ybaumyis it possible to have a filter for maas deployment like with spaces or names ?16:09
ybaumyor just deploying to zone foozone16:15
ybaumyhow do i do that?16:15
ybaumyi found a piece of documentation for subnets and spaces but i only want to use a different zone. can i only do that with adding a new subnet space?16:22
ybaumyi want to create vm's in vsphere like customer-1 customer-2 ... and so on. then i want to use maas and juju for deploying openstack to those nodes. is that possible somehow?17:08
ybaumythe creation of the vm's i do with a esxclient script17:08
ybaumyalso stuff like adding a new vlan and so on17:09
ybaumybut now im stuck17:09
ybaumyit must be possible somehow to use that new customer subnet which is created on maas as well to seperate customers with zones or spaces17:11
ybaumyit would also be possible to use vmware without maas ... but i tried that once and it didnt work17:12
ybaumyso far maas seems to be the place to go for that want i want to achieve17:13
ybaumyany suggestions or help would be appreciated17:13

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