linux_userI installed ubuntu GNOME and then the three ubuntustudio meta packages for audio and jackd does not start up gives some barrage of errors telling me a file is missing but no filename!?! where can I get help with this?17:55
linux_userthe ubuntstudio channel was entirely non-responsive.17:55
linux_userwhence I fired up qjackctl (before even clicking 'start') I got all this: http://pastebin.com/mstEHEUw17:57
OvenWerk1hmmm, not phychic after all...18:01
eylulhey ovenWerk1 and krytarik meeting today? I have the feeling it is going to be a short one anyway19:26
eylulok lets start.19:30
eyluldropping meetingology, until we have more people and more topics and generally until we have more. right now it is more overhead than meeting content :P19:31
eylulso umm hello everyone. OvenWerk1 is here, krytarik is here. do we have anybody around who is here for the meeting?19:32
krytarikAnybody else! :P19:32
eyluljust checking. i don't think we have a lot to discuss today. i was hoping to get work done these last 2 weeks, that unfortunately didn't happen. also traveling in february, so probably not online a lot, but I will check emails. Anything else from you guys? krytarik, ovenWerk1?19:33
eylul(also anything you need from rest of the group or want to announce/communicate to others etc)19:34
OvenWerk1not really, I have been pretty sick... doing some docs, but no real coding19:34
OvenWerk1can't think straight enough19:34
eylul:( I hope you get better soon... 19:34
eylulactually I did lie krytarik and I did one thing at least.. more on that in a bit.. first.. and more urgently..19:35
eylulare we doing alpha 2 or not doing alpha 2? did I miss a discussion on that?19:36
krytarikWell, Alpha 2 is gone by now - but we'll have to do 16.04.2 shortly.19:37
eylulyeah... well I am down for the count on that one.. unfortunately. :/19:38
krytarikAnother week delay on that though, it seems.19:39
eylulI see19:39
krytarikIt was supposed to happen this week, that is.19:39
eylul*nods* ok19:40
eylulalright we'll keep an eye on that... or try... so.. next topic website.. quick update: krytarik and I wrote an email to community council asking for help. no answer yet. I suppose we should wait for another 2 weeks then follow up? I am not sure what is the expected response turnaround tbh. 19:42
krytarikYeah, wait some more - but I'd think 2 weeks is a reasonable timespan for them to give *any* response.19:43
eylulcan't comment on that in either direction :)19:45
eylulalright, anything else we need to discuss until ummm I just realized next meeting falls on feb 14th. will this be a problem for people?19:45
eyluldo we cancel it do we reschedule it? I know I am not making it as I said before. 19:46
OvenWerk1maybe have to ask in the ML.19:49
eylulwell it doesn't look like anybody except 3 of us are making to meetings anyway19:50
eylulkrytarik you still willing to run the meeting? 19:51
eylul(assuming it happens)19:51
krytarikWell, it depends on who else is there besides myself, and if there is anything to report/discuss.19:52
eylulOvenWerk1 do you expect to be there?19:53
krytarikIs there anything special about that date, btw?19:53
eylulvalentines day?19:53
eylulpeople more likely to be out even through it is a weekday.19:53
krytarikRight, thought so - but googling just the date didn't bring that up. >_>19:54
OvenWerk1less so for me at 1130am... unless my Yf wants to go out for lunch (without children :)19:54
eylulwell you two figure out when the date gets closer I guess then?19:55
krytarikI guess having the meetings lazy-style like this, we can just leave it scheduled and see.19:55
eylulI might drop by, but I am becoming less and less sure that will be possible at the moment) 19:55
eylulanything else to discuss before we wrap this up, and let OvenWerk1 get some rest?19:56
krytarikOh, there already: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-release/2017-January/004018.html [16.04.2 delayed until Feb 9 for HWE issues]19:57
krytarikOtherwise nah, I don't think so.19:57
eylulalright (and thanks for keeping track of that krytarik)19:57
eylulalright.. nothing from me either. this meeting is done. thank you both for being here. :) see all of you in mailing list, and next month if all else fails. :) 19:58

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