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fossfreedomjbicha: I've fixed CSD for eog in GNOME Shell and budgie-desktop09:29
fossfreedomI would like to submit a patch -https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/eog/ubuntu/09:29
fossfreedomthis patch patchwork doesnt match what is in zesty.09:30
fossfreedomis the zesty patchwork in a different branch now?09:30
Neemoecan't log on the ubuntu budgie live cd no password. do I need one?09:48
fossfreedomNeemoe: please check the md5sum value of the ISO you have downloaded matches with the published value10:10
jbichafossfreedom: that bzr branch is obsolete because eog is in sync with Debian (except that 17.04 has packaged a newer version)13:49
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john69hello... just installed Ubuntu Budgie 16.1018:11
john69I use a program on Windows 7 called "Launchy"18:12
john69Does anyone know an equvalent for Budgie?18:12
john69I saw something that looks like it in a Budgie demo video on Youtube18:13
john69But don't know it's name or how to activate it18:14

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