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ubottuMathisen called the ops in #ubuntu ()01:09
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k1lscalwag> CIA has cracked ubuntu14:19
MenzadorWe have a visitor spamming #u , but I don't wanna textwall with the !Ops trigger20:50
hggdh@mark ubuntu Boo generic misbehaviour, IP registered to a BR cel range20:51
ubottuThe operation succeeded.20:51
MenzadorIs this the same Boo as the registered user?20:52
hggdhdon't think so, idn't identify, and did not seem to know how to20:52
MenzadorIt says the regged user was last seen over a year ago :)20:53
hggdhheh. We wait, then... I guess s/he will try, eventually, and hit -br20:54
MenzadorIf there were such things as sting operations on IRC20:57
hggdhstings would only work if you could zero in the actual user. Since you cannot... waste of time, I think.21:01
lhavelund#ubuntu feels quieter than ever. Is that just rose-tinted goggles, or has it quieted down significantly?21:12
hggdhit is quieter21:17

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