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lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:39
lotuspsychjelets c whats new in linuxland05:42
lotuspsychjeeveryones system is working like a charm, no issues :p06:56
lotuspsychjeor everyone a sleep, might also be06:58
baizonthis is so true...06:58
baizonJavaScript is the worst06:59
lotuspsychjethey can shake hands with flash right baizon :p06:59
lotuspsychjeprotocols of the ancient age, you read everywhere got exploited over and over07:00
baizonat least flash is almost dead07:01
baizonJavaScript is just bad by design07:02
lotuspsychjethe problem is so many machines are passive worldwie , 24/7 and their just asking to be exploited07:03
ducassemorning all07:25
EriC^^morning ducasse lotuspsychje07:27
OerHeksheya EriC^^07:27
EriC^^hey OerHeks07:27
ducasseanything interesting going on? :)07:28
OerHeksd.w.w.u.s. again .. drunk & wasted weekend ubuntu support07:28
ducassethere is no way in hell i'm going to be helpful until i've had my tea :)07:32
OerHeksAre you British ?07:33
ducassehehe, nope, i just need tea in the morning to wake up :)07:34
OerHeks1/2 my family got mental crazy over tea .. some fungus i believe07:34
ducassefungi is scary stuff :-/ loved the steam issue you posted, btw - hilarious :)07:38
OerHeksi recognised some support questions related to this, steamroot07:39
ducasseand most people don't have backups, of course.07:43
OerHeksno backup, then data is not important.07:44
ducasseno, but people don't realize that until they've lost important data at least once.07:46
ducassei'm still trying to convince my mother to back up, without luck.07:47
OerHeks!find doomsdayclock07:51
ubot5Found: W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W: (and 18 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=doomsdayclock&searchon=names&suite=xenial&section=all07:51
lotuspsychjemorning EriC^^ ducasse :p08:47
EriC^^interesting fact, great white sharks can't be kept in captivity in sea world and such, they usually "just die" within 3 days, longest one to be ever kept was for 6months08:48
EriC^^morning lotuspsychje08:48
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: sharks are weird creatures08:49
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: turn them upside down and they go in hibernate08:49
EriC^^pretty odd08:50
EriC^^in the deep sea there are weird ass creatures08:51
EriC^^alien-like, like the viperfish not much is known about those stuff, and the giant squid (20feet long)08:52
lotuspsychjestrange fact i find ppl always say shark dont eat humans08:52
EriC^^it's about 10,000feet deep, that's bigger than mount everest08:52
lotuspsychjebut so many cases of sharks attacking ppl08:52
ducassehumans definitely eat sharks, though08:53
lotuspsychjewhen an animal is hungry...08:53
lotuspsychjeshark sushi :p08:54
EriC^^sharks don't usually eat humans, if you go down and he sees you he probably won't unless you mess with him, they maybe think humans are seals flapping up and try to get a bite to see what it is08:54
EriC^^interesting fact if you ever do see a shark, apparently it's better to look him in the eye cause he loses his surprise advantage, as opposed to primates where if you look them in the eye it's like an instant challenge08:54
EriC^^of course screw that, i'd be swimming for shore :D08:55
ducassearen't you supposed to punch them on the nose to stop them attacking? or is that a myth?08:55
lotuspsychjeducasse: i heard dolphins know their weak spot, and pinch that spot with their nose08:56
lotuspsychjeducasse: on the nose if your dogs i think, lets ask OerHeks :p08:56
ducassei hate keyboard trouble too :-/08:57
ducasseanyone got any plans for the day?08:58
lotuspsychjeworking :p08:58
lotuspsychjelate shift start at 1208:58
ducassei'm considering making pizza for dinner, that's about it.09:00
EriC^^apparently some sharks will eat humans no problem, it's better to go for the eyes and gills than the nose cause it's more difficult to get a good punch at the nose and eyes and gills are sensitive09:03
ducassei'll, erm, remember that. ;)09:03
ducasseEriC^^: speaking of sharks, how are the fish?09:05
EriC^^i saw them in the morning when i got up for a drink, they were sleeping i think09:05
ducassegotten a bigger tank yet?09:06
lotuspsychjesunny outside here, gonna be splendid sunday09:15
lotuspsychjespring feeling09:15
lotuspsychjehave a nice one guys09:17
BluesKajHiyas all10:39
BluesKaj'Morning ducasse10:41
BluesKajdaylight saving time here , i should still be in bed :-(10:45
ducassethat happens the last saturday in the month here, i think.10:46
BluesKajit's too soon now , it used to be in May iirc, which makes more sense for our latitude10:47
ducasseat least i'm sort of sure it's the end of march here, but... :)10:53
Bashing-omEriC^^: Eric He's our man ! .. WB :)18:30
EriC^^hey Bashing-om !18:31
EriC^^how are you? how's the atmosphere til now?18:31
Bashing-omEriC^^: Somewhat disgruntled presently . Got colder last night than I was prepared for . Water lines froze up . Thawed out now put the well pump is acting up . Rain comming in tonight and I got to get that cover back over the well house .18:41
EriC^^aha better get on top of the situation!18:44
Bashing-omEriC^^: Oh I will .. waiting for the water pressure to drop, see then if I can kick the pump back on !18:46
Bashing-omAll better now - Well  pump kicked on and got the well house covered . Back to IRC ;)20:57

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