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steve__Under KInfocenter -> Graphical Information ->  X-Server lists " Screen #0                (Default Screen)".   How can I change the Default Screen?01:10
steve__I have 3 monitors connected via Display Port, KDE flips out when I turn on my monitors.01:11
steve__KDE 5.7.5     Kubuntu 16.1001:12
steve__Using Kernel driver "radeon" and "ast"01:13
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BluesKajHiyas all10:39
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seeitwhat would cause an account to be unavailable to login if I did not delete it explicitly?12:29
BluesKajseeit, never heard of that before12:32
seeitme either, I recall seeing the login name at the kde login about 4-5 days ago12:32
seeitbut it is no longer there12:32
seeitthe home directory is still there however12:32
BluesKajwhat does your terminal prompt show ?12:33
seeitwhat do you mean? at login? or in konsole?12:33
BluesKajor /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts12:33
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seeitmy hosts is pretty extensive with a lot of ad,malwre, and fakenews blocks12:34
seeitalso social media12:34
seeitwhy not?12:35
BluesKajnever heard of using /etc/hosts being used to block urls12:36
seeitusing it to block domains and point them to
BluesKajanyway does your konsole prompt show your username?12:37
seeityes, my username is there it's another account that is missing12:38
seeitthe account is listed in /etc/passwd too12:38
BluesKajwell then i have no idea12:39
seeityup there one day, gone the next12:39
incibusTürk var mı?15:01
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