jiffeyeah there is something definitely funky here, I've installed with one of the NICs listed in the interfaces list, but after I've completed install and reboot into the OS, that NIC no longer exists00:23
jiffeI don't suppose I can turn off00:24
jiffe"predictable" network stuff00:24
m4xxif i create a raid 10 with 4 1tb disks using mdadm giving me 2tb storage, is it possible to add an additional 2 disks to give me 3tb of storage?03:36
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xokhello all...12:59
xokI've got automatic ubuntu 16.04 installation done with preseed...13:00
xokthe LVM part doesn't seem to be working...13:00
xokthe minimal configuration makes the partman scream and say that the expert recipe is not possible...13:00
xokbecause the physical storage is less than required13:01
xokthough the setup requires far less than the warning says...13:01
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xokHello, I get "available space too small for expert recipe"...14:26
xokis this a bug or what happens?...14:26
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tammyHow can I get on riatation to triage bugs20:52
tammyI mean rotation20:53
rbasaktammy: hi, you asked on the mailing list about joining the bug squashing party I think?20:55
st3fannHello, I am trying to git clone a directory onto my server, fresh install of debian, I just set the dns servers and for some reason it clones most directories, then randomly fails at one: Clone of 'https://github.com/QuickBox/quickbox_themes.git' into submodule path 'themes' failed20:56
st3fannit doesn't always fail at the same one either20:56
ImpalooHow do I disable jujud?22:58
Impaloofreaking memory hog22:58

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