfLordNelthon: then don't use tee16:40
ppfsee noc_'s suggestion16:41
whothehellamiHi, I need some regex help: I have a file with connections. I am using "^(?!(A|B) , C).+\n" to get all connections with neither A nor B as source and C as destination. But I also want to get connections without C as source but with A or B as dst.16:42
whothehellamiwith other words. I need all connections (A|B)->C or C->(A|B). I want to do a regex search to remove all the other connections16:44
noc_whothehellami, /join #regex16:45
ghostlightdoes anyone have any good guides or recos for setting up iptables over network mgr?16:46
whothehellaminoc_, ok. didnt know that there is a regex channel16:46
ghostlightim particularly interested in routing most of my traffic over VPN but not always16:46
noc_PunkUnity420, "files list for package ... missing" suggests problems under /var/lib/dpkg/info16:47
=== Arpit98 is now known as Arpit97
noc_freenode has channels for everything16:47
hateball!alis| whothehellami16:48
ubottuwhothehellami: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"16:48
PunkUnity420annyone help me?16:56
PiciPunkUnity420: how did you upgrade?16:56
PunkUnity420noc_: how do i fix that?16:56
PunkUnity420do release upgrade -d16:56
PunkUnity420i dont think i have that file /var/lib/dpkg/info16:57
gio_ volo16:57
naccPunkUnity420: it's a directory not a file16:57
noc_PunkUnity420, right, that's the problem. Everything started after tinkering with the package management?16:58
naccPunkUnity420: and if that directory is empty, something rather serious is wrong16:58
PunkUnity420well its empty now for sure16:59
PunkUnity420i need to just fix this crap lol. ridiculous16:59
PunkUnity420pretty sure every time i hacve upgraded ubuntu, something liek this happens16:59
PunkUnity420since 6.0416:59
Teemoyeah I just don't upgrade for that reason. take a full backup and do a nice clean install, then copy the /home directory back (which restores all program settings and user files)17:02
Teemoall you need to do after that is install packages really17:02
noc_PunkUnity420, I assume you upgraded from 14.04 to 16.04? have you already reported the bug to the developers?17:02
PunkUnity420i clean installed 16.04 about a year ago maybe less17:02
PunkUnity420then, last night i did, do release upgrade -d17:02
PunkUnity420might hop off ubuntu for a bit then. kinda bummed17:03
PunkUnity420should be an easy way to go back to stock17:03
noc_so you wanted 16.10? it's a development release. 14.04, 16.04 are long-term supported releases...17:03
Picibtw, you shouldn't use -d, that is intended for moving to the development release.17:04
PunkUnity420--purge upgrade17:04
PunkUnity420--reset ubuntu to factory settings17:04
Picinoc_: 16.10 isn't a dev release.17:04
PunkUnity420i know17:04
noc_Pici, I thought so. what is a dev release then?17:04
nacciiuc, -d would have moved you to 17.0417:04
Picinoc_: 17.04 is the current in-development release. 16.10 is just a regular non-LTS release.17:04
PunkUnity420im on yakkety17:05
PunkUnity420i used -d17:05
naccnoc_: there are no 'development' releases in that sense -- there are LTS and non-LTS and an active (*in* development)17:05
lol768Now I can no longer type. I've tried hitting enter and escape to no avail.17:05
naccnoc_: where 'active' might be either LTS or non-LTS (once it releases)17:05
lol768(I accidentally pressed ctrl shift u to do Unicode input)17:06
naccPunkUnity420: easiest way to 'go back to stock' is to reinstall.17:07
noc_ah, thanks17:08
johan`Hi, Im stuck in a terminal (graphical bugs) and I wanna restart without having to press the power button. How do I restart from the terminal?17:08
johan`(I did ctrlaltFx to get to here)17:08
lol768ah, I fixed it17:09
geniijohan`: sudo reboot17:09
jorlinTrying to to restore unity-greeter after having installed kubuntu, xubuntu and lubuntu (from a ubuntu 16.04.1 install)17:13
jorlinNow I get the Lubuntu greeter instead17:13
ghostlightdoes anyone have any good guides or recos for setting up iptables over network mgr?17:14
=== qwert is now known as xvtz
super_nuggethey guys...=)17:19
super_nuggeti have a problem..can anyone help?17:19
jorlinJust ask your question17:19
super_nuggettrying to dual boot..however, but the bootloader wont start..17:20
super_nugget1. previously had linux backbox and linux mint. adn then deleted those partitions to install kali linux17:20
super_nugget2. kali didnt start up..so tried to install ubuntu as well..didnt boot too..17:21
jorlinsuper_nugget, did you install grub when installing Kali Linux?17:22
super_nugget3. tried installing boot-repair disk but it couldnt solve the issue..the system just directly booted into Windows..17:22
super_nuggetjorlin: yes i did =)17:22
super_nuggeti installed it to the harddisk /dev/sdaX not /dev/sdaXY17:23
jorlinsuper_nugget, are you on an (U)EFI system?17:23
super_nuggetjorlin: yes i am..17:24
super_nuggettried booting from "CSM" mode in BIOS as well..thinking it may have a difference..but none..17:24
super_nuggetthe system hidden volume's \EFI folder has no new additions whatsoever..17:25
jorlinsuper_nugget, try creating a bootable USB-stick, formatted as gpt and try to repair boot mgr from there. It should install itself in the ESP (EFI Startup Partition) instead of the root of your /dev/sda17:25
super_nuggetchecked it from cmd prompt in Admin mode17:25
super_nuggetowh okay....interesting..how do i format the stick gpt if i may ask...?17:27
super_nuggeti dont understand that part17:27
super_nuggetis it like the fat32 fs?17:27
naccsuper_nugget: gpt is a partition table format (the other typical one is msdos)17:28
jorlinsuper_nugget, you can grab a USB-stick of 4GB minimum and back-up any useful data that is on it. After that, simply dd the iso image to the stick and start the stick from your EFI boot menu17:28
friball of a sudden my firefox doesn't work.  what can I do?17:28
super_nuggetnacc got you..looking it up now..=)17:28
=== afru is now known as workfro
jorlinsuper_nugget, most live-ISO's are setup as dual-mode (MBR/ EFI type). I don't know if that's the case with the Kali ISO, but the Ubuntu Live-ISO should work fine.17:30
super_nuggetjorlin: alright man..and then install it the iso as usual...when prompted for directory of bootloader what should i put...?17:31
tatertotssuper_nugget: did you retain the boot-repair log file?17:31
super_nuggettatertots: sry man, no i didnt..cuz it said everything was repaired succesfully..17:32
super_nuggetso i just rebooted up17:32
tatertotssuper_nugget: did you retain the boot-repair log file?, i know %99.99 likely you did NOT, but just want to hear you confirm that you didn't keep the repair log,17:32
super_nuggettatertots: yeah..haha..17:33
fribfirefox all of a sudden stopped loading pages.  tried reinstalling to no avail.  please help!17:33
tatertotssuper_nugget: can you open terminal?17:33
jorlinsuper_nugget, gotta logout and in again out to check something for my father. Maybe later. I hope you will be able to solve the issue you are having...17:34
super_nuggetjorlin: thanks a lot bro..see ya..17:34
super_nuggettatertots: ermm im in the windows machine rn..17:34
super_nuggetbut i could boot up from a live ubuntu if ud like..17:35
super_nuggetor kali17:35
tatertotssuper_nugget: do you still have the boot-repair usb key or cdrom?17:35
super_nuggettatertots: i have the iso..i could set up the stick in a few..could you hold on?17:36
tatertotssuper_nugget: sure, the objective is to retain the boot-repair log and show it here17:37
super_nuggettatertots: got you..prepareing it rn..17:38
super_nuggettatertots: got you..preparing it rn..17:38
super_nuggettatertots: gimme about 10-15mins il boot-up into the iso..get the log and repost it here..thanks for ur help man..been cracking my head over this for few hours now..17:40
super_nugget*bootup into the boot-repair disk17:41
=== tarator85 is now known as tarator
super_nuggettatertots: you there man..?17:53
tatertotssuper_nugget: yeah17:54
aroonifor ubuntu 16.04; is there a better option than gnome-do ?  it seems pretty buggy and crashes often.  looking for a stable, alfred like replacement17:55
super_nuggettatertots: hey =)17:55
=== ido is now known as Guest60998
super_nuggettatertots: got the log file?17:56
tatertotssuper_nugget:  => Windows 7/8/2012 is installed in the MBR of /dev/sda.17:56
tatertots => Syslinux MBR (4.04 and higher) is installed in the MBR of /dev/sdb.17:56
super_nuggetermm..i didnt get you...17:57
Guest60998hi, i'm trying to install the latest vlc version as per the guide at the end of this comment. i added the ppa, updated ,then used apt-get. i'm getting a conflict where apt is trying to install the ubuntu-repository version of vlc-nox rather than the new ppa's version. running ubuntu 16.10. how can i install vlc 3.0? http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/06/install-vlc-3-0-ubuntu17:57
super_nuggetso i should install to /dev/sdb next time?17:57
tatertotssuper_nugget: the highest priority MBR that is seen first by the computer is on /dev/sda, you might know it as the 750gB17:57
super_nuggetbut /dev/sdb was the stick itself...17:57
super_nuggetyes true..17:58
tatertotssuper_nugget: the highest priority MBR that is seen first by the computer is on /dev/sda, you might know it as the 750gB so it is expected that you would boot into windows17:58
linux_userI installed ubuntu GNOME and then the three ubuntustudio meta packages for audio and jackd does not start up gives some barrage of errors telling me a file is missing but no filename!?! where can I get help with this? whence I fired up qjackctl (before even clicking 'start') I got all this: http://pastebin.com/mstEHEUw17:58
super_nuggettatertots:didnt know there was a highest priority mbr..what is it?18:00
super_nuggetso even if i install the bootloader in /dev/sda it still wouldn't be read by the boot manager as a secondary bootloader entry?18:01
jorlinCan anyone with plain ubuntu 16.04.1 please pastebin their greeter startup script in /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf.d/ ? My original one got overwritten by installing lubuntu on top of an existing ubuntu install...18:03
DarkHorse1how i can do something like if i open a image a music will play. sorry for english18:03
tatertotssuper_nugget: did you create empty space to install linux prior to your installation attempt? yes or no18:03
DarkHorse1how i can do something like if i open a image a music will play. sorry for english18:03
super_nuggettatertots: yes18:04
LorcatarLike a thumbnail for a mp3 file DarkHorse1?18:04
linux_userDarkHorse1, I am not an expert but I think an mp4 can have audio with a still image18:04
jorlinDarkhorse, you want to play an ISO image containing CDA-formatted music?18:04
LorcatarCan you browse the ubuntu software center offline? Not to download but just to browse the metadata?18:05
jorlinCDA as in CD Audio format/ a.k.a RedBook ?18:05
DarkHorse1thanks  but i want something that music is hidden behind the image or user will able to see only image file18:05
linux_userI think you want an mp4 DarkHorse118:05
linux_userI installed ubuntu GNOME and then the three ubuntustudio meta packages for audio and jackd does not start up gives some barrage of errors telling me a file is missing but no filename!?! where can I get help with this? whence I fired up qjackctl (before even clicking 'start') I got all this: http://pastebin.com/mstEHEUw18:06
jorlinlinux_user, it looks like the process you are trying to start expects a running jackd daemon, but that daemon is not started, though it is detected as being "available"18:08
DarkHorse1i want to combine a script with photo so if i click on photo script will run18:08
tatertotssuper_nugget: boot the installation media18:09
linux_userlet me check that then, jackd is a service I must start?18:09
=== stephen is now known as Guest14526
jorlinlinux_user, probably, yes. I'm no expert on jackd though, it may need parameters18:10
DarkHorse1i want to combine a script with photo so if i click on photo script will run18:11
linux_userbut that 'start' button on qjackctl isnt that to start jackd?18:11
jorlinsuch as an ALSA_sink for input or output, but that is a long time ago for me. Probably 5 years or so, so I'm doubtful if that principle is still valid.18:11
linux_userA WHAT?18:11
DarkHorse1i want to combine a script with photo so if i click on photo script will run how i can do that18:11
linux_userDarkHorse1: that is different, now that you said 'script'!!18:12
super_nuggettatertots: could we pm..?=)18:12
linux_usera script to start audio playing in the background with '&' while displaying a photo is easy to do18:12
jorlinlinux_user, last time I used Jack, I had to define ALSA sinks for Jack to connect to as IN/ OUTputs18:13
linux_userYeah well the UbuntuStudio groups are frigging useless18:13
linux_userand that can cause jackd to not start up you mean?18:13
linux_useror to be broken as it is?18:13
linux_userI think trying to uninstall XFCE and put GNOME onto UBUNTU STUDIO will be easier18:13
jorlinlinux_user, hey, hey, have some respect... Those guys created an awesome multimedia environment.18:14
linux_userwait a second18:14
linux_userif Install the packages and they don't start, where I am wrong to say something is not working or broken?18:14
linux_userif you install software that is supposed to be fully configured and its not, and there are no instructions18:14
linux_usergive me a break18:14
jorlinlinux_user, did you install the complete Desktop Environment on top of an existing Ubuntu install?18:15
DarkHorse1oh i m sorry basically friend of mine didn't told me18:15
=== raynold is now known as CosmicRaynold
jorlinlinux, did you try running it in a VM, or as a Live ISO to check if your hardware plays nice with the distro?18:16
jorlinlinux_user, , did you try running it in a VM, or as a Live ISO to check if your hardware plays nice with the distro?18:16
jorlinlinux, did you disable Pulseaudio first before starting the app that required Jack?18:17
jorlinDarkhorse, you could create a desktop launcher having a certain icon associated with it that resembles the photo. Would that be something in the right direction?18:19
EmberCrestNoob here, back again. I undershot the amount of space I'd need for Ubuntu. Got 20gb unallocated free space, so how do I extend my 10gb ubuntu partition to 30gb?18:19
tatertotssuper_nugget: sure did you boot the install media18:20
EmberCrestThe unallocated space and the main disk are next to each other, respectfully.18:20
DarkHorse1yesh jorlin18:20
jorlinEmberCrest, first of all, backup all your personal data, if any, than start a Live ISO, and grow the partition in gparted.18:21
EmberCrestSigh ok. Ill just have to wait until i get home if I gotta start a live ISO..18:21
EmberCrestI got Windows on the other half of my disk, if there's a gparted equivelant?18:22
=== CosmicRaynold is now known as _raynold_
jorlinEmberCrest, yes, that would be Disk Manager, but is is quite dangerous to mess with that on a mounted Disk Volume, if it even lets you do that. However that is outside the scope of this channel. You might have better luck in ##windows18:24
EmberCrestjorlin: Can I not just unmount the ubuntu volume?18:25
rajivmarsi have just installed ubuntumate 16.04. but i can't see the plumouth logo during the boot. how do i get my plumouth screen logo back?18:25
jorlinEmberCrest, yes, but only if you are running a Live ISO environment.18:26
EmberCrestjorlin: So I can't unmount the partition from Windows, basically18:26
jorlinEmberCrest, sure you can, but I would not trust Disk Manager to resize a Linux File System.18:28
jorlinAs always, if you want to experiment, make a BACKUP first of anything that is remotely important to you.18:28
EmberCrestjorlin: mhm, agreed. I'll take care.18:29
rajivmarsanybody plz answer.18:29
jorlin!patience | rajivmars18:30
ubotturajivmars: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/18:30
rajivmarsok. thats fine:)18:31
jorlinEmberCrest, I woiuld resize a Linux partition from within a Live ISO, there is a way to create a Windows Live DVD, I believe it was called Windows PE or something, if you need to resize an NTFS volume. But that is outside the scope of #ubuntu18:33
jorlinEmberCrest, wouild => would18:33
jorlinrajivmars, actually, I'm trying to achieve something similar myself. When installing one complete *buntu desktop over another, the last installed desktop seems to overwrite defaults of the previous system when it comes to appearance.18:35
MrokiiHello. I have a problem in bash that is quite puzzling to me. I tried to create three different "ls"-aliases. "ls" for showing all files, "lsv" for showing only visble files and "lsi" for only showing invisible files. "ls" and "lsi" works as intended but "lsv" still shows all files. It does work hoewever when I alias it to "/bin/ls" instead of just "ls". Does that make sense to anybody?18:36
energizerIf I run a command like sudo service mongod start, which user is going to be running the mongod process?18:36
BluesKajjorlin, each desktop comes with it's own default theme instaled18:36
rajivmarsjorlin, ok. then what to do know?18:36
jorlinBluesKaj, so I have noticed, but is their a way to restore the original theme (boot, greeter and all?)18:37
jorlintheir -> there18:37
energizerI have ubuntu 14.04, I don't understand how services work, where can I read about them?18:38
BluesKajwhich original theme etc, jorlin?18:38
lakshayi have 16.0418:38
jorlinBluesKaj, I started out with plain Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS, but I installed kubuntu, lubuntu and xubuntu over it. It seems that the Xubuntu theme has won for now ...:-)18:39
jorlinBluesKaj, since that is the title of the "boot" screen I see now, along with the diamond theme of the lightdm greeter.18:40
jorlinBluesKaj, I wanted to show my father the different desktop environments in their most complete form, so that he can choose for himself, which DE has his fancy.18:42
BluesKajjorlin, I stay with KDE/Plasma...the others aren't my style at all18:42
geniijorlin: If you have multiple dm installed, just use: sudo dpkg-reconfigure ..with the name of one you have. Like: sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm18:42
LorcatarXFCE is the best looking but setting caps to control is a pain18:43
LorcatarOr other customizations18:43
jorlinBluesKaj, I tend to switch between LXDE, Unity and awesome, depending on what task I have at hand.18:43
LorcatarI mean LXDE is the best looking etc etc18:43
lakshayany one up?18:44
jorlinLorcatar, Have you tried Enlightment? If you want full customisation, that one is a solid choice.18:45
BluesKajdesktop environments are a matter of taste and look/prefernce18:45
Lorcatarjorlin: I've noticed it was very pretty looking. I haven't tried it but you mentioning it makes me want to try it.18:45
jorlinBluesKaj, but do you perhaps know how to restore the standard Ubuntu experience, while retaining the choice between the different variants?18:46
BluesKajafraid not jorlin18:47
jorlinBluesKaj, I spent far too much time on the nasty Telepathy bug with conflicting resources between the KDE and the Gnome versions. took me about an hour to resolve that... :-/18:47
jorlinBluesKaj, that bug is marked as Critical by the way...18:48
BluesKajtelepathy is old and buggy, neber used it anyway18:48
jorlinBluesKaj, neither have I, but someone did not test if KDE and Gnome would conflict when testing the packages for Telepathy...18:49
hateballWell the problem in this case isnt so much about using it as actually being able to install kubuntu-desktop if you started with ubuntu-desktop18:50
hateballit's been broken for quite some time18:50
eein-how do you kick network manager into actually looking for wireless again after a hibernate?18:50
jorlinThis results in an unusable state for apt and it is quite tricky to resolve that.18:50
eein-enabling and disabling networking and wifi does nothing. SSID from my previous location still show though they are no longer available18:51
jorlinhateball, I have eventually succeeded in doing so, but it was not a smooth ride. Reminded me of the dependency hell I went through when trying SlackWare. Granted, that is more than 10 years ago.18:52
jorlineein, did you try an ifdown -> ifup combo (needs root privileges) ?18:53
jorlinrajivmars, to summarise my answer on your question: I would love to be able to resolve it, but I don't know how :-(18:54
wilbertjoin #debian18:55
jorlinon your question -> *to* your question (my, am I getting sloppy with my grammar here :-S )18:55
rekhi, can i install 4.10 live using the live cd morphix? What is the last ubuntu release i can use to use Qt Qt-2.3.0  ?18:56
jorlinwilbert, who are you addressing, please?18:56
naccrek: i can't think of a reason why you would want to use 4.10. It's so old and fully unsupported here.18:57
wilbertI was trying to type /join #debain18:57
wilbertand missed the /18:57
jorlinAh, ok, that makes sense.18:58
reknacc, this is the ubuntu channel :) do you want to know why i need qt-2.3.0 ?18:59
naccrek: this is the ubuntu *support* channel18:59
BluesKajwilbert, type it in the serber box18:59
naccrek: and you can see clearly in the /topic which releases are supported18:59
adalbertAnyone using X11vnc -ssl ?18:59
rekif there's a ubuntu-com-chat channel i'd be glad to be there18:59
jorlinI am called to dinner right now. See you soon. Thanks for the nice atmosphere :-)19:00
nacc!ot | rek: this is probably what you want, but I assume folks there will say the same thing.19:00
ubotturek: this is probably what you want, but I assume folks there will say the same thing.: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:00
rekthanks nacc19:00
jorlinHave a nice (insert your time of day here) :-)19:00
eein-jorlin, I did it just says unknown interface and I don't see anyting in dmesg about it other than the normal link not ready19:02
AprelHi I downloaded and compiled (./configure make make install) the latest sources for gnupg, but my /usr/bin/gnupg still points to the repo version. What's the proper way of installing the new binary into the system?19:10
AprelIf it matters, I'm upgrading from the 1.x repo version to 2.x from sources19:11
wilbertAprel: You probably need to specify where you want the gnupg binary to go using switches for ./configure19:12
wilbertAprel: By default it will go to /usr/local/bin probably19:12
wilbertAprel: And you need think hard before you stomp on the system install of that binary given that you may break software that depends on it19:13
OerHeks!info gnupg219:15
ubottugnupg2 (source: gnupg2): GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement (dummy transitional package). In component main, is extra. Version 2.1.15-1ubuntu6 (yakkety), package size 6 kB, installed size 46 kB19:15
Aprelwilbert: you're right; it's in /usr/local/bin. I'll leave the repo version in /usr/bin and call this one as necessary19:16
AprelProblem now is it can't find the lib libgcrypt.so.20, even tho I see it in /usr/local/lib :/19:17
AprelDid I likely screw up the configure? Is it looking for the lib in /usr/lib even tho the binary was installed to /usr/local/bin?19:18
wilbertAprel: you can either specify a different path for .so's in configure19:18
wilbertor use linker options or environment variables to tell software to look in that directory on a case by case basis19:19
SaltyKawaiiNekocan you get the IRC client version or the OS version of some user using a command?19:19
wilbert/usr/ is for system required stuff19:20
SaltyKawaiiNekofor example, some people discovered my OS version and i can't see it on whois19:20
wilbert/usr/local is for stuff you compile yourself19:20
wilbertkeeping them separate so you don't hose your system by replacing some requried version with an incompatible one19:20
frendaYoutube subtitles are odd!; They are in two lines and previous line is kept! they are in vtt format that sucks; Do you know any player that can follow vtt contents well?19:23
SaltyKawaiiNekono? nobody? :(19:23
frendaI mean I want to watch downloaded subtitle+video from Ytube19:24
wilbertSaltyKawaiiNeko: yes19:24
wilbertSaltyKawaiiNeko: they can. Using something call Client-To-Client-Protocol19:24
SaltyKawaiiNekotell me more19:24
wilbertSaltyKawaiiNeko: You should really just google it and read about it19:24
SaltyKawaiiNekowilbert: thank you ^^19:24
wilbertSaltyKawaiiNeko: np19:25
SaltyKawaiiNekowilbert: can i try it on you? :P19:25
wilbertSaltyKawaiiNeko: go a head19:25
=== _eroux_ is now known as eroux
SaltyKawaiiNekoit works! ^^19:26
SaltyKawaiiNekoi can't see your OS version (and people can see mine) but i guess i'm on the right track19:26
Aprelwilbert: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/lib:/usr/lib:/usr/local/lib fixed the problem for a current session. Can I reconfigure and recompile the gnupg binary so it checks for that lib directory without the env variable?19:27
wilbertSaltyKawaiiNeko: yep, I got my warning messages19:27
wilbertAprel: recompiling won't do anything as its a shared library rather than a statically linked one19:27
wilbertAprel: You could modify your shells .profile, .bashrc, whatever to automatically set that variable at startup19:28
SaltyKawaiiNekowilbert: any info about when is OS version available or not?19:28
wilbertSaltyKawaiiNeko: It will only tell you what I have the client configured to tell you19:28
wilbertSaltyKawaiiNeko: Its not secret magic that reaches through the irc client and probes the OS19:28
Aprelwilbert: ok, that's a good idea. Thanks for all the help :)19:29
SaltyKawaiiNekowilbert: then it was a irssi thing19:29
AprelSaltyKawaiiNeko: nice nick, btw19:29
wilbertSaltyKawaiiNeko: most likely19:29
SaltyKawaiiNekowilbert: thank you very much ^^19:29
wilbertSaltyKawaiiNeko: np19:29
SaltyKawaiiNekoAprel: ty <319:29
zenlambdaif i put a script in /etc/initramfs-tools/hooks, it should always be executed when i call update-initramfs -u right?19:40
geniizenlambda: Yes19:44
=== Gazyrlezon is now known as Nery
zenlambdagenii: it seems update-initramfs is also reading /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks, is this normal and can it be prevented?19:49
renn0xtk9I am using rsync --delete  but still it does not seem to delete file from target directory19:50
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=== QuinnStormk is now known as QuinnStorm
zenlambdacan i 'blacklist' a hook in /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks ?19:57
nacczenlambda: yes it's normal19:59
nacczenlambda: those are the ones 'shipped' with the update-initramfs containing package (aiui)19:59
nacczenlambda: /etc is for local system configuration19:59
Airforceheya all!19:59
Airforcehow can i change my ident on psybnc .. it's my default is root@20:00
Airforceusing ubuntu20:00
Airforceany help will be highly appreciated.20:01
convergeis there a way to create multiple zip files but in separeted .zip files (not .z01, .z02, etc) ?20:03
Airforceconverge I'm assuming you've zip installed already?20:04
convergeAirforce: yes20:04
naccconverge: .z01, .z02 are specifically for split archives20:05
=== jackNemrod_ is now known as jackNemrod
naccconverge: why does it matter what the extension is (and note that .zip is the final split archvie file, so you can't use that anyways)20:06
convergenacc: I need, I need to upload 400MB separeted in 100mb zip files, but it needs to be like first.zip, second.zip , I cant upload .z01, z02 files20:06
converge*I see20:06
naccconverge: you could rename them, but you have to rename them back to *exactly* the same format, afaict20:08
naccconverge: as the order matters20:08
convergenacc: its for zoho mail, I dont have access to unzip it20:09
naccconverge: are you mailing these to yourself?20:18
convergenacc: zoho have an import mail option, Im uploading the files there20:18
naccconverge: you can just do `mv archive.z01 archive.z01.zip`, with the understanding that whoever is on the other end knows to `mv archive.z01.zip archive.z01` before unzip'ing the split archive20:19
aroonifor ubuntu 16.04; is there a better option than gnome-do ?  it seems pretty buggy and crashes often.  looking for a stable, alfred like replacement20:23
xanguaarooni: gnome do is pretty old yes, you can try synapse20:28
genii!info alfred xenial20:29
ubottualfred (source: alfred): Almighty Lightweight Fact Remote Exchange Daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 2015.2-1 (xenial), package size 39 kB, installed size 104 kB20:29
xanguaarooni: for an even more minimalistic there's ”Albert", not in official repositories www.webupd8.org/2015/01/albert-fast-lightweight-quick-launcher.html?m=120:32
aroonido you folks like one of those versus the other?20:33
aroonisynapse  / alfred / albert20:33
xanguaarooni: synapse is in repositories, I just use the unity dash20:34
aroonixangua: is there a way to make unity dash summon with control + space?20:34
genii!info albert xenial20:34
ubottuPackage albert does not exist in xenial20:34
arooniit's how i'm used to getting alfred on the mac20:34
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db09hi all20:44
rajivmarshow to install the multimedia-codecs for ubuntumate 16.04?20:47
Mathiasdoes anyone have any idea why i can ping to the internet, but not use any other protocols?20:49
EriC^^rajivmars: sudo add-apt-repository multiverse && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras20:49
=== G0D is now known as Guest72321
EriC^^Mathias: maybe there's a firewall?20:49
MathiasEriC^^: there shouldn't be, all other devices on the network can access internet fine20:50
EriC^^Mathias: try sudo iptables -L20:50
rajivmarsEriC^^, thanks:)20:50
MathiasEriC^^: no rules there20:50
EriC^^rajivmars: no problem :)20:51
ppfMathias: how do you know other protocols don't work?20:51
Mathiasppf: i've even tried to use iperf20:51
Mathiasit can access LAN too20:51
ppfi meant what's the error20:52
Mathiasit just times out20:52
rajivmarsEriC^^, are these work in ubuntumate 16.04?20:52
michaldybczakwhere can I set menus to windows title bars? now they are alaways on desktop panel (which is fine only on maximized windows)?20:52
EriC^^rajivmars: yes20:52
db09I'm trying to assign a static ip to ubuntu-server 14.04 - when I open my /etc/network/interfaces file iss almost empty except for "auto lo iface lo inet loopback" - but I'm still connected to the internet. is the network manager managing the connection?20:53
ppfMathias: nslookup google.com | pastebinit20:55
Mathiasdns works20:55
ppfthen what doesn't work ..20:56
Mathiaslike trying wget, iperf, apt-get20:56
ppfthen paste the output of telnet google.com 80, please?20:57
akikdb09: if you get your network settings with "nmcli dev list", then yes for network-manager20:57
Mathiasppf: telnet google.com 80 \n Trying
Andrew_jediW: The repository 'http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial-security Release' does not have a Release file.21:00
Mathiasand then another ip, and another21:00
Andrew_jediN: Data from such a repository can't be authenticated and is therefore potentially dangerous to use.21:01
u0_a1752what is this21:02
mattflyi need help for unicode sequences when i dont know what charmap ubuntu is using21:03
mattflylçike when you press ctrl+shift+u21:03
wedgieMathias: maybe an invalid system proxy? Just reaching for possibilities at this point21:03
mattflyi need to write a verticalslash but is doesnt work if i do U12421:03
Mathiaswedgie: where can i check for that?21:04
\9mattfly: U+0124 is a "H" with a hat21:05
wedgieMathias: Settings -> Network21:05
mattflyi found that21:05
\9do you mean the pipe character "|"?21:05
mattflywhat i need is a "|"21:05
\9that's U+007C21:05
mattflyi have a stuppid keyboard that doesnt come iwth that21:05
mattflya gamming keyboard21:05
\9it's 7C in ascii and in every other encoding21:05
Mathiaswedgie: ubuntu server, no GUI :p21:06
wedgieah, not likely then21:06
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[twisti]ever since i installed LTS 16.04 on my machine, i have been experiencing multi second lag spikes. anyone got any idea how to best debug such an issue ?21:12
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
bundeskanzler13i have a server with intel and i want install ubuntu. while it want konfig amd, it stoppt (15%) wat can i do?21:14
nicomachusbundeskanzler13: start over.21:15
bundeskanzler13i dit it 4 times21:15
k1l_bundeskanzler13: the 64bit iso is called amd64 because the 64bit patent is from amd, but intel uses the same technic.21:16
bundeskanzler13i know, but id din't work21:16
bundeskanzler13and i don't anderstand why it not work21:16
k1l_did you check the md5sum of the iso? how did you create the usb drive?21:17
bundeskanzler13i did my USB prepare with YUMI21:17
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bytesaberAnyone with experience running a copy of Ubuntu's repo locally?   I am wondering if it would be difficult to remove i386 from it.   I think that I may have messed it up some.  An Ubuntu work station attached to it, is claiming it can't find i386 packages.  Yet it's an amd64 based install.21:21
genii!multiarch | bytesaber21:24
geniibytesaber: 64 bit can still use 32 bit apps and libraries, Ubuntu has had multiarch for a while now ( I believe since 12.04)21:25
OerHekswhat would you gain, removing i386 packages on a private mirror?21:25
OerHeksnow you find out the hard way that you still want i386 packages/libs21:26
=== coffeeguy is now known as zenguy
db09hi im trying to assign a static ip to ubuntu server 14.04. Network Manager was managing my internet connection, so I disabled it because I want to use /network/interfaces. i've lost connection to the net - any help trying to regain connection deeply appreciated21:29
* [^FuL|an0^] In stark terms, Wikipedia is one of the single most important undertakings in human history. If we do our job, future generations will look upon Wikipedia as the cornerstone of the information revolution. If we don't, the world will lose a tremendous resource. This is why we need to keep the jews out.21:30
Onepamopadb09, do you have IPMI on the server ?21:31
zenguyhi how do you upgrade a kernal in ubuntu 16.04.1 to the latest?21:31
k1l_zenguy: why and to what kernel?21:32
zenguyjust to keep updated and the latest stable release21:32
Onepamopazenguy, apt-cache search linux-image then apt-get install linux-image-xyz linux-headers-xyz21:32
k1l_zenguy: you will get the 16.10 backports kernel (4.8) in some days when 16.04.2 is released. see !hwe21:32
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack21:33
OnepamopaIm already on 4.8.x21:33
k1l_zenguy: ubuntu works on the LTS kernel and does update that version with all the security patches21:33
zenguycool k1l_ thank you :)21:33
k1l_Onepamopa: its better to use the linux-generic-hwe-16.04-edge package. since  in some months that kernel you installed doesnt get any more updates and you need to change to manually21:35
=== minot is now known as kus_
k1l_Onepamopa: look at the hwe page for more details21:35
Onepamopak1l_, in my case thats acceptible due to having to build custom modules each time the kernel updates21:35
k1l_Onepamopa: its your system, you can do what ever you like :) but keep in mind that users in here might not know and will come in here in one year arguing, that their 4.8 kernel doesnt get any important security updates anymore.21:37
Onepamopahe didn't specify security updates, he just asked for the latest kernel21:38
k1l_Onepamopa: if you keep reading in here you will know that this will happen :) just look at the amount of 15.04 machines that are still running :/21:38
glacheWould you date a transgender if she had a really nice personality but was born a male?21:39
Onepamopaglache, no freaking way21:39
k1l_glache: this is not the right topic for this technical support channel.21:39
glacheWell she is really into computers.  She's very technical.  Great personality.  Looks just like a girls.  Sounds like a girl.21:41
zenguyand needs a visa?21:41
lalounehello eveodyryb21:42
lalounehello everbody21:42
glacheThe buldge in her paints is a little strange though.21:43
glacheBut her personality is great and she loves using Ubuntu.21:43
k1l_glache: again: this is not the channel for chatter. keep it to technical support only in here21:43
glacheALright, sorry.21:43
lalounecan somebody help me? I have a problem with my network card (ethernet). Everytime I try to switch the speed to 1000 (ethtool -s <interface> autoneg off speed 1000 full duplex) I get disconnected21:45
lalouneI am using xubuntu 16.1021:45
k1l_laloune: disconnected as in reconnected. or as in offline21:46
Ben64laloune: you shouldn't have to switch, there is probably something you have that doesn't support gigabit21:46
k1l_laloune: i would first look at if that card and kernel and firmware do support that at all.21:46
lalounek1l_ offline21:46
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WeiJunLiI feel like when I do 'dmesg' it doesnt show all logs21:48
WeiJunLisince i got alot of stuff going on that should trigger stuff on dmesg21:48
lalouneBen64 it should as the ethtool -s command states: supported link modes 1000baseT/Full21:48
WeiJunLibut i keep with the same loogs21:48
WeiJunLiany hint21:48
bytesabergenii, ok.  Looks like i'm experiencing this.     http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/272908/apt-looking-for-i386-files-even-though-architecture-is-amd6421:48
bytesaberOerHeks, probablly right21:48
lalounek1l_ how can I check whether card/kernel/firmware does support it?21:48
=== mohammad is now known as sysadmin
Ben64laloune: i mean the other devices, the cable, etc21:49
bytesaberSounds like it would be abnormal to not have i386 available to an amd64 host.21:50
bytesaberi'll put i386 back into my /etc/apt/mirrors.list21:50
k1l_laloune: is that a known issue for that card? where did you get the idea to have to change that setting?21:50
fernando__Hello. my wifi connexion goes down frequently. I use an Intel mini pci card (type B, 11Mb/s). Any help please?21:50
k1l_bytesaber: its very common to have 32bit packages. steam and wine are some of the worst 32bit pulling softwares.21:51
lalouneI got the idea cause the speed was very low21:52
lalouneBen64 if the router does not support 1Gb can this cause the deconnection21:52
lalounehow can I see the network card model please21:53
k1l_laloune: lspci21:53
lalounek1l_ thanks I check that right now21:54
bytesaberk1l_, roger roger21:56
Ben64laloune: yes22:01
db09hi im trying to assign a static ip to ubuntu server 14.04. Network Manager was managing my internet connection, so I disabled it because I want to use /network/interfaces. i've lost connection to the net - any help trying to regain connection deeply appreciated22:09
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Ben64db09: ubuntu server doesn't use network manager22:12
lalouneBen64 the ethernet card seems to support 1 Gb22:13
lalounecan this come from the driver?22:13
lalouneBen64 how can I check which version of the driver this is22:14
Ben64what card is it22:14
Ben64also what router, how long is the cable, what cable type is it22:14
Ben64but really, if it isn't automatically getting gigabit, something doesn't support it22:15
lalouneit is Intel I219-LM22:16
lalouneBen 64 cable is UTP CAT5E 4 PAIRS ETA / TIA 568 B22:17
lalounethis is no router but a swith22:17
lalounethis is no router but a switch22:18
lalouneBen64 oh well, the switch is 10/100 :-/22:19
lalounebut can this really explain why the ethtool command provokes a disconnection?22:19
lalounereally really ? ;)22:20
lalouneBen64 k then, I'll try at the office where the switch should have 100022:21
lalounethanks a bunch22:21
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unix_newbiehey all - I am trying to rename files in ubuntu using mv,  and the files are in a git repo22:39
unix_newbieafter I changed the file name using mv and do a 'git status' - the old file name goes to deleted and the new ones go to untracked22:40
naccunix_newbie: you want to use `git-mv` to rename files in a git repo, normally22:40
unix_newbienacc: hello and thank you - so I ran this command earlier:  "find . -name "*.yaml" -exec bash -c 'mv "$1" "${1%.yaml}".yml' - '{}' \;"22:42
unix_newbieI just need to change the "mv" into "git -mv"22:42
naccunix_newbie: you should read the manpage, to be sure22:42
naccunix_newbie: and it's either `git-mv` or `git mv`22:42
unix_newbieyes I can do that... thank you so much22:42
unix_newbieI will do that, I mean22:42
Wulf(How) can I add a new user to the system that shares the same groups as the user that I created during install?22:45
amazoniantoadWow the ubuntu support room isn't all that great anymore.22:59
amazoniantoadIt used to be incredible.22:59
amazoniantoadLots of support. Now, not so much.22:59
halvorsAny devs online?23:00
halvorsAnyone who can claim https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd/+bug/163485523:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1634855 in systemd (Ubuntu) "Assertion 'link->state == LINK_STATE_SETTING_ROUTES' failed at ../src/network/networkd-link.c:697, function link_enter_configured(). Aborting." [Undecided,Confirmed]23:00
db09hi I'm trying to assign a static ip to a server - after I edit /etc/network/interfaces and reboot I can't ping - can anyone look at my config contents and see if I've goofed somewhere? http://pastebin.com/BNSWsxhg23:01
Bashing-omdb09: look'n .23:02
k1l_db09: what devices lists "ifconfig"?23:02
pavlosdb09, netmask should be
pavlosdb09, netmask iface eth0 inet static23:04
pavlosdb09, iface eth0 inet static23:04
pavlosdb09, dns mispelled23:04
k1l_yes, and that, not loopback but static for that device. (if its eth0 at all and not a eno1 or such)23:05
pavlosdb09, https://www.swiftstack.com/docs/install/configure_networking.html23:05
Bashing-omdb09: ^^ nothing else to add . This for a wired interface on release 14.04 .23:08
db09ah! thank you all so much. I hand typed the pastebin and made some of the typos but I did have "loopback" instead of static.23:08
ivanskiehi. i have sshd configured to listen on with standard port. for some reason i cannot reach it from outside the network with proper nat port forwarding configured (tested with another machine, so its not the port forward)23:10
ivanskieufw says its inactive and iptables are empty too..23:10
ivanskievagrant box with ubuntu, bridged interface with lan ip address.. i can ssh into it from another machine on the same lan..  --- is there something in the ssh config that can prevent connections from internet?23:11
Ben64ivanskie: no, check the port forwarding23:11
ivanskieBen64: i've pointed the port forward to another linux box on the network and it works. once i point it to my vagrant box's ip address. thats it. show's over.23:12
Ben64that's not really checking23:13
Ben64use nmap from the internet23:13
MacHappyIm new guy here23:23
Bashing-omMacHappy: Welcome to the ubuntu support channel .23:24
Akuwi am trying to run android studio emulator but altought installed kvm AS request for HAXM23:29
fishcookeranyone have this update patched https://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-3181-1/... is that really necessary to reboot after applying or just restart all service using the sslib ?23:31
Ben64fishcooker: easier to reboot23:34
wedgiefishcooker: yes, you can just restart all the services using it.23:34
ivanskieBen64: so I've ran nmap.. it says port open service unknown23:37
fishcookerwithout reboot should be OK Ben6423:38
fishcookerthanks wedgie23:38
ivanskieook then.. now it works? that is odd23:38
=== administrator is now known as Guest38793
ivanskienevermind, still pointing to the other linux box23:39
bytesaberIs archive and security, the same place?  "archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu" and "security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu" both appear to be the same resulting location.23:39
bytesaber"extras.ubuntu.com" is different however.23:40
ivanskiei dont think its the firewall because when i switch the destination wan ip from one to another public ip i have.. the result in nmap is the same. port/tcp filtered unkown23:44
ivanskieiptables are inactive, and ufw is inactive.. what else could be filtering ssh?23:45
Ben64filtered = firewalled23:45
k1l_bytesaber: no, the security repos includes the updates from the security team.23:48
k1l_bytesaber: look at the different package on the different repos: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openssl23:49
naccbytesaber: how are you determining they are the "same resulting location"?23:49
ivanskieok Ben64: i've just done a bunch more digging around and testing. How do I check if my ubuntu box is filtering incoming? its not my pfsense that's blocking the port.23:54
Ben64use nmap from inside the network23:54

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