squish102to get that working, I tried a "apt-get install node.js npm"01:38
squish102and then I get an error when doing "npm install"01:38
squish102after a git clone01:38
superflysquish102: install nodejs-legacy02:57
superflyactually, I don't think that's going to solve your error, but it's often useful anyway (due to conflicts between packaging and upstream)02:58
superflysquish102: it looks like you need the development libraries for pcap installed02:58
superflysquish102: sudo apt install libpcap-dev02:59
squish102Thanks superfly, that looks to have gotten me past that error04:11
squish102the libpcap-dev04:15
squish102I had also done the nodejs-legacy earlier (and i needed that too)04:15
superflysquish102: the compiler error said it was looking for a header file and couldn't find it. Classic "you don't have the -dev package installed" symptom04:20
superflyNight Kilos05:46
Kilosnight superfly 05:47
Kilosrest well05:47
Kilosmorning everyone else05:47
nsnzeromorning all 06:41
smileHi Kilos 07:57
Kiloshi smile 07:57
smileHow're you feeling? 07:58
* smile hugs Kilos08:00
Kilosfeeling with my hands still08:00
Kilosty for the hug08:00
smileyou're welcome09:14
smilewhat did you do to your hands, Kilos?09:14
inetprogood mornings10:10
inetprooops, it's lunchtime already?10:11
inetprogood sign if you still have feeling in your hands oom Kilos10:48
Kilosmy feet feel as well when i step on dubbeltjies11:20
Kilosspending lots of time digging their bulbs out so next year prob is less11:21
Kilosand putting all seeds on braai place so they can be cremated11:21
=== inetpro is now known as hibana
Kiloswb hibana 12:23
Kiloswork hard sir12:24
paddatrapperWell.... Today has been interesting. Managed to fry all the electrical systems in my dad's bakkie. (wired the terminals of the battery the wrong way round for a few seconds)... 13:22
Kilosoh my13:23
paddatrapperAnd all the fuses were the wrong values, so they were of no use13:24
Kilosthere is a + and - on the battery13:24
Kilosand connectors different sizes13:24
paddatrapperWhich I noticed _after_ the sparks flew13:24
Kiloshow you managed to do that13:24
Kilosnow you gotta become a sparky as well13:25
paddatrapperIt still runs, luckily and front lights work, but dash, indicators, all cab stuff and, judging by my dad's face, the alternator are all fried 13:26
inetprohiho, hiho it's home we go 13:35
Kilosouch paddatrapper 14:26
Kiloslater inetpro 14:27
inetproKilos: waar gaan jy?15:08
Kilosyou went home man15:53
Kiloshi poppingtonic nsnzero 16:24
nsnzerohi Kilos16:54
nsnzeroevening all 17:31
nsnzerowhat are the good icon set for ubuntu ?17:48
inetproKilos: are you ok?18:03
nsnzerohi inetpro 18:04
inetprohi nsnzero18:04
smilehi inetpro and nsnzero :)18:23
smileinetpro: you surprised by seeing me? :p18:24
smilethe serial killer you sent at me didn't do its job very well then18:24
smileis he still out there waiting for me? :o18:25
inetprobetter be on the lookout18:26
smileyeah, figured that out already18:26
smileBut I'll have to leave my house early in the morning to go working18:27
smileSo no more hiding then18:27
inetprono worries smile, I called him to stop, now that you figured the plan18:28
smileit became to risky, I understand18:28
smile* too18:28
inetprokeep smiling sir18:29
smileI'll try :) 18:30
smileOtherwise I'll have to change my nickname18:30
smileinetpro: what did you do today?18:31
nsnzerohi smile 18:32
smilehi nsnzero, I'm going to grab a bite and come back after that :)18:32
nsnzerostill using serial inetpro -> its slow ;)18:33
smileserial connections are slow by definition :)18:39
smilethat's why they've invented parallel connections :P18:39
nsnzeroon the contrary  - usb is serial smile 18:42
nsnzeroparallel can be defined as many serial connections 18:43
smilensnzero: I googled serial vs parallel, and you're right :) I'll admit I was wrong - https://www.howtogeek.com/171947/why-is-serial-data-transmission-faster-than-parallel-data-transmission/18:43
smile"Serial transmission is slower than parallel transmission given the same signal frequency." -> that's what I thought18:44
nsnzeroi dabble in electronics 18:49
nsnzeroi have a folder with lots of linked files how do i copy it and preserve the links ?18:51
theblazehenmaaz tell nsnzero look at rsync, and how it get work with links. One of the ways must work for you19:41
Maaztheblazehen: Okay, I'll tell nsnzero on freenode19:41
smileGood night everyone 20:40
=== smile is now known as smile|gone
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:43

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