valoriewow, CDs01:02
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claycornhello therre08:42
claycorni got rid of windows 10 from my desktop08:44
valoriedo you miss it, claycorn?08:45
claycornhell no08:45
valorieI still have windows on this laptop, and only booted into it once, to figure out if a problem I was having was hardware or software08:46
claycornthis hp is very nice with win 10 but i neeeded more08:46
claycornim running kubuntu on 2 pcs right now08:48
claycornif i had my way 3 pcs08:49
yankeepapeMy net is very low :(09:00
claycornmine is fine09:00
claycorni have linux on 2 pcs09:01
claycornright now09:01
yankeepape2 pcs - whats this?09:02
claycorn2 computers09:02
claycornlaptop desktop09:02
claycorn2 computers09:03
claycornno windows09:03
yankeepapeI have too09:03
claycornjust pure free love09:03
claycornas well do i  with kde09:03
claycorni love kubuntu09:05
claycornvery much09:05
yankeepapelook ping kde.org rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 4067.648/4218.611/4307.802/107.358 ms09:05
yankeepapelinux easy OS09:06
claycornkouqui dragon mascot09:06
claycornlook up the mascot for kde09:07
claycornim in the use  how about you?09:08
lordievaderGood morning.09:25
lordievaderyankeepape: What kind of connection do you have?09:32
lordievaderyankeepape: Do you also get those latencies when pinging
lordievaderyankeepape: What kind of connection do you have?09:35
lordievaderyankeepape: Do you also get those latencies when pinging
c0deyjoin #freenode10:10
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BluesKajHi folks11:10
ShishKababHi everyone! Trying to get Typescript work with ReactJS following the tutorial on the Typescript website. Is there any way that I can allow normal .js files to include .ts files?  Doesn't seem to work atm...11:20
ShishKabab(Meaning that I'm using awesome ts loader for webpack.)11:20
BluesKajShishKabab, think the ##javascript chat is more appropriate for your question11:22
ShishKababAh sorry, joined a different channel, but didn't switch to it...11:35
user|42499who can i install kubunto from a pen drive?13:46
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent13:47
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user|66258Is there a way to manually install ubuntu software center on kubuntu?18:08
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ViceQI have a question - does anyone know what's responsible for the blur/soften effect in GUI that one can see just before system shutdown?19:48
IrcsomeBot1ViceQ was added by: ViceQ19:57
IrcsomeBot1<ViceQ> Hello19:57
IrcsomeBot1<ViceQ> any chance you know the answer to question above? about the blur/soften effect? I've been trying to find out but failed so far19:58
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serdarI have a question regarding the file explorer and ntfs disks. I am on my windows mount and took a look into drivers directory of System32.20:49
serdarThere are several files, some .sys files but few of them are green and other are grey with a ?20:50
serdarwhat is the meaning of the ?20:50
Darkchaosserdar: Have you tried looking at the files attributes? maybe it is hidden, or such20:51
serdarDarkchaos, it just says type unknown20:52
Darkchaosonly for those?20:55
serdaronly those with the ?20:55
DarkchaosThen you know the meaning but not why the type is unknown actually20:56
DarkchaosBut I don't know either20:56
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NilliI just tried to install kubuntu 16 LTS from usb, and was warned about something called UEFI. I'm dual-booting with Windows and wanted to replace my previous kubuntu with this new installation. The installation ended by saying it couldn't install grub, and now my previous grub enters rescue mode. I'm wondering two things:21:29
Nilli1) How can I use the USB stick to check whether the rest of the Kubuntu installation worked? It complained about grub, but maybe everything else is done?21:30
Nilli2) How can I repair grub (or remove it) to automatically boot into Windows until the time comes when I can be bothered to fix everything properly? It's the family computer so the others need it in working order.21:31
NilliUnfortunately I have both the OSs on the same physical harddrive, so I can't work around the issue by choosing a different boot order in BIOS...21:32
sintremight help in the mean time , i've personally never used it21:39
sintreas for uefi , thats just the name for modern mobo firmware21:39
sintrepain to duel install sometimes with windows 1021:39
sintrehttp://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-repair-restore-reinstall-grub-2-with-a-ubuntu-live-cd  might be of interest as well21:40
Unit193Sometimes https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI isn't entirely useless.21:40
NilliThanks for the links, I'll check them out21:42
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NilliI think my issue can be solved by booting the USB stick in non-UEFI mode. Trying the installation again and got no warning about UEFI this time. :)22:38
sintreif you bios is uefi , its most likely has a mimick legacy mode22:39
sintrebut it sounds like you tried to install ontop of a past installation22:39
NilliMy BIOS is set up to boot disks in either mode, but usbs in uefi by default22:40
sintrewhich is what has confused the loader22:40
NilliI removed and formatted the previous partition22:40
sintreis you motherboard legacy bios or uefi22:40
sintreif its legacy just ingore the warning and continue22:40
Nillithat's what I did, twice. this third time I booted the usb differently and got no warning. waiting for the installation to finish now.22:41
sintrehpefully it'll take control of the bootloader22:42
sintre, but a warning it will default nomrally to kubuntu22:42
sintreunless selected different from teh grub menu22:42
sintrei think most give around 10 seconds to choose22:43
Nillithat's alright, the family knows how to select what they want in the grub menu, as long as there is an actual menu.. :)22:43
sintreso tell family they're gonna need to manuall select windows22:43
NilliYay, it worked! Thanks for the help, sintre and Unit19322:52
sintregz Nilli22:52
sintrebet your family is gonna be happy22:53
sintreogg btw update yet?22:53
sintresudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports22:53
sintrethen sudo apt update22:53
sintrethen sudo apt full-upgrade22:53
sintreanother 30 mins probally22:53
Nilliit's midnight here so I'm gonna go sleep instead, I'll get back to this another day22:54
sintrehehe alright have a good sleep22:54
Nillithanks, take care22:54
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