wgrantAh, right.00:02
wgrantMissed that bit.00:02
wgrantbdmurray: Hm, so it only fails in zesty?00:04
bdmurraywgrant: Let me check, there is actually a bug in gdb where generate-core doesn't work in an armhf chroot on arm6400:05
bdmurrayIts sigill on yakkety too00:06
bdmurraySIGSEGV on xenial though https://launchpadlibrarian.net/304016495/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-armhf.apport-test-crashes_0.20170126-1~69~ubuntu16.04.1_BUILDING.txt.gz00:07
wgrantbdmurray: Let me just root a buildd to see if I can repro it.00:24
wgrantThe main difference is that rugby's an HWE 4.4, while LP buildds are a real 4.4 with a tiny patch of mine.00:24
wgrantThe patch can't really change anything, but the non-HWEness might.00:24
bdmurraywgrant: Okay, thanks for looking at it00:25
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wgrantbdmurray: Uh well so05:11
wgrantbdmurray: "gdb cat", "run" on a buildd is enough to get a SIGILL.05:11
wgrantcat on its own is fine, as you might imagine.05:11
wgrantbdmurray: This should be reproducible in a zesty armhf chroot in a stock xenial arm64 KVM guest. Happens even without my custom kernel.05:35
wgrantI'll try to poke a little further, but this isn't an LP issue and I think you should be able to reproduce it on a local VM.05:35
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rbasakCould someone please take a look at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/426641? I don't mind it taking a while but it's frustrating having to keep reopening it.12:02
rbasak(it's about the git importer and ~ubuntu-branches)12:02
* cjwatson answers12:35
* rbasak reads12:43
rbasakcjwatson: so IIUC, we'd have a separate importer Launchpad account, say ~ubuntu-git-importer, and lp:ubuntu/+source/package could be made to point to lp:~ubuntu-git-importer/ubuntu/+source/package? If so, then we can create and use ~ubuntu-git-importer now, right, and add the magic later without having to rearrange things?12:51
rbasakThat unblocks us nicely for now then. Thanks!12:53
cjwatsonThe magic will be important for either possible path, but in very different ways: in one, it's required for push and storage efficiency; in the other, it'd likely be required for the ability to set ACLs associated with upload permissions.12:54
rbasakAh - we won't get that storage efficiency right now? If the importer pushes to lp:~ubuntu-git-importer/ubuntu/+source/package, and I push to lp:~racb/ubuntu/+source/package, they won't share storage right now?12:55
cjwatsonNo, they won't.12:57
cjwatsonWe don't have an explicit fork action right now; object sharing works by sharing with default repositories.12:58
cjwatsonhttps://git.launchpad.net/launchpad/tree/lib/lp/code/xmlrpc/git.py#n245 has the logic12:59
rbasakI see, OK. We're already running test automatic imports for a set of packages (873) at the moment. Will there be an issue if we start ramping this up?12:59
rbasakThat won't affect duplication much, I suppose, since we wouldn't get duplication until uploaders really start pushing.12:59
cjwatsonRight, it's not an issue for the importer pushing stuff, but it would be an issue once we start seeing more uploaders pushing their clones.13:00
rbasakUnderstood. So should we just progress as we are for now, and as we ramp up, we will address it then?13:01
cjwatsonI think we need to sort this out soon; there will be some lead time in working it all out.13:01
cjwatsonAnd there isn't a particularly reasonable way to fix object sharing on existing repositories.13:01
cjwatsonIt's not a hard blocker, but it shouldn't be delayed much.13:02
rbasakSo not fixing object sharing will cause future issues, so we should address that now.13:02
cjwatsonThe alternative would be figuring out and implementing an explicit fork action.13:02
rbasakFor the ACL side of things, that's OK to leave for now, right?13:03
rbasakI'll file a bug for the object sharing case.13:03
cjwatson(In which case LP would have explicit knowledge about which repository it needs to share with, and doesn't need to guess based on defaults - so that would be a way to sidestep the question of blessing lp:ubuntu/+source/package if we felt we needed to sidestep that)13:03
cjwatsonCertainly file a bug, but like I say I think it will need external contribution if it's to be done in the next couple of months13:04
rbasakUnderstood. I'll add a task against our project too.13:04
rbasakI've filed bug 1661600. Nice number!13:10
ubot5bug 1661600 in usd-importer "git object sharing is suboptimal in Launchpad" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/166160013:10
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clivejoIs there any way to search for a git repo under Launchpad?20:53
clivejoWe have almost 400 repo's - https://code.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/+git and need a way to search them?20:54
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