xubuntu51whello so i am new to linux my computer is not booting i checked in internet it was some old b43 driver error which was before ubuntu12.04 but i have this on xubuntu16.0404:43
xubuntu51wwhat do i do04:43
anna`Hi folks, i am running 16.04 64bit and having issues with HDMI wakeup after monitor sleep17:43
anna`Or rather, monitor standby, i should say, via the monitor itself. In this case a 32" Samsung TV. Tried different HDMI cables, tried different power management options on TV/XFCE/UEFI17:44
anna`It's on-die braswell GPU btw17:44
anna`I have tried Lubuntu from a live USB and it wakes up just fine17:44
anna`https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11107 <-- suggests it's known about but is marked as RESOLVED17:45
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 11107 in Xfsettingsd "xfsettingsd resets TV mode to NULL on power cycle" [Critical,Resolved: fixed]17:45
flocculantanna`: I would suspect is was marked resolved post 16.04 - the patch in that bug report was added for 4.12.0-3 in 16.10 - could you check if you're affected there?18:09
anna`i had wondered that, i haven't checked 16.10 and if I am honest i much prefer LTS because i am using it as a media center18:10
flocculantseemingly you can install a more current xfce4-settings in 16.04 without issue to check18:10
anna`i can leech 16.10 and test it live to help you guys debug if you wish?18:11
anna`How might i go about doing that?18:11
flocculanthang on :)18:11
anna`ty x18:12
flocculant32 or 64 bit?18:12
flocculantanna`: ^^18:12
flocculantif that still gives you issues try this18:13
flocculantanna`: can you report if it works or not for you at bug 130810518:15
ubottubug 1308105 in Mythbuntu "Xfce resets TV mode to NULL when power cycled" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130810518:15
flocculantit seems sru worthy - so at least if we know it's working there we can perhaps work towards sru'ing it18:15
anna`i dislike doing things i don't understand since i learn nothing, so what exactly am i doing? The file implies settings but the contents of the .deb is more than a few confs?18:15
anna`What does SRU mean?18:15
anna`Ah stable release update18:16
anna`Shoulda googled my bad <318:16
flocculantanna`: ok - what you are doing is replacing the existing version of xfce4-settings with newer one - the first one is the 16.10 version, the second the 17.04 version - both *should* have the patch from the xfce bug18:17
flocculantsru - stable release update - we can't just update packages backwards18:17
flocculantanna`: ftr - when I was seeing the same problem as you - I managed it with a sleep in a script - mentioned in that report - others who have tried the same thng found it didn't work18:18
anna`i assumed the major bug fixes from 16.10 would make it in to 16.04 since it is a LTS18:18
flocculantanna`: only when we've done an sru18:18
anna`I have a teeny tiny confession to make18:19
anna`i may have wiped Xubuntu in favour of Lubuntu :/18:19
flocculantand you're major bug is my 'meh doesn't affect me'18:19
anna`But i will re-install Xubuntu in a sec and try your suggestion because i'd rather use XFCE i think18:19
anna`Yer, i guess if it affected everyone's HDMI wakeup it would have been fixed ages ago :)18:20
flocculantI'm about sort of for a couple more hours tonight if you want to ping me18:20
anna`Awesome ty18:21
anna`i am installing to SD cards since this rig is a 6W N3050 shuttle and power saving was a motivation so will simply swap cards and try now 8)18:22
flocculantwell - let's see what happens :)18:23
johan_hoping someone could help me out, got a fresh 16.04 install and getting lightdm issues when trying to log in after adding disks to fstab18:47
johan_if i leave the disks out of fstab, it works fine(like now), if i add them, screen goes blank after login18:48
johan_the disks mount just fine when added however, but no x so that's no good18:49
flocculantjohan_: not necessarily going to be able to help - but pastebin fstab to give people more chance18:49
johan_sure, sec18:50
johan_i've tried multiple flags etc btw but no luck so far18:54
johan_i can mount the disks just fine when actually logged in18:54
sathedHey guys - I've got a fresh install of Xubuntu 16.04 (as of yesterday morning). My reboot times are insanely high (>10 minutes). My PC is nice (2x Intel i7-6700, 64 GB RAM, Samsung Pro SSD), so it shouldn't be a hardware issue... I've run systemd-analyze and nothing is jumping out... I'm at a loss.18:55
flocculantwell only difference to drives I mount is I just UUID= and different is I 0 118:56
sathedI even checked to make sure something wasn't off with my swap space. I compared /etc/fstab with the output of blkid and everything appears to be fine.18:56
johan_yeah like i said i've tried multiple flags etc but every time i add them the lightdm kicks in18:57
johan_i can access that particular disk just fine as we speak after mounting it after logging in18:57
johan_the lightdm thing*18:59
anna`Is this the line?19:01
anna`/dev/disk/by-uuid/e2404a26-ad72-4eba-892f-31470bdd3874 /home ext4 defaults 1 219:02
johan_the one that breaks everything, yeah19:02
anna`If so, strikes me it's because you're trying to mount it as /home19:02
anna`Don't you want /home/something or /mnt/something ?19:02
anna`/home is already populated? no?19:02
johan_would adding my user to the line solve it?19:03
anna`try mounting it as something other than just /home and seeing if that helps19:03
anna`/home/test        or something19:04
anna`(assuming you don't have a user called test of course :)19:04
johan_will report back in a few :)19:05
johan_didn't work19:10
johan_(reporting in from my adjacent laptop instead)19:10
johan_hm okay after another attempt it worked, but with an undesirable path19:13
knomenote that you can't mount stuff to paths that already exist on mounted filesystems19:13
johan_so how would i remove the /home on my tiny ssd intended only for the system itself and swap?19:14
johan_that's how i've always had it before, until my reinstall yesterday19:14
knomerun a live system and remove the /home directory when the filesystem isn't in use19:14
johan_ok, i'll try that19:15
knomethen also make sure the separate /home partition is in the fstab19:15
knomeand then boot without the live media19:15
johan_well right now that worked i just made up some name that wasn't there19:15
anna`i think trying to mount /home from somewhere else is just a bad idea tbh19:16
johan_how so19:16
knomeanna`, having a separate partition - or even hard drive - i completely ok19:16
johan_think i sorted it out19:26
johan_thanks :)19:26
johan_now for the long process of restoring order..19:31
johan_my old /home disk got broken sectors last week19:31
anna`flocculant: 16.10 settings seem to work :)19:45
anna`johan_  :/19:45
flocculantanna`: ok - can you comment on bug 1308105 :)19:45
ubottubug 1308105 in Mythbuntu "Xfce resets TV mode to NULL when power cycled" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130810519:45
johan_anna`: managed to save most of it fortunately19:46
johan_logged all the failed copies to text so it's easily(mostly) retrievable19:46
flocculantanna`: not saying it will be sru'd - but it certainly won't be if we don't know about the state of it19:46
johan_took an annoyingly long time to copy it though19:47
johan_had a liveusb running friday-monday night just copying files19:47
anna`Sure flocculant thanks, i will do a full re-build now, built this recently and made notes so wanna be sure it totally is fixed19:48
anna`johan_: i use mega.nz to sync all my stuff, hosted in a 5 eyes country but encrypted before it leaves your box, also have a nas too19:49
anna`Not sure if mega has a reasonable linux client i only use linux for my servers or my media server19:49
johan_i should do something like that too19:55
johan_really looking forward to actually making money, but that's still a few years in the future19:55
johan_should use more cloud stuff generally but the network here is too unreliable19:57
anna`i use it to sync my macs and stuff19:58
anna`Also has a bastardised kind of versioning system, since when you save a file it re-uploads and keeps the old copy for a while, has been useful at times19:58
johan_only apple device i've ever owned was one of the early ipods :P19:59
johan_whenever i borrow a macbook i just get annoyed by the keymap layout and never finding things20:00
anna`i used to use hacs but bought a mba for uni and then a 17" mbp for home20:00
anna`System Information: Model: MacBook Pro (17-inch, Early 2011) • CPU: Intel Core i7-2720QM (8 Threads, 4 Cores) @ 2.20 GHz • Memory: 12.00 GB • Uptime: 18 hours • Disk Space: 478.87 GB • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000, AMD Radeon HD 6750M • Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1200 • OS: (null) (Version 10.12.2, Build 16C67)20:00
anna`3 finger workflow ftw20:00
anna`My old hac desktop was quad screen ;D20:00
johan_i wish i had even a second monitor20:02
anna`Can never have enough pixels ;D20:03
johan_i have too few imo :P20:03
johan_a single 1920x1080 atm20:04
johan_kinda afraid of how much i'm gonna spend on shiny new hardware once i get a solid income20:05
anna`horizontal 3 finger swipes in osx allow you to trivially flick between desktops20:08
anna`So it's like looking at different screens without moving your head, highly recommended20:08
johan_should be able to configure that stuff one DE of your choice as well, no?20:10
johan_has a tendency to break though, which i expect osx doesn't20:10
anna`Yer my friend did20:12
anna`She saw me doing it and enabled it on her linux laptop20:12
anna`i can ask her how if you want?20:12
johan_heh no i'm good20:12
johan_i'm a fan of fluxbox really but i've only ever had it play nice on arch before20:13
johan_wish there were well supported editions of ubuntu and fedora etc for it20:13
johan_anyway as i'm about to starve to death i'm gonna go make myself some dinner20:16
xanguajohan_: Lubuntu uses openbox, but you can install fluxbox both in Ubuntu and Fedora20:27
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anna`Forgive me and my noobness, but at the end of the xubuntu install, shouldn't a window pop-up asking me if i wish to install a bootloader?21:11
flocculantanna`: no - that's part of the partition setup stage21:13
anna`Where is the partition setup page?21:15
flocculantwhen you - erase disk, alongside or something else - at the bottom of that section is the bootloader section21:16
anna`The problem I am having is my UEFI, when i try and boot it says Ubuntu (lexar USB flash drive) and doesn't list my SD card anywhere so won't boot from it21:18
anna`Afaik all i did was reinstall lubuntu and now reinstall xubuntu over the top21:18
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xubuntu51wHello. Having some hard drive troubles on my Lenovo T530.21:57
xubuntu51wCan anyone here help me?21:58
knometell what kind of problems you are having and we'll see21:58
xubuntu51wIve been using Xubuntu alone on my pc for about a halfyear now and I woke up and it wont boot. Trying to wipe everything and reinstall xubuntu and Im getting all sorts of weird errors. Im on my phone now.21:59
xubuntu51wFsck came back with error 6, then 4, then 2, then I gave up and started trying to format and put new Xubuntu on.22:00
xubuntu51wWhen I try installing it says something like cant read /dev/sdb22:01
xubuntu51wXubuntu 16.0422:01
xubuntu51wThe error messages vary, the next one I get I will let you know everything.22:03
xubuntu51wLibparted error during read on /dev/sdb22:03
xubuntu51wWhat do?22:04
johan_sounds like broken sectors22:04
xubuntu51wI tried a couple disk checks and they came back as passed, the bios one and others. No idea what I am doing here though.22:07
xubuntu51wSeems like the more I do the more trouble I am getting. Just want an OS to do my taxes today haha.22:08
xubuntu51wSo what's the jist, am I fucked? Is there a broken hardware issue? What needs replacement?22:09
knomexubuntu51w, please remember this is a family-friendly channel.22:10
xubuntu51wMy apologies. Am I fudged with chocolate glaze?22:10
knomeit's hard to say with this little debugging, but if anything, you might need to replace your hard drive22:11
xubuntu51wOk... How do I know?22:11
xubuntu51wIf I bought a new one, is it just snap in and reboot?22:12
xubuntu51wOr is there more part damage? I haven't dropped it or hurt it. Excessive use maybe...22:13
xubuntu51wAny help is appreciated knome.22:13
knomeagain it's hard to know; if you've ran disk checks and they say it's ok, maybe it is...22:15
knomehard drive failures aren't commonly hurting other components, so it should be one of the easiest ones if you need to do it22:16
xubuntu51wWell thank you knome.22:23
xubuntu51wMay I ask another question?22:23
xubuntu51wIf I got a new harddrive, how do I insta the new OS?22:25
xanguaSame way you installed it the first time22:25
xubuntu51wThis was my trustiest piece of hardware.22:25
xubuntu51wWill there be any driver complications, or does it just need the right kind of SATA connection?22:26
xubuntu51wIs there a way to use a portion of the harddrive?22:27
knomeif it's broken, you'll want to replace it for good.22:27
knomeor in other words, it's a bad sign if fsck can't fix it and it keeps giving errors22:29
knomeit should be able to fix ... fixable errors22:29
xubuntu51wSo is it.. plug and play with the new hardware?22:30
knomewith hard drives, that should be it22:30
xubuntu51wOr in my case, plug and study?22:30
xubuntu51wThank you much.22:31
xubuntu51wChecking out.22:35
siimhi guys!23:16
sathedAnyone have an idea why my screen would turn off immediately after logging in? It's happening every time my computer locks. It takes 30-40 seconds to get the screen back on.23:18
sathedI'm running a fresh install of 16.0423:22

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