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R0b0t1Hello, how are ARM packages built?02:52
R0b0t1I ask because with my distribution I have experienced various issues related to cross compilation that go away when compiled on-device. Are packages for ARM devices compiled on ARM devices, or does it depend?02:53
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TheLexxis this where I ask questions about casper booting system04:02
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cjwatsonR0b0t1: We build ARM packages natively, on 64-bit ARM server hardware (in an appropriate chroot - 64-bit ARM hardware can run 32-bit code).15:21
R0b0t1cjwatson: AhHA!16:01
R0b0t1So Ubuntu has unobtainium.16:01
cjwatsonIt is admittedly not the most easily-available hardware on the planet.16:04
cjwatsonAFAIK we did get it off the shelf rather than via any partnership deal or whatever, although I believe the particular hardware we have is no longer available :-(16:05
R0b0t1That's unfortunate. Do you know what it is, exactly?16:07
JanCis it really that important to use server hardware?16:07
R0b0t1JanC: Yes, unfortunately. I'm fighting an uphill battle trying to get every package to compile in a crossdev environment. There are issues with autoconf and some harder to troubleshoot issues with compiling and linking that only show up in the cross compiler.16:07
R0b0t1Some of it does seem to be poor support for SIMD acceleration in things like firefox and ffmpeg.16:08
JanCI mean server vs. some other ARM SoC16:08
cjwatsonR0b0t1: HP ProLiant m40016:08
R0b0t1JanC: Well, no. But on any other SoC most packages take half a day and there is insufficient IO speed to saturate the processor.16:09
cjwatsonYou might still be able to find it somewhere, I don't know16:09
R0b0t1i.e. SD cards are too slow and sometimes end up as the compilation bottleneck.16:09
R0b0t1cjwatson, cheers.16:09
cjwatson(I just operate the Launchpad end of it - I wasn't involved in the purchasing)16:09
R0b0t1cjwatson: Well, with no information whatsoever it was very hard to find companies producing ARM server boards. There's the other issue though, which is that they're still thousands of dollars.16:10
R0b0t1So this gives me something to go on but it probably has to wait. Again, thanks.16:11
JanCR0b0t1: https://softiron.com/products/overdrive-1000/ might be useful16:54
Unit193cjwatson: ...Speaking of, bazaar.launchpad.net hostkeys are 1024 RSA.18:40
cjwatsonUnit193: bug please, it'll be a little while before I can do much about that18:42
cjwatsonUnit193: or actually, don't bother, we already have a bug for ecdsa/ed25519 support18:43
cjwatsonwhich you know about because you've commented on it :)18:44
Unit193I know, I'm subbed and have commented.  Though that's generally more client and less about host keys.18:44
cjwatsoneffectively the same thing18:44
cjwatsonUnit193: the path for making progress on that is to finish the upgrade to xenial, then convert our build system from buildout to pip, and *then* we'll be able to upgrade twisted in a reasonable way18:45
Unit193Yep, just depends on which side generates the key.  And hopefully not making too much noise there.18:45
cjwatsonuntil then it's a nightmare18:45
cjwatson(I've tried without that and given up)18:45
Unit193Heh, no rush as ed25519 isn't finished yet.  And you're already doing great work on LP, so thanks.18:56
R0b0t1JanC: A friend linked me to that earlier. Something I couldn't ascertain was whether or not the A53 used in it was an actual server component or an SoC. Reading it again it seems like a server component, but I still can't tell.19:37
R0b0t1Like I said most of the bottleneck seemed to be IO, and it seems like it is saying the A53 version supports SATA. I'll give it another look.19:39
R0b0t1It seems to be made for development, so...19:40
R0b0t1JanC, cheers.19:40
JanCR0b0t1: as far as I know many SoCs support SATA actually, even if many boards/devices don't actually expose/use it19:53
R0b0t1JanC: Well, I know of the Banana Pi, but it seems to use a USB SATA controller. As far as I know most other boards are the same way as the highest speed interface the phone SoCs tend to support is USB3, and they may only have one USB3 interface.19:56
R0b0t1I hope I'm wrong with newer devices of course.19:56

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