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mupBug #1672169 opened: cannot login the first time on raspberry pi3  <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1672169>16:06
JBeardieHi all. I just started to introduce myself to Ubuntu core with pi317:36
JBeardieI'm having problems with wlan17:36
JBeardieI have installed wireless-tools snap, but it's not working properly17:37
JBeardiewireless-tools.iwconfig returns following error17:38
JBeardie/snap/wireless-tools/9/sbin/iwconfig: error while loading shared libraries: libiw.so.30: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory17:38
ogra_JBeardie, any particualr reason for this (using the wireless-tools snap vas just using the preinstalled console-conf )18:14
ogra_looking at the source for the wireless-tools snap it seems to not include any of the required libs in stable-packages .. i doubt it could actually work on an actual core image18:17
JBeardiei even tried to all manually a config file-> /etc/network/interfaces.d/wlan0 but it's not loading up either18:20
ogra_did you run through the initial config wizard ?18:22
ogra_thats required to set up the user and ssh access18:23
ogra_(and networking)18:23
JBeardieYes. I found wlan from it, but i couldnt complete the wizzard wirelessly. I had to make it over lan18:24
ogra_on the pi3 you need to do that via wired lan or a monitor/kbd for the initial setup ... there is a bug with the wlan driver that makes it not work there18:24
JBeardielan and ssh are ok18:24
ogra_well, ssh in via lan ...18:24
ogra_then run "sudo console-conf"18:24
ogra_turn off wired ... configure wlan ... reboot18:24
ogra_(then check for the new IP the device got when switching to wlan after the reboot)18:25
ogra_you dont need wireless-tools, just the above steps18:25
JBeardiethat's it. Thanks!18:27

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