inetprogood mornings06:44
superflyEvening 07:16
superflyActually, it's morning here too... 07:16
nsnzeromorning all07:27
nsnzeroanybody having trouble with their telkom adsl lines this morning ?07:27
paddatrapperMorning superfly, inetpro, nsnzero07:30
paddatrappernsnzero: not that I've noticed 07:30
superflyHi paddatrapper, nsnzero 07:31
nsnzerowell telkom is having issues this morning http://downdetector.co.za/status/telkom07:31
superflyUm, I should be sleeping, I'd better say good night. 07:31
chesedomorning inetpro  superfly nsnzero  paddatrapper and others07:31
nsnzerohi paddatrapper and superfly 07:31
nsnzerohi chesedo 07:32
paddatrapperMorning chesedo 07:32
paddatrapperNight superfly07:32
chesedosuperfly: when you wake up, you might want to change your location on your stackoverflow story...07:32
inetprogood night superfly07:33
nsnzerowithout the internet i might as well be home sleeping 07:40
pavlushkainetpro: ping16:31
pavlushkaanyone has update on Kilos? please, how is he?16:59
superflychesedo: thanks. I thought I had, but StackOverflow has 2 places which store your location *grrrrr*18:23
smilebye! :)19:47
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