flocculantbluesabre: just a gentle prod to see if you remember there is an odd issue with parole and playing some files not others 17:45
flocculantbluesabre: also - is this SRU material do you think? bug 130810518:21
ubottubug 1308105 in Mythbuntu "Xfce resets TV mode to NULL when power cycled" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130810518:22
electricergerHey guys, I'm looking to do some coding for an open source project does anybody have an active project that needs more devs?19:59
ochosielectricerger: hi, how about xfce?20:03
electricergerI've been stalking a few of those things, and chilling in xfce chat. I didn't get too many responses.20:04
electricergerIt is #xfce right? not #xfce-dev or something?20:04
ochosiit's actually #xfce-dev20:05
ochosican be quiet at times, so hanging out there alone may not get you anywhere20:05
ochosibut then again, you already got in touch with me, so.. ;)20:05
ochosiflocculant: hey, we may have another candidate for a thunar fix. it's looking pretty solid here in terms of not(!) crashing20:08
electricergerSure. I do love thunar (I preferred it even when I was on other OS's).20:10
electricergerI'll join the chan now.20:10
electricergerI'm part of the xfce and xubuntu mailing list, but is there a specific way to join/stay on top of the thunar project?20:11
krytarikelectricerger: I don't think he was referring to you with that, but another patch for it.20:13
electricergerOh. Oh well. I'll just stalk the chan then.20:14
krytarikOtherwise yeah, mailing lists and these channels is basically it.20:15
knomealso, which mailing lists?20:16
knomemy advice would be to communicate with people and not feel let down if you don't instantly get a response... as that just happens with open source projects now and then :)20:17
electricergerYeah, that's what I kind of expect in a hobby like this.20:19
flocculantochosi: \o/20:22
flocculantand evening all - and hi electricerger :)20:23
flocculantochosi: were those bugs I reported what you expected ?20:27
ochosiflocculant: haven't had time to review those yet tbh20:28
flocculantok 20:28
ochosibut the thunar patch may be interesting for you to try ot20:29
flocculantochosi: I can 20:32
ochosiwant some instructions?20:33
flocculantyea - I hate patches lol20:33
flocculanttakes me ages to google fu ...20:34
ochosithis is all of it ^20:35
ochosino need to install thunar20:35
flocculantokey doke20:35
ochosigreat stuff20:36
ochosiif it works for you and we get at least one or two more testers i'm inclined to merge and push this to master20:36
ochosiand even do a patch release for thunar20:36
flocculantochosi: ok - well I'll do that now - by tomorrow later I'll have had cause to do enough to trigger a crash normally 20:37
flocculantif that even makes sense ...20:37
ochosiwell if you wanna do that, then you better install it20:37
ochosithese instructions are only for testing for a limited amount of time (until you close thunar again)20:37
flocculantoh right 20:37
ochosiso basically finish it up with a "sudo make install"20:37
ochosifwiw the namespace is different anyway, so a "sudo make uninstall" let's you go back to 'ol thunar20:38
flocculantwell I'm fine with running 'whatever' version of things to test properly20:38
* flocculant notes the proliferation of xfce folders on desktop this cycle :D20:38
ochosiyou're really helping a lot, that much i can say20:40
flocculantgood 20:40
flocculantok - all installed - give me some time to kill it :)20:41
knomehas your emails gone to spam or has nobody in the team replied to me on the t-shirt issue?20:43
flocculantnot seen it 20:45
knomeso maybe it was my mail that went to spam20:45
flocculantoh yes I have 20:45
knomefwiw, it was off-list on purpose20:45
flocculantsorry for the mistake 20:45
=== electricerger is now known as electricerger|AF
knomeno worries20:45
flocculantI didn't reply - cos no-one would wear it other than me - and I'm definitely not woman :)20:46
knomethat was the hoped-for action if you didn't need one :P20:47
flocculantochosi: can always do a call to arms to testers to test the thunar thing if you feel it useful20:50
=== electricerger|AF is now known as electricerger
flocculantmeh - that giot thunar is screwing up pkexec one :p20:58
flocculantfixed that 21:10
krytarikBtw: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-release/2017-January/004018.html [16.04.2 delayed until Feb 9 for HWE issues]21:11
flocculantkrytarik: thanks - was just going to fwd the mail to us21:12
krytarikHurr. :D21:12
ochosiknome: i didn't reply because we had talked already and my stance was that i take one if nobody else wants it. consequently i didn't want to take a front-row seat and didnt reply21:15
knomelol, ok21:15
flocculantknome: if we could tweet and stuff that thunar patch testing that'd be super :D21:30
flocculantakxwi-dave: some thunar testing is afoot :)21:32
knomewe can21:32
knomebut i need pleia2 for "stuff"21:32
ochosiflocculant: btw i take it from your comments so far that the taskman thing i sent you worked fine for you?21:36
flocculantochosi: yea - as you said icon - but other than that it appears to be fine21:36
ochosiok cool21:37
ochosithen i'll prepare the release asap21:37
flocculantdon't really use it much so never noticed any bugs 21:37
ochosiwell if it generally works that's something alredy21:37
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