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himcesjfHow to change display orientation on lubuntu?14:59
himcesjfCannot see that option in Monitor Settings15:00
fofofHi, I have Lubuntu Yakkety 64 bits, I installed rar and unrar because I want the "Extract" option in the context menu of my file manager (PcmanFM), but it seems that those packages (rar, unrar) are not enough for this option to appear. Am I missing something? Hope someone can help me, thanks.16:18
fofofBTW  I have Ubuntu's default archive manager, WITH unrar package installed. Hope it helps.16:24
fofofgotta go17:13
Fr_Daefofof ?18:46
Fr_Daeleft ...18:46
Fr_Daeleft too foock !18:47

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