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willcookemorning all09:01
Laneyahoy ahoyyyy09:03
davmor2Morning all09:05
willcookehi Laney davmor209:05
Laneyhey willcooke hey davmor209:06
Laneyhappy friday!09:06
davmor2Laney: yay09:06
willcookeLaney, do you remember if/why popcon got turned off?09:10
flexiondotorgMorning willcooke Laney davmor2 seb12809:10
willcookehi fel09:10
davmor2willcooke: popcorn got turned off because it is an earworm that you can't get out of your head......oh wait popcon because it was useless on basically just recorded what was installed by default iirc09:12
flexiondotorgLooks like plugininstall.py in Ubiquity forcibly removes /etc/popularity-contest.conf09:14
willcookeI'm pretty sure it was a privacy thing09:15
willcookethat it got turned off that is09:15
Laneywillcooke: I don't remember exactly09:25
Laneypretty sure the server stopped updating / working at some point09:25
seb128hey Laney willcooke flexiondotorg09:43
willcookehey hey seb12809:43
seb128sorry, I started early and had an appointement at 9:30, forgot to say that yesterday09:43
Laneyhey seb12809:47
Laneyhappy friday!09:47
Laneyhow are you?09:47
davmor2Laney: and a happy Friday to you too how are you going to celebrate it?09:52
Laneydavmor2: travelling to see my friends in brussels later :-)09:52
davmor2Laney: Nice, enjoy that09:54
pittihey folks! /me waves to willcooke, Laney, davmor2 and seb12809:56
seb128Laney, I'm good, and you?09:56
seb128hey pitti!09:56
seb128happy friday09:56
Laneyseb128: decent09:57
seb128Laney, when do you start traveling?09:57
LaneyI got spanked at climbing but still feels gooooooooooood09:57
Laneyfingers are feeling it09:57
Laneyin like 1 hour09:57
Laneyahoy pitti09:57
Laneyhow's it going?09:57
davmor2pitti: You know that fedora really doesn't suit you, I think you might get away with a flat cap/beret but not a standy up hat09:57
pittigoing nice! working from Leuven today, looking forward to fosdem!09:57
pittidavmor2: I know, I don't have a hat face; Annet does though, she already tried it :)09:58
davmor2pitti: nice :)09:58
pittigosh, "Annett"09:58
davmor2pitti: you've only been around each other for a week or so it's an easy mistake ;)09:59
pittidavmor2: actually, I have *not* seen her for more than a week -- memory deteriorates fast over thirty :-P10:01
davmor2pitti: Pfff I still remember names Morton.....Martian.......Marion.........well something like that10:02
pittidavmor2: "darling"10:02
LaneyI'd love a tea thanks10:02
Laneyno need to know any n ames10:02
willcookehey pitti :)10:08
Laneyautopkgtest [10:09:00]: @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ summary10:09
Laneybuild                PASS10:09
Laneymy butchering is complete and now I can construct VMs which use a local mirror10:09
Laney+    parser.add_argument('--mirror',10:10
Laney+                        help='Mirrory McMirrorFace')10:10
pittiMirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fastest one of all?10:11
pittiLaney: you have an autopkgtest which constructs a VM you then run autopkgtest in?10:12
pittiMatroshka testing :)10:12
Laneypitti: nah, just modifying buildvm-u-c10:12
pittiLaney: that already has a --mirror, something wrong with that?10:16
Laneypitti: need to mount the path if it's a file:// mirror10:17
Laneydon't know how to avoid having to pass the same thing to autopkgtest-virt-qemu though10:18
Laneythat sucks a bit10:18
pittiLaney: it's not an option to do the add/mount/upgrade in a --post-command (buildvm) or --setup-command (autopkgtest)?10:20
pittithat's how I add PPAs10:20
pittiyou'd still need to copy or 9p it in, though10:20
Laneyyeah, modifying the qemu command is the main bit10:21
Laneyk, going to catch train(s)10:47
willcookewoot! Safe travels Laney10:49
Laneysitting near enough to first class to snag the free wifi11:52
Laneysomething weird happened on the bus11:53
Laneythe driver was talking into his radio about "security" and how he didn't want to go to the city centre11:53
Laneythen we stopped a couple of minutes later and some guy from the company got on11:54
Laneythey had a little chat and we all got told to get off11:54
pittiLaney: scary -- are you back on?12:03
Laneypitti: we just got on the next one to come12:04
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* ogra_ notes that Sweet5hark is not in #snappy ... seems people are using your snap :)13:49
ogra_(and run into issues)13:49
willcookethanks for the heads up ogra_13:54
* Sweet5hark is not really here either. In pre-FOSDEM meetings.13:55
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willcookeoki, I'm off.  Have a good weekend all @ FSODEM.17:30
flexiondotorgTrevinho do you have a bug reference for the snapcraft desktop/icon stanza fixes you worked on?17:31
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flexiondotorgTrevinho I found what I needed :-)18:39
dobeyare xfce, lxde, mate, and budgie all using systemd or upstart now? or do any still rely on xdg autostart stuff to get some services running?20:03

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