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jamespageybaumy: stable and development charms are pretty much the same right now as we just released new stable versions07:25
jamespageybaumy: interested in how you get on with vmware - that should work ok but there are some gotchas with using LXD containers on vmware machines re networking07:26
ybaumyjamespage: i must say i gave up already on vmware deployment.11:35
ybaumyjamespage: i dont know how to fix the install hook errors with KVM im getting11:35
ybaumyjamespage: nothing really seems to work out of the box. even the conjure-up openstack lxd way has errors since the networking isnt working11:36
ybaumyjamespage: maybe i try suse cloud 7 ... ubuntu is too much fixing involed11:37
ybaumyjamespage: im not a dev. just a system engineer with the task to evaluate openstack deployments11:37
ybaumyjamespage: i like ubuntu but i would like to favor it but right now i cannot seem to get it working without support. i cant tell my management to first invest in support and then i might get it working. i need a working sample before we move forward with the decision which linux flavor we use.11:39
ZiclazyPower: hi, I just checked my mailbox and saw that the PR for multi-master tokens was closed, do this mean that it's coming to the charmstore very soon? :D11:52
jamespageybaumy: the charms default to using KVM for virt; you'll need to set virt-type=qemu on the nova-compute charm11:57
jamespageybaumy: with regards to the conjure-up openstack problems you're having you should be getting networking OK11:58
jamespageybaumy: what spec of machine are you trying and all-in-one on11:58
jamespageybaumy: its a way to start to understand juju/charms/openstack, but for a real POC you'll want to be using MAAS, rather than LXD11:59
jamespagethe LXD deployment is limited to a single machine11:59
jamespage(qemu comment was in the context of using VMware)12:00
jamespageif you want reference for the underlying bundles etc that conjure-up uses12:01
ybaumyjamespage: will get back to this after football. im off12:05
jamespageybaumy: https://github.com/openstack-charmers/openstack-on-lxd and https://jujucharms.com/openstack-base/12:23
jamespageare pretty much what conjure-up deploys (first on LXD, the second on MAAS)12:23
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ybaumyjamespage: well i will try maas then. i have setup a server already to deploy VM's in vsphere.15:47
ybaumyjamespage: thanks for the links and the tip with the qemu15:48
ybaumyjamespage: the thing is that in maas no commissioning doesnt work anymore. i havent changed a thing :D its like everyhing is a mess. maybe the daily image that got synced has a bug. fails with mbr magic error when trying to boot the second time15:50
ybaumyjamespage: but as soon as this is fixed i will try again :D15:50

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