coffeeguygmail does but google00:00
coffeeguythanks OerHeks dotscit :)00:00
zeroraxgoogle is great. I used to hate them, but then they changed my life with targeted ads00:00
dotscitcoffeeguy: google you might need to disable something to allow clients to connect to gmail00:01
KenLLHi folks.00:03
dotscitKenLL: u00:03
KenLLIt appears RGB = Full is being triggered when I have a newer monitor plugged in. When I have an older one plugged in, I get by default LIMITED.00:03
KenLLSo it's not the software that has changed, it's my monitor.00:03
KenLLDoes this sound right?00:03
OerHeksKenLL, sounds plausible00:04
azizLIGHThow do i figure out from apt-cache policy, where a specific version is coming from, what ppa it belongs to00:04
KenLLSo the newer monitor is fully understood by Ubuntu or the kernel while the slightly older one, about a year older, is not fully compatible, and on every boot I have to manually enter RBG = Full.00:04
azizLIGHTwhere a specific version in the version table is coming from00:04
dotscitazizLIGHT: I donnu00:05
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azizLIGHTwhat ppa a sppecific version in version table of apt-cache policy it belongs to00:05
azizLIGHTsorry i am trying to rephrase better00:05
MonkeyDustazizLIGHT  not sure if apt can handle ppa's, guess not00:05
azizLIGHTok i found it by googling version number00:06
azizLIGHTif i removed this ppa, then why is it shown in the version table00:06
azizLIGHTfortunately its not shown as candidate for install00:06
azizLIGHTbut still, why is it in the version table of apt-cache policy?00:06
OerHeksazizLIGHT, if you did not use ppa purge, installed versions will stick00:06
OerHeksbut you know about ppapurge.00:07
azizLIGHTOerHeks: i did use ppa-purge but something happend where it was trying to remove too many packages ors omething and i had to abort so i had a partial ppa-purge command done essentially00:07
azizLIGHTbut if i look in sources.list.d that ppa is commented out00:07
azizLIGHTyet apt-cache policy libegl1-mesa:i386: shows the version from that ppa00:08
azizLIGHTOerHeks: see result of above command: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24068446/00:08
OerHeksazizLIGHT, so the ppa is not properly removed.00:08
OerHeksadd it again, and perform ppa-purge00:08
ablest1980i keep getting this https://paste.ubuntu.com/24068448/00:09
KenLLDoes Red Shift really soothe the eyes?00:09
KenLLI find the colors of my screen much better without it.00:10
OerHeksablest1980, known issue https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/msttcorefonts/+bug/1647969  http://askubuntu.com/questions/829247/cannot-install-the-package-ttf-mscorefonts-installer00:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1607535 in msttcorefonts (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1647969 ttf-mscorefonts-installer 3.4+nmu1ubuntu2 fails to install core fonts" [Medium,Fix released]00:10
azizLIGHTOerHeks: what happened is that i attempted to upgrade to hwe stack on 14.04 and didnt notice that it would remove all these packages.... it had something to do with me having xorg-edgers ppa and them having higher versions00:10
ablest1980k ty00:10
azizLIGHTOerHeks: see this is what happened to my system: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24052312/00:11
azizLIGHTremoved so many pacakges00:11
ablest1980how do i fix this in 14.04lts?00:12
azizLIGHTapt log of that command: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24052249/00:12
ablest1980OerHeks  you mean00:13
OerHeksazizLIGHT, reverse that xorg edgers ppa, before doing something with HWE ..00:14
azizLIGHTOerHeks: unfortunately the opposite happened00:14
azizLIGHTOerHeks: here is me trying to purge xorg edgers ppa after doing HWE: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24052686/00:14
azizLIGHTi beleive i presed q there00:15
OerHeksazizLIGHT, i cannot help with this ppa mess, sorry00:15
coffeeguyhi dotscit game me some advice about mail in here then pm'd me this http://pastebin.com/qgzQx3zt00:16
azizLIGHTok will you tell me if theres a way to undo HWE at least00:16
azizLIGHTthe 4.4 kernel wont boot for me on encrypted disk00:16
ablest1980when start up you can boot from different kernel00:17
azizLIGHTthats what ive been doing00:18
ablest1980start up from different kernel and delete 4.400:18
azizLIGHTis that all thats needed to undo HWE00:18
OerHeksazizLIGHT, maybe this command works > sudo apt-get remove $(hwe-support-status --show-all-unsupported) >>> http://askubuntu.com/questions/509613/how-to-downgrade-hwe00:18
OerHeksbut with that ppa problem, i won't bet on it.00:18
ablest1980idk im noob00:19
azizLIGHTOerHeks: ive downgraded most packages that xorgedgers tried to dominate on00:20
azizLIGHTback to ubnutu repo versions00:20
azizLIGHTand most apt-cache policy *package* results dont show xorg edgers ppa versions in them00:20
azizLIGHTexcept for that one i mentioned00:20
azizLIGHTeven with it in the version table, its not listed as condidate00:20
azizLIGHTwhich is sorta good00:21
azizLIGHTim still checking the remaining packages for any signs of the ppa in version tables00:21
ablest1980de-encryption add 4.4 then re encrypt00:22
reepcaany idea what specifically causes a window to be determined "unresponsive" and then grayed out?00:23
ablest1980ram maybe00:24
azizLIGHTu know if its like that, ill just do my system over and start with 16.0400:24
OerHeksreepca, just buzy .. happens with large actions.00:24
azizLIGHTrather than decrypt and re-encrypt00:24
azizLIGHTthis bad experience with HWE and ppa makes me wanna do it anyway now00:24
reepcabut what metric does it use to determine if soething is "busy"?00:24
azizLIGHTi didnt even use xorgedgers ppa for anything im stupid for not removing unused ppas00:25
azizLIGHTlesson learned00:25
azizLIGHTif i have a list of packages and wanna know which of them are installed and which of them are not installed, how to separate the list ?00:26
RedPenguinthanks again for the above info, I see how to make a crt, but I am not quite sure where an SSL CLient Key gets put on the system00:27
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RedPenguinI have the certificate installed sucessfully it seems, but the sever wants the private key also00:27
dotscitRedPenguin: why00:29
RedPenguinit's an HLS Video Server and it seems in the .P12 file there is both a Client Cert and Client Key to connectt00:29
RedPenguinIn Windows it allows me to simply import the entire .p12 as one piece but I can't seem to do the same on Linux00:32
RedPenguinAnd oddly even on Windows, ffmpeg and Chrome are the only programs that will use the cert/key00:32
RedPenguinoh wait maybe I did do it right afterall00:33
RedPenguinno I just get " A TLS fatal alert has been received." from ffmpeg00:34
ablest1980whats ffmpeg should be mpeg i think00:38
vijuI wanted to know what wrong might happen if I use sudo apt-get autoremove00:38
dotscitviju: be brave. Try it00:39
Bashing-omviju: Consider if there is an adverse effect from 'autoremove' then there was already a major problem . Package meanager is some kind of smart .00:41
vijuIt says it can remove linux image/headers00:43
vijuI wonder if I'd need those to run00:43
Bashing-omviju: Yepper will remove old kernel images . That is one of it's functions . do ' uname -r '  to see the booting kernel and that autoremove will not touch it .00:45
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IamTryingWhat the fuck is this? Ubuntu 16.10 i have English US keyboard. When i am programming i type "shift + m" why the fuck its typing ";" instead of ":"?01:06
Syzygyneither of those should show up if you type shift m.01:07
IamTryingSyzygy: press SHIFT + m in my Macbook is ":" not ";"01:08
IamTryingin my Macbook OSX i have English US keyboard.01:08
Syzygyshift + m is M on my notebook. granted i'm on windows right now.01:08
IamTryingReally? even though its typing ";" Syzygy01:09
Syzygyshift plus letter is usually the capital letter.01:10
IamTryingSyzygy: Even though its typing not capital but symbol as ";"01:10
Syzygyare you sure you're talking about the shift and the m key?01:11
IamTryingYES - Syzygy on my English US keyboard on right SHIFT key  and i am pressing the M key01:12
Syzygythen how are you writing a capital m?01:13
IamTryingSyzygy: There is a keyboard layout in Ubuntu where its showing where my m is as ; or :01:14
IamTryingSyzygy: when i type SHIFT + m it types small m01:15
IamTryingcould it be that my shift key is completely locked or blocked Syzygy?01:15
Syzygybut that's not the standard US layout then.01:15
IamTryingwhich is why nothing is happening with shift key related?01:15
Syzygyif it doesn't happen with other keys, then i doubt your shift key is stuck01:16
IamTryingSyzygy: Ubuntu completely ignoring my SHIFT key which is confusing me the hell out.01:16
IamTryingSyzygy: in have 2 shift key in my laptop. and both are not understood by Ubuntu 16.1001:16
IamTryingits Sony Vaio VGN-AR61ZU laptop01:16
Syzygyi never heard of a keyboard that doesn't have two shift keys.01:17
IamTryingIt HAS 2 SHIFT key01:17
IamTryingSony Vaio VGN-AR61ZU model01:17
Syzygyyeah, like pretty much every keyboard.01:17
cfhowlettyou've chosen a non-standard keyboard layout.01:18
IamTryingSyzygy: on the same PC i have Windows OS, shift key works on it. But when Ubuntu 16.10 boots then its inactive.01:18
IamTryingcfhowlett: NO , keyboard is selected the standard worldwide English US01:19
Syzygydidn't you say mac os earlier btw? what was that about/01:19
IamTryingSyzygy: i personally use OSX, Macbook Air01:19
IamTryingSyzygy: all the rest is Linux and Windows PC's01:19
cfhowlettIamTrying, you do have an option for the sony laptop keyboard, though, yes?  suggest you select that standard01:19
Syzygyso you're using a macbook air with us layout as a reference for your current vaio layout/01:20
IamTryingThe standard is selected since day 1 cfhowlett01:20
IamTryingSyzygy: exactly. since day 1 while installing ubuntu 1601:20
IamTryingi just noticed that shift key was not working with ubuntu 16.10 if i go back to old ubuntu it works01:21
Syzygywhat's the native keyboard layout on the vaio?01:21
IamTryingSyzygy: all my PC's keyboard native layout is Belgium French keybaords. But i only use English US (my mind only know that keyboard layout)01:21
lebeevwhile trying to install VLC on yakkety, apt spits out this01:21
lebeevThe following packages have unmet dependencies:01:21
lebeev vlc : Depends: libgles1-mesa (>= 7.8.1) but it is not going to be installed or01:21
lebeev                libgles101:21
lebeev       Depends: libgles2-mesa (>= 7.8.1) but it is not going to be installed or01:21
lebeev                libgles201:22
IamTryingSyzygy: SHIFT is not inactive. When i open Ubunut keyboard test tool01:22
IamTryingand press SHIFT key it show me keyboard inputs in the keyboard01:22
Syzygythe m part was quite confusing considering no one would know that it owuld be located this way.01:23
lebeev libgles2-mesa : Depends: libglapi-mesa (= 12.0.3-1ubuntu2) but 12.0.6-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 is to be installed01:23
Bashing-omIamTrying: ' cat /etc/default/keyboard ' shows - XKBMODEL="pc105" XKBLAYOUT="us" - ?01:24
IamTryingSyzygy: i think the summary is. Ubuntu 16.10 is unable to handle the SHIFT key inputs for this model of laptop (this laptop is anyway very old maybe thats why)01:24
SyzygyI wouldn't know, but by now some other people tuned in, maybe they know.01:24
IamTryinglet me share Bashing-om, i have to ssh from my OSX to it. cause many keys are not working on that keyboard.01:25
IamTryingwow ssh: connect to host port 22: Operation timed out01:26
Auprivavelost some files, or cant see them. message from the system is that the structure need to be cleaned up. what can I do? its only one folder thats blank. the rest seem to be okay.01:26
Bashing-om!info libglapi-mesa | lebeev : Begs the question why = 12.0.3-1ubuntu01:27
SyzygyI'm trying to find drivers for my (built in) wifi adapter. The adapter is a killer 1535. I need them for Ubuntu 14.04 (old version due to machine learning toolkit only requiring that version). Currently on windows wifi isn01:27
ubottulebeev : Begs the question why = 12.0.3-1ubuntu: libglapi-mesa (source: mesa): free implementation of the GL API -- shared library. In component main, is optional. Version 12.0.3-1ubuntu2 (yakkety), package size 22 kB, installed size 175 kB01:27
SyzygyI'm trying to find drivers for my (built in) wifi adapter. The adapter is a killer 1535. I need them for Ubuntu 14.04 (old version due to machine learning toolkit only requiring that version).01:28
SyzygyThe killer page suggests installing backports, but the backport page mentions a couple of apt-get commands which won't work since I don't have network access on this notebook.01:29
IamTryinghttp://i.imgur.com/gdUkDge.png - Bashing-om01:31
Auprivaveentire folder just went blank. what do I do?01:33
Bashing-omIamTrying: Got me too, as you do have a US keyboard and with the US layout .01:33
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IamTryingRight. But the problem is Ubuntu failed to understand the SHIFT key, it does not react at all Bashing-om. But on same machine CentOS 7 or Windows 10 works for shift key01:34
basil-pestohi hi - i have a weird issue. I'm using sublime text 3, which is working ok. But when I open sublime with terminal or via keyboard shortcut, it shows on my dock that it opens with a different icon. I right click that and it doesn't have a "show details" option, so it doesn't have any .desktop file associated with it.01:37
basil-pestoI run the same command in the Exec= portion of the .desktop file, and it'll still do this.01:37
basil-pestoi ran ps ax and see that it's all running "subl"01:37
basil-pestoso i am not sure why it opens with a brand new icon with no .desktop association01:37
basil-pestoim using gnome 301:38
Bashing-omIamTrying: Well, a thought . what does 'xev' reveal when you give focus to the xev window and press a shift key ?01:38
OerHeksbasil-pesto, sublime text is paid software, they provide support http://docs.sublimetext.info/en/latest/getting_started/install.html01:39
OerHeksincl desktop file01:39
IamTryingbasil-pesto: `xev` do not respond on any SHIFT key but for all other key it react.01:39
basil-pesto@OerHeks, this seems more like it's responding to something in gnome, though01:40
basil-pesto@IamTrying, sorry i dont understand.01:40
OerHeksbasil-pesto, hart to say what is wrong,  ask the man with the money?01:41
IamTryingbasil-pesto: CTRL, FN, SHIFT key do not work (while xev running)01:41
basil-pesto@IamTrying, I think that's for Bashing-om, not me.01:42
OerHeksmaybe it is <> rename the "Sublime Text 2" directory to "SublimeText2" ( folder with spaces, lolz)01:43
kaosinedoes xubuntu not have a boot from 1st drive option? I'm trying to see what's wrong with my server install(beyond the fact the machine needs some new thermal paste).01:43
IamTryingOh yea sorry its midnight here, i am very tired doing mistakes and overstressed with dead lines  basil-pesto01:43
basil-pestono problems, i was just confused :D01:45
zeroraxwow, i managed to break ubuntu in under 40 minutes01:45
zeroraxubuntu is great until it isn't01:45
kaosinezerorax: wait a minute I recognize that nick....are you a racketboy user?01:46
Syzygyany chance I can download a backport manually (in windows) from this site http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty-backports/  and then install them from the file in ubuntu?01:46
zeroraxno kaosine and I'm surprized anyone else is clever enough to make this nick01:46
zeroraxI've talked to thousands of hackers and hundreds of os developers and i've only ever had 1 person get the reference01:47
kaosinezerorax: worth a shot....know a guy on those forums who has that same nick XD01:47
OerHekszerorax, is there any support Q in that? else join #ubuntu-offtopic for chitchat please01:48
zeroraxoh this is only for support?01:48
OerHekszerorax, jups01:48
zeroraxI thought it was just ubuntu related chat...01:49
zeroraxbut yeah I could ask someone to advise me01:49
zeroraxprobably a good idea cause otherwise I gotta reinstall01:49
kaosineblech I need to burn a ubuntu live disc since I can't find a option to boot into my ubuntu server from xubuntu >_<01:49
zeroraxyou can make grub boot iso's from your drive if it's compiled the right way01:50
OerHekskaosine, hold shift @ boot, and grub menu appears01:50
kaosineOerHeks: that may be the problem the more I look at it. If I push the button on the machine it acts like nothing is installed and boots right off after the bios screen so i'm thinking there might be a issue with grub or something01:52
OerHekskaosine, keep pressing left shift repeatedly, it should work01:53
kaosineOerHeks: nope nothing. the files are obivously there because the xubuntu disc could see them but I get no grub apparently01:54
OerHekskaosine, keep trying.. or edit grub from xubuntu >> http://askubuntu.com/questions/16042/how-to-get-to-the-grub-menu-at-boot-time01:58
kaosineOerHeks: ok yeah retried it after selecting the cd and told it to boot to first disk "Boot failed"01:58
OerHeksnot from live iso, from your install!!!!!01:58
kaosineOerHeks: yeah but holding it as it boots does nothing from the install01:59
kaosineOerHeks: I'm just going to burn a actual ubuntu server disc and reinstall. I didn't really have anything on the server to begin with beyond trying to set up quassel(which that part I shifted to digital ocean for now)02:01
journalI need a login manager i can set a primary monitor and ive looked around the net and get that gdm cant be set to a specific monitor will kdm allow me to do so?02:03
RonWhoCaresI've just created the file /usr/share/applications/phpstorm.desktop  Now how do I actually get that icon onto my desktop?02:03
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journalput it into the desktop folder i think02:04
journalunder /home/youruser/desktop02:04
Bashing-omkaosine: Id this is a EFI machine, it is the escape key (spammed ) that grub looks for .02:05
kaosineBashing-om: nope just clicks when I hit anything other than shift02:06
SyzygyIs there something I can do to make ubuntu work with a 4k screen? as it is right now, it's an OS made for ants.02:09
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cfhowlettSyzygy, meaning less question.  Any useful details??02:09
Bashing-omkaosine: Got the better of me then, Need to boot something somewhere and find out if this box is MBR or EFI arch .02:09
Syzygyseems like the OS ui is scaled to pixels rather than screen density. letters are millimeters in size.02:10
OerHekssorry for the caps ..02:10
Syzygybefore i shut down my system to boot in ubuntu i have two more questions02:11
RonWhoCaresWith thanks02:11
kaosineBashing-om: I'm just going to transfer my server iso to my external hdd and try to burn it on xubuntu once I transfer it over to that computer.....something must've gone screwy with the install since I did do it from a usb drive the first time. Maybe reinstaling it from a dvd will fix it...02:11
Syzygyfirst question, where can I get the appropriate drivers for my system? Unfortunately I need to download them in windows since some of the missing drivers are for wifi. My wifi hardware is killer 1535 and i need it for ubuntu 14.04.02:13
Syzygyaccording to the killer page, i need a backport (http://www.killernetworking.com/driver-downloads/knowledge-base?view=topic&id=2) but since I can't download it via apt-get like the backport page recommends I somehow need to download it in windows and install it from my filesystem. How can I do that?02:15
Syzygyseem like this would be the correct thing for the 14.04 backport http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty-backports/02:15
kaosineBashing-om: stupid question but what's the best burning software for xubuntu/ubuntu?02:17
tgm4883kaosine: whatever works the best for you. I think Brasero is the default for ubuntu02:18
kaosinetgm4883: well I guess I'm stuck with xfburn then since that's default in xubuntu02:19
Bashing-omkaosine: Nothing stupid at all . But All I can say is 'dd' is my preference . Recall, I do not do Windows or Mac :P02:19
kaosineBashing-om: well I'm in xubuntu and not using dd because knowing me I'd screw it up02:19
Bashing-omkaosine: xfburn in xubuntu will get the job done .02:22
fliractionI'm currently trying to transfer files from my current user to an external from a bootable USB and was wondering how I could su into the user on the installed volume from the booted iso from the USB02:22
kaosineBashing-om: that's if it gets a move on, kinda froze up on me just now02:22
fliractionsu *user* and su - *user* says the user doesn't exist02:22
Syzygysecond question. how can I change my grub to automatically and instantly boot into an OS of my choice unless I interrupt the boot process via a button press? (e.g. like it often works for booting from different media)02:23
kaosineBashing-om: ok may be missing some drivers says the drive can't be used for burning o_O02:23
Bashing-omkaosine: That ain't good . verify the .iso integrity (md5sum ) ??02:23
kaosineBashing-om: it should be even if I moved it from my mac to xubuntu02:24
Bashing-omkaosine: Good think to check and make sure .02:26
Bashing-om!md5sum | kaosine02:26
ubottukaosine: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM02:26
azizLIGHTanyone on 14.04 can u tell me the output of apt-cache policy libqt5core5 ubuntu-control-center-signon | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us02:26
Ben64azizLIGHT: http://packages.ubuntu.com02:27
azizLIGHTwhy do i have no candidate for those two packages02:27
wafflejockfliraction, don't think you can do that since the live system doesn't have those users in it's /etc/passwd wouldn't have your user info, believe as long as the files aren't encrypted you should be able to access them still for reading no?02:28
wafflejockoh gone02:28
azizLIGHTBen64: its not on there for trusty?02:29
tgm4883!info trusty libqt5core502:29
ubottu'libqt5core5' is not a valid distribution: kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-proposed, xenial, xenial-backports, xenial-proposed, yakkety, yakkety-backports, yakkety-proposed, zesty, zesty-backports, 02:29
SyzygyazizLIGHT, I wish i could, but I can't connect to the internet yet D:02:29
Ben64azizLIGHT: most likely02:29
tgm4883!info libqt5core5 trusty02:29
ubottuPackage libqt5core5 does not exist in trusty02:29
vivid!info libqt5core5a trusty02:31
ubottulibqt5core5a (source: qtbase-opensource-src): Qt 5 core module. In component main, is optional. Version 5.2.1+dfsg-1ubuntu14.3 (trusty), package size 1663 kB, installed size 5056 kB02:31
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: tgm4883 Hummm : http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libqt5core5&searchon=names&suite=trusty-updates&section=all >>> trusty-updates (libs): Qt 5 core module >>> 5.2.1+dfsg-1ubuntu14.3: amd64 arm64 armhf i386 powerpc ppc64el  .02:33
wafflejockSyzygy, looks like there is native support if you have a new enough kernel http://askubuntu.com/questions/769824/killer-1535-and-e2400-nic-support-in-ubuntu-16-0402:33
Syzygyubuntu kernel? I have to use 14.04 which I assume is a bit outdated?02:33
wafflejockSyzygy, type, uname -a, will tell you the kernel specifics that may or may not have it I think it's 3.x but 16.04 is 4.4ish02:34
Syzygywell, since it won't work, i assume it's running an older kernel... let me boot up my desktop PC and boot into ubuntu on this one.02:35
wafflejockSyzygy, this page has stuff about customizing grub settings too, basically you typically update the grub user configuration and run update-grub for it to build the actual config it uses on boot http://askubuntu.com/questions/100232/how-do-i-change-the-grub-boot-order02:36
Ben64!info linux-image-generic-lts-xenial trusty02:36
ubottulinux-image-generic-lts-xenial (source: linux-meta-lts-xenial): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 2 kB, installed size 28 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; armhf; arm64; ppc64el; powerpc)02:36
Ben64can get 16.04'02:36
Ben64s kernel on 14.0402:36
cfhowlettSyzygy, current 14.04 = 14.04.5      perhaps you should sudo apt full-upgrade      ?02:36
wafflejockoh nice02:36
Syzygycfhowlett, perhaps i should get internet on ubuntu first? which is exactly the problem i'm trying to solve right now.02:37
cfhowlettd'oh!  right.  sorry.02:37
Ben64Syzygy: did you just install ubuntu02:37
Syzygy_Ben64, last week, but haven't really used it since then02:38
Ben64Syzygy_: check which kernel you're running with 'uname -a' ... a fresh download&install should be on 16.04's kernel02:39
Syzygy_give me a second, i need to adjust the UI scale first02:40
Syzygy_because out of the box everything's quite small02:41
Syzygy_seems like it\s 4.4.0-31-generic02:42
Syzygy_and 14.04.102:43
Syzygy_so i guess the drivers are there but it's not working for some other reason...02:44
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__Kevin__what's the channel for 17.04?02:44
Guest71561who use idea products?02:44
AurorasauraSilly quick question but what is the lost+found folder?02:45
Guest71561with mate desktop sometimes copy-paste doesnt work on in phpstorm or intellij02:46
__Kevin__Aurorasaura, https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/18154/what-is-the-purpose-of-the-lostfound-folder-in-linux-and-unix02:46
Aurorasauraand my other question is when adding disks would I add them in the aspect of sdb ,sdc ?02:47
Aurorasauraty __Kevin__02:47
__Kevin__np Aurorasaura02:47
Guest71561found nevermind it is a jre problem02:50
Syzygy_so my wifi icon in the top right shows "device not ready" and when I type lshw -C network, it's listed as "*-network DISABLED"02:54
shalokWhen I press ctrl-alt-t a new terminal opens up. How do I figure out which process is capturing the keystrokes and starting the term?02:54
Syzygy_can I enable it somehow??02:54
shalokThis global shortcut is preventing me from using ctrl-alt-t in firefox which is more important to me than opening terms.02:55
wafflejockSyzygy_, do you have a hardware wifi enable switch or function key just to eliminate the simple, can also try, rfkill list, to show if it is disabled somehow through a hard/soft switch02:56
Syzygy_I do have a function key that does not seem to work, there's also a checkbox next to enable wi-fi02:57
Syzygy_softblocked yes, hard blocked no.02:57
wafflejockshalok, should be able to change it in the keyboard shortcuts preferences you can get from the dash or your launcher02:58
Syzygy_seems like the function key does something, now both is on no.02:58
shalokSyzygy_: Networking is flaky on my machine. `sudo system restart NetworkManager` usually 'fixes' it. ymmv02:58
wafflejockSyzygy_, you want both to be no02:58
wafflejockSyzygy_, not sure about the network DISABLED you see in lshw though02:58
Syzygy_still the case, trying what shalok suggested now02:59
shalokerm, systemctl02:59
shaloknot system02:59
shalokSyzygy_: ^02:59
jerry_segersHi, I've got a wacom tablet (intuos 2 6x8) that shows up in dmesg, shows up in the control panel, lights up the led on the tablet, but does not control the mouse. Any hints?02:59
Syzygy_sudo: systemctl: command not found02:59
shalokSyzygy_: Well on my machine that command restarts networking. Not sure how to do it on your machine if you're not using systemd.03:00
wafflejockshalok, believe Syzygy_ is on 14.0403:01
Syzygy_it's a fresh install of 14.0403:01
tripelbI am a bit lost. I expect 5 partitions and some unpartitioned space-time be on the drive cuz: win7, NTFS for storage, then from end 14.04, /home for 14.04 (someone has since convinced me that is a bad idea), 16.04.03:02
u53R^^ what u exactly trying for?03:04
tripelbI can't tell which is which, except for the windows is the large NTFS and the rest are Linux. I want to replace the 16.04 partition with 14.0403:05
u53Rtry gparted ...u can borwse partitions using live boot usb03:06
Syzygy_sudo killAll NetworkManager seems to have worked.03:06
tripelbI am "on a phone, android" and andchat no longer gets freenode .. this client IRCCloud stinks. No Nick completion, no comment history.03:07
Syzygy_but now it tells me that wifi is diable by hardware switch. which i don't have, and rfkill list shows that it's not blocked03:07
tripelbU53r now bootingnup live 14.0403:08
u53Rtripelb: GL03:08
=== dfused_ is now known as dfused
tripelbU53r (blessed be yr short Nick) what do you mean by gl -- still booting up03:09
azizLIGHTif i give apt-cache policy a bunch of packages, how do i restrict the output to only installed packages03:10
tripelbIf this disconnects (am still on free app) I will return u53R03:13
shalokhmm, looks like I'm getting keyboard shortcuts from at least 3 different source... openbox, lxqt-keyboard and xbindkeys03:13
kaosineBashing-om: reinstalling now. Hopefully burning it to a DVD like this and doing it this way will fix it. Ended up using k3b to burn it03:13
Syzygy_so when trying to start the network manager again i get an error... "GError set over the top of a previous Gerror or uninitialized memory. blabla previous error was: Key file does not have group 'connectivity'"03:14
shalokI think c-a-t is coming from ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml03:14
Bashing-omkaosine: L_03:15
kaosineBashing-om: ??03:15
Bashing-omkaosine: Laid back while you finish up .03:16
designbybeckI need something like GTK V4L to adjust webcam settings on Ubuntu 16.04. I've tried to add it and gnuview but neither worked03:28
designbybeckAny Suggestions!?03:28
kaosineBashing-om: well it seems to work. The real test will be a reboot and see if it decides to flake like last time03:32
Bashing-omkaosine: Only way to know for sure - reboot and see .03:34
kaosineBashing-om: well seems to work. I'll shut it down and retest tomorrow. Knowing my luck the issue is probably rooted in the thermal paste issue that I'll have to test tomorrow. Thanks in advance for all your help03:35
Bashing-omkaosine: :) .. Glad2help . Long as you are trying, I am too .03:37
kaosineGeez it there must have been some massive amount of upgrades for xubuntu to come out lately forgot I ran upgrade in terminal XD03:39
kaosineOn the repurposed computer not the server/repurposed dekstop03:40
Syzygy_service networking start -> job is already running; service network reload -> job is not running;03:48
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tripelb14.04 livedvd sees more partitions than kubuntu 14.04 -- kde seems to be flawed. How can I tell for sure which partition is kubuntu so I can replace it. I have 3 ext partitions that are not swap or tiny.03:55
tripelbIs there a file in some free that holds the version name?03:55
lernerim watching a movie. It is too dark. what player can I use to change brightness? its amkv file03:56
PickledEggslerner: what are you using right now?03:56
tripelbIn some folder (no comment history)03:56
PickledEggsVLC handles those and I /think/ it has picture adjustments03:56
OerHekstripelb, see the fstab entries, to be sure03:56
tripelbVLC seems to do everything best03:57
kaosinelerner: yeah I'd suggest VLC. It's probably the best player out there I know of03:57
OerHekstripelb, sudo blkid && cat /etc/fstab03:58
tripelbOerHeks: OK /etc/fstab  (I had to look it up. I started to ask you then said, earn some respect.) I will look at it now. Thanks .. I had been looking around etc randomly.04:03
OerHekstripelb, iirc kubuntu gives an option reinstall/fresh too04:05
tripelbOerHeks: fyi (I don't have internet at home, except my phone. I don't want kubuntu, it was just the only 14.04 64 disk at the lug one day. I prolly would like to try mint someday, on another partition, over my not-quite-right ubuntub16.04. ATM I have a 14.04 disk and I am mad at kubuntu for not showing all my partitions nicely like gparted did. I have04:10
tripelbWindows and another save-things partition. Plus a backup drive. And another backup drive.04:10
tripelbAnd I will backup before I do it( -- fyi I had one backup drive before the LUG-president destroyed my regular hard drive. So I bought a second.04:11
OerHekstripelb, 2 backups is not too much these days04:13
tripelbOerheks  My sense or organization shambles. I could not get kubuntu to see the outboard HD connected with a USB kit, tried with 2 different drives. This doesn't work for me. Ogensluit04:14
OerHekstripelb, what filesystem is on that drive? if it is windows/exfat, you would need 2 tools04:15
OerHeksexfat-fuse exfat-utils > http://askubuntu.com/questions/451364/how-to-enable-exfat-in-ubuntu-14-0404:15
OerHeksfat32 and ntfs are standard supported04:15
OerHeks.. unless they have errors/dirty shutdown, then you would need windows to repair with chkdsk04:16
tripelbOerHeks: thanks for the ratification. Since I am tired I must quit now before I make mistakes. I took a drive with photos out of mynoldacbook. I would have done nothing YEARs ago had I know how easy. Site ufixit = good.04:16
tripelbMy old Macbook04:16
tripelb:-) ;+)04:17
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Aurorasauramy last windows computer is about to be converted lol04:31
Aurorasaurathis last forced update ruined me04:32
=== giraffe is now known as Guest36413
IgloriusFishPooalright, can someone explain to me why my Ubuntu outright refuses to even acknowledge the existence of my Samsung 32GiB EVO SDHC [1] card04:48
IgloriusFishPooThis isn't a matter of, "oh just mount / format it"; I mean it literally doesn't even show up in the list of devices for gparted04:49
IgloriusFishPooThe card is brand-new out of the box; and Ubuntu doesn't have any trouble with my other SDHC cards04:50
OerHeksIgloriusFishPoo,  what filesystem is on that drive? if it is windows/exfat, you would need 2 tools04:50
IgloriusFishPooI have no idea, because like I said, this isn't a matter of mounting, Ubuntu literally does not recognize the device period04:51
=== michael__ is now known as Guest20937
OerHeksYes it is.04:51
OerHeksunknown filesystem = no go04:52
IgloriusFishPooan unknown filesystem will still show up in gparted or `fdisk -l`04:53
IgloriusFishPooyet it doesn't04:53
OerHeksbut even new cards can be broken.04:53
OerHekstest it in an other pc?04:54
IgloriusFishPoodon't really have another device to test it in04:55
IgloriusFishPoooh well, it only cost me like, $12...04:56
OerHekssmartphone perhaps?04:56
IgloriusFishPoonah, I don't really buy smartphones. hate using touchscreens04:57
OerHekshaha me too, dirty screen is annoying ( even though i like ubuntu-touch)04:57
IgloriusFishPooI've just got this jurassic-aged Verizon flip from like, 199904:58
OerHeks3310 ..04:58
RedPenguinIs there something I am missing? I put an SSL cert in /etc/ssl/certs and the key in /etc/ssl/private but I still can't get programs to use the CRT/Key04:58
OerHeksbut it will be dead within 6 months, 3G is going down.04:58
RedPenguinoh wait I think I got it working finally05:00
RedPenguinat least in Chrome05:00
IgloriusFishPooI tried using a smart phone before and absolutely hated it. They come with a shit-ton of crapware that can't be uninstalled; and the policies of storage device usage made buying the use of SD cards completely pointless05:01
OerHeksIgloriusFishPoo, find a way to test that card, or send it back05:03
IgloriusFishPooTo be frank, I would be using Windows if not for that fact that Windows XP/7 will be dropped soon. I don't take kindly to the idea of a paid subscription to have my user data fished against my will and downgrading my user experience.05:05
IgloriusFishPooplus I'm primarily a C developer and most of the libraries I use require building with autotools...which on Windows just runs like total shit.05:06
OerHeks.. have fun!05:07
m0us3yes, windows leaks so much data :-(..05:07
IgloriusFishPooIt's not my first experience with Linux  ;p.  I actually began a few years back with OpenSuse, then Ubuntu 12, went to Mint for about a year, and then back to Ubuntu for quite a few years. I actually have only been using Windows for the last year or so05:08
IgloriusFishPooI don't dual boot, because I messed around with that a lot in the past, and it inevitably let to file system corruption and hard disk failure05:09
azizLIGHTOerHeks: i removed all the xorg-edgers ppa mess, removed it from all package's apt-cache policy version tables, did ppa-purge and now all my packages are finally back to ubuntu repo versions. now my question is, am i still on HWE? (i have made lots of changes and downgrades) where do i stand05:11
OerHeksazizLIGHT, what kernel are you on now?05:12
azizLIGHTOerHeks: i also did hwe-support-status --show-all-unsupported and i got no result05:12
azizLIGHT3.13.0-110-generic selected manually from grub because 4.4 wouldnt boot. i have 4.4 installed05:12
OerHeksoh, 3.13 is not part of HWE.05:13
OerHeksif you remove kernel 4.4 and reinstall hwe again, it should work.05:13
* OerHeks trows a frog over his left shoulder for good luck05:14
azizLIGHTyes but i have done the command "apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-xenial xserver-xorg-core-lts-xenial xserver-xorg-lts-xenial xserver-xorg-video-all-lts-xenial xserver-xorg-input-all-lts-xenial libwayland-egl1-mesa-lts-xenial libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-xenial libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-xenial:i386 libglapi-mesa-lts-xenial:i386" and i have a leftover of these packages from that command still installed:05:14
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: Show us in a pastenin ' dpkg -l | grep linux- ' get a hint that HWE still exists .05:15
azizLIGHTi have also tried to remove the packages that hte hwe stack command tried to install05:16
azizLIGHTin panic05:16
azizLIGHTmuch earlier05:16
IgloriusFishPooMy personal view is that Windows was successful because it was the only commercial operating system that wasn't trying to copy the work of Bell Labs. They implemented far cleaner and far well documented APIs that attracted developers; and they focused on graphical user experience, which allowed for a tremendously lower learning curve.05:17
azizLIGHTheres my apt history.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24069809/05:17
azizLIGHTas you can see in the first command, it tried to remove a bunch of my packages05:17
azizLIGHTand it did, without my seeing it/realizing it05:18
OERIASIgloriusFishPoo, It was successful because of PC-DOS05:18
azizLIGHTsecond command was me trying to undo everything lol05:18
IgloriusFishPooIt had nothing to do with DOS05:18
azizLIGHT3rd command oinwards, is me repairing everything05:18
OERIASIgloriusFishPoo, Windows 1.0 to Windows ME did05:18
IgloriusFishPoothe first Windows was nothing but a window manager that ran on top of DOS and made it actually usable05:19
OERIASIgloriusFishPoo, you're proving my point05:19
IgloriusFishPooDOS was removed as a back end when the NT kernel was released05:19
cfhowlettinteresting theory --- but completely offtopic in #ubuntu.  please continue in #ubuntu-offtopic.  Thanks.05:19
IgloriusFishPoo@OERIAS, My statement doesn't prove your point, no more than saying that Skyrim attributes it's entire success to the existence of Steam05:20
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azizLIGHTi checked the lists and all packages and their apt-cache policies in very detailed manner. i have installed all the packages i lost that i had before attempting HWE successfully, and have removed some HWE packages, and these are the related HWE packages that still remain on my system: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24069796/05:20
IgloriusFishPooThat platform has nothing to do with the software05:20
OerHeksgutys, move the chitchat to #ubuntu-offtopic please ..05:20
=== zoom is now known as m0us3
azizLIGHTso where should i go from here05:21
OERIASOerHeks, I swallowed my pride and reinstalled ubuntu05:21
azizLIGHTremove all HWE packages in totality? and retry HWE stack upgrade command?05:21
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: Remove HWE : 1st steps ; ' sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic xserver-xorg-core xserver-xorg xserver-xorg-video-all xserver-xorg-input-all libwayland-egl1-mesa ' . then we clean up HWE .05:21
OERIASbut my backup drive fell to the floor and i can't restore from the drive :(05:22
OerHeksOERIAS, we all have had that expensive lesson.05:22
azizLIGHTi have not rebooted since i have done this mess btw05:22
OerHeksoh, no backup?05:22
azizLIGHTnot really05:22
OERIASOerHeks, luckily I did a back up on Wednesday to a server.05:22
OERIASSo the information on the server isn't as old as the drive05:23
azizLIGHTBashing-om: that command is to install the trusty versions right05:23
azizLIGHTBashing-om: to establish the base packages i might ahve lost?05:23
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Bashing-omazizLIGHT: correct . once the base is there we remove HWE .05:24
=== Lantern is now known as fenjer
azizLIGHTi see05:24
azizLIGHTi will try with apt-get -s first05:24
azizLIGHTand then i want to make sure those packages it wants are not from xorg-edgers ppa in anwyway (i highly doubt at this point, but still worth checking)05:25
azizLIGHTBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24069841/05:25
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=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
azizLIGHTalready present05:25
azizLIGHTi did it all by hand manually lol... by looking through the apt history log and installing them one by one05:26
azizLIGHTdo u want apt-cache policy of the pacakges?05:26
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: Great thought ' tail -v -n +1 /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* ' to saee the list of PPAs .05:26
azizLIGHTBashing-om: i have lots of ppa unfrotunately: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24069848/05:27
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Bashing-omazizLIGHT: " deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/graphics-drivers/ppa/ubuntu trusty main " still look'n .05:30
azizLIGHTBashing-om: i think that one is ok05:30
azizLIGHTthey dont throw x packages there05:30
azizLIGHTonly nvidia stuff05:30
azizLIGHTBashing-om: its only nvidia drivers: https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa05:31
azizLIGHTalong with  libvdpau and05:31
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Bashing-omazizLIGHT: Yeah, nvidia, if it presents a issue later is easy to deal with . Presently are you now below that 40 key limit ? 'ls /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d | wc -l ' .05:35
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azizLIGHT8 at the moment05:35
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Bashing-omazizLIGHT: K; ' sudo apt-get purge linux-generic-lts-xenial xserver-xorg-core-lts-xenial xserver-xorg-lts-xenial xserver-xorg-video-all-lts-xenial xserver-xorg-input-all-lts-xenial libwayland-egl1-mesa-lts-xenial .05:37
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Bashing-omazizLIGHT: K; ' sudo apt-get purge linux-generic-lts-xenial xserver-xorg-core-lts-xenial xserver-xorg-lts-xenial xserver-xorg-video-all-lts-xenial xserver-xorg-input-all-lts-xenial libwayland-egl1-mesa-lts-xenial ' .05:37
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azizLIGHTi wil try with apt-get -s05:41
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: Keep in mind you are a long way yet " 0 to remove and 37 not upgraded. " to get out of the woods .05:43
azizLIGHTyeah im wondering what thats about05:43
Keyb0ardhi can I get a cloak?05:47
angel_buen nochee05:47
Bashing-omKeyb0ard: wrong channel ya want #freenode for a cloak .05:48
Keyb0ardthanks bashing05:48
bunchiesgracias, y tu05:48
azizLIGHTBashing-om: should i do it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24069926/05:49
bunchiesgot a nice fresh xubuntu install05:49
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: they are HWE packages and need to be gone . doooo it .05:50
azizLIGHTdone Bashing-om05:51
azizLIGHTBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24069931/05:51
azizLIGHTwhat would be the next step05:52
azizLIGHTreinstall HWE?05:52
OerHeksazizLIGHT, update first man05:52
azizLIGHTsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade right?05:52
azizLIGHTsome libreoffice updates05:54
victor_1932azizLight,Where are you from?05:54
OerHeksthat would do kernels too05:54
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: clean up : ' sudo apt-get autoclean ; sudo apt-get autoremove ; sudo apt-get clean ; sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; sidp apt -f install ; sudo dpkg --configure -a ; sudo dpkg -C ' .05:54
azizLIGHTupgrade or dist-ugprade: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24069936/05:55
Bashing-omtypo sidp **05:55
azizLIGHTBashing-om: why is it wanna remove all these packages? http://paste.ubuntu.com/24069942/05:57
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: I had meant to hold off on a full upgrade and to see what the package manager relates . but should not matter yet .05:57
azizLIGHTand full upgrade means ? upgrade to 16.04?05:58
azizLIGHTi want to stay on 14.0405:58
cfhowlettazizLIGHT, nope.  you will stay on 14.04.05:59
azizLIGHTBashing-om: i dont like the apt-get autoclean command, what its doing. its removing so many packages. and why?05:59
azizLIGHTlist of packages it will del: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24069942/05:59
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: no will just install what apt does not .. will not release upgrade - just upgrade what is now installed packages . when we get to that point .06:00
azizLIGHTok i see06:00
Keyb0ardslash stats p wont give me list of staff is there another command?06:01
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: autoclean cleans the system cache of old downloaded packages , I do not want to work with old packages .06:01
azizLIGHToh, so the deb files06:01
azizLIGHTis there a way to dry run the apt -f isntall command06:06
azizLIGHTi want to see what it does, before doing it06:06
EriC^^sudo apt-get -s -f install maybe?06:07
azizLIGHThi EriC^^ im still working on HWE problem06:07
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: yeah , anything that the system needs to fetch once mpre will be done with those following commands - and we are looking for error reports !06:07
EriC^^azizLIGHT: hi, where are you at now?06:08
azizLIGHTEriC^^: i got rid of the xorgedgers version of packages and downgraded everything to ubnutu repo versions, ppa purged xorg-edgers, now im trying to clean up HWE with Bashing-om and everyone elses help06:08
azizLIGHTi also installed all the packages that were ended up being removed the other day06:09
azizLIGHTexcept for crossover06:09
EriC^^azizLIGHT: ah great06:09
azizLIGHTill deal with that one later06:09
azizLIGHTBashing-om: done with all the commands06:10
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: and dpkg --configure -a came back clean ?? anddddd ,, dpkg -C just returned to a prompt ?06:11
azizLIGHTBashing-om: yes its all clean and im back to prompt06:13
azizLIGHT0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.06:13
azizLIGHTi ran each command individually... then i did the whole thing all together again06:15
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: Then it is time to grit our teeth - 1st though I do want to see ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' for my peace of mind .06:15
azizLIGHTand it said that at the end when i did the whole thing together06:15
azizLIGHTshould i | pastebinit06:15
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: Uh huh ,, I want that peace before further advise .06:16
azizLIGHTBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24069997/06:16
sysdown102ummm hello06:18
cfhowlett150 ppa?!!!06:18
cfhowlettsysdown102, topic is ubuntu support.  ask your questions06:18
azizLIGHTcfhowlett: nooo it must be under 20?06:18
sysdown102im new here guys06:19
cfhowlettline #164 - line #296 --- bit surprised.06:19
azizLIGHTyea i dunno why it has so many lines, but i dont have that many ppa06:20
azizLIGHTi have a lot, but not THAT many06:20
cfhowlettsysdown102, if you have a question, ask.  if you want to jibberjabber, please use #ubuntu-offtopic.  thank you.06:20
sysdown102can i join06:20
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: Reboot and let's see what happens now . - look'n good presently :)06:21
azizLIGHTcfhowlett: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24070005/06:21
cfhowlettazizLIGHT, fair enough06:21
azizLIGHTBashing-om: i still have 4.4 kernel package installed06:21
azizLIGHTit doesnt boot for me, so ill boot into 3.13.0-110-generic06:22
azizLIGHTthis will be my first reboot since i messed up06:22
azizLIGHTi hope i can see u again06:22
c|onemanyou suck06:22
azizLIGHTc|oneman: shadap06:22
azizLIGHTc|oneman: u didnt even help me i messed up my whole shit06:23
cfhowlettlet's keep the insults out of the channel guys06:23
azizLIGHTanyway. time to reboot06:23
azizLIGHTcfhowlett: he my friend06:23
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: Did you boot with a 4.4 kernel ? I coild have swore you advised up on the 3.13 kernel (??) .06:23
azizLIGHTBashing-om: 4.4 never booted for me. ive always been on 3.13.0-110-generic06:23
azizLIGHTit would hang when it asks for encryption passphrase06:24
azizLIGHTon 4.406:24
azizLIGHTand nothing gets written to dmesg.log06:24
azizLIGHTBashing-om: should i reboot now or more questions?06:24
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: Well, we can look and see what we have installed ' dpkg -l | grep linux- '.06:25
azizLIGHTBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24070016/06:25
azizLIGHTso i guess when we did HWE purge, it didnt care to remove 4.406:25
mo_omI can't get the channel list06:26
mo_omonly robots here?06:26
cfhowletttopic here is ubuntu support, mo_om .06:27
mo_omokey = =06:27
azizLIGHTim anxious06:27
mo_omchat bots06:28
mo_omanswer machine :)06:29
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: run ' sudo apt-get purge linux-image-4.4.0-64-generic ;  sudo apt-get purge linux-headers-4.4.0-64-generic ;  sudo apt-get purge linux-headers-4.4.0-64 ; sudo apt-get purge linux-image-extra-4.4.0-64-generic ' .06:32
azizLIGHTERROR: Cannot create report: [Errno 17] File exists: '/var/crash/virtualbox-4.3.0.crash'06:33
azizLIGHTi knew of this06:34
azizLIGHTBashing-om: first part: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24070036/06:34
azizLIGHTjust some virtualbox crap06:34
azizLIGHTwhat are these lines: The link /vmlinuz is a damaged link; Removing symbolic link vmlinuz ;  you may need to re-run your boot loader[grub]06:35
azizLIGHTshould i continue?06:37
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: Looks pretty good, but, " you may need to re-run your boot loader[grub] " we best check . show ' ls -al /vmlinuz* /initrd.img* ' .06:38
azizLIGHTthat was just the first command Bashing-om06:38
azizLIGHTi am paused at the Y/N prompt for 2nd command06:38
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: continie . no hard error yet .06:39
azizLIGHTdone with the remaining commands, no error06:39
azizLIGHTnow to check the vmlinuz06:40
azizLIGHTBashing-om: output of ' ls -al /vmlinuz* /initrd.img* ' : http://paste.ubuntu.com/24070053/06:40
azizLIGHTmaybe i need to run grub update or something06:41
azizLIGHTthere is no vmlinuz file only vmlinuz.old?06:42
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: yeah, let's see if grub will heal . ' sudo update-grub ' ,06:44
azizLIGHTupdate-grub or update-grub2? i have encrypted / and /home and /swap06:44
azizLIGHTand also windows06:45
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: does not matter . as the script will also pick up grub2 .06:45
azizLIGHTBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24070065/06:47
azizLIGHTBashing-om: output of ' ls -al /vmlinuz* /initrd.img* ' after sudo update-grub: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24070066/06:48
azizLIGHTis that normal06:48
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: No not what we want . we can set the symlinks manually . show ' ls -al /boot/ ' .06:50
azizLIGHTBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24070071/06:50
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azizLIGHTBashing-om: ?06:57
azizLIGHTBashing-om: i think you typed something but it doesnt show06:58
lernersay I want to transfer 5 GB of data toanother computer online. How do I do it?07:00
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: ' sudo rm /initrd.img.old /vmlinuz.old ; sudo ln -s /boot/vmlinuz-3.13.0-110-generic /vmlinuz ; sudo ln -s  /boot/initrd.img-3.13.0-110-generic /initrd.img ; sudo ln -s /boot/vmlinuz-3.13.0-101-generic /vmlinuz.old ; sudo ln -s  /boot/initrd.img-3.13.0-101-generic /initrd.img.old ' .07:00
lotuspsychjelerner: try ##networking channel perhaps?07:01
lernera ssh transfer should suffice07:02
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: added spaces take then out "  ln -s  /boot " .07:02
zeroraxdoes ubuntu support 64 threaded systems(4 16 core cpu)07:03
azizLIGHTsudo rm /initrd.img.old /vmlinuz.old ; sudo ln -s /boot/vmlinuz-3.13.0-110-generic /vmlinuz ; sudo ln -s /boot/initrd.img-3.13.0-110-generic /initrd.img ; sudo ln -s /boot/vmlinuz-3.13.0-101-generic /vmlinuz.old ; sudo ln -s /boot/initrd.img-3.13.0-101-generic /initrd.img.old07:04
azizLIGHTlook good?07:04
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: Yes ,, that looks proper . I am tired and not doing as well as I should .07:08
azizLIGHTBashing-om: now ' ls -al /vmlinuz* /initrd.img* ' looks like: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24070112/07:09
azizLIGHTand ls -al /boot: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24070109/07:10
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Bashing-omazizLIGHT: Looks good for the symlinks , is grub still happy ? ' sudo update-grub ' . for cheap insurance .07:12
azizLIGHTBashing-om: sudo update-grub: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24070129/07:13
azizLIGHTi dont understand why update-grub didnt catch the problem with vmlinuz07:13
azizLIGHTwith symlinks07:13
azizLIGHTwhat else should i make sure, so i can boot07:16
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: Lots I do not understand ( or know ) . not the 1st time I have had to mamually go back and set the symlinks . // OK consider, I think we are ready to try a RE-boot, yes ?07:16
azizLIGHTthat whole grub thing made me uneasy07:16
azizLIGHTtheres nothing else i should check?07:18
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: Well, grub was already broke to start with or the 4.4 kernel would have booted . I still a bit concerned that 'autoremove' did not remove those old kernels, But that is a problem to address after the next kernel update .07:19
azizLIGHToh so the reason i couldnt boot into 4.4 was because of the vmlinuz symlinks?07:22
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: Perhaps . not enough info to make a good call on that . All I know to do now is RE-boot and see what happens . I have not come up with a reason why not to try .07:24
azizLIGHTBashing-om: ok sir. i will see on on the other side. thanks for your help. if i cannot boot i still have access to irc though07:24
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: I do not anticipate there to be a problem . see ya on the other side .07:26
azizLIGHTwell, i tried to boot and after i entered my passphrase for my encrypted disk, it said cryptbox setup sucessfull y and then it didnt do anything and wouldnt respond to ctrl-alt-f1 ctrl-alt-backspace or ctrl-alt-del. but it did respond to power button press and shut down07:32
azizLIGHTi rebooted into same kernel with recovery now07:32
azizLIGHTim logged in now, but not in X07:32
azizLIGHTim on prompt07:32
EriC^^azizLIGHT: Bashing-om try booting without quiet splash and debug instead maybe?07:34
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: EriC^^ Bet the nvidia graphics driver got broke .07:35
EriC^^Bashing-om: aha07:36
azizLIGHTi can pastebin the dmesg? does /var/log/dmesg correspond to current boot (in recoverymode right now at prompt) and then does /var/log/dmesg.0 correspond to previous boot where it hung after entering the passphrase?07:36
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: The driver was built on the 4.4 kernel and we removed it :)07:36
mahakalEric^^: Hi Eric..Is there any ubuntu distro for android development only ?07:36
cfhowlettmahakal, no.07:36
EriC^^mahakal: no idea07:37
EriC^^azizLIGHT: yeah dmesg is like that07:38
mahakalcfhowlett: i think we should have one .....07:38
Xundreshi, how can I change the order of applications in the launcher? Maybe customizing it with folder that group some apps etc, similar to what can be done on a phone07:38
cfhowlettmahakal, feel free to develop one and submit it to canonical for official support07:38
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: Kist for general principles - cause I have little doubt ' mount -o remount rw / ; apt purge nvidia* ; ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' . and again reboot to see the effect .07:39
azizLIGHTthis is my hung boot: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24070227 and this is my current boot paste.ubuntu.com/2407020907:39
azizLIGHTi cannot read it on my phone screen07:40
EriC^^azizLIGHT: doesn't have much07:41
azizLIGHThows that possible07:41
azizLIGHToh you mean nothing useful there?07:42
EriC^^yeah that's what i meant07:42
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: EriC^^ " nvidia: module verification failed: signature and/or  required key missing - tainting kernel " let's re-install the driver  as above .07:45
azizLIGHTwhats nvidia module verification failed signature and/or required key07:45
azizLIGHTyea i was typing that07:45
azizLIGHTBashing-om: could you rephrase what you said earlier: Kist for general principles etc...07:46
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: Recall I did suppose that we would have to re-install the driver " not a big deal " :)07:47
azizLIGHTi want to install nvidia-35807:48
azizLIGHTi know it works07:48
azizLIGHTcan i do that one specifically? if so, how07:48
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: In the root consile ( recovery ) : ' mount -o remount rw / ; apt purge nvidia* ; ubuntu-drivers autoinstall '07:48
azizLIGHTam i in root console07:48
Bashing-omaxisys: sure . apt install nvidia-358 .07:49
azizLIGHTi booted into 3.13.0-110-generic recovery and when it prompted me i said resume normal boot (in that pink screen, i forgot what it said)07:50
azizLIGHTand then i am sitting at command prompt in tmux07:50
azizLIGHTam i in root console/ recovery then07:50
EriC^^azizLIGHT: nope07:51
azizLIGHThow do you get to there07:51
azizLIGHTand why cant i do the command from here07:51
EriC^^type "id"07:52
azizLIGHTit says a bunch of things that i am not able to copy paste07:53
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: That looks like a normal terminal (tty) to me . what desktop are you running ?07:59
azizLIGHTI figured out how to get to root console; root shell prompt option at the pink screen08:00
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madsjis there a ppa for the most recent boost libraries? 1.58 is in xenial, I'd like 1.6x08:01
azizLIGHTOn https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode it says I need to mount -o remount,rw / and then mount --all as well if I have separate partitions08:02
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: I would prefer to work from that normal terminal rather than the root shell . What desktop are we working with ?08:04
azizLIGHTBashing-om: I'm on Ubuntu 14.04.5 x6408:04
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: Boot back into that normal terminal and there what results ' sudo service lightdm start ' ?08:05
azizLIGHTJob failed to start08:06
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: Pastebin ' sudo lshw -C display ' . I bet we see " unclaimed " .08:08
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: Nope . we have the driver loaded . something else is going on here , " configuration: driver=nvidia " .08:10
CrazyTuxhello, why is Ubuntu and its other official derivatives listed separately on distrowatch.com? Put together they can easily surpass Mint in page hit ranking.08:11
azizLIGHTWhen I read /var/log/lightdm/x-0.log it says X: cannot stat /etc/X11/X (no such file or first directory),  aborting08:11
alkisgCrazyTux: haha, mint is ubuntu with just a few packages over it, it should be listed under ubuntu too if it was done properly08:12
CrazyTuxwhat do you mean by "if it was done properly"? is it not done properly?08:13
alkisgNo, it has a lot of hand made scripts that write whatever they want in /etc without respect for debian policy08:13
alkisgubuntu-mate is somewhat close to mint, but done properly08:13
CrazyTuxok. I didn't know this.08:13
CrazyTuxok. You mean Ubuntu Mate better than Mint?08:14
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: can you boot to the login screen and log in with the guest account ? If you can this isolates to your account .08:14
alkisgFor me, surely yes08:14
CrazyTuxhow does this affect how Mint behaves?08:14
alkisgIt's also supported here, unlike mint08:14
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org08:14
azizLIGHTI have a guest account? Bashing-om08:14
azizLIGHTI'll do ctrl-alt-f2 to go to other tty08:14
CrazyTuxI'll use Mate only then.08:15
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: in a standard desktop install Yes . at the login box you should have the option to login guest .08:16
azizLIGHTBashing-om: I don't have any gui08:16
kierqueenI get this error when I open the matlab site? https://support.mozilla.org/t5/Fix-slowness-crashing-error/What-does-quot-Your-connection-is-not-secure-quot-mean/ta-p/3035408:16
azizLIGHTIm on prompt, lightdm won't start for me to select a guest account from that gui menu08:17
azizLIGHTBashing-om: I think I'm misunderstanding you08:17
kierqueenwhat can I do?08:17
kierqueenhow to get new certificates? If tat is the problem first of all08:17
azizLIGHTBashing-om: I'm at the prompt on tty108:17
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: In that event , going to take a bit to find the cause , I am just too tired to think this through at this time . Others here will hve to pick up my slack .08:18
azizLIGHTAt least I can boot, just gotta figure out how to get a gui08:18
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azizLIGHTBashing-om: Yeah the fact that you got me to boot is greatly appreciated08:18
w0rlockGood morning!08:19
w0rlockIm having some issues with mounting drives within Ubuntu. It seems that it always wants to mount my HDDs as removable drives? Is there any way i can mount them as HDDS not removable drives?08:19
auronandace!fstab | w0rlock08:19
ubottuw0rlock: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.pclosmag.com/html/Issues/200709/page07.html and !Partitions08:19
w0rlockWithin fstab i am only seeing /dev/sda1 not the other 5 drives attached to the PC.08:20
Bashing-omazizLIGHT: Correct . maybe just a small matter to fix the GUI . But I must quit . Just to tired now to think clearly .08:20
auronandacew0rlock: you need to add them to your /etc/fstab08:20
w0rlockIt seems on start up the automatcailly get mounted to /media/myname/drivename08:21
w0rlockBut not mentioned in fstab08:21
azizLIGHTBashing-om, no worries, thanks for the step by steps, couldn't have got to here without you08:21
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Bashing-omazizLIGHT: I was hopeing to get Eric to pick this up . but seems his connection is unstable . Anyway .. I am out of here . I check on you when I return .08:26
EriC^^azizLIGHT: Bashing-om looks to be good now08:27
EriC^^Bashing-om: farewell, have a pleasant night :)08:27
azizLIGHTGoodnight Bashing-om08:27
Bashing-omEriC^^: Appreciate ya taking up my slack . nvidia driver is loaded - display does not start - lightdm .08:28
EriC^^Bashing-om: alright08:28
azizLIGHThttp://paste.ubuntu.com/24070430/ is my dmesg08:29
azizLIGHTThat's with quiet and splash removed in boot options and added debug08:29
azizLIGHTNormal boot, not recovery mode08:29
EriC^^azizLIGHT: are you using uefi?08:30
azizLIGHTI believe so, how do I check08:30
EriC^^try "ls /sys/firmware/efi"08:30
EriC^^i think the nvidia taints kernel stuff is uefi related08:31
azizLIGHTEriC^^: http://i.imgur.com/cGBOsju.jpg08:32
azizLIGHTSorry about pictures08:32
azizLIGHTBut I'm on the phone08:32
EriC^^np, ok you're using uefi08:32
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azizLIGHTive used this kernel with nvidia-358 before and gotten gui08:33
azizLIGHTolder kernels and nvidia-358 still worked08:34
EriC^^azizLIGHT: try "sudo pastebinit /var/log/lightdm/{x-0,lightdm}.log"08:34
azizLIGHThttp:/paste.ubuntu.com/24070454 and 2407045508:35
azizLIGHTtwo urls sorry08:36
azizLIGHThope i didnt typo08:36
EriC^^azizLIGHT: try just in case "sudo apt-get install --reinstall lightdm"08:38
EriC^^azizLIGHT: when it boots normally it goes to a black screen now? and ctrl+alt+f1 gives the tty?08:39
azizLIGHTwhen i boot it without quiet and without splash, and used debug (but not with recovery mode kernel option in grub), it takes me to tty login straight08:40
azizLIGHTlet me try reinstall lightdm08:41
azizLIGHTdone reinstalling08:41
EriC^^azizLIGHT: try sudo service lightdm restart08:41
azizLIGHTit says08:42
azizLIGHTstop: unknown instance:08:42
azizLIGHTstart: job failed to start08:42
EriC^^azizLIGHT: try "DISPLAY=:1 startx xterm"08:42
azizLIGHTEriC^^: http://i.imgur.com/ewdqFEJ.jpg08:43
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EriC^^azizLIGHT: i wonder why it wants that file, it dont have it myself08:44
Ben64azizLIGHT: ls -ld /etc/X11/X08:44
azizLIGHTls: cannot access /etc/X11/X: no such file or directory08:45
EriC^^iirc there used to be a symlink though, maybe it's just on 16.04 it went away08:45
Ben64it's a symlink on my system08:46
EriC^^what does dpkg -S /etc/X11/X give you Ben64 ?08:46
azizLIGHTi mustve killed the symlinks when i had to remove all the xorg packages and reinstall them08:46
Ben64EriC^^: nothing08:46
Ben64azizLIGHT: ls -ld /usr/bin/Xorg08:46
EriC^^maybe reinstall everything X related azizLIGHT08:46
EriC^^azizLIGHT: dpkg -l | grep xorg | pastebinit08:47
azizLIGHThttp://paste.ubuntu.com/24070490 for ls08:48
azizLIGHThttp://paste.ubuntu.com/24070491 for dpkg08:48
Ben64sudo ln -s /usr/bin/Xorg /etc/X11/X08:49
azizLIGHTrestart lightdm?08:50
Ben64go for it08:50
azizLIGHTlol it worked08:50
azizLIGHTi got login screen and logged in and see my gui dkestop08:50
azizLIGHThow do i send detach to the inner tmux process08:51
azizLIGHTif ctrl-a is my key for both08:51
azizLIGHTah whatever... i guess08:52
azizLIGHTCOOL so it worked08:52
azizLIGHTjust a broken symlink!!08:52
azizLIGHTthank you thank you EriC^^ Ben6408:52
azizLIGHTnow lets see if i can play a game :P08:53
manish_is there any way i can use flash drive as authentication medium for ubuntu login08:54
azizLIGHTrocket league works :)08:54
azizLIGHTi guess im back to business08:54
azizLIGHTwell, the whole reason i wanted HWE was to get 4.4 so i could get better hardware support for my xbox one controller so i could play rocket league with it08:55
w0rlockHi, i mentioned earlier in regards to fstab. Ive managed to disbale hotswap on my motherboard. So just need to edit fstab to mount the ntfs drives08:55
azizLIGHTdoesnt seem like xbox one controller works on 3.13.0-11008:55
CombuderBobfstab discussion? Perfect, I'm wondering if there's an "official" guide to mounting CIFS shares through fstab. :D08:56
OlofLHello does anyone know a RDP client for linux that can auto resize according to the current window size?08:57
azizLIGHTso, should i attempt HWE again?08:59
azizLIGHTthis time i dont have xorg-edgers ppa08:59
EriC^^azizLIGHT: great, no problem09:00
EriC^^azizLIGHT: i meant about the comment you made before, not the last question :D09:01
EriC^^azizLIGHT: i'd go through the xorg packages reinstalling them just in case, easy to do09:01
EriC^^azizLIGHT: dpkg -l | awk '$1 == "ii" && /xorg/ {print $2}' | xargs sudo apt-get install --reinstall09:03
EriC^^azizLIGHT: i guess if you dont have any ppa's that might make a problem and you need the hwe for something then sure09:05
azizLIGHTdoing xorg package reinstall now09:06
w0rlockCan somone give me a hand with mount --bind on startup within fstab?09:07
azizLIGHTEriC^^: i think xorg-edgers even says dont use with HWE09:08
azizLIGHTwell i didnt consider that09:08
azizLIGHTall my other ppas are just one off software, except for the graphics drivers one, and trusty-media that seems to install newer libs for media processing, and new versions of media players than ubntu repos09:08
azizLIGHTso i think i should be safe09:08
azizLIGHTin any case, if something goes wrong again, i know how to downgrade lol :P09:09
Xundres08:37:02 - Xundres: how can I customize the order in the launcher? Maybe creating folder etc09:25
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xCykrixHey, I was wondering if anyone is around that could help me with a network issue. I'm trying to connect my ubuntu server wirelessly with a USB device and DHCP nor static is having any luck. It's starting to become a severe challenge more than an easy task. I either get stuck in a DHCPRequest or no error.09:38
xCykrixIf you need my network interfaces or any other info I can provide it09:39
xCykrixhttps://hastebin.com/uhonefigum.txt thats the network interface09:41
EriC^^azizLIGHT: :D09:44
xCykrixHey, I was wondering if anyone is around that could help me with a network issue. I'm trying to connect my ubuntu server wirelessly with a USB device and DHCP nor static is having any luck. It's starting to become a severe challenge more than an easy task. I either get stuck in a DHCPRequest or no error.09:48
xCykrixIf you need my network interfaces or any other info I can provide it09:48
xCykrixhttps://hastebin.com/uhonefigum.txt thats the network interface09:48
tatertotsxCykrix: open terminal09:48
xCykrixtatertots, I already have it open. Ubuntu Server :P09:49
tatertotsxCykrix: sudo apt install sosreport09:49
xCykrixalready installed09:49
tatertotsxCykrix: sudo sosreport09:50
tatertotsxCykrix: skip case number by pressing enter again when prompted09:51
xCykrixI just set it as 0 but oh well lol09:51
tatertotsxCykrix: let it run, let me know when its done09:52
xCykrixalready is09:52
tatertotsxCykrix: upload report to https://filebin.net/ and share the url/link09:53
AurorasauraMorning everyone. I was wondering if there is a way to create an extended drive like in windows. I have several files I need to keep on one drive but they are too big for one drive. I am using Ubuntu server09:53
tatertotsxCykrix: let me know if you run into any problems uploading09:53
AurorasauraMorning everyone. I was wondering if there is a way to create an extended drive like in windows. I have several files I need to keep on one drive but they are too big for one drive. I am using Ubuntu server09:53
Aurorasauraoops lol sorry for the double09:54
alkisgAurorasaura: both lvm and btrfs can do that09:54
alkisgyou're welcome09:56
tatertotsxCykrix: how's it coming along?09:56
minti do not get the hate towards mint. please tell me what is up with that?09:56
Aurorasauralol ty alksig, I am still new to ubuntu server so I will have to read how to use those09:57
alkisgmint, It's not hate at all; we just don't support it here because it's not a direct ubuntu derivative09:57
xCykrixtatertots: sorry, i have to move it to another device via usb haha09:57
alkisgAurorasaura: an alternative would be to use different dirs, for example /bigdir/mount-point1 for 1st partition and /bigdir/mount-point2 for second partition09:59
xCykrixtatertots: https://filebin.net/k2dsy0lslw0blt6909:59
Aurorasaurahmm. ty for the insight alkisg10:00
xCykrixIt's probably gonna be something simple too lol10:00
tatertotsxCykrix: is the usb device connected to the system now?10:02
xCykrixYes, it is.10:02
xCykrixBelkin Components F7D210110:02
digilabdoes any one have a working idea for live streaming webcam video ?10:04
digilaball tips are welcome ..10:04
xCykrixI would assume your live streaming software supports it?10:05
tatertotsxCykrix: iw dev|nc termbin.com 999910:05
xCykrixThe server does not have internet access currently. So i'd have to echo it to a file10:07
XundresHow can I chose which apps can appear in the launcher, or order them, or create folder with apps (as in android launcher)10:08
xCykrixtatertots: That doesn't appear to output anything at all10:08
tatertotsxCykrix: ubuntu server doesn't have iw or network manager, both things that would help manage a wlan device installed by default...10:09
tatertotsxCykrix: you'd need to install them10:09
xCykrixThe command is installed. Just not returning anything.10:10
xCykrixI have another device that works fine on the same OS. But this one refuses to connect. I copied the exact same settings and it just loops for some reason.10:11
xCykrixOS version*10:11
tatertotsxCykrix: what is the name of this interface10:13
xCykrixtatertots: wlxc05627e4643810:14
tatertotsxCykrix: https://gist.github.com/9d90c42ed78f88f0da7c18ee168f8e1f10:14
xCykrixWhy it's that odd I will never know10:14
tatertotsxCykrix: its using driver: r8712u10:15
xCykrixthat means...?10:15
Aurorasauracan't you just use one mount point for multiple drives so all the files are stored in one place?10:15
tatertotsxCykrix: lets get a inxi off this thing...in terminal>     sudo apt install inxi10:15
Aurorasauralisted in one place*10:15
xCykrixagain... I don't have network access currntly. It is showing as detected and working in ifconfig10:16
xCykrixI just cannot get it to connect to my network.10:16
k1lxCykrix: its working but not working?10:16
xCykrixIt wont connect to my network, via DHCP or static10:17
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xCykrixbut it shows up in the devices10:17
tatertotsxCykrix: sudo ip link set wlxc05627e46438 up10:17
ChrisPaHey, is there a log I can view to see which connections (if any) are being blocked by the firewall or whatnot?10:17
ChrisPaI'm having trouble tracing down whether my ISP is blocking the packet or if Ubuntu isn't playing nice10:18
xCykrixtatertots: I already tried that, ifdown ifup, and restarting10:18
k1lxCykrix: using networkmanager? what does dmesg say?10:18
=== TimsTechDev is now known as Tims_Tech
tatertotsxCykrix: it is connected https://gist.github.com/673790bd81e44928ea7bdea2ffa27dec10:18
tatertotsxCykrix: it is connected https://gist.github.com/673790bd81e44928ea7bdea2ffa27dec as you can see it has
tatertotsxCykrix: it's connected using the static ip you gave it10:19
xCykrixIt is not allowing me to SSH or ping outside servers10:19
xCykrixAlso k1l, it says IPv6: ADDCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlxc05627e46483: link is not ready10:20
tatertotsxCykrix: then let's find out if you gave it proper static ip settings which would allow for that functionality10:20
xCykrixthen a bunch o fwtuff after and the same thing10:20
xCykrixof stuff*10:21
Guest19272I can't seem to play dvds, this is the output I got from mplayer via command line paste.ubuntu.com/24070758/10:21
xCykrixI bound the mac address to
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tatertotsxCykrix: this is what you gave it as a route https://gist.github.com/b33c30034bc06af53c03692175845ccf10:21
ChrisPaPlease somebody help, when they get the chance.. I have been stuck on this all weekend, I'm going to sleep defeated, again.. ugh.. Starting to think Verizon Wireless may be to blame, as I'm using tethered internet ..10:21
tatertotsxCykrix: can you ping
murray1What's ur issue ChrisPa?10:22
xCykrixDestinatio Host Unreachable10:22
tatertotsxCykrix: then you gave it a bad/invalid route10:22
tatertotsxCykrix: fix it10:22
xCykrixI don't know what I did wrong... I'm not a expert at ubuntu networking...10:23
xCykrixthats why I came to ask for help10:23
ChrisPaI can't figure out where a packet is dying, .. I'm trying to run a squid server and connect to it over the internet10:23
murray1It looks like I wasn't typing the command right, but it still isn't working http://paste.ubuntu.com/24070769/10:23
tatertotsxCykrix: do you have any other devices on the same wlan?10:24
ChrisPaIt works locally and everything should be enabled for it to work over the wires too, but I can't telnet into any of the ports that should be open to test them.. I can connect out even with ssh though..10:24
murray1Really sorry ChrisPa, I don't know anything about that. I would try asking in a bunch of places, not just here. Ubuntu forums, askubuntu, etc10:24
xCykrixNo I do not, that is the only system that uses it. And is not registered to any other device.10:24
xCykrixmurray1, libdvdread: Encrypted DVD support unavailable.10:24
ChrisPawhat would be the quickest way to open a port to run a test to see if my isp is blocking incoming traffic10:25
ChrisPaor to view some kind of log that shows blocked request10:25
xCykrixtatertots: What file would you need to help me figure out where I screwed up?10:26
murray1xCykrix: I get "E: Unable to locate package libdvdread"10:26
xCykrixmurray1, If I understand the error correctly, ubuntu cannot play protected media that is on formats such as those.10:27
tatertotsxCykrix: you gave it this route https://gist.github.com/b33c30034bc06af53c03692175845ccf and it's obviously not valid or does not route to the outside world...what model of access point or router are you using in your network environment?10:27
murray1xCykrix: Such as what? It's just a standard DVD as far as I'm aware10:28
murray1I could try a different DVD10:28
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tatertotsxCykrix: do you have any other devices on the same wired OR wireless LAN?10:29
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tatertotsxCykrix: i said wired or wireless10:29
tatertotsxCykrix: as you need to determine your proper route from observing another device since you do not know this information10:30
xCykrixwireless, and yes a few devices use it10:30
xCykrixhttp://imgur.com/a/e8Mmq - Router Model and Version with a copy of windows ipconfig /all10:31
tatertotsxCykrix: can you access any other device on this lan (wired or wireless) that have internet access?10:31
xCykrixThe windows machine I am on yes. I also have another ubuntu 16.04.2 server using this network on DHCP10:32
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xCykrixwithout a static ip10:32
murray1Accidentally closed pidgin, still here10:32
tatertotsxCykrix: ok good10:33
xCykrixmurray1, try "libdvd-pkg"10:34
tatertotsxCykrix: the part that is concerning is that you are unable to ping which according to your windows ipconfig, is your default gateway....nothing can occur in that condition10:34
xCykrixI know, that's why i'm trying to figure out what is blocking it10:35
xCykrixthis is a fresh install so nothing prior could be10:35
XundresHow to order applications in dashboard? Create folder etc?10:37
tatertotsxCykrix: this is what i see about the static ip setting you chose to use https://gist.github.com/865a983a8de5a94351eabd007206607710:38
xCykrixwhat does that mean exactly?10:38
murray1Thanks xCykrix, that worked10:39
XundresHow to order applications in dashboard? Create folder etc?10:42
tatertotsxCykrix: use dhcp/auto ip settings temporarily and see if you get connectivity10:43
k1lXundres: no folders in unity dash10:43
Xundresk1l: and in gnome shell?10:43
murray1Anyone know a simple test to check if a CPU is faulty?10:44
k1lXundres: tag and name based searches dont work with folders. its like demanding steering on a motorbike with a steering wheel10:44
murray1I'm using lubuntu, it only has 1 GB of RAM but it shouldn't lag this much, and it was fine when I first installed it a few days ago. We did a RAM test and things seemed to be fine10:45
xCykrixtatertots, all I get is "DHCPDISCOVER on long_device_string to port 67 interval <num> (xid=0x550cee77)10:45
k1lmurray1: well, if you use heavy program slike firefox 1gb is not that much10:45
murray1I suppose, maybe10:46
murray1the performance seems to fluctuate seemingly randomly though10:46
k1lmurray1: using swap? look with "free -h"10:46
cfhowlettmurray1, what exactly is lagging10:47
tatertotsxCykrix: in terminal>   rfkill list10:47
cfhowlettand swap would be a great idea for you.10:47
tatertotsxCykrix: are you blocked on any level?10:47
k1lswap is a reason why its lagging. since swap is slow10:47
murray1For example firefox was hanging earlier, couldn't click anything or move the window. It's fine atm though10:47
xCykrixtatertots, cant use that, not installed10:48
xCykrixhowever i'm using root10:48
xCykrixso I would assume not10:48
murray1k1l: Yep, http://paste.ubuntu.com/24070874/10:48
hargutI've just done a apt-get dist-upgrade to move to 16.04.2, which worked nicely, but I've still kernel 4.4 active. I'd like to get 4.8, but what is the right meta package to use instead of linux-image-generic to update 16.04.2 to 4.8 series?10:48
k1l!hwe | hargut10:49
ubottuhargut: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack10:49
k1lhargut: read the article, no automatic change onto the hwe kernel path. you need to install that package mentioned there10:49
hargutk1l: Is hwe the default during install? I thought I've seen last week a 4.8 during a fresh 16.04.2 install. Or did I mix something up here?10:50
tatertotsxCykrix: iw dev wlxc05627e46438 scan10:50
hargutk1l: Thanks! :-)10:50
tatertotsxCykrix: if it does not show anything OR If it displays Interface does not support scanning, then you probably forgot to install the firmware. In some cases this message is also displayed when not running iw as root.10:50
xCykrixtatertots, "command failed: no such device (-19)10:51
tatertotsxCykrix: well you'll need to install some things....your previous experience with any other adapter and what you may or may have not had to install...you can throw that out the window10:52
xCykrixrip. I think I have the install disc for it somewhere10:53
xCykrixbut I have no clue how to run it in CLI10:53
tatertotsxCykrix: sorry if that was too blunt but...10:53
vibes22New here pls forgive me for asking10:54
hargutThat explains what I experienced nicely. Default for fresh installs starting with 16.04.2 will be hwe, but not installed during dist-upgrade: http://askubuntu.com/questions/882896/old-kernel-with-ubuntu-16-04-2-update10:54
cfhowlettvibes22, no apology needed.  ask your support question10:54
k1lhargut: that is the standard since very long time for hwe.10:54
hargutk1l: Could be, I've just noticed it now.10:55
xCykrixtatertots, would the installation disk for the device help perhaps?10:55
tatertotsxCykrix: networkmanager10:55
hargutPreviously I've mostly used recent releases and not LTS. But I'm getting older and learn to value LTS. ;-)10:56
xCykrixhow would I tell if I have network manager?10:56
tatertotsxCykrix: you don't10:56
xCykrixdesktop only?10:56
xCykrixor does it just need to be installed10:56
xCykrixbecause I could probably ethernet it if absolutely needed10:57
tatertotsxCykrix: you'd need to install networkmanager10:57
tatertotsxCykrix: and yes that would require a temporary wired network connection10:57
xCykrixWill that be all i need?10:59
xCykrixbecause I don't want to have to move it more than once lol10:59
xCykrixactually, i might just be able to SSH into it once its out there10:59
tatertotsxCykrix: iw commands are nice so you might want to ensure you can use those11:00
alkisgxCykrix: if you can boot it with a live cd/usb etc, you could then have wifi internet and chroot to the installation and install whatever packages you want11:00
xCykrixI really dont feel like reinstalling it again lol11:01
alkisgxCykrix: I'm not talking about reinstallation11:01
alkisgxCykrix: it's one way to get internet access to the existing installation11:01
skinnybo1Has anyone tried getting into the java channel?11:01
alkisgxCykrix: you boot from a live cd/usb, then use the "chroot" command to give internet to your existing installation11:01
k1lskinnybo1: some channels need user registration with freenode. for help ask in #freenode11:02
xCykrixoh lol, well I set it up with ethernet, waiting for it to boot tatertots11:04
xCykrixcrap I have to setup the eth0 >.>11:05
BluesKajHi folks11:10
xCykrixtatertots, whats the package name for networkmanager?11:13
xCykrixthats not a valid package11:13
xCykrixoh network-manager11:14
tatertotsyeah that's it11:16
xCykrixthis thing is huge lol11:17
xCykrixtatertots, its done installing now11:17
tatertotsxCykrix: you'll need to connect to you wlan in terminal.....if you are unsure how to go about that ...i can PM you some wiki material11:19
xCykrixYeah, no clue lol11:20
xCykrixtatertots, if you could dm me those or help explain that'd be appriciated :)11:23
tatertotsxCykrix: or i'm sure some other here can point you to some ubuntu "branded" wiki material on the discipline/subject matter....you might ask for the ubuntu branded stuff explicitly first...these guys like to ban people for posting non ubuntu brand material as a reference for newbies...it gets all political around here if you do stuff like that...but if you don't get any responses just pm me11:23
xCykrixI'm sure I could find stuff on google with it11:25
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.11:26
xCykrixtatertots, thanks, I found what I needed on google :)11:30
tatertotsxCykrix: yeah you should be able to find it via a search engine11:30
xCykrixI have connection via now11:30
tatertotsxCykrix: good job...11:30
xCykrixnow the real question is, will it save11:30
xCykrixdid a reboot11:31
xCykrixit does11:32
xCykrix<3 much appriciated11:32
tatertotsxCykrix: sweet!11:32
tatertotsxCykrix: no problemo11:32
xCykrixcrap lol11:36
xCykrixI forgot to remove the dhcp on ethernet11:36
xCykrixnow its making me wait 5 mins for it to fail11:36
Nilesh_is there any package to install TensorFlow on ubuntu?11:39
Nilesh_apt-cache didn't return anything11:39
tatertotsNilesh_: have you consulted the software vendor's website?11:40
Nilesh_tatertots: no....whom should I consult to?11:40
xCykrixNilesh_, ^11:41
Nilesh_xCykrix: tatertots Thanks a lot :)11:42
Aliekezhihi, on unebootin, I can see an option "space to preserv files accross reboots, ubuntu only", is that option necessary for a working ubuntu boot on USB stick ?11:51
MonkeyDustAliekezhi  no, i guess it's used for locales et al you entered11:53
MonkeyDustAliekezhi  if it were needed, you wouldnt be able to uncheck it11:54
AliekezhiMonkeyDust, ok, thx. By the way I can't repair my USB stick, maybe you would have an idea ? I used fsck.vfat several time, with -a option and then -wvr, but I still have an error message in dmesg telling me "please run fsck"... And unebootin blocked at 53% everytime...Any idea ?11:57
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sugarciao a tutto il canale12:16
clissold345!italian | sugar12:22
ubottusugar: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:22
Butteris it possible to disable browser grouping in ubuntu taskbar12:45
koleygrButter, I found in google that alt+button above tab switches between windows of one app12:52
koleygrI am not sure if this helps12:52
bluewater1980Hello, anyone using mozilla syncserver on the own server?12:52
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ButterI know you can disable grouping with alt+tab using compiz, but its possible to disable grouping like you can do it in window 7/8/10 that not every task in taskbar starts to group12:53
koleygrButter, ... sorry... I can not find a way... wait for someone else12:57
clissold345Butter, Super + W shows windows with no grouping. Is that any use?12:58
Buttersuper+w looks much better thanks12:59
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arunsHow to resolve this dependency error for postgresql, is this a resident bug in this version or what--> http://paste.ubuntu.com/24071537/ and http://paste.ubuntu.com/24071524/13:09
k1laruns: run sudo apt update. then please run "apt policy libpq-dev libpq5 postgresql-contrib" and show that in a paste13:12
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arunsk1l, For update: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24071570/ ; for apt-policy :http://paste.ubuntu.com/24071575/13:16
k1laruns: make sure the -security and the -updates repos are enabled in system settings > software and updates13:17
bluewater1980Has anyone setup an meozilla sync server ?13:26
kevy0Hi , is there a way to add a browser when I use sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser ?13:27
kevy0I try to use a different Browser then the ones displayed13:28
Apachezwhats the status of libreoffice not being able to open (or save) files on network shares in ubuntu? seems like libreoffice 5.3 still have this malfunction while other apps works without problem on the same box and same networkshare13:31
Apachezsomebody in here must have encountered this themselfs?13:31
k1lApachez: that seems to be a libreoffice issue.13:32
Apachezyes but at the same time it seems to be working in other distros13:32
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.13:33
ravagetalonI gave up on libreoffice long ago. Thankfully work provides MS office via RDP when I *do* need it.13:34
kang0System image contains device drivers?13:39
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Apachezhow come you cannot drag and drop to gvfs-mounts ?13:49
Apachezwhile ctrl+c ctrl+v works13:49
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RonWhoCaresMy Ubuntu 16.10 froze. Successful reboot.  The color scheme for the top menu (with date - time on the right) and the menu's has changed.  How do I get it back13:57
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Th3_ghostwhat version of ubuntu are u using?14:19
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rdataRonWhoCare:has the colour scheme changed for all your windows as well?14:23
rdatahave you tried the appearence menu from the dash?14:24
rdatayou can change the theme in there14:25
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RonWhoCaresI will look14:26
Th3_ghostHoloIRCUser4: hi14:27
HoloIRCUser4It's my first time since years14:28
HoloIRCUser4On Oct14:28
HoloIRCUser4On irc14:29
Th3_ghostI'm new to this :D14:29
HoloIRCUser4Th3_ghost: where do you from ?14:31
Th3_ghostand u?14:31
HoloIRCUser4Th3_ghost: France14:32
Th3_ghostHoloIRCUser4: nice :)14:32
HoloIRCUser4Th3_ghost: what are u doing in Bulgaria ?14:32
guest123hello.. i was reading "the linux command line" from "William E. Shotts, Jr." and Im asking me why i kan't acces my virtual consoles on "ctrl+alt+f1" what is the regular username login of a machine?14:35
Th3_ghostguest123: try with f2,f3, etc14:36
bekksguest123: the regular username is the one you are using regularly, its different for everyone, since its configured upon installation.14:36
guest123@th3:ghost @bekks also the same as in the terminal? because i tried but is not workng as username14:37
guest123also name@name14:37
guest123i simply don't know username of an ubuntu computer.. is it the name@name? i tried but have no acces to the virtual consoles on ctrl+alt+f114:41
Th3_ghostguest123: You have to enter username that you create at install process14:42
Th3_ghostguest123: for example if you have user:guest123 . You have to enter guest123 and after that to enter password14:43
guest123also at system preferences-dettail name14:44
guest123but i tried14:44
guest123wont work :\14:44
bekksguest123: What does it say when you try?14:44
mvvvvguest123, in a term launch : whoami14:44
guest123login failure o someting14:44
bekksguest123: What exactly does it say?14:45
guest123nice mvvvv!!14:45
guest123i have a name14:45
guest123i will try it14:45
guest123it is because14:45
guest123on dettail i get name-pc14:45
guest123i need onli name14:45
bekksthats the name of your computer, not a user name.14:45
guest123i give it a try14:46
bluewater80Anyone using mozillasyncserver?14:46
guest123thank you all i get access!.. but ho i logout? XD14:46
bekksguest123: type: exit14:47
guest123i typed logout! worked fine14:47
guest123thank you al14:47
saitoh183has anyone ever installed guacamole with mysql authenticationÉ14:52
bekkssaitoh183: I bet people did - but how does this poll help you?14:52
saitoh183i need some help cuz i cant get it to work14:53
bekksDefine "cant get it to work" in detail please.14:53
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saitoh183bekks: sec i will get the log...but what im gettings is a blank page when i try to open it in the web browser14:54
saitoh183log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24072094/14:57
saitoh183i followed the instructions on the guacamole site and also tried  https://www.chasewright.com/guacamole-with-mysql-on-ubuntu/14:58
bekkssaitoh183: Seems like there is a driver missing, a module isnt loaded or something. Did you doublecheck that?14:58
saitoh183bekks: mysql-connector-java-5.1.40-bin.jar is in /etc/guacamole/lib14:59
bekkssaitoh183: And all the other modules needed for a connection?15:00
saitoh183bekks: and guacamole-auth-jdbc-mysql-0.9.11-incubating.jar is in /etc/guacamole/extensions15:00
bekkssaitoh183: did it work without mysql?15:01
saitoh183humm... i havent tried ...i think that is with the user-mapping.xml?15:01
bekkssaitoh183: I never set that thing up.15:01
saitoh183bekks let me try without mysql15:03
Apachezis there some proper way to make /run/user/1000/gvfs accessable to root?15:07
bekksApachez: why do you want root to access that?15:08
Apachezto workaround the libreoffice vs ubuntu bug15:08
Apachezgvfs-mount makes libreoffice able to read and write files of the networkshare15:09
bekksWhich one?15:09
Apachezhowever it wants a password15:09
Apachezand I dont want the users to be forced to put in a password each time they start libreoffice15:09
Apachezso I was thinking if I could do something like       mount --bind /run/user/1000/gvfs/blalalbalba ~/Fileserver15:09
Apachezthis way they access Fileserver in their homedir and wont have to add in a password15:10
Apachezbecause the /run/usr/1000/gvfs/blablala is already automounted through gigolo15:10
ApachezBUT  mount --bind can only be runned as root, no problem - add it as a system call during bootup15:10
ApachezHOWEVER the /run/user/1000/gvfs path is ONLY accessible to the user NOT the root15:11
Apachezd?????????  ? ?       ?         ?            ? gvfs15:11
Apachezwhich kind of sucks15:11
Apachezand gvfs doesnt seem to have a global config where I could enable/disable this behaviour15:12
bekksWhy dont you properly mount the share (not using gvfs) and the users access it?15:12
Apachezbecause there is no mount.* for ftp15:12
Apachezso Im down to either using curlftpfs which libreoffice on ubuntu cannot access15:12
bekksI bet there is a ftpfs module :)15:12
Apachezor using gvfs-mount which libreoffice on ubuntu can access but its nagging the users about password after each reboot15:12
Apachezapt-cache search ftpfs15:13
Apachezcurlftpfs - filesystem to access FTP hosts based on FUSE and cURL15:13
Apachezsbackup-plugins-fuse - Simple Backup Suite FUSE plugins15:13
Apachezdoesnt seem like that15:13
Apachezabove is 16.10 repos15:13
bekksAnd there's no chance of implementing NFS access to that share?15:13
Apacheznoone would be happier than me if there would exist some mount.ftp to do this the proper way :)15:13
Apacheznope no nfs available15:13
Apachezsure I can use filezilla and all that but Im trying to make this userfriendly15:14
Apachezso it will just be a dir in the homedir for the user to open/save files in15:14
Apachezlike ~/Fileserver15:14
Apachezusing ln -s didnt help15:14
bekksI'm still wondering why you are using some ftp stuff for a user fileserver where they edit documents and such.15:15
Apachezbecause there is no samba etc15:16
Apachezonly the ftp server15:16
Apachezand then I thought "how hard can it be" after I found the curlftpfs doing apt-cache search ftpfs15:16
Apachezbut it seems like libreoffice in ubuntu is borked somehow (seems like its working in other distros so I bet theres some combo on libreoffice vs ubuntu)15:17
Apachezthe previous workarounds only seems to be working for LO 4.1 and such15:17
Apachezubuntu 16.10 uses LS 5.215:17
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Apachezthis same malbehaviour exists when tested with LS 5.3 in ubuntu 16.1015:17
Apachezthe problem is that LO refuse to open/save files on networkshares in ubuntu15:18
Apachezexcept for gvsf-mount obviously, but then it nags about password even if this share is already mounted through gigolo (who remembers password)15:18
Apachezso its like a neverending story :P15:18
jayjoI have my log files filling up my disk within weeks, and this is the third time this has happened. I'm beginning to feel uncomfortable using this machine for my primary production when it seems so unstable. Is there a way to prevent this log buildup, is this a known issue, or is there a patch? I beleive after reserach the initial times it has something to do with using an NVIDIA card15:27
srulito fill a luks drive with /dev/zero is the same is filling it with /dev/urandom before formatting it as luks, correct?15:29
Apachezso I guess noone in here got any ideas on how to fix the permissions for that gvfs dir?15:29
Apachezsruli: not really but sure15:29
alkisgjayjo: what line is repeated in those log files? how big are they?15:29
Apachezsruli: idea of using urandom is to make it harder to identify what is encrypted and what isnt15:29
alkisgjayjo: you can configure rsyslog to delete them whenever you want; but it'd be better to solve the issue so that the app doesn't need to log gigabytes in the first place...15:30
saitoh183bekks: still there?15:30
sruliApachez: and if i understand correctly, if i fill an encrypted drive with zeros those zeros will become encrypted so not really different to using urandom before encrypting it15:30
jayjoalkisg: actually, it appears the bloated files are in kern.log, and all of the files I can observe seem to be NetworkManager[990] <info>15:33
alkisgjayjo: how big are we talking about? gigabytes?15:34
alkisgApachez: see second answer in http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/276153/mount-ftp-using-gvfs-at-the-command-line15:34
alkisgApachez: then create a user that mounts that gvfs dir, and put all the users that you want them to access it, to the same group as that user15:35
jayjoalkisg: it looks like they get zipped each week, kern.log is 0, kern.log.1 is 14574, kern.log.2.gz is 969819687, kern.log.3.gz is 155769667715:35
alkisgjayjo: and you can't see any specific pattern that is repeated in the big files?15:36
Apachezalkisg: tnx, ill give it a go15:37
alkisgExample,do you see network-manager thinking that you unplug/replug the network cable 100 times per second? That would be a bug to search for a solution, not the log size...15:37
alkisgjayjo: ^15:37
saitoh183So my guacamole works with usermapping but not with the mysql auth15:37
jayjoalkisg: OK thanks, youre right I'm not tackling this right. I'll do some more research and come back15:39
warrshrikei installed llvm-3.5 with apt-get15:39
warrshrikenow I need to set LLVM_HOME variable15:39
warrshrikebut i cant figure out where apt-get installed it15:39
warrshrikeany idea?15:39
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Afdallooks like an update busted network manager again15:49
Afdalhow do these get pushed into the stable repository?15:50
Blakes5Hey all. I'm trying to configure certificates for a openvpn server using https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenVPN#Generating_Certificates but I'm getting an error running this command ./pkitool --initca15:50
Blakes5Give me a sec and I'l get the error, it's lengthy15:51
Blakes5The error is error:0E065068:configuration file routines:STR_COPY:variable has no value:conf_def.c:584:line 14515:51
Afdalalways at the worst time to deal with this garbage too15:52
Blakes5There appears to be bug reports going back as far as 14.04 on this error. But no solution?15:52
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romdumHello everyone15:52
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Th3_ghostromdum: Hi15:53
AfdalRecent library update broke network manager on my laptop, not sure what to do here15:54
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AfdalLooking at the packages I installed yesterday and I only see linux-libc-dev, libservlet3.0-java, uno-libs3, and tcpdump at possible culprits15:56
Afdalas possible culprits*15:57
mvvvvAfdal, your wifi driver I guess ? there is an epidemic15:57
AfdalSo it's not just me?15:57
zeroraxI put ubuntu phone on my android15:58
mvvvvAfdal, did you update && upgrade to see if it's not an install problem ?15:58
Afdalgood grief how does this stuff make it into the stable repository15:58
zeroraxit's kinda cool, and kinda less intuitive than samsungs android ui15:58
zeroraxbut I like it overall15:58
AfdalI can't do anything of that sort mvvvv, my internet access on my laptop is completely dead15:58
Afdalalso I'm on 14.0415:58
mvvvvAfdal, plug an ethernet cable to your box15:58
zeroraxmvvvv, don't forget he needs to invert his rotational velocidenisty before he can pull this off15:59
Th3_ghostAfdal: Why so old version?15:59
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Afdalbecause I don't want to deal with 16.04 problems at the moment15:59
Th3_ghostAfdal: what problems?16:00
zeroraxincase you don't know the principal of rotational velocidensity, I'll show you this instructional video(it's a parody on hacking tutorials)16:00
AfdalXubuntu 16.04 made some changes that upset me16:00
zeroraxbest youtube video i've watched in a year16:00
Th3_ghostubuntu-gnome 16.04 works very good at my hp probook 450 g216:00
zeroraxtotally a joke, if you were thinking it was serious and trying to learn to hack, it would make you so damn confused16:00
Th3_ghostbetter than 14.0416:01
zeroraxold ubuntu is old16:01
srulito fill a luks drive with /dev/zero is the same is filling it with /dev/urandom before formatting it as luks, correct?16:02
zeroraxno... /dev/zero can leave detectable traces, you should do 3+ passes of random if you're worried. i like to use DBAN with twister for a PRNG and a 5 pass wipe if I have the time16:02
zeroraxbut I can be a little paranoid, just know that one pass of zeros is not safe16:03
Afdalokay how do I hold a package back again while using update && upgrade mvvvv16:04
Afdalthere's one package I really don't want to update right now16:04
mvvvvAfdal, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrede16:04
alkisgAfdal: man apt-mark => check for hold16:04
Afdalgot an ethernet connection working btw16:04
mvvvvAfdal, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade16:05
DJones!pinning | Afdal This sounds like what you need for that package16:06
ubottuAfdal This sounds like what you need for that package: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto16:06
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Afshaalso...  apt-mark hold firefox && apt-get upgrade?16:08
mvvvvno Afshaal16:08
Afshaalthat's not how you hold back an update properly?16:09
mvvvvsudo apt-mark  hold Your Package16:09
Afshaaland then I can apt-get update and upgrade without fear?16:09
mvvvvthen update && upgrade16:09
L0g4nAd4msHi, i got some problem with my ethernet connection suddenly, after the login it takes like 30 seconds for network manager to say "it has connected", but i got only then an ipv6 address (according to ifconfig) and can not access the internet16:09
Afshaalpackage modemmanager huh16:10
AfshaalI hope this fixed it :/16:10
mvvvvAfshaal, to test wifi : just unplug ethernet cable16:11
Afshaaloh jeez16:12
Afshaalyou know what16:12
AfshaalI had my wireless button switched off -__________-16:12
Afshaalhow embarrassing ;_;16:12
Afshaalwellll you're off the hook this time Canonical16:13
AfshaalI still don't appreciate the Opus audio codec being messed up recently however16:13
Afshaalthat still isn't fixed16:13
motomanhi everyone, have a good day16:13
sai_yes i have joined16:22
bunchiesthis is my first backup im making since installation yesterday. ive added a bunch of stuff in my home folder so just exclude those DIRs only in my root backup correct? or can i exclude more just to have something with apps to restore from16:26
bunchiesis /home even needed for a backup?16:26
bunchiesand also, if i wanted to install another ubuntu could i just format the / /boot and /var then remount and install?16:26
SchrodingersScatbunchies: that's up to you, what data you consider valuable.  On desktop machines I do normally grab /home/, because all other data can be reinstalled/duplicated, but my user data may not.  If you have a different structure, some other place you put important data, then of course adjust as needed.16:31
bunchiesSchrodingersScat, well this backup would be just for me to keep on the external if i ever just want a fresh install with a few apps16:33
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bunchiesall images and videos will be backed up separately16:33
egotriphello. folks16:34
egotripI have a few questions..16:34
tatertotsanswer is 42 to all of them16:35
SchrodingersScatwe have few answers16:35
egotriptatertots: You are now my hero16:35
bunchiesLife, the Universe and Everything16:35
bunchiesSchrodingersScat, this would just be a system backup all of my personal files are taken care of16:36
egotripI run Ubuntu, and boot into cli, Now and then i need to start window manager. (unity) to do some work, What i want, is a lightweight window to run web-browser and such, but still have unity.16:36
SchrodingersScatbunchies: what software were you considering using for the backup?16:37
bunchiesso all the media at /home doesnt need backup16:37
bunchiesbut only because thats the one im aware of16:38
SchrodingersScatnote: I've never tried to do a system recovery using the duplicity backend, I normally do a fresh install then import what I needed from backup16:38
bunchiesi was thinking about that too but it would still be nice to have an early restore point16:39
bunchiesim a n00b and may go through a few installs before i stop breaking shit :P16:40
BlueSharktry installing archlinux and come here again :p16:41
alkisgegotrip: you want unity and you want something light? those don't match... :)16:43
egotripalkisg: i want BOTH :)16:44
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egotripalkisg: I want a lightweight windows for simple tasks, and boot up unity when i need more16:44
alkisgegotrip: well, unity needs a lot of dependencies to run, so you can't have that :D16:44
Guest88144Hi everybody. I'm new to Ubuntu. No idea of how can I access to control panel16:45
alkisgegotrip: well, then just also install openbox or something16:45
Guest88144to uninstall programs16:45
egotripalkisg: there are no problems having 2 window managers installed, and start one or another when needed?16:46
alkisgegotrip: nah, it's ok16:46
nicolas__do you speak french ?16:47
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.16:47
egotripalkisg: i will do some research.16:47
egotripalkisg: i tried installing openbox earlier, but I have a highresolution screen, so the windows was really small, and i didn't have any config menus. I guess there is some start arguments or config files to fiddle with16:49
alkisgegotrip: I think you don't know what you want. Light or full desktop? If you want light, it's light :)16:50
alkisgegotrip: what do you think openbox will save you, 300 mb ram? how much ram do you have?16:50
bunchiesBlueShark, i understand where im at in my understanding of linux and that's ok i just started playing around last wednesday and last friday i stopped booting windows, last night i whiped windows completely. i want to learn so i'll get there :P16:50
Apachezsome debugging regarding libreoffice vs curlftpfs using ubuntu: http://pastebin.com/7hS7eK1G  symptom: cannot open nor save files in libreoffice when using network share, gedit however works16:51
egotripalkisg: I know what I want, I want a lightweight windows for simple tasks. ;)16:51
ioriaegotrip, try fluxbox, it's more 'human'16:51
ioria!info fluxbox16:52
ubottufluxbox (source: fluxbox): Highly configurable and low resource X11 Window manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.5-2 (yakkety), package size 706 kB, installed size 3481 kB16:52
egotripioria: fluxbox. might do the trick. Hoping it will work alongside unity.16:53
egotripioria: not at the same time. but on demand :P16:53
ioriaegotrip, guess so16:53
egotripioria: i will do some research on fluxbox16:54
ioriaegotrip, btw,   with openbox  you can install tilt2, so you'll have a taskbar16:55
ioriaegotrip, sy, i mean tint216:55
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egotripioria: oh (i am noting the tips)16:57
saitoh183anyone have experience with installing guacamole with mysql(mariaDB) authentication? all im getting is a blank page when i navigate to the url. log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24072094/16:57
saitoh183bekks: mysql-connector-java-5.1.40-bin.jar is in /etc/guacamole/lib16:57
saitoh183and guacamole-auth-jdbc-mysql-0.9.11-incubating.jar is in /etc/guacamole/extensions16:58
saitoh183i followed the instructions on the guacamole site and also tried  https://www.chasewright.com/guacamole-with-mysql-on-ubuntu/16:58
egotripioria: i have to google some stuff when I am back in unity later.16:58
willi broke my X http://paste.ubuntu.com/24072755/17:05
feep[ub]hi, I have a _weird_ problem17:06
feep[ub]I have a system with both nvidia and intel graphics17:06
ioriawill, how did you break it ?17:07
feep[ub]I want to force intel glx/mesa rendering when starting X, I don't want it to probe nvidia at all17:07
feep[ub]but I _don't_ want to remove nvidia17:07
feep[ub]cause I still need it for cuda, I just don't want xorg touching it.17:07
feep[ub]any ideas?17:07
Apachezhow do I locate older versions of deb files for a specific app in ubuntu?17:08
willnomodesetup on grub effed my ubuntu resolution.  i took it off still messed up.  display wouldnt work, and failsafe isnt fixing it17:08
feep[ub]on gentoo, I can switch the opengl provider to mesa. I don't know how to do this on ubuntu.17:08
ioriawill,  sudo lshw -c Video17:09
_pepeHey all, it appears the recent update borked something. Ubuntu 16.04 Mate. After update when I login to a session the mouse freezes and the LEDs over my numpad flash. I can get into a guest session though but can'tr connect to wifi. Grub shows 4 items, a "-", kernel 4.4.0-59 Recovery, 4.4.0-57, and 4.4.0-57 recovery. Any ideas?17:12
ioria_pepe, recent update?  current kernel is 4.4.0-6417:13
_pepeTodays, is 16.04 behind?17:13
ioria_pepe,  maybe open a terminal ans run  sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade17:14
ioria!info linux-generic xenial | _pepe17:14
ubottu_pepe: linux-generic (source: linux-meta): Complete Generic Linux kernel and headers. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 1 kB, installed size 12 kB17:14
Guy1524hey guys, I have mesa 12.0.6 installed on 16.04.2 on haswell integrated graphics, yet the max OGL version is 3.317:15
Guy1524how can I get it up to 4.1 at least17:15
feep[ub]gonna try just deleting the relevant libglx and xorg module17:15
feep[ub]I really don't care at all about hwaccel on the desktop, it's gonna be slow with cuda anyways17:15
feep[ub]here goes!17:16
willioria: *display UNCLAIMED description: VGA compatable controller product Kaveri [Radeo R6 Gragpics] vendor AMD/ATI wideth 64 bits clock 33mhz capabilities upon requesttt17:17
Guy1524I thought that intel had openGL 4 support in mesa 12.0.617:17
ioriawill,  please, paste the output on paste.ubuntu.com or use pastebinit17:17
tatertotsGuy1524: install hardware that supports 4.117:19
Guy1524tatertots: haswell integrated graphics doesn't support 4.1?17:20
tatertotsGuy1524: install hardware that it's software supports supports 4.117:20
Guy1524just found this: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Intel-Haswell-GL4-Flipped-On17:20
willioria: http://pastebin.com/GT23Jq4s17:20
ioriawill,  i'am sure R 6 is supported by the opensource driver in 16.04 ....17:21
ioriawill,  cat /etc/issue17:21
willUbuntu 16.04.02 LTS \m \117:22
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ioriawill,  dmesg | grep Kernel17:22
Guy1524figured it out17:23
Guy1524opengl 4.5 support for haswell doesn't come until mesa 1717:23
Guy1524what would you guys say is the best way to get to mesa 17 stabily on 16.04.217:23
SpartacurseELI5: what is the system group named "input"?17:25
k1lGuy1524: use 17.04, that will get mesa 1717:25
Krissmanany sexy girls here, that would like to chat with a lovely 33 years old estonian male? my webpage: web.zone.ee/kristjanrobam17:25
sadboy98_Hey everybody :D17:25
k1lKrissman: this channel is technical support only. better try in ##chat17:25
Guy1524k1l: you think I should upgrade to 17.04 just for the graphics stack?17:25
sadboy98_What's is the best VPN Client for Ubuntu ?17:26
Guy1524will 16.04.3 have mesa 17?17:26
Krissmani will go now there17:26
willsorry i have to type all these17:26
k1lGuy1524: i dont know why you want to upgrade the whole graphics stack. but 17.04 will ship mesa 17 and that will get backported to 16.04.3 maybe17:26
Guy1524if I use the oibaf ppa, do you think I will have major stability problems17:27
ioriawill,  what happens if you remove nomodeset ?17:27
k1lGuy1524: 3rd party repos and pacakges and PPAs are out of the reach of the core ubuntu. so we cant tell you that its stable and give guarantees17:27
Guy1524ok then17:27
Guy1524thanks for the help17:27
k1lGuy1524: if you want mesa17 now, then its your decision17:28
willioria: thanks17:30
willioria: i think that fixed it...weird i thought i took that out before but i must not have configured it after or soemthing17:30
ioriawill,  ok ....17:30
feep[ub]okay, now I have no software accel despite the fact that I really should have, but no big deal17:36
feep[ub]nvidia still works, and that's the important part17:36
feep[ub]ah crud, nevermind, this doesn't work17:36
feep[ub]I can't start blender cause it expects glx, I really need software rendering.17:37
feep[ub]maybe I can turn this around, remove nvidia and install it manually from nvidia's download?17:37
feep[ub]so ubuntu doesn't know it's there17:37
feep[ub]stealth nvidai17:37
feep[ub]hm, does ubuntu have any way to install _just_ the kernel module?17:38
feep[ub]ah great, I can't install cuda without having the nvidia driver17:41
feep[ub]is there any way to fake ubuntu out, like, "trust me, I already have that package installed, you do not need to concern yourself with it"17:41
feep[ub]"especially definitely do not configure it or use it to satisfy any alternatives"17:41
feep[ub]I can just install the cuda sdk manually too, it's just a bit annoying17:41
tatertotsfeep[ub]: open terminal17:49
feep[ub]terminal open17:50
tatertotsfeep[ub]: in terminal>        sudo apt install inxi17:50
tatertotsfeep[ub]: let me know when it's done17:50
feep[ub]fwiw I've found update-alternatives in the meantime17:50
feep[ub]and apparently I can just force libgl to mesa17:51
feep[ub]not sure if that works for xorg yet17:51
feep[ub]yeah it's done17:51
tatertotsfeep[ub]: in terminal>        inxi -Fxxrzc0|nc termbin.com 999917:51
tatertotsfeep[ub]: press enter, share the url/link here, if you do not get a url/link say so17:51
feep[ub]tatertots: http://sprunge.us/VaGL17:52
feep[ub]the FAILED nvidia is from when I deleted nvidia so it doesn't use nvidia17:53
feep[ub]I like saying nvidia.     nvidia.17:53
tatertotsfeep[ub]: i would have asked you to run it as root....did you run this as root?17:54
feep[ub]I can .. why?17:54
tatertotsfeep[ub]: no don't17:54
feep[ub]too late http://sprunge.us/YjMD17:54
feep[ub]no difference except the graphics don't work at all, as expected17:55
feepswitching to here since I'm restarting my xorg17:55
tatertotsfeep: yeah graphics will be a mess .......as expected17:56
tatertotsfeep: yeah graphics will be a mess .......as expected..based off the looks of your inxi17:56
feepeven in manual, it keeps resetting the gl_conf/egl_conf to nvidia17:57
MrHallhello how can i install an tcz app?17:58
MrHallim noob on linux17:58
feepis there any way to say "update-alternatives, I want you to lock it to that option, and keep it at that option, even if it errors, even if it crashes, even if it just looks wrong, I want you to just not mess with it"17:58
tatertotsfeep: from the inxi i'm looking at....don't expect to have a good experience graphics wise17:58
feepI assure you my expectations have been lowered into the basement.17:58
MrHalli say on console17:59
k1lMrHall: what is tcz?17:59
tatertotsfeep: i'm almost afraid to ask this but......what are you trying to accomplish exactly?18:00
feeptatertots: I want to start xorg on the igpu, _only_ on the igpu, I want it to do _nothing_ involving nvidia18:01
k1lMrHall: do you mean the tiny core linux pacakges? they are not meant for ubuntu18:01
feepbut I still want the nvidia kernel driver to be installed.18:01
feepthis is because I need to debug cuda kernels, and I can't do that when the gpu is used for display.18:01
Dragon64MrHall have you checked to see if ubuntu has same software?18:01
k1lfeep: you can set it on the nvidia driver to use the intel card18:01
MrHalli want download minidwep someone know how can i install this?18:01
MrHallthis and aircrack18:01
MrHalli dont want pay internet :)18:02
k1lMrHall: we cant support illegal things in here18:02
MrHallis for school project :S18:03
feepk1l: THANK YOU18:03
Dragon64if you want software for tinycore linux, why dont you run that instead?18:03
feephow does that work? is there a command line flag for it?18:03
k1lthat doesnt change it. if you want to do research on wifi security, then do the research. if you only want to just get commands to hack another wifi, we cant help you18:04
feeplike, how does that work internally18:04
tatertotsfeep: first acknowledge that nvidia driver is required there.....then see if you can get at least that far...this means you should be able to post a inxi that looks a heck of a lot better than the one you posted18:05
k1lfeep: ubuntu uses nvidia-prime which is the official nvidia project to handle the hybrid video card setup. i dont know how that works exactly but the nvidia driver offers that setting.18:05
feeptatertots: it's okay, k1l fixed it18:05
tatertotsfeep: meaning NO failed=nvidia18:05
mik__Hello guys18:05
hirnlagerhello girls and guxy and others :D18:05
feepk1l: *sweet*.18:05
feepk1l: thanks a bunch!18:06
tatertotsfeep: good deal...take care18:06
feephm, let's see if blender can still use cuda18:06
feephm, no it can't but I should be able to work that.18:07
feepjust gotta make a folder that has the cuda libs but not the gl libs, then library_path it18:08
MrHallsomeone know a channel about hacking?18:08
hirnlagerhacking Oo hack your
feepyup! there it goes, opengl from mesa but cuda from nvidia18:09
DJonesMrHall: Hacking isn't a topic for this channel, or the freenode channel, please don't ask about it18:10
DJoness/freenode channel/freenode network/18:10
Apachezthere we go curlftpfs 0.9.1 works with libreoffice in ubuntu due to how libreoffice opens files18:10
feephm.. but blender still crashes with nvprof. damn.18:12
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JoniiIs Ubuntu 16.10 known for memory leaks?19:01
JoniiRestarted computer, opened the same set of programs, and instead of 8gb RAM used, I'm now using 2gb19:01
k1lJonii: ram is there to be used. free ram is waisted ram.  the problem is only if you need more ram than you got.19:02
JoniiBut it's literally the same set of programs19:03
k1lJonii: there is cache and buffers19:03
k1land especially webbrowsers do use a lot of memory while using them.19:03
k1lJonii: you can look at "free -h" and linuxatemyram.com19:05
kjsdafhafweiughAnyone knows how to alter response in mitmproxy ?19:06
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sleehi, today i noticed 2 new folders under /var/, /var/run and /var/lock(both are 'link to', anyone know what created them? i haven't installed anything recently19:22
IonutVan_I have a vps running Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS. Should I install mongodb and redis for production using the apt-get method (using default provided repos) or by downloading the packages from their website and installing them?19:23
BluesKajuse apt, IonutVan_19:24
BluesKajno kernel update breakage that way19:24
k1lIonutVan_: when you use the ubuntu package managment you get updates and security fixes from ubuntu and its made working with ubuntu and the other ubuntu pacakges already19:24
IonutVan_I know but I am not sure if there is the latest stable version for the packages19:25
BluesKaji can assure you itwill as stable and more so than an unsupported proprietary19:26
IonutVan_I also prefer to use apt-get, but was strange to me to see on mongodb website that they don't have any apt-get option19:26
BluesKajit's not a repository19:26
k1lIonutVan_: you can have a look at packages.ubuntu.com for the versions shipped by ubuntu. but ubuntu doesnt update the version number after release19:26
k1lIonutVan_: if you isntall from someone others website, then its  your and their task to keep track of support and updates.19:27
IonutVan_so, this means that I will have an old version if I use apt-get, right?19:27
IonutVan_k1l, from apt-get or from mongodb site, no other sites19:27
Bashing-om!latest | IonutVan_19:28
ubottuIonutVan_: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.19:28
IonutVan_ah, ok, thanks19:28
k1lIonutVan_: if you load from mongodb website, its your task and their task  to keep track of support and security updates.19:29
IonutVan_k1l, I understood, thanks a lot19:30
io_elephantAsked this in #xfce but everyone is sleeping. I want to change the workspace move left/right keyboard shortcut to Ctrl+Alt+> or Ctrl+Alt+<. In Session editor xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts, i cant figure out what the Property for "<" or ">" is.19:36
io_elephantnevermind, someone woke up ;)19:37
rememanybody have good link for tutorial configure postfix on server?19:40
bekksremem: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix19:43
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Johnson1977Can someone help me a sudoers file20:05
Johnson1977its just 2 users, but it says the file is invalid20:06
remembekks: thx20:07
rememJohnson1977: what do u whant? add user to sudo?20:07
Johnson1977When i use the visudo -cf, it says problem at line 220:08
Johnson1977I don't see any errors :(20:08
rememcheck (ALL:ALL)20:09
Johnson1977How you mean?20:11
bekksJohnson1977: So what does your line 2 looks like?20:11
Johnson1977thats the file20:11
OerHeksehh, /usr/bin/ro  ??20:13
Johnson1977That exists20:13
Johnson1977its one of my files20:13
k1lthat cant be all the file. there is a lot more in the sudoers file20:13
alexandrosIs it possible to install any linux distro to any cheap android tablet?20:13
k1lalexandros: #linux for generic linux questions. this is ubuntu support20:14
OerHeksalexandros, no, not to 'any'... ARM6 is likely not to run ubuntu.20:14
MonkeyDustalexandros  sounds like you're a pioneer, nobody has ever tried20:14
k1lalexandros: and for ubuntu: not its not. there are no generic drivers for arm hardware.20:14
alexandrosisnt debian for arm?20:14
alexandrosits supposed to be for every architecture20:15
k1lalexandros: this is #ubuntu20:15
Johnson1977let me double check20:15
OerHeksask #debian20:15
rememi dont get this20:15
rememif i whant isntall postfix i must read a book and configure 2h this20:16
rememnobody create easy script to install20:16
k1lremem: there is a reason not every average joe runs his own email server. there is a lot that can go wrong.20:17
OerHeksremem, mailservices are a no services like 'install & forget' it needs attention.20:17
bekksremem: For installing it: sudo apt install postfix20:17
bekksremem: For configuring it: read the link given ;)20:17
rememIn simplification20:17
rememadd domain20:17
rememadd account20:17
rememand done20:18
rememhand create script to connect mysql table forwarding.. heh20:18
bekksremem: Thats not what the link tells you ;)20:18
rememXII w20:18
OerHekseasy on the enter, remem20:18
remembekks: true but i see another tutorial20:18
bekksremem: from what you just wrote, you want to do a quite complex setup, which is far more complex than just installing and configuring postfix.20:19
rememthis link no work correcty for new architecture20:19
bekksremem: that link is perfect, it just dont fit your use case.20:19
remembekks: i install postfix 5 years ago20:19
bekksremem: since you did not tell us that you want a mysql-backup virtual user setup.20:20
rememand nothing change, nothing script to configure20:20
ioriaremem, you need virtual users ?20:20
bekksremem: you want this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixCompleteVirtualMailSystemHowto20:21
remembekks: your link work when i fresh install ubuntu with 3.x kernel20:21
bekksAnd its quite a lot of work, and no, there is no magic autoconfigure script for that.20:21
ioriaremem, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixVirtualMailBoxClamSmtpHowto20:21
bekksremem: And it did two days ago for setting up postfix on 16.04 for me.20:21
ioriaremem,  you don't need sql20:22
rememauto script have many strengths, ex. check user have SSL, pam, correct DB20:22
bekksremem: So script it, and share it.20:22
rememioria: and how u managment users and account?20:22
ioriaremem, with that script... read the page20:23
remembekks: maybe i do, but first i must configure own postfix20:23
bekksremem: Thats all done in the links given.20:23
qzerohi all20:24
rememyes, thanks a lot!20:24
RedPenguinanybody know what can constantly make a root partition fill up? I had 21GB free yesterday then examining /tmp nothing but it says totally full20:25
RedPenguinI moved Dropbox off the root and made sure nothing is storing large items on /root so I can't figure out where the space keeps going20:25
RedPenguinusually on a reboot the space is back but it was less than 1MB reported in tmp this time20:25
rememMBR, GPT?20:26
bekksRedPenguin: So check out: du -shx /*20:26
bekksRedPenguin: Totally irrelevant for the space usage issue :)20:26
bekksThat question for MBR, GPT. ^20:27
k1lRedPenguin: look at /var/log if a error spams the logs20:27
RedPenguinjust a reboot alone has 36GB free now20:28
bekksRedPenguin: Reboot kills little kitten ;)20:28
tatertotsRedPenguin: baobab20:28
Apacheznailed it regarding that case of when libreoffice in ubuntu cannot open files from network shares: https://www.reddit.com/r/sysadmin/comments/5wa5nx/cannot_opensave_files_on_networkshares_when_using/de8wv5l/20:30
k1lApachez: can you file a bugreport to ubuntu/debian so that can be fixed?20:31
RedPenguinlooking at my machine it says something happened around 2AM20:31
=== lethu_ is now known as lethu
RedPenguinI think I see what may be doing it20:33
RedPenguinIt seems mythtv has a cache in the home folder, I will have to see about moving the home folder off the root20:33
RedPenguinsomehow home is 47GB which isn't making much sense to me20:33
ioriaApachez, i have no problem with samba ... what kind of NT shar e?20:33
RedPenguinI just gotta try and remember the steps to properly move the home folder20:34
bekksRedPenguin: Move the cache instead :P20:34
RedPenguinyea will have to look in to that, the home directory should be no means 47GB, I purposely put stuff that's large on another partition/drive20:36
Apachezioria: ftp20:40
Apachezk1l: will do later next week20:40
k1lApachez: thanks20:40
Apachezspeaking with some libreoffice this is close to getting into a blame game :P20:41
Apachezlibreoffice people20:41
Apachezsince these errors seems to be located to ubuntu20:41
Apachezbut at the same time other apps in ubuntu doesnt have this issue so meh :)20:41
ioriaApachez, no problem at all with sftp + nautilus20:44
ioriaApachez, you maybe need to change the format to .odt ... idk20:46
Apachezhas nothing to do with the file itself20:46
Apachezits how libreoffice tries to open the file which curlftpfs doesnt support since 0.9.220:47
ioriaApachez, never used curlftpfs, sorry20:48
amazoniantoadDoes anyonee here have any experience with network bonding? I'm trying to accomplish this with several wifi dongles20:52
shalokHow do I mute the volume from the command line?20:54
shalokI've been trying various amixer and pactl commands that I found on google but so far nothing works.20:55
shalokAlso why are simple things always so difficult on linux? =)20:56
amazoniantoadshalok, ubuntu support is dead it seems20:56
Apachezk1l: any suggestion on where to file that bugreport?20:57
Apachezin the curlftpfs list?20:57
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.20:57
Apachezor libreoffice?20:57
ApachezI have reported bugs previously, just curious about where its supposed to be20:57
k1lApachez: upstream? i guess libreoffice needs to fix that, or?20:57
k1lfor ubuntu launchpad.net is the right place20:58
gadgetguy__So Iv'e been trying to recover information from a VM who's NFS mounted disk lost connection20:59
gadgetguy__Currently getting "Bad magic number in superblock while trying to open /dev/xvdb221:00
gadgetguy__and then it says "Cloudn't find valid filesystem superblock21:00
_28_riaHello. After restarting unity from cli, windows disappear, when you minimize them. How to rescan for existing windows?21:05
OerHeks_28_ria, alt + tab?21:07
_28_riaOerHeks: Of course, but it disappears. It doesn't show up on panel or alt+tab. I am saying: run 'unity' command from cli (to restart unity process). Then, after that, if you minimize any window. It disappears from alt+tab and panel, but it's still in the process (the process is still running).21:09
OerHekswhat window exactly?21:09
OerHeksand why do you need to (re)start unity?21:09
EmmarofI have a problem21:11
MMA_sparringyeah houston - theres a prob21:11
Butterhey I have a problem with my usb stick when I try to copy something on it I get this error  "Error while copying to "32 GB Volume" The destination is read-only.21:12
EmmarofI want to format my disk in nfts from the terminal21:12
EmmarofHow do I go about it?21:12
MMA_sparringEmmarof, really must to be in term? - fdisk will do21:13
bekksfdisk will not format whatsoever.21:13
_28_riaOerHeks: any GUI program's window, that you minimize (after the unity process is restarted, while program windows were open). Try yourself: Open some GUI programs, then, from the cli type 'unity'. It will restart the unity WM (I do it sometimes, so that I don't have to restart computer, if WM started to glitch after a long time running). Your unity will restart. All open windows stay intact.21:13
bekksfdisk creates partitions, not filesystems.21:13
MMA_sparringbekks, no?21:13
bekksMMA_sparring: No.21:14
OerHeks_28_ria, no i won't do that. again, why do you need to (re)start unity?21:14
_28_riaOerHeks: Then, try to minimize any of them. After minimizing, try to restore the window, that you've just minimized.21:14
k1lButter: look at "dmesg" if it was mounted read-only due to errors21:14
_28_riaOerHeks: I've just thurally explained to you in my previous message.21:14
MMA_sparringEmmarof, ok - my mistake - I think I messed stuff up cuz fdisk used to show filesystems and I believe it could21:14
k1lEmmarof: a data partition? or a system partition?21:14
Butterk1l wanna see output ?21:15
bekksMMA_sparring: fdisk does not show filesystems. It shows partition types. :)21:15
_28_riaOerHeks: I do it sometimes, so that I don't have to restart computer, if WM started to glitch after a long time running. ^^^Wrote it above.21:15
ikoniathere is no way that should happen21:15
OerHeks_28_ria, i see. so you don't want to reboot, some glitches, and you ask about why windows disappear .. i have no answer to that than: reboot to start clean21:15
pavlosEmmarof, use fdisk to clean up partitions, crate a new one, then use mkfs.ntfs to format it21:15
ikoniarunning a window manager for a long time should not make it "glitch"21:16
ikoniarestarting the desktop over a running desktop does not seem like a good idea21:16
ikoniaI'd be looking at what the glitches are and why21:16
=== Guest48517 is now known as imcesjf
OerHeksikonia +121:16
ikoniarather than a bad hack21:16
MMA_sparringpavlos, yeaa! mkfs scripts21:16
Butter<k1l> http://pastebin.com/DEcUk3Tm21:16
pavlosEmmarof, if you want to use gui, gparted will do all those steps21:17
OerHeks_28_ria, maybe it is time to run a memtest86 check21:18
_28_riaOerHeks: I am not asking about, why they disappear. I already understood, that they disappear, because of some but, that forgets open windows on unity restart. I was asking, if there is some utility, that will rescan all the windows, so, that all hidden windows reappear.21:18
ikonia_28_ria: why do they disapear ?21:18
MMA_sparringoops ..those are binaries - not script21:18
_28_riaikonia: what's your perceptionof a long time?21:18
ikonia_28_ria: it doesn't matter,21:19
ikonia_28_ria: it shouldn't happen21:19
ikonia_28_ria: why do they disapear ?21:19
MMA_sparring3 wrongs in a row  - im out21:19
RedPenguinyes it has to be the MythTV cache folder, it just keeps growing and growing as shows are recording, went from 1.8GB to 3.2GB in the blink of an eye21:19
_28_riaikonia: Of course, it shouldn't happen!, but it happens. Must be some bug. You know, programs have bugs, periodically. and some workarounds. I am just asking, if there is some workaround for this problem.21:20
ikonia_28_ria: why do they disapear ?21:20
RedPenguinguess the best way to move since server has no setting is a symbolic link?21:22
k1lButter: [ 1775.019532] EXT4-fs error (device sdc1): ext4_journal_check_start:56: Detected aborted journal21:22
sergio_sokolovhi all21:22
seaholmi have some problems connecting bluetooth headphones to my computer with ubuntu 16.1021:22
sergio_sokolovI just have installed linux mint 18.1 :)21:22
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k1lButter: fsck that filesystem on the usb21:23
_28_riaikonia: I've already explained 3 times. : After the unity process is restarted, while program GUI windows were open, if you minimize them, they disappear from the panel and alt+tab, but the process is still running.21:23
sergio_sokolovAnybody use Hifiman HM-603 with linux?21:23
ikonia_28_ria: yes, and you said you understand why they dissapear21:23
ikonia_28_ria: why do they dissapear21:24
Bashing-om!mint | sergio_sokolov21:24
ubottusergio_sokolov: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org21:24
ikoniaor are you expecting a window manager to track window status after a restart21:24
_28_riaikonia: Of course, I expect it to track. The whole reason for restarting just the window manager without restarting the whole computer is, so that you don't have to reopen all the running programs.21:25
ikoniathen you have failed21:25
ikoniaif you are restarting a window manager it will lose track / state of the windows, because it is terminatiing21:25
ikoniaand being restarted21:25
sergio_sokolovBoys, what are the best games for ubuntu? :)21:27
iseneAny idea when Ubuntu will package QtWebEngine?21:28
k1l!info QtWebEngine zesty21:29
ubottuPackage QtWebEngine does not exist in zesty21:29
k1l!info QtWebEngine-examples zesty21:29
ubottuPackage QtWebEngine-examples does not exist in zesty21:29
k1l!info QtWebEngine5-examples zesty21:30
ubottuqtwebengine5-examples (source: qtwebengine-opensource-src): Qt WebEngine - Examples. In component universe, is optional. Version 5.7.1+dfsg-6build1 (zesty), package size 430 kB, installed size 2562 kB21:30
k1lisene: its pacakged for 17.0421:30
sergio_sokolovI have a question. Please advise how I shall install serviio?21:32
k1lsergio_sokolov: for mint questions better ask the mint support as already said21:32
isenek1l: Thanks21:33
sergio_sokolovI have Ubuntu on other laptop21:33
_28_riaikonia: And the question was (that I've asked in the beginning): drum beat.......: is there some utility, that can rescan window processes, so, that they reappear on window list.21:33
mousemy mouse is registering as /dev/input/js0 and my usb controller is registering as js1. how do I swap the two of them?21:34
_28_riasergio_sokolov: I like 'ufo: alien invasion', 'supertuxkart' (it has funny old looking graphics, but, it's fun to play)21:35
_28_riasergio_sokolov: hedgewars21:35
_28_riaMMA_sparring: You like it too?21:38
MMA_sparring_28_ria, sure21:38
MMA_sparring_28_ria, cool sound track, funny characters, fun "ballistics" and cool toilet dump songs!21:39
OerHeks_28_ria, so you claim the processes are still running, but  restarting a window manager it will lose track / state of the windows, your command 'unity' is not normal behaviour. there is a reason why this happens. find the cause of these glitches.21:39
OerHeksmemtest, fsck, update & reboot?21:40
finexcan you use ubuntu mate for coding??21:42
ikoniayou can use any linux distribution for "coding"21:42
finexwhat is aq great termnal for coding??21:44
ikoniathey are all the same21:44
ikoniathey display text in a window21:44
finexi meant programs like geany21:45
ikoniatry some, see what you look21:45
finexaders that look nice21:45
bekksthats eye-candy, not coding.21:45
finexsorry eye-candy21:46
ikoniafinex: lets try again, what is your question21:46
finexi didn't understand21:46
ikoniaso what is your question then ?21:47
ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator21:47
pavlosfinex, you can use ANY linux for coding, ANY terminal for coding, you have choice.21:47
finexwhat is a great eye_candy program21:47
TomTomToschyou want an IDE? i like IntelliJ products.21:47
ikoniaa great eyecandy program ?21:47
ikoniawhat does that even mean21:47
* OerHeks likes wobbly-windows21:47
_28_riasergio_sokolov: '0 A.D.', 'AssaultCube', 'Blood Frontier', 'hex-a-hop', 'Nether Earth',  'Nexuiz', 'Neverputt', 'Cuby', 'Red Eclipse', 'Sauerbraten', 'Ri-li', 'Simutrans', 'Violetland', 'Warsaw', 'Warzone 2100', 'Which Way is Up', 'Xonotic'. ...and, of course, you can always install 'Steam' for more games.21:48
finexi men for putting codes and creating programs21:49
k1lfinex: honestly: start using the standard tools. if you know you miss some features you can look for another program. but when beginning "coding" you will not see any difference21:49
ikoniafinex: so you want an IDE for writing software ?21:49
_28_riaOerHeks: No, none of that. More, like, if you run some game. It screws up a window manager sometimes, which needs to be restarted after that, but games are not the only programs, that screw up window managers. Som other programs also do that.21:50
ikonia_28_ria: programs should not screw up the window manager21:51
finexa writing softwer21:51
ikoniafinex: I suggest you do some basic research into the tools available on linux, then try them21:51
ikoniafinex: see which ones meet your needs best21:51
pavlosfinex, http://askubuntu.com/questions/48299/what-ides-are-available-for-ubuntu21:51
_28_riaikonia: 1) eye candy: pretty to look at. 2) shouldn't, but some of them do.21:52
ikonia_28_ria: I don't buy that, sorry,21:53
ikonia_28_ria: and again the solution is not to oddly restart the window manager over a running one21:53
_28_riaikonia: unity command does not 'oddly' start the WM over the running one. It restarts it. It used to be: 'unity --replace', now they deprecated the '--replace' parameter and say, that 'unity' should be run by itself, without this parameter now.21:55
OerHeks_28_ria, so if you started: i play a game, it crashes and now my unity is not doing well, question the game?21:55
ikonia_28_ria: right, so thats terimiating and restarting over the top21:55
ikoniathat is an odd approach21:55
_28_riaOerHeks: So, do you suggest, to edit game's code, when I have other things to do?21:55
_28_riaikonia: yes, so what, the window processes are still in memory. There must be the way to scan the processes and find, which belong to windows, thus re-placing those windows back to the panel and alt+tab. P.S. Windows do appear on the panel and alt+tab until they are minimized.21:58
ikonia_28_ria: how are they still in memory21:58
ikoniayou just killed the window manager21:58
ikoniathe window manager doesn't use a "state" file type technique21:58
_28_riaikonia: Try to do this yourself, and you will see21:59
ikoniaI'd be more concerned at why you have programs causing problems for your window manager21:59
ikoniasee what ?21:59
RedPenguinI think I found a major cause of my space afterall21:59
_28_riaikonia: That windows stay there and that they appear in alt+tab and on panel. That is: until you minimize them.21:59
RedPenguinI have an 18GB .xessions-errors.old file in /home22:00
OerHeksRedPenguin, good find22:00
ikonia_28_ria: they are running processes, so they should be "aware" of them22:00
finexprint "name file"22:00
finexfilename = raw_input(">")22:00
finexprint "we're going to erase %r" % filename22:00
finexprint "opening the file...."22:00
finex'''this will open the file if it is exist22:00
finexif file does not exist it will create new file'''22:00
k1lRedPenguin: that is where errors from the gui login come to. see what error it is and if you can fix it22:01
OerHeksfinex, don't paste like that22:01
_28_riaikonia: I am concerned, but I am not knowledgeble enough to fix those problems in the code of those programs. Plus WM should be more sturdy to things like that.22:01
finexline_23 = raw_input("")22:01
finexline_24 = raw_input("")22:01
finexline_25 = raw_input("")22:01
finexline_26 = raw_input("")22:01
ikonia_28_ria: the window manager is sturdy22:02
ikoniafinex: stop22:02
RedPenguinit keeps complaining "no a valid -min-max height" for most stuff22:02
_28_riaikonia: no, it's not, if it cannot handle such simple thing.22:02
ikonia_28_ria: it can22:02
ikonia_28_ria: I never have to restart my window manager outside of the host22:03
k1lRedPenguin: details matter a lot. what ubuntu, what desktop?22:03
_28_riaikonia: because, you, probably, turn off your comp every day.22:03
RedPenguinIt's Mythbuntu 16.0422:03
ikonia_28_ria: no, I don't on these hosts22:03
_28_riaikonia: Than, you don't always seat on them 'these hosts'. You just periodically go to them to do something and you don't run games on them or some unstable programs, that you can't replace with stable alternatives.22:05
ikonia_28_ria: no, they are in use 24x722:05
=== Meya is now known as Guest73456
_28_riaikonia: But you chose not to say about running games or unstable programs on them :). I can also run desktops without using any unstable programs or overloading ram or running games on them 24x7 forever.22:12
RedPenguinwow, the file is flooded with an insane amount of the exact same python error22:12
RedPenguinwell technically 2 of the same22:12
de-jesusloverhey guyz22:12
de-jesusloveranyone knows how to install any bible app on ubuntu mate22:12
de-jesusloveri have tried buh all the things failed22:13
_28_riaikonia: If you put a person with immunodeficit in a bubble, he will also live a lot longer, than without a bubble. If you don't touch the burn, it will not hurt.22:13
cfhowlettde-jesuslover, look in the software center22:13
ikonia_28_ria: unstable programs ?22:13
OerHeksde-jesuslover, tons of them https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/search/?q=bible&op=22:13
ikoniawhat unstable programs,22:13
_28_riaikonia: beta programs22:13
k1lde-jesuslover: what failed with what error?22:13
de-jesusloverubuntu mate has a wierd software centre...22:13
ikonia_28_ria: I run beta software, yes22:14
OerHeksde-jesuslover, install synaptic, detailed softwarecenter22:14
RedPenguinodd when I google the python error, it comes up with a bug with Ubuntu and Kodi22:14
_28_riaikonia: programs with graphics, windowing bugs22:14
ikonia_28_ria: you run programs with windowing bugs....but you're complaining that the window manager should be more sturdy22:14
ikonia_28_ria: and yes, I run graphical programs22:15
_28_riaikonia: Yes, the window manager, should be more sturdy to overcome those bugs.22:15
ikonia_28_ria: no, it shouldn't22:15
ikoniathe programs should not have bugs22:15
k1lRedPenguin: there is no sense in asking in here if you dont want to show the details. its like repeating "my car is broken"22:15
OerHeks_28_ria, when that happens, simply logout/login should do the trick to restore your unity clean22:15
ikoniayou can't design a window manager to pre-emptively overcome unknown bugs that don't exist22:15
ikonianor can you expect the window manager to be patched to fix bugs in individual software22:16
RedPenguinI keep getting this error22:16
RedPenguinWhen I google that exact error message I get tons of folks saying Kodi + 16.04 seems to be flooding their .xsession-error and other files with that error22:17
de-jesusloverJESUS is the way the truth and life22:17
ikoniade-jesuslover: don't start with that please22:17
ikoniaubuntu discussion only22:17
cfhowlettde-jesuslover, maybe, but this channel is not the place for that discussion22:17
RedPenguinlooks like a Kodi forum member recommends a PPA as an outdated python-cryptography seems to be the issue22:18
_28_riaikonia: but it's possible to fix the problem of forgetting windows on WM restart.22:19
ikonia_28_ria: no22:19
ikonia_28_ria: not in my view,22:19
ikoniayou'd be better placed spending time reporting the bugs to the software vendors shipping the bug filled software and working with them to resolve it22:20
benergyHey guys, I'm trying to configure the right-click menu of a cinnamon applet. Does anybody know where these settings are kept - or, at least, whether these menus are controlled by cinnamon, or nemo, or something else?22:21
_28_riaikonia: and, we are not talking about unknown bugs. We are talking about common things, that programmers do, that incorrectly use full screen or graphical resource leakage, etc.22:21
k1lRedPenguin: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/163657322:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1636573 in pyopenssl (Ubuntu) "xinit flooding syslog" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:22
ikonia_28_ria: so then it should be easy for them to fix if they are common known problems22:22
k1lRedPenguin: kodi seems to use unstable python stuff22:22
RedPenguinyea those are the bug reports I keep finding22:22
RedPenguinI seen a person say they had 200GB a day in logs due to the error and another 27GB22:22
k1lyes, that part of filling logs is already settled.22:23
_28_riaikonia: report bugs to programs, but some programs are abandoned and there is no alternative. Plus WM, also should improve, not only programs.22:23
RedPenguinand I can swear Kodi was running when the drive filled up and crashed22:23
ikonia_28_ria: it sounds like you're making a problem out of it, rather than dealing it22:23
ikonia_28_ria: you said they where beta programs....now you say they are old programs that are abandond22:24
yobagmeRedPenguin: Can you link us to that forum post? I get python errors flood my syslog file when I try and use PlexKodiConnect addon. Fills my root drive within an hour22:24
ikoniayou say they are pre-release with bugs, now they are common known bugs22:24
_28_riaikonia: Plus, many bugs take years to resolve, after you post a bug report.22:24
k1lyobagme: see my link22:24
OerHeks_28_ria, you know where to start now, it is not an ubuntu/unity issue .22:24
ikonia_28_ria: not if you work with the developers22:24
yobagmek1l: thanks. missed it22:24
ikonia_28_ria: and for something as crticial as desktop integration I'd imagine they would be keen to resolve it22:24
ikoniamore so as you suggest you understand the problem22:24
RedPenguinyobagme: not sure it would be a great idea to follow the forum person because he suggests adding the 17.04 Repo to your 16.04 system which doesn't sound like a great idea22:25
_28_riaikonia: I am saying various. I am giving you different possibilities, that can cause WM to become unstable.22:25
ikonia_28_ria: none of them seem reaslistic to me22:25
RedPenguinothers have said they just took the python-crypto from 17.04 and insttalled them on 16.0422:25
k1li strongly suggest to tell the mythubuntu/kodi guys to fix that mess22:25
ikonia_28_ria: and none of them justify the approach you are taking22:25
yobagmeRedPenguin: yeah, definitely don't wanna do that22:25
ikonia_28_ria: none of them justify the attitude that ubuntu's window manager should handle this better, and it should remember window state after a restart22:26
ikoniayour real answer is to fix / work with people to fix the problem software, or make better software selections22:26
_28_riaOerHeks: ikonia: There are several bugs, that I've reported, that are taking years to resolve, going back and forth with developers. Of all the bug reports, that I've posted, only 2 bugs got fixed. Meanwhile, I need to use those programs and a windows manager22:27
ikonia_28_ria: which bugs ?22:28
ikonia_28_ria: for which software ?22:28
yobagmek1l: it's not mythbuntu specific. I run ubuntu gnome 16.04 and get these python floods with kodi22:28
tgm4883sounds like a kodi problem22:28
k1lyobagme: it looks like its some gallery or such from them22:28
_28_riaikonia: So, you are saying, that window manager should not improve22:28
ikonia_28_ria: the window manager is fine22:29
RedPenguinso I guess .xsessions-errors.old is probably deleted after a reboot or two right?22:29
ikonia_28_ria: it cannot dynamically counteract bugs in 3rd party software,22:29
RedPenguinI wonder if that explains why the space is freed up on a reboot22:29
ikonia_28_ria: your expectation is wrong, sorry22:29
k1lRedPenguin: its deleted after logout22:29
RedPenguinoh so that would explain the space returning on reboot22:29
ikonia_28_ria: you have a choice a.) look at resolving it properly b.) continue to be dissapointed with your current solution c.) start writing code for unity to track window sessions state to someone that can be picked up from a restart22:30
ikonia_28_ria: I suggest you pick one of those and focus on it22:30
RedPenguinand here I never thought to look at software like Kodi as it doesn't store anything on the system22:30
RedPenguinI mean doesn't store large files22:30
_28_riaikonia: qemu, firefox, virtualbox. After conversing with you, I understood one thing. You like to argue. You don't suggest a solution. You just chat to waste time and argue. If somebody asks you a question, that is difficult, instead of saying. I don't know how how to do it, you just say: "No, it's impossible". Well, I believe, that nothing is impossible in computers,22:33
_28_riaikonia: just nobody came up with the solution, yet.22:33
ikonia_28_ria: qemu is not a windowed software22:33
ikonia_28_ria: I don't like to argue, however I appreciate a realistic view point to start from22:33
ikonia_28_ria: firefox doesn't cause these problems for other people22:33
ikonia_28_ria: so again, I'd question what you are stating as a problem and again question your solution22:34
ikonia_28_ria: I also didn't say anything was impossible, I gave you 3 solutions pick one to focus on22:34
_28_riaikonia: All I was asking was, is there a utility, that can rescan processes for lost windows, but you started demagogy.22:34
ikonia_28_ria: "no"22:35
OerHeksikonia, shall we stop this running in circles? not worth the energy22:35
_28_riaikonia: so what that qemu is not a window software. You've asked me, which programs I've postted bugs reports, that still didn't get resolved, I've answared. The question was not about, which GUI programs I've posted bugs to that didn't get resolved.22:35
k1l_28_ria: there is no such tool. that was answered long ago. if you dont like the answer that doesnt make that tool suddenly appear :/22:36
Ben64_28_ria: seems like it'd make more sense to fix the problem instead of wishing for a lame workaround?22:36
ikonia_28_ria: you're stating you have problems that you are using are causing window manager programs22:36
ikonia_28_ria: as quemu is not a windowed program, I'm not sure of your logic here22:37
_28_riaOerHeks: logout/login is not a solution, either, because it closes open windows.22:37
_28_riaikonia: I was stating, that most of the posted bug reports take way too long to resolve, while I need to keep using those progs. You've asked me which progs I've posted bug reports long time ago, but didn't get bugs resolved yet. I've answered.22:39
ikonia_28_ria: I've had problems in qemu and kvm fixed within 8 days22:39
ikonia_28_ria: I disagree on the time it takes, if you work with people (yes sometimes it can take longer than you'd like due to complications)22:40
_28_riaikonia: Maybe you've had some simple problems22:40
ikonia_28_ria: no, not really,22:40
ikoniaquite complex, getting specific hardware emmulation into mainline branch to support mac OS for the hidden smc chip22:40
ikoniaalso changes to the e1000 emulation22:41
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sliddisHello I downloaded numix icon theme from github, put it in ~/.icons and then I can see both numix and numix light in unity tweak tool, but no icons change..?!22:53
OerHekssliddis, logout/login might fix this?22:54
OerHekssliddis, there is a PPA also, to install systemwide https://launchpad.net/~numix/+archive/ubuntu/ppa22:55
OerHekssliddis, if that does not work for you, see https://itsfoss.com/install-numix-ubuntu/ for the use of unity-tweak-tool22:57
RedPenguinlooks like upgrade the two python packages in the bug report did for a fact work23:02
_pepeHi all, I'm having some issues after update, Ubuntu Mate 16.04. I get a freeze after login, desktop won't load, mouse doesn't move, keyboard flashes. The update log shows two kernels installed today, linux-headers-generic:amd64 (, etx. Could this cause an issue? Reverting to an older one in Grub works. I also have a grub issue...23:05
k1l_pepe: boot with the older kernel that works.23:05
_pepeIs this a known issue?23:06
jeremy31_pepe Check results from terminal for dpkg -l | grep linux-image to see if there is a linux-image-extra installed for the newer kernel versions23:06
k1lwe need to look form the booting older kernel what went wrong. there are some things like full disk etc that break updates23:06
_pepeCurrently, this leads to my grub issue- it only shows the bottom 3 entries of the list23:06
_pepeyeah I've gotten the full disk issue, that stops at download time usually23:07
jeremy31Have you installed another Linux distro?23:07
k1l_pepe: so boot to the working kernel now please so we can work on that issue.23:08
_pepeI am already thanks23:08
mattb_how do I find the channel list again?23:09
k1l_pepe: "df -h | nc termbin.com 9999"23:09
_pepeDo you have a preferred place to paste code?23:09
k1l!alis | mattb_23:09
ubottumattb_: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"23:09
_pepehttp://pastebin.com/vbvYGu9A are the last 2 lines23:13
k1l<k1l> _pepe: "df -h | nc termbin.com 9999"23:13
_pepeLooks like the extras are missing23:14
k1luname -a?23:14
k1l"dpkg -l | grep linux-image | nc termbin.com 9999"23:15
k1land "ls -al /boot | nc termbin.com 9999"23:15
_pepeany ideas?23:18
k1l_pepe: uname -a?23:18
k1l"cat /var/log/apt/term.log | nc termbin.com 9999"23:18
_pepe4.4.0-59-generic #80-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 6 17:47:47 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux23:19
_pepeThat's probably what I am using now right?23:19
k1luname -a shows the kernel in use, yes23:19
_pepeThe bit at the very end is from me manually updating from terminal in an attempt to fix23:23
k1l_pepe: since when you have that issues?23:26
_pepeSince the update today23:26
k1l_pepe: is "linux-generic" package installed?23:26
_pepeyes, it's marked in synaptic23:27
k1lsudo apt install linux-generic23:27
k1li dont see any error so far. so what is the grub issue you mentioned?23:28
_pepeI don't even see the extras package listed for 64.6823:28
k1lits installed23:29
k1llook at http://termbin.com/4jw223:29
k1land that is not the issue23:29
_pepeGrub is just displaying improperly, just a weird bug- I can scrool through the list but can't see the newest entries, graphics glitch or something23:29
_pepeNo, just an annoyance23:29
_pepelinux-generic is already the newest version (
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k1lthen run "sudo update-grub" and see if it makes any errors23:31
_pepeonly the one warning from the log Warning: Setting GRUB_TIMEOUT to a non-zero value when GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT is set is no longer supported.23:32
k1lthat is just a warning. doesnt break things23:33
_pepeeverything else looks fine23:33
k1lthere is no error so far. i guess you need to look at the old xorg logs from the last boot which didnt work23:33
_pepeOddly enough I could use a guest account on the new kernel but couldn't connect to wifi23:33
k1lwait, its only your one user which didnt work?23:34
_pepe@ users with logins didn't, guest did23:34
_pepe2 users23:34
k1lif the guest account works it doesnt look like a driver or hardware issue23:34
_pepeIs it possible to reinstall the last update?23:35
AdieI'm trying to boot the latest desktop iso from USB and this is as fast as I get https://i.adie.space/tqxpfc.jpg23:36
Adiewhat do I do23:36
_pepeI may just use an older kernel until the next update and hope it works23:36
TomTomTo1is it normal that universe and multiverse are enabled by default or did i do this in the installer and didn't notice? using the xenial server image.23:36
azizLIGHTi have encountered an issue while trying to upgrade to HWE stack, while on 14.04.5 x64 LTS: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24070775/ background info: i attempted to do the same HWE stack upgrade earlier but had xorg-edgers ppa installed and it replaced xorg packages with ppa versions instead of ubuntu repo, and it also ended up removing a bunch of packages. i fixed all of that with the help of eric and bashing-omm23:37
azizLIGHTand was able to restore all packges back to ubuntu repo versions, reinstallled all packages accidentally removed, ppa-purged all traces of xorg-edgers ppa, did ' sudo apt-get autoclean ; sudo apt-get autoremove ; sudo apt-get clean ; sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo apt -f install ; sudo dpkg --configure -a ; sudo dpkg -C ' successfully and was generally in a good spot that i thought i could23:37
azizLIGHTre-attempt the HWE stack upgrade. but now i have this above isssue in the pastebin where some packages have been removed, and some installed. how should i proceed? should i undo the HWE stack package installs and reinstall my packages with old versions? should i push forward and try to fully upgrade to HWE? i have not shut down my computer or rebooted since I attempted that command23:37
k1l_pepe: i guess you need to ask the mate guys what user settings need to be reset23:37
k1l_pepe: #ubuntu-mate23:37
OerHeksAdie, maybe nomodeset is your fix23:37
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter23:37
_pepeOK, thanks for your time here, I learned some new things today anyway :)23:37
OerHeksAdie other solution:  if you have windows on that machine, disable fastboot?23:38
MMA_sparringOerHeks, cool23:38
Adieit's about time for me to get a new computer eek23:39
ovidnishow do i get this `setxkbmap` command to run on startup? i tried putting it in .profile but it didn't seem to do anything23:39
FlannelazizLIGHT: What about that pastebin makes you concerned?23:42
azizLIGHTFlannel: the fact that it didnt complete all intended installation23:42
azizLIGHTand now im in a limbo area with half xorg and no half xorg, if i reboot i probably wont get a gui23:43
FlannelazizLIGHT: oh, right.  I scrolled down and see that now.23:43
smoores_how to do i show the line containing the character at position N in file F?23:43
FlannelazizLIGHT: That's due to the fact that you're trying to install both the i386 *and* the amd64 package for libgl1-mesa-dri-lts-xenial... yadda yadda23:43
k1lazizLIGHT: it still got PPA stuff installed on your paste.23:44
azizLIGHTFlannel: well, the command is from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack for multiarch23:44
azizLIGHTk1l: what line number?23:44
azizLIGHTk1l: i get my graphics nvidia-358 from ppa: https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers23:45
k1lazizLIGHT: ah wait, the libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-xenial is from the trusty-updates repo.23:46
k1lazizLIGHT: use dpkg and force th install of /var/cache/apt/archives/libgl1-mesa-dri-lts-xenial_11.2.0-1ubuntu2~trusty1_amd64.deb23:47
k1lsudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/libgl1-mesa-dri-lts-xenial_11.2.0-1ubuntu2~trusty1_amd64.deb23:48
azizLIGHTtrying it23:48
k1lafter that run the install command again.23:49
k1lbut i am leaving afk now, good lucl23:49
azizLIGHTk1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/24075194/23:50
azizLIGHTsame error23:50
azizLIGHTor did it install23:50
azizLIGHTim not sure23:50
azizLIGHTlooks like its installed, now gonna try the main HWE command again23:51
azizLIGHTattempted the HWE multiarch upgrade command and got this : http://paste.ubuntu.com/24075210/23:53

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